Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trump Turning Churches More Political

Wow, now the preachers can be direct in telling you to vote Republican instead of couching it in more indirect terms. I had at least two stump for Republican candidates in indirect fashions.

I had a funny moment the other week, going to a local community meeting regarding elderly and disability issues, and hearing the out of touch Republican state representatives go on about all the "unfilled jobs". They basically said, "Poor people are lazy and don't want to work." I know tons of unemployed people around here. One guy was from a more rural area and was more down to earth, but the others, definitely seemed completely out of touch.

 Aren't the churches too political? When I was looking for a church, I had my choice of red pill churches {Republican} party or blue pill churches {Democratic} party. The fact you never can find one that bucks the trend, says something.

 They are already quite political, and now they want them to be even more so?  I am speaking out against evils being done, especially the "death panels" they got planned for disabled and elderly people. So I have no problem with Christians doing that, but one thing, I never saw a church pastor ever speak out against the system or any of the oppression. The churches have become mouth-pieces for our oppressors.

 Look at Greg Laurie and that Trump boot-licking faith council. They can't even tell the guy to ease up on the disabled or that the country has been bankrupted by too many wars? Well we know that's not going to happen. Some pundits online said, this really "won't change" anything but the focus to turn the churches MORE political is part of the Dominionist system and agenda.


Debra said...

Churches are already political, they come under government rule 501-3C. Everyone working for a church organization has a boss and that is the government. We know as believers we are to have only one head over us and that is Jesus Christ. How can you serve two masters? They are not by law required to be a 501-3C either, they voluntarily opt for it.

Bible Believer said...

You are right they voluntarily opt for it, because of freedom from "taxes" Along with their false tithing teachings they have ones regarding taxes. Just imagine if the billion dollar rich Catholic church had to pay some taxes or some megachurches? Yes they serve two masters. This edict of Trump which I have read lacks real "legal" power or "policy change" is just to help to advance the Republican bootlicking we have heard from the evangelical world far too long. Their silence in the face of the most vulnerable in society being put on the chopping block, says everything we need to know about the wickedness of these pastors.