Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Greg Laurie Visits the White House

What did they pray for? More Middle Eastern wars? More "death panels" via the Republican party by the possible way of Trump care? You'll never see any of these so called "godly" preachers questioning the evils of the Republican party.

Check out the "Faith Advisory Board" pictured a little bit into his video. Are those ties really by accident? Don't the freemasons use the rainbow as a symbol too?

Notice how he talks about them being like "little children" overly impressed with power, and seeking the love and praise of men. I read years ago Laurie was going to be slated as the new "Billy Graham". He tries to distance himself from the political end of everything saying, "If the president of the United States invites you for dinner...., you go to dinner with the president." 

He speaks of offering Trump, "godly counsel". He says, "We need to permeate every level of culture because that is what we are supposed to do." Do you believe that many members of this administration are "overt Christians"?Well I suppose you can guess what I think of that.


Anonymous said...

Very odd about Greg Laurie using horn hands in his sermons. What do you think of that?

Bible Believer said...

There's always lots of hands signs out there isn't there? I thought the all purple outfit was a bit much, have read on conspiracy websites, purple has a meaning too. Do normal guys wear 100 percent purple outfits with jacket and shirt included?

R Pierson said...

And also who did they REALLY pray to?

The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want... said...


I couldn't get past "my friend... said a 'beautiful prayer'...". Actually I was thrown off by his having "fun" at the white house, and calling it a "familiar site".

All these are subtle indications that these are not men after God's own heart but they are after flesh.

"...So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin."

Then his congregation clapped their hands like being in the presence of "wickedness in high places" is a spiritual achievement of sorts.