Monday, May 1, 2017

Feds Raid Benny Hinn's Headquarters

Benny Hinn's Headquarter's cooperating


The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want... said...


He'll slither his way out of this like he slithered his way out of his divorce.

Anonymous said...

So the purpose of being raided by postal inspectors (which are govt agents who carry firearms) is to see if this portrayed televangelist is receiving more money than documented? Or is it to see if the money sent is going into unknown pockets? How come Kenneth Copeland is not raided? He supposedly has his own air strip for his planes. Either this is all a dog and pony show for media material or there is something else than what is being said. Media broadcasts have the villain and the victim to highlight around a story line.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I hope he rots in prison. Maybe he could try his routine on the felon he will be sharing a prison cell with....James

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Benny Hinn, but the Hinns reconciled & remarried in 2013.

As for this 2nd go-round with the IRS, another headline says:

"Benny Hinn Reveals Feds Investigating 'Certain Operations of Church' After Raid":

Bible Believer said...

Copeland got investigated with others some years back:

It seems they investigate these guys and nothing ever happens? Is it to stem the natural outrage towards their antics?

I suppose I would be surprised if he goes to prison for possible tax invasion or whatever they are investigating him for.

It is strange they focused on "certain church operations" What does that even mean?

Anonymous said...

The problem lies with the salaries and bonus' given out to self appointed evangelists. They market their products, DVD's and seminars so they have a flow of income. I still think it is more like a staged production to deceive the masses. Who knows who really is overseeing all this activity in hyper charismaville. I wouldn't be surprised if it is an organized plan to deceive the sheep and those who follow these wolves. Why do they get all this media attention, get their own tv stations, build mega buildings and get rich overnight? Something is up with that. Somebody is funding these escapades. These people come out of no-where and then suddenly they are famous in the Christian world with thousands of followers??? I don't buy they are acting on their own.It's time to wake up to their schemes. Many are masons and Luciferians. I see them all performing with their secret signs. From the feel good preachers to the fire and brimstone ones. They are all in the mix deceiving the sheep.
Here is a website answer to whether preachers pay taxes...
The church is tax-exempt but its employees -- including the television preachers -- are legally obligated to pay taxes on their income.

In reality, though, some of those "preachers" are as crooked as can be and undoubtedly have spurious tax shelters and other ways of hiding most of their funds from the IRS, just like big businessmen in many other fields.
Another response...
the money that goes to the church,cause,school, or other entity is not taxed but the money they pay themselves is.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what god "is speaking to Benny Hinn" now via his audible voice? Is the false holy ghost saying, "Don't worry Benny, your wicked ways will still be given tons of money by those who say they are Christians, but never open God's Holy Word, for they have substituted their faith for a pastor's word. You will still live lavishly off of the people you lie too, and many will come to get a false anointing from you so they can flop down on the ground and get drunk in the spirit and have visions of grandeur in their own minds of how spiritual they are so they can go back to their own churches and abuse the poor sheep there, who don't have minds of their own in understanding God's Word, for they have all been led to believe that their pastor is the only mediator between the One true God and mankind."

And Jesus weeps.

I would like to say "Shame on Benny Hinn."

But in this day and age of the great apostasy, it is probably more appropriate to say "Shame on you people for watching, listening and following Benny Hinn. He is leading all of you straight to hell."

I was told by the spiritually elite in my former abusive church, that in order to be a "more mature Christian spiritually," I had to follow Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, Andrew Wommack, Francis Frangipane, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Mark Driscoll, Paula White, Larry Huck, J. Lee Grady, and every other money scheming wolf from the TBN wolf wonder Jesus called the pseudo religious of His Day, "You brood of vipers, you hypocrites, you white washed tombs."

Bible Believer said...

Thats an interesting theory anon about them being staged.I never have met anyone who thought Benny Hinn was great so maybe the whole thing is a stage show to steer people away from Christianity. Maybe it is a money laundering operation in general? Who knows...that is an interesting theory though. Yeah where does all the cash come from? I am sure they all buy tax lawyers who tell them where all the tax umbrellas are.

I doubt Benny Hinn cares what God is saying, he's probably sold his soul long ago for money and fame.

I agree shame on anyone who is actually fooled by this guy. I have never met anyone fooled by him,have any of you. I am not saying they aren't out there.

Not surprised that church was abusive with the wolves they followed. I bet they bothered you for money every other second.