Friday, May 19, 2017

Alex Jones: "Trump to Resign on Monday"

 Honestly who knows, what is going to happen with Trump. Will we have President Pence, or Ryan or as some suppose Hatch? Alex Jones who protested both parties for years is a shill who has mislead so many. One line with this one, "He's not a conservative, he's a populist", made me burst out laughing. Sure Alex, with all those Goldman Sachs appointees! Trump already back tracked on NAFTA. Trump is an "insider" too. I do not support Trump. He was brought in as some kind of Trump card.

Right now it is hard to know what the elites are up to. Sometimes trying to make my way through the thicket of "fake news" and the biases of both sides is very hard. It's like they want to confuse everyone even more. Are they trying to spark off a Civil War in the USA? Is this to heighten trouble with Russia, if half the populace believes Russia "interfered" with our elections? Is this all a distraction for another event?


They use to talk about Russia formenting trouble in the USA and "taking over", of course they talked about this from the "fear the socialists" angle but remember the socialists and capitalists all got married since the megacorporations and ultra wealthy bought out our government and gave themselves "socialist" bank bailouts. Don't let all these terms confuse you. You got to think outside the right and left box now.

Is Time magazine trying to TELL us something? Am I odd to ask this question. America the ship is sinking while the captain and crew fight.

What does liberal and conservative even mean anymore? Both parties are for tyranny and economically crushing the average person. Even knowing what people are facing in terms of having to pay for rent, and the lowering job opportunities, our news is so owned, that the day to day life of the average person is simply not talked about. No one will ask, should someone be having to pay 1400-2000 dollars a month for an average 1 bedroom apartment in a large city  or address the growing economic troubles, we will be told the "economy is doing great!"

He talks about all the presidents being corrupt, well Trump is too.

 Infowars continues with their theory that Trump will be forced to resign. 

  Donald Trump Will Find A Way to Resign Says President's Ghostwriter


The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want... said...


Trump is in the WH for a purpose, just like all those before him. Right now it has nothing to do with the ordinary folk here or elsewhere in the world.

After he fired Comey and had a soiree with the Russians soon after (and with no US media house in attendance), I knew US had been sold.

Welcome to Russia and all things crazy!

PS - have you noticed how the GOP members who rallied fast behind him are becoming tongue tied at media interviews? They too don't know what's going on. SMH!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe any of it. I think it is all scripted and planned out. They want war in any term of the word. Let's all get the American people scared, feeling unstable, getting more and more angry with fake leaders while the true puppeteers are working their evil behind the scenes. There are front men and women who pose as genuine leaders but they are impostors for the rulers of this world. Keep our eyes on the Lord not on the news and the lies being told.

Debra said...

We have to remember politics is a money making business and enterprise. You have a product (candidate) that is marketed for mass media. TV is being watched bringing in advertisement revenue for both originators. The more inflammatory lines, the greater revenue. People won't watch news if it is about all the pleasant things in this world. It would be too boring for them. Theatrics and adventure is what they want and they are getting a belly full. Action figures are filling up written scripts to keep people on the edge of their seat. Will our country disintegrate before God's judgement or wrath? I don't think so. These people who run the show are gamblers with human lives. The world will not end until it rolls up in smoke and not from global warming. We are not to tag along for the ride on coat tails of evil and deception.

Anonymous said...

One things for sure, if Trump resigns another papal puppet will be installed lol. He's got one sitting right behind him in the VP seat.....James

The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want... said...

Right on!

Anonymous said...

Trump isn't going to resign. Do you not see what he is doing right now? He is meeting with the three Abrahamic faiths on this nine day tour - asking the three faiths to come together to fight terrorism - Muslims, Vatican and then Jerusalem. How can anyone not see this?

Anonymous said...

all I see is Trump in Saudi Arabia working out deals to sell them weapons to use in their current war with Yemen. Maybe I'm missing something?.....James