Thursday, April 6, 2017

Growing Number of Christians Don't Go to Church

Growing Number of Americans Love Jesus but Don't Go to Church, Barna Finds
Growing Number of Americans Who Love Jesus Don't Go to Church

"Barna has released a report on the first of a two-part exploration of faith and spirituality outside the church, looking at the "fascinating segment of the American population who, as the saying goes, 'love Jesus but not the church.'"


One-tenth of the population comprises those who self-identify as Christian and who strongly agree that their religious faith is very important in their life, but are "dechurched," meaning they have attended church in the past, but haven't done so in the last six months or more, the Barna study says, adding that only seven percent of the population belonged to this category in 2004."


They found 10% of self identifying Christians admitting they don't go to church. I believe there's definitely people in my boat and many reader's who have seen through the church system and have abandoned it. 


The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want... said...


I left the church because I realized that the church was more about opening "branches" than preaching righteousness. Pastor and wife going on a wedding anniversary cruise paid for by the members while most struggle with the day to day basics.

And then you read the bible and realize that the WORD of God has been tried, tested (Psalm 12) and found to be true (John 17:17).

So when the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3) Nothing. For God is on his throne (Psalm 11:4). Our sole duty is to fear God and keep his commandments (Ecclesiastes 12:13).

Bible Believer said...

I agree, I saw all the campus and branch openings and religious vacations. Even my old IFB pastor went to Senegal, and Paris, I thought of the thousands of dollars spent--he only went for two weeks for this trip and so many people who struggle with day to day basics, like a man who got evicted from my apartment and all this things thrown into the garbage. I get the feeling many of these religious folks have no interest in even facing what life is like for anyone. The trips to Jamaica beyond the "do not gossip or talk negatively" covenants of the pastor was enough for one. To be honest, people have asked me, "Why have you even stayed a Christian, you can't stand the churches, a lot of the "religious" people have troubled you massively, it is because of the foundations of God's Word. It has been tried, tested and found to be true. How can you deny what you know?

Ephesians 5:26:
That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,

The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want... said...


Anonymous said...

Why would I go to any "church"? I've tried about a hundred churches over the years. Every "church" I've ever tried has these problems:

-None teach practically any of the Bible
-Very few recognize world conspiracy as a part of eschatology (and practically none teach any eschatology anyway)
-They're all filled with feminism
-They're all ecumenical

That's just a few of the common problems. It's not worth it. I find great teachings online, and I stay home with my family and listen online. -Jess

Anonymous said...

Jess, you can sign up for an internet church at It is the highlight of my week to get the articles. sermons, etc in my inbox every Sunday. I look forward to it. The minister who founded this has said this inability to find a sound church is a worldwide problem. Because they have the site (which is like a set of encyclopedias) , they have been contacted by people all over the world lamenting that they cannot find a sound church, from Sweden to Zimbabwe and many places in between.

Debra said...

It's very strange that we all started with one church, the church of Jesus Christ who washed us with His blood of Jesus and now we have hundreds and hundreds of fractions or the establishment of what Jesus never intended His church to be. There seems to be a great falling away as the Lord gave gifts to all through His Holy Spirit and yet there are self appointed pastors and church executives who never allow believers to use those gifts. The only time this happens is when these leaders give you permission to have a Bible Study under their authority or you get to talk in a class which is rare. I believe this is a different gospel than the one Jesus called His bride to be. Let them be cursed is what Jesus said. If we see what has happened to the believers, we can see they follow the voice of another. I know why they go to a building with a preset program (again which does not allow for any gift) it is because people don't want to be alone. They either want to throw their authority (pride) around and be the most popular or be among others for the social setting. Most are not that deep as teachings only reflect the depth of the teacher. Every pastor I've heard always breaks the ice by saying, Hey have you seen that movie yet? This makes me puke. So the pastor who is suppose to follow Jesus doesn't care if he hears God's name in vain used hundreds of times, profanity polluting his brain or scenes that are immoral. Why would I want to go to a church building and hold this man in high respect when he isn't even walking with Jesus, let alone leading the flock in purity and holiness. So why are they leaving the church building...I don't really know other than maybe they are searching out another church that has a better sound system and more comedy in the pastor's sermon? I want to believe that Jesus is changing hearts because He said come out of her my people.

Bible Believer said...

Jess, I've tried them all too.

99% are tied to the Catholic ecumenical system.
Most of the bible is ignored
War and Dominionism is openly praised [in the so called evangelical "conservative" ones}
Anyone who is not a Republican ["conservative" evangelical churches] is a crazy nut-tin hatter. Eschatology is ignored. If not ignored, it's Pre-Trib rapture Hagee teachings. I find teachings online too, so understand.
I also ask why go once a week to an 'expensive" lecture hall of someone wresting scripture to things I don't believe?
The Christmas and Easter issue while I compromised with this and went to churches that celebrated both, got worse and worse for me to tolerate.
thanks for the link anon, interesting they got people there worldwide commenting on the state of the churches.

Yes we are in the time of the great falling away. True believers are squelched in the churches. I said to husband, "We attended this church for a year, and were barely able to talk to anyone, it was one man show time". The crack downs on personal sharing within the churches here are severe. I couldn't even find a bible study that wasn't pastor led and when I found one that wasn't, they had a Campus Crusade for Christ "change agent" there to make sure nothing left the reservation. In my first IFB some personal exchange was allowed, but I realized how rare that was. That pastor was young too, they may have instructed him to keep any free speech from breaking out now.

People don't want to be alone, you are right. This is not easy when you leave, and you are alone or have few others. One pastor talked about sexy women so much it freaked me out, he was always talking about looking at women, it disturbed me. And this guy was very popular. Scary business. Yes many are coming out and obeying God's command in Rev 17.

Anonymous said...

By their fruits you shall know them.

If they don't go to church, they are not christians. They may be believers, but not christians.

A christian:
1. goes to church at least on sunday
2. tries to receive communion as much as possible (see pint 3)
3. confesses every time he is in mortal sin in order to be able to receive communion i na state of grace.

Anonymous said...

"By their fruits you shall know them."

Christians are believers and followers of Jesus Christ, and yes, by their fruits ye shall know them. Jesus NEVER mandated c'hurch attendance, at least on sundays. He is the One who instituted communion, however, it is not a prerequisite for entering Paradise (check out the Holy Scriptures concerning that thief on the tree beside Christ at Calvary), and confessing sin is of the soul, between our Mediator, Jesus the Christ, and our Father, Who art in Heaven. I personally, have not sat in an assembly where personal sins are confessed between the brethren as it becomes too dangerous to do so....for those are the wolves in sheep's clothing that use those confessions to kill and destroy the true believers, for they are not filled with the mercy and grace that can only come by the true Holy Spirit.

It appears that your version of Christianity is based solely on works, your own works that lead to a false salvation. I have been there and done that, making sure I was "seen" in church on Sundays, making sure I had communion as the "recorder of the apostate church" checked our "communion box" beside our name as it is a mandatory tradition of man, and as far as confessing sins.....all I heard was "I don't do anything wrong" or "I'm so proud of myself, my family, and my country." Coming out of a wicked patriarchal church system, the men never sinned and blamed women for all of the sins of mankind, and the blind women believed these lies which led to a worm theology within the church. The leaders were prayed for and the lower laity was not, in addition, it was their job to applaud and wait on the leadership for they were the special chosen ones.

Works salvation does not save, it only leads a false convert to hell all the while placing heavy burdens upon the people while they walk this earth. Grace comes ONLY by believing and following our LORD Jesus, the Christ, for He is the only One Who could ever pay that penalty for our sins. We cannot ever, ever, do it ourselves.

Blessed be the Name of Jesus.

Anonymous said...

"By their fruits you shall know them."

Christians are believers and followers of Jesus Christ, and yes, by their fruits ye shall know them. Jesus NEVER mandated c'hurch attendance, at least on sundays."

Jesus never said anything about abortion, yet it is homicide.

The Catechism of the Holy Church is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and it is considered to be written by men who were enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

St. Thomas Aquinas says that one heresy, just one, renders faith and religion immoral.

If you are in the Church, you are in it for everything. If you are out, you are out for everything. The word for what you say is "lukewarmness".

"He is the One who instituted communion, however, it is not a prerequisite for entering Paradise"

Have you read what the book of revelation says about the lukewarm?

If you cannot attend one hour (ONE HOUR!!! in an entire week of 168 hours) how do you pretend to carry your cross to the calvary and die in Christ?

Anonymous said...

It appears that your version of Christianity is based solely on works, your own works that lead to a false salvation"

"My version" of christianity, is not "my version". It is the Catechism of the Holy Catholic Church.

"Works salvation does not save"

Do yourself a favor and read Philipians 2:12.

You are going against St. Paul's teaching. Just to clarify, you are challenging an Apostle.

Bible Believer said...

I am an ex-Catholic, please read the index of article on Catholicism. Your Pope and Vatican are building the antichrist one world religion, the catechism is full of lies, that go directly against scripture. Salvation is via faith not by works or sacraments.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:42,

There is more than one sin....yes, abortion is sin....but what about looking at another woman is the same as committing adultery, or how about drunkenness, or lying and slandering your neighbor....what about idolatry/graven images......etc.

Seems as though there is only one sin in some religions and all others are ignored. Catholicism never saved anyone, nor the sacraments, nor communion, nor the pope or any other clergy man, nor Mary, nor praying a rosary.

Only Jesus saves, not by our works, but by His stripes are ye saved. Believe in Jesus, not any ways of man. Jesus said, "I am the Way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father, except through Me." Not my words, but His.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 9:13.

Jesus also said: "if you love me, you will keep my commandments", and he also said "my friends are those who do the will of my father".

If you reject the magisterium of the Church, there are two options:
1. either the magisterium of the church is a lie (in which case you 'd better put the theological/philosophical evidence on the table).
2. you violate the second and ninth commandment, not to mention that you incur in blasphemy.

To say that the sacraments don't save is, in the best of the cases, a heresy. St. Thomas Aquinas proves in Summa Theologia the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. If, as you say, Jesus saves; then the sacrament of communion (received properly in a state of grace) will lead to salvation.

And saying that Our Lady does not save anyone is a heresy, a blasphemy and an apostasy. You incur in the sin of scandal. Our Lady was the coredemptress of mankind. Do yourself a favor and listen to this conference by Father Chad Ripperger:

there is nothing wrong in being ignorant, we all are in some aspect. But what is wrong is to speak out of ignorance in absolute stubborness like you are doing and misleading others who want to walk the path to salvation.

Anonymous said...

The actual word "church" never appeared in the original text of our Holy Scriptures. The word "ekklesia" is the actual word used by God, the Holy Spirit and it means "called out ones."

We, the Body of Jesus Christ, become the called out ones who live by His Words/Precepts. By His Words, the 'church' never saves one soul, nor is it to become the mediator between our Father (there's only one Father, according to the Words of Jesus, not any human fathers as a replacement) who art in Heaven and Jesus, our Savior. Jesus is the only Mediator between God and man, not any institution or any human being.

When we become born again, we become part of the "ekklesia," the called out ones, the Body of the living Christ inside of us. God, the Holy Spirit, resides in temples not made with human hands (our bodies, which the LORD made in His image), and we become His believers and His followers. And the Holy Spirit, Who is living inside of us, enables us to share the glorious Gospel, pointing other souls to Jesus, the Christ, for salvation. Eternal life does NOT depend on being a member of an institutional church created by mankind here on this earth or does it depend on worshiping an idol in the form of Mary, the pope, or any other ecclesiastical (clergy) system set up by the traditions of man.

Again, I will reiterate the Words of Jesus, "I am the Way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the Father, except through Me." Jesus' Words, not mine.

And by the way, I know the commandments well, for I became born again in my adult life and fully understand all ten. I also fully understand the two greatest commandments given by the mouth of our LORD Jesus Christ. And since I do love Jesus, I also understand that the magisterium cannot save for as our LORD hath commanded, "Thou shalt have no other gods before Me." Worshiping and obeying the magisterium is idolatry and one that should be repented of. Mary was a sinner in need of Jesus, as quoted per her own words.

Anonymous said...

And Anonymous 4:10,

I just attended a Christian conference and was unpleasantly surprised at many of the truths presented there concerning the catholic religion as well as the Islamic religion. There are many similarities that are quite disturbing and a definite need for prayer in asking our LORD to show these souls the truth in leading them out of the harlot church.

Praying the Words of Christ will become the Cornerstone, the Head, for you.

Anonymous said...

"The actual word "church" never appeared in the original text of our Holy Scriptures".

Matthew 16:18 proves you wrong.

I could continue pointing out one by one the errors and heresies you are dropping, but I have no time. I will just go for this blasphemy:

" Mary was a sinner in need of Jesus, as quoted per her own words."

Our Lady was never a sinner for the simple reason that she was immaculate. She never sinned, furthermore she never had a sinful thought. Listen to Fr. Ripperger's conference.

Like I said, the theological/reoligious errors you write are ominous. Some of them are a plain blasphemy to the mother of Our Lord.

"There are many similarities that are quite disturbing and a definite need for prayer in asking our LORD to show these souls the truth in leading them out of the harlot church."

Islam and the Holy Church are as similar as a horse and a whale. To start, Mohammad was a bludgeon and murderer, Our Lord was the Lamb. You are invited to read St. Thomas Aquinas writings concerning islam. As the Apostle John said: "Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God".

Anyone who introduced such lies into you is a heretic and a wicked person who will have to respond to God for such atrocities.

Haley said...

BB, I appreciate this blog very much and all of your hard work here. My husband and I left our seeker-friendly church about 6 months ago, and we have been having home church with our 3 children in Sunday mornings instead. We love it, and we have all spent more time in the Word these last few months than we did in the decades before while regularly attending church.

We also are part of small group with a few Christian friends who meet once a week, and our non-church attendance, along with my public expression of some concerns I have about various issues including the theology of Rick Warren, Mark Batterson and Kay Arthur, modern bible translations and the pledge of allegiance, has put considerable strain on our relationship with a couple of these friends, one in particular. At our most reason small group meeting she accused my husband of "sliding into" legalism and self-righteousness and becoming sucked into disreputable sources on "the internet." She also says we have become "selfish" due to not serving in the church any longer. Her argument is that I have no right to criticize Rick Warren, for example, because I don't know him personally and he produces a lot of "good fruit."

I fear we are close to losing this small group of friends if we do not conform in some way soon. I am wondering how others have dealt with this kind of criticism/ rejection? I would like to keep our friendships if possible, but we are not willing to compromise over these issues.

Anonymous said...

I too want to thank you, BB, for the work you do. I too still follow the Lord as best I can with His help, with a small Christian singles group for fellowship. I, too, cannot in clean conscience cast in my lot where false doctrines are taught, where single people are treated like garbage, where marriage and parenthood is the modern golden calf, and where appearances of righteousness may show but no power in them exists.

You are indeed an inspiration to those of us in the same position.