Monday, April 3, 2017

"Churchix bringing Illuminati Police State surveillance to your church without your consent"

Skipping Church: Facial Recognition Could be Tracking Your Attendance

Watch with discernment per usual. This is over the top. The company's logo has the usual "Saturn" influence.


Debra said...

We shouldn't be surprised at this since churches have filed forms to have 501-3c status. Government exempts them already from paying taxes and contributions are already tax deductible without filing forms with the govt. So when churches label themselves under govt rule, why wouldn't the govt. step in and spy on everyone. I don't think the sheep care frankly. They are already under witchcraft in many thousands of phony churches. God said He would give them over to believe a lie because they refused to believe the truth. So seeing this Saturn eye (satan's eye) is par for the course. I think the attendance part is only a fraction of it. Due to their money hungry tactics, they want to project how much tithe is coming in to pay the mortgage on the new building deeded to a group of swindlers. I love how they say, "Look at our new church, isn't it beautiful". All the while the sheeple people are paying off the swindler's property taxes and mortgage. The believers who have not a dime give to these crooks to get wealth because these pastors have brainwashed the sheep to believe they too can be rich by giving to them.

Anonymous said...

In my former church, we already had a primitive form of surveillance. It's called the office of the "role monitor." This appointed and anointed woman sat in the pew with a composite list of "church members" and those who attended on a regular basis (some within the organized church system do not believe our Scriptures promote the church membership as in a signed piece of paper/covenant.) Beside each name was an empty box in which she "checked" as the congregation sat there; it was a great way to fill her time during the sermon portion of the service and a wonderful way to monitor how each individual was "committed" to their religious system. After all, it is preached from the pulpit that "regular attendance" to their "c'hurch" is one of the signs of "spiritual maturity."

There was one woman in our assembly that condemned and criticized on a regular basis, those individuals or families that did not "go to church" every Sunday. She had the appearance of being so sappy sweet, and yet her heart was filled which such wickedness as she desired the "Queen Bee" position and the adoration of the rest of the women, often boasting to us of being our "spiritual mother." She faithfully watched and promoted all of the Trinity Broadcasting wolves, trying her best to get us to follow Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Benny Hinn, and Todd Bentley. And now, after all of her scornful, self righteous condemnation, she rarely attends church services, making excuses for her own absence.

I often wonder, if the official monitor (god's anointed police force), has approached the church board and offered her soul up on a platter of "correction." Our Holy Scriptures say "A double minded man (or woman) is unstable in all of their ways." I highly doubt it, for mercy and grace flows to certain people all the while others are abused by this system. I see church and politics operating in the same manner with no guidance from God, the Holy Spirit, in pointing people to the Way of Jesus Christ. It is all 'man/woman centered."

I am in awe of how the religious elite of our day, can condemn from their hearts, and yet, eventually "not put into practice what they, themselves, preach against." Would not our LORD call this double mindedness?

And when a born again believer truly worships and follows Jesus, instead of man, it is amazing how the "c'hurched folks" will hate that individual, literally.

Bible Believer said...

I agree about the 501 C3 ties to this. I don't think most care in the churches either. I almost joined a Christian support group at one church but decided not to, it was so nosy and I wondered how the information would be used. This was years ago. I agree about the budgeting forecasts and more and the pastors/business men probably want to see what sermons "sell" the most. Some of these churches are getting huge additions and more and they are scared of any drop in numbers so taking attendance, is probably a new business practice too. Yes they have brainwashed the people to believe they will be rich too. Most of the poor depart anyway unable to fit in the place, or afford it!

Bible Believer said...

They were annoyed because at my first IFB I refused to sign the membership book, I knew I could not sign on to the tithing promises, even then that would mean unpaid medical bills, medicine and rent. It always bugged me how they did a count every Sunday and they did this at the second IFB too which I left, and posted it in the bulletin, like we were always supposed to worry about how many people were attending. Sad to hear you had an actually attendance monitor like you were all elementary school kids. It was hard trying to attend churches with my disabilities, I could be housebound for months from cold or hot weather every year and in the last one I would get the looks like "for shame" "how could you skip church that long, the last one was a 16 mile trip and sometimes we didn't have the gas money too. So yeah along with the attendance keeping many will do more informal systems. I know the first IFB pastor while a good guy in other ways was always doing sermons about how people needed to come to church and quit skipping Wednesday services. He would get angry about all that. I see that kind of stuff in a different light now. Yes I was shamed like that woman for not going to church every "sunday" and years ago I could drive a bit and used to take myself to the first IFB and there'd be a few upset over me being there, and "Where is your husband?" Yes watch out for the sappy sweet types. Honestly I am not the pious sort, and those types scare me, showing the appearance of godliness. Friendly narcissistic "church ladies" scare me.

Yes promoting TBN wolves is not a good sign. I agree about church and politics work hand in hand. Look how they all helped Trump a very wicked man get elected, well all our politicians at a certain level have sold out to Satan. Yes I am sure she judged others for something she does herself and expects all excuses while giving out no mercy herself. It is true "Churched" people do not like born again individuals. You can feel it. I always felt on edge and had some weird happenings.

Anonymous said...

Modern psuedo Christian gatherings are a part of the beast system. I question a persons salvation when they fall for things that are obviously warned about in the bible. To be saved one has to believe the Word of God that they are supposedly reading. Jesus Christ is the Word made flesh, and it's faith on this "rock" that saves......James

Bible Believer said...

Yes they definitely are. It is troubling wondering how so many fall for so many false teachings. Agree about scripture, they have to believe it and faith in Jesus [the rock --not the Pope] that saves.