Friday, March 10, 2017

Pope Francis Better to Be An Atheist

This is a couple weeks old, but Pope Francis sure seems to love atheism. In works-based faith, many who know they are hypocrites inside would be running to unbelief. I consider the Popes hypocritical, they preach about the poor while on their gold thrones, though this one attempts to appear more humble then the last.


Anonymous said...

so, is he claiming to be an atheist? Sure sounds like it to me. He is the most hypocritical person alive, no doubt......James

Anonymous said...


It is obvious Pope does NOT KNOW Christ as Lord and Savior!


Although the story of the company CEO taking a vacation while workers don't receive wages sounds so like him. IJS!

The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

Anonymous said...

Wanted to look up the meaning of Pope. Do you want to see blasphemy...
The pope (Latin: papa from Greek: πάππας pappas,[1] a child's word for "father")[2] is the Bishop of Rome and, therefore, the leader of the worldwide Catholic Church.[3] The primacy of the Roman bishop is largely derived from his role as the traditional successor to Saint Peter, to whom Jesus is supposed to have given the keys of Heaven and the powers of "binding and loosing", naming him as the "rock" upon which the church would be built.

Matthew 23:9 King James Version (KJV)
9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

I still think he looks like Jonathan Pryce.

Anonymous said...

When the pope makes visits all over the world, people take off of work, spend vast amounts of money in traveling to that special place, seek to be near the pope when he arrives so they can 'touch' his garments or make eye contact to 'be blessed,' receive every word that comes out of his mouth as some 'prophetic revelation' in which they believe and follow, then go back to their communities and 'witness' for this wolf in sheep's clothing as the 'only way' to salvation.

Not only is this the 'catholic way,' but is also imitated by every human made denomination within the so called Christian industrial complex....we, as born again believers, are led to believe that we are not a child of our LORD if we do not attend the so called Christian events of our day....the conferences, the special speakers, the music fests, the 'deliverance services to cast out demons and physically/emotionally heal people, or even attend their special cell groups/small group meetings where indoctrination into old covenant theology occurs (dietary regulations (no eating pork, shellfish, etc.) and worshiping on the Jewish Sabbath only (no other form of worship, for example, worshipping our LORD every day of the week instead of just one day) is acceptable.

One member of the brood of vipers (the pope), complains about Trump building a wall, all the while living behind a huge literal wall himself. A hypocrite calling out another hypocrite. I always find it fascinating how the self righteous, the pious, the so called Christians who love their own authoritarian positions never apply their own words/teachings to themselves, thus so much spiritual abuse within the visible church.

When we speak of narcissism, the religious systems seem to love to exalt their popes, pastors, priests, reverends, church boards, eldership system, deacons and deaconesses, committee leaders, praise band teams, etc., to positions of lords and authoritarians. And the leadership class within every church system, loves the praise, the honor, the glory, the best seats in the house, accompanied by their love feasts of boasting and bragging of "their leadership skills and abilities," all the while neglecting the sick, the poor and needy, love their neighbors as themselves, and above all, loving the LORD our GOD above all. So thus, the religious industrial complex has in and of itself, replaced Jesus, the Christ, with their own lord it over system, regardless of whether it is Catholicism, Protestantism, fundamentalism, or the charismatic/Pentecostalism systems.

And now, within the religious system, to be classified as a Christian, I'm supposed to go out and watch "The Shack" movie. More dollars, more idol worship....bleh!

Anonymous said...

That definition of "pope" is a small sample of the blasphemy of the antichrist papacy. In the Middle Ages he went was regarded as "god under a veil of human flesh", and the triple crown he wears means he claims to have authority in heaven, hell, and earth. People still to this day call him "holy father". I've stated before that "anti" means in place of, and "vicar" means substitute, so by the papacys own admittance it is antichrist. The papacy has always tried to usurp Jesus Christ from his throne and place himself there. Like Daniel says speaking of lucifer, he "exalts his throne above the stars of God". This is how we know the papacy is literally controlled by the serpent. He has used it to control the earth since its inception in 606AD when the Roman emporer Phocas crowned the bishop of Rome as "universal bishop". Before this date there was no such thing as a "universal bishop". Phocas was a Roman soldier who usurped the throne by military means. Phocas recognized and gave the bishop of Rome this title in exchange for the the bishop recognizing him as emporer and thus bringing the laity to recognize him as well. The Roman church was started by Constantine, but the papacy didn't start until a few centuries later. That's why the RCC history before this time is sketchy at best. Their earthly authority is based on the donation of Constantine, which is an admitted and known forgery. Their spiritual authority is based on the decretal of Isodore which is an admitted and known forgery as well. Despite all its lies and forgeries being known and admitted, it still teaches it's laity these lies as though it's truth. I can go on forever lol. I'll spare you the headache...God bless......James

Anonymous said...

Thank-you James. I appreciate your historical lesson here concerning the false church. Many have been deceived into believing Constantine was a literal born again Christian of his time, doing so much "good" for the lord. But upon closer analysis of the fruit of his life, it was a false conversion via 'a sign/a wonder,' setting himself up as a 'lord' over other people.

Thankful for your contributions here.

Heather Noelle said...

Amen James. Say, I want to thank you for recommending Dowling's "History of Romanism" awhile back, I got a copy of it on Amazon, just starting but it is quite the reading. I also just finished John Dowling's "Burning of the Bibles". Talk about little known history, that's it. It's interesting to see a theme in those books, of fear and understanding of the Jesuits, the true threat they posed, and fear of the leadership of the Catholic church creeping into the United States at that time (roughly 1840s). I read that thinking that no one knows history anymore, no one sees the threat and no one really cares. Now even the atheists and agnostics embrace this guy, because he's just so wonderful and makes them feel warm and fuzzy. He's not wonderful, he's just a masterful Jesuit, doing what Jesuits do best. Bringing everyone home to Momma.

Bible Believer said...

I agree about the narcissists and hypocrites in the Babylonian religious system. Popes, priests, clergy, false pastors abound. Thanks for your take on the Pope and the rest of them. I am surprised so many take this Pope so seriously. He's a definite snake in the grass. Sure calling the Pope [papa] and father, is blasphemy, same for the individual priests, "call no man father" that one stood out to me while Catholic. I agree about the walls. yes it's tough to come out of the system. I have contact with it in the community for charity purposes and I have only gotten more and more detached. The idea of sitting in a pew to listen to some man's twisting of scripture does not interest me at all. Yes one struggles with feeling left out. I miss the "social aspects"

Good point, I agree:

. So thus, the religious industrial complex has in and of itself, replaced Jesus, the Christ, with their own lord it over system, regardless of whether it is Catholicism, Protestantism, fundamentalism, or the charismatic/Pentecostalism systems.

I was going to write an article soon, did not want to upset people but I am going to call it, "Don't call me a fundamentalist".

I've changed from the complete departure from the IFB.

Trying to stand for Christian truth renouncing fundamentalism I know may sound odd to some. People have asked me "WELL WHAT ARE YOU"

There's the label pressures too, that keep people in the system.

I've certainly felt that one.

Bible Believer said...

James if you get time read this old article. LOL I've been at this blog for 7 years..

You can see what I think of the antichrist Pope and I believe will be the final antichrist too, though I know Christians differ on that one.