Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Enabling of the Evil in Churches

". . .We've been indoctrinated to believe that really faithful Christianity is a continuous flow of positive feelings toward anyone, no matter how evil, when this is not what the Bible teaches at all. Read the Psalms to learn that godliness is not a continuous flow of good feelings toward evildoers.
Satan wants us to feel guilty so that he can keep us enslaved, entrapped, and suffering as long and as much as possible, but it's really okay not to enjoy the presence of someone who continually mistreats you." ~Valerie Jacobsen

 I never can be in a so called "conservative" or evangelical church again as they support my oppressors. Have you ever wondered why the evil seem so loved? Doing this blog as long as I have, their lasting power even in so called "Christian" circles is cemented in. "Christianity" due to the sickening "religious right" is now being connected to political cold hearts.

                                         from religionnews.com

Why were death panels considered so bad when Obama was in charge but now the "evangelical" Republican world remains silent as Paul Ryan and others go for the jugular of the poor, disabled and elderly? Don't they realize that if Medicaid and Medicare are cut to nothing, millions won't have medical care. I almost died in my 20s from lack of medical care and insurance. Sure, the ER would scrape me off the ground and get me breathing again but then I was sent out into the street to fend for myself.  In other words, they got the "Christian" world now cheering for the defacto death panels. The last type of person I want to talk to, is another one who tells me health care is a privilege.  

I got sick of being told for years to grovel before wicked men and to make excuses for them. The churches that said astrology loving Reagan was a caring man who wanted to change the world for the better were wrong. The reality was he started this country on it's downward descent. Now I am supposed to believe a blonde raving narcissistic sociopath is a "Christian" and has my best interests at heart? Are you joking? Weren't you there in the 1980s when that guy was rolling around raving about "sexy women" and bragging of his back-stabbing real estate deals?

We are supposed to "embrace" the vampires, with smiles on our faces ignoring evidence right in front of ourselves, while these wicked men run roughshod over us and gaslight us to death. Fool me once shame on you [cough Bush] Fool me twice shame on me [Trump]. What is wrong with the "Christian" evangelical world? It sickens me. My level of outrage is high, knowing because of my personal circumstances, I'll be one of the first for the death panel "culling" and the Republican pogrom against the poor. My hope remains in the Lord, but I see the suffering of others happening now, and there will be more to come in the future.

This applies to the personal too. Some ask why is there so much sex abuse in churches, over the years far more then just the Catholic priests got exposed, and well one reason, is many are taught to enable and coddle the evil. There is something in human nature where they love the "strong" men, the tough and the mean. This is why we never get dictators who are "nice" while they keep the trains running on time but go on killing sprees. The clueless "Christian" set always seem to vote for the meanest guy in the room.

                                         from undermuchgrace.blogspot.com

One thing I have noticed in churches is the abused often are shamed, they never are defended. Their abusers get all the mercy. This is why Trump's crushing of the national weak and vulnerable is embraced by the churches. Right now in most churches, I would be judged as the "bad" one for fleeing abusers. Have any of you ever heard Ephesians 5:1 ever preached in the churches because I sure have not. How many pastors have preached, FLEE THE WICKED? Instead we are told to forgive them, give a chance, especially the ones who NEVER REPENT.

Eph 5.7 Be not ye therefore partakers with them.

The evil that is enabled on the NATIONAL level is enabled on the PERSONAL level too. People bow down before the wicked they are afraid of them and do everything to keep them happy while throwing their victims under the bus. I've seen those dynamics too many time. Lack of empathy and feelings are praised while feelings and conscience are diminished.  I can always tell when a narcissist has entered the room because everyone is bowing over backwards to please them and give them the attention and supply they soak up like sponge. Since so many pastor-ships run on getting attention and money, a certain personality type has come to dominate within the pulpits. There is a reason in our wicked culture the wicked have ascended to great heights with the use of media and the consolidation of wealth. Watching churches praise the most wicked is beyond sickening. We are told constantly to shut down our minds and "give understanding" and to "compromise". 

Pastors preach complete nonsense. I sat in the last IFB being told I should set variance aside with family and forgive and "go back". I left a connected family that openly mocked the gospel--once demanded my silencing of anything related to the gospel and demanded a commitment to Roman Catholicism to "deserve" the good 6 figure jobs and other benefits they passed between themselves. I walked from almost my entire family with only a few cousins left. I dealt with people involved in complete and utter wickedness and there I sat in a church pew, having freed myself from abusers, narcissists and sociopaths to get the usual dead lie that it was my "responsibility" to forgive and forget and if I did not go back and re-welcome the wicked in my life, God was going to deny me forgiveness. How did this pair with Jesus's warnings about divisions from family? How about the multiple exhortations to flee the wicked and have nothing to do with them?

The one thing that angers me the most is the constant DEADENING of consciences. One is told to ignore intuition, or even the small still voice of the Holy Spirit. I have had God warn me directly. Even with the spiritual abuser, I had dreams I worried about as I sought to disengage myself from her. I was warned of one woman who was local and whose son was a public and open Satanist [OTO member etc] and it's good I listened. No church has ever preached one simple basic about the wicked, they seek to appear "good". THEY WEAR MASKS. Christians are left as completely naive, told to shut down their minds and brains and take everyone and everything at face value. Why do you think the rotten preachers who even get "found out" are able to have second come backs? It's this attitude that enables them. The pastors all the time make excuses for the wicked and the wicked world system. 

If you ever have been a victim of a crime or had a sociopath in your life, the first thing about them is they try to appear as your "friend" or if they directly are abusing you, they are convincing everyone around them how "loving" they are. Those who don't listen to their guts, that warning cry inside pay dearly for it. The Bible wants people to listen to their conscience and God-given discernment and warning bells. We don't need pastors behind the pulpit telling us all how everyone is basically good.

I've written about the rarefied world presented from church pulpits, the one where one's family is always loving, there's a good job to be had by all, and an idealized world. You see this nonsense expressed especially in the Quiverful world. I know this blog offends a lot out there, because I have said it over the years, a faith that doesn't stand up to the real world is no faith at all. 

Scripture warns us in multiple places there are people of absolute darkness. 

Isaiah 6:20 For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee.

Many in the churches want their people living in fantasy land. It is a fantasy land that leaves them vulnerable to deceit and narcissistic seared people who wish to exploit them. It is a world of spiritual abuse. It's a fantasy land where politicians all have our best interests at heart, all parents are loving, no one's trying to rob or rape you or spiritually destroy you. I always felt I was kind of intense for church people, sitting in the pews, listening to the women talk about their house decorating, being told that Bush was a great president, being told that I should seek "self-reliance" in a world where my body had failed and jobs were taken away from my husband at the drop of a hat. I often felt like a false fantasy world was being shoved down my throat that had little bearing on my actual reality. I wonder if this is worse in fundamentalist churches. Their banal fantasy world of tea-time, and imaging the 1950s as an ideal time was just a covering for the enabling of evil. Let's put a "mask" on life itself and not talk about reality. This is why so many now in the evangelical churches have become flying monkey enablers for the growing tyranny and oppression in the world both political and personal. 

As a low status and disabled person in American society, in this time and place, many evangelicals are calling for my head to be put on a stake, because I've committed the "sin" of being poor and disabled. I am a member of one of the scapegoated groups among minority races and others for my dependence on Social Security. It means something when the vulnerable are always put on the political firing line and the lies reach to the ceiling. The "I got mine" Republicans don't even understand my day to day reality, I've spoken with enough of them, nor do they care. I am sure some will protest the left, but what does that even mean, when both sides have taken us to this place? Stop trying to gaslight me. I don't believe in your Ayn Rand "free market" Republican fantasies either.

This is why in as far as American evangelical churches why the poor are often shamed and told you do not deserve any medical care or food. Obamacare was far from perfect but the land of no options is basically just throwing people under the bus. On the personal level abused people, are told they must "forgive" their abusers, and they must be the one in the wrong. if you ever find yourself surrounded by sheep's in wolf's clothing sociopaths, you will find out soon as they smear and lie their way across the land, people tend to believe them more. Breaking through their lies is very difficult. Many are not interested in truth and would rather bow before power and cunning, instead of seeking truth.

Have any of you wondered why hard core evil is not discussed in the churches? Sure one hears the "safe" and constantly trotted out "cultural warrior" topics. We are all supposed to be shuddering in fear of the "homosexuals", even though most sit in pews with only a few closeted ones but have you ever wondered why various soul murderers, liars and others are not warned about? Could it be there's too many in the pulpit who would get exposed if the core basics about malignant narcissism were taught?  Would too many busy-bodies and other predators in the congregation get outed with their false masks and conniving? How much spiritual abuse could happen in a climate where people were called out to be honest and truthful instead of showing a false self righteousness. What about a world where Christians could be REAL?

The churches warn of the homosexual, tattooed, and non-believer crowd, as the "boogie-men" to be wary of, but to be frank, I'll take most of them over some of the church sociopaths and closet Luciferians. At least with a biker or a gay guy you know what you are getting, a smiling snake wearing a suit, and holding a Bible can be a lot more dangerous.  There's smiling female snakes too promising "miracles", "prayers" and "deliverance", as well. A lot of non-believers tell me why they fled churches talking about how they felt judged or knives were being sharpened behind backs, I believe them. We got a whole country now under an evil spirit led by the churches.

Imaging trying to warn your average church congregation about how the wicked operate, and how they craft lies. They have been so indoctrinated by false pastors that everyone is naturally good or that true sociopaths are as rare as a one in 10 million Ted Bundy, they'll be ready to throw you out of the room for being "too negative". People don't like the delusional bubbles of their idealized evangelical world popped. Sadly in many evangelical churches, the concept of evil itself is hidden, and not even admitted. Warning of evil and evil people is "negative", it is not having the "best life now".

The worse thing about the churches though, is that when it comes to abusive people, one is told to "forgive" them even as they refuse to repent and to tolerate them. Their victims are often shamed for having unforgiving spirits for not accepting their abuse or tolerating it or remaining door-mats to it. I've never seen abusers called out in the church. One never hears about child abusers being censored or receiving church discipline. The failure towards women who suffer from domestic abuse within evangelical churches is abysmal. She is told to sit there and take it. The man is never confronted by church elders. Anna Duggar being told to stay with a serial molester and cheater, is business per usual in the church world.

I've visited and sat in many churches but I have never heard the topic of ABUSE ever dealt with in ONE church ever. If anything it is shoved under the carpet. The focus of the sermons is always for the abusers and wicked to be "forgiven" and the lucifieran politicians to be "understood". One thing to be noticed too is how the "powerful" and "high status" are lauded in the churches. One of most wicked people I ever have dealt with in my life has a high name in her Catholic church, she has the wealth and a few "good works" to show off with. There are plenty of evangelical counterparts in there with her. Proverbs 17:15 warns of those who "justify" the wicked. Trump as a wicked man is justified in our evangelical churches today along with the lesser known cadre of soul murderers and oppressors. 

One of the many reasons I won't be returning to be a member of the church system, is I cannot tolerate institutions that support my personal open economic and other oppression. I have no interest in places that have no interest in facing reality and who expect me to believe in a fantasy life that does not relate to my own life experiences and what I have battled. I have no interest in pastors, and congregations, that honor soul murderers and abusers and who can't even discern overt wickedness such as in a man like Trump. I got tired of being told to be a doormat for the wicked too.

There is an enabling of evil in the churches and it has grown.


Anonymous said...

When it comes to people who use pseudo Christianity to control people's emotions I will quote David who was a man after Gods own heart "I hate them with a perfect hatred". This includes Trump.....James

Anonymous said...

BB, sometimes when we are listening to conversations in life, we see how distant we are from their train of thought and activities. We don't have the desire to engage in certain pleasures that the world does or even Christians for that matter. I want them to see Jesus in every conversation I have. Some believers have drifted out to sea of dangerous waters. How can a believer sit in a movie theater and watch God's name being said over and over again let alone all the other garbage that goes with it. We are to have the mind of Christ. In one church I was reprimanded for speaking up about a decision made by the elders (luciferians) to kick out a pastor and replace him with another one they liked better (stronger luciferian than the last one). You see, the laity do not have a voice within an organized church unless you have given thousands to them. You don't stand a chance to make a dent for truth because they do not care about truth. As you wrote, there is no real appeal to speak about arrogance and sin. It would just drive people away. They want you to be arrogant not humble.This is why pastors talk about how great you are regardless of your filthy sinful habits. They cover you with grace that disgraces the blood of Jesus and they have no regard for His sacrifice.

I used to feel as you, thought I was playing on the same team with all my fellow teammates but in reality they became more of the opposing team that I had to guard against. Once the Lord unveiled what was really going on behind the scenes, there was no turning back. To be a popular Christian you have to fit in a crowd like a round peg in a round hole. If you stand for truth and righteousness, they will reject you and become hostile. The blind are leading the blind.

Bible Believer said...

Thank you James, the fuzzy wuzzies will tell us we have to embrace a vampire like Trump. If one does the research his involvement in the same occult activities and rituals of the elite can be found such as when he gave the Rudy Guiliani dressed in drag some kisses. Thank you for quoting David.

Bible Believer said...

Yes I listened to enough conversations anon, where I did not fit in, and it was both the class matters and even bigger spiritual. I am not perfect of course so I am not trying to be self righteous but in the churches status is so cared about. Some of the people are nice but I don't want to try and shoehorn myself into that system anymore.

One finds out quick that most embrace mainstream entertainment, and the world. They would find us weird to warn about most movies and other activities. They do not care about truth. I sat in some churches trying to keep peace over issues like Christmas and Easter and it just got to me. No one was interested in learning anything. Even when I tried deep discussion with the last IFB pastor I realized I was just being tolerated and smiled at, and then he would go preach on the same thing. I think the man was relieved when I left his church. The pastors around here have the churches on lock down too, at least in the evangelical world there was little place or time for free discussions. Intellectually I felt crushed, and how can I say this, "bored"? There was no iron sharpening iron that was for sure. I felt like I had to hide all vulnerabilities and appear always 'strong' and my disabilities and poverty made me feel like I was in the midst of wolves. No one related or detailed any troubles of their own, for them it was always focus on success, achievement and being a "pillar" of society. Yes I agree with you about the focus on arrogance, no discussion of sin or challenges. Sorry you had run-ins with the luciferians, yes sometimes they oust one to get another. The laity have no voice you are right, around here they are silenced, there's a reason in that evangelical bible study they had a Campus Crusade for Christ overseer to keep types like me in check and she did turning a whole room in outrage against me. I am sure I got put on some report for trying to thwart ecumenical efforts for saying I left the Catholic church when I got saved. I said directly the Catholic church teaches a false gospel, and none cared about truth, I got more well you can't tell me my Catholic parents are going to hell. They give grace to all sorts of things, including false gospels. The more wicked someone is, the higher the defenses. The mask wearers get all kinds of grace. The real people get censored.

Sure you do start to feel on guard. I have some of my old IFB members on my Facebook, this is from the first church, I feel it among them now. Most are active Trump supporters. My pastor from 10 years ago, has announced he is going to a missions trip to Africa. {he is not becoming a missionary there, so this is a short time religious vacation lol} I had to bit my tongue and wanted to ask how do you have thousands of dollars to fly you, yourself and 4 children there? and "Aren't there people here in America to help?" I do not relate to any of their lives. Most became even more avid Republicans once I was out of the scene, this being 10 years ago. I can tell some are offended because I am open there, and have written I am out of the church system and why and even against Dominionism. Knowing my circumstances, has not changed any of their active support for Trump and his men and what they want to do to lives like my own.

In the churches, I even felt the feeling of "fear" [or warning lol] that is the better way to describe it, but sure you had the thought, "these people are my enemy", I felt more on guard among the church crowd far more often then I did among any group of non-believers. It is being a round peg in square hole. I used to have weird thoughts if any of my pastors or church members discovered this blog, they would lose it.

Kris said...


Some of your concerns are valid and I understand your outrage towards those who oppress. I am curious( i have followed your blog for a few years so I believe I know but want to clarify) as to why you really believe everyone who is fallen is in some Luciferian cult or is out to get someone? I would agree that there are some evil people who are trying to poison the world but in my experience I have found that people really don't believe there is a God. If they do it would be a gnostic belief where it is not personal. I live in Canada and can't really speak on behalf of the US but here as liberalism has invaded our core values and the world believes that morals are relative people lie, cheat, and steal because they do not believe it is wrong under the circumstances of their life. Added to the mix is the liberal idea that everyone is a victim and no one needs to take accountability for their actions and people are running around lost and confused. Since my children have started school all they have heard is all religions are the same( except for Christianity. which is oppressive) and they have evolved from apes and there is no real meaning to life. I find it provides excellent teaching moments for me to have conversations with them but the point is that for those who go home and hear the same message from their family and friends of course their actions will not align with God's.

As a side note, I find the right just as distasteful.

Lastly, I encourage you to look at others especially the ones who you believe to be your enemies and truly forgive them. The forgiveness is not for their benefit but for yours. People most often care less if they have offended you. Think of Matthew 10:16 where Jesus gave instruction on how to mingle with the unbelievers. They will hurt us, as will believers.. that is what we do. Sometimes unintentionally, sometimes in selfish moments intentionally. When Christ was crucified He did say "forgive them; for they know not what they do". I know through enough experience that this is true. I see people with the knowledge they have, and the tools they were given trying to make good decisions and just are not capable because their foundation is built on sand.

Your claim on forgiveness is in direct conflict of Matthew 5:44. It is impossible to get around Jesus' words on how we need to treat those who use and persecute us, those we would call our enemies. In conjunction with Matthew 10:16 we can learn how to keep ourselves from falling while we deal with those around us.

I write all this because it sounds as if your heart is leaning towards bitterness. I believe it started as righteous anger but so many hurts along the path seems to have built callouses and bitterness. The greatest non Biblical thought I have ever heard on forgiveness was the idea that not forgiving someone is equal to swallowing poison and hoping the other person dies.

I will pray for you and I hope you continue to put out such an interesting blog and continue to try to awaken those who pretend to sleep.

Debra said...

I think when we wake up from our slumber from being hypnotized of all protocols such as never confront a pastor or their groupies we become stronger, wiser and more discerning. We've been indoctrinated by man and not the word of God to see things clearly as they are. Hoodwinking is an art in of itself, deceiving the sheep is quite a common practice. Many forget there is only one pasture of our true Shepherd and one gate. They have wandered off to graze in pastures filled with poisonous weeds and it is sickening their souls.

Debra said...

Was doing a bible study at our home with some teenagers. Here is a quote from a 14 year old..."Don't follow your heart, follow the one that created it and makes it beat every second."

Debra said...

Good article about religious sociopaths http://www.wickedshepherds.com/AReligiousSociopath.html

Debra said...

When we feel the opposition within Christian groups and others we must remember what previous believers went through. It does not nullify or invalidate our trial but encourages us to press onward and upward to our higher calling in Christ Jesus.

Hebrews 11:36-40
36 And others had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment:

37 They were stoned, they were sawn asunder, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, tormented;

38 (Of whom the world was not worthy:) they wandered in deserts, and in mountains, and in dens and caves of the earth.

39 And these all, having obtained a good report through faith, received not the promise:

40 God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.

Anonymous said...

I've never read in this blog that "all who are fallen are luciferians". The only time I've heard this title given was to those puppets and their masters who love to grace the television screens and tell us in one breath that they are "Christians", and in another they promote killing innocent babies and grovel to the antichrist papal church. I don't believe trump is a "fallen" Christian, I believe he is a reprobate who has rejected God for worldly riches. He "didn't like to retain God in his knowledge, therefore God gave him over to a reprobate mind". This is why this reprobate is on record saying that Epstein is a "good guy who likes his girls on the younger side", and is known to has flown on this pedophiles private jet, and has visited his private island. He is known to like "golden showers". God tells us it's to vile to even speak of what these Christ rejecting reprobates do in secret. It sickens me when a "Christian" has the gall to say this man is a believer. His god is mammon, and therefore he is a tool of this worldly satanic system that tells us poor people are the scum of the earth, and rich people are the role models our children should look up to. Who in their right mind would look at this man as a leader? He doesn't even have a government yet. How many of the 600+ positions have a person appointed? At this rate he won't have these positions filled by the time his term is up. He uses Twitter to speak to the American people. He doesn't even feel we are worth his time, so he has a speech writer post a tweet here and there. He has made a mockery of everyone. Alex jones says he's a swell guy so he must be. The "alternative media" are responsible for the propaganda that got this pervert elected. I'm rambling. Sorry......James

Debra said...

This is really about pride vs humility. We may find ourselves cutting into a cake with rich frosting but when you get to the core it is as hard as cement. This is common in church systems and individuals. On the outside they can be sweet as honey but once you cut through and find the center, your teeth will break. There is an appearance of Godliness but they deny God's power.
Jesus is consistent in His nature. He is true and there is nothing false in Him. If our roots grow out of pride we will not reflect the true character and nature of God. We are more like pseudo Christians with a title we've given ourselves to impress others. Pharisees loved the attention and affirmation of all.

Bible Believer said...

I never have said everyone who is fallen are luciferians. There's plenty of just average folks out there, non-Christian and Christian. When I speak of luciferians I am talking about elites in religion, politics and religion but even there, there is a line between the knowing top tiers and the just owned and controlled lower tiers. I am glad you are teaching your children contrary to what society and culture are teaching.

With forgiveness, many Christians are told to forgive the wicked and unrepentant and embrace them. This is wrong. maybe this website can explain more.

Forgiving the seared this way is the surest way to get yourself destroyed by the wicked. Yes we are to forgive in the way that we are not to retaliate and get revenge etc, but we are still called to flee the wicked. Too many churches teach the sugar nonsense of go hug the unrepentant sociopath and love them into being a good person, that's a lie they do".

Please read that website, the churches are ate up with false forgiveness for abusers, child abusers, domestic abusers, sociopaths, sex abusers and a whole wide swathe of seared criminals. They are not going to be "loved" or "forgiven" in the case of the seared ones, into goodness. I know some people who have never encountered total evil may not understand what it means when someone is seared, I think that is a good thing in the way you never have had someone out for your utter destruction but realize how good and evil works. The evil don't care about your forgiveness, usually they use false forgiveness as a position to exploit. Ever wonder why the pastors never preached flee the wicked but always that their victims must bend over backwards to "forgive them?" I am not going to "forgive" soul murderers and sociopaths and those who never repent in that fashion. The only forgiveness they will get is I will do my best not to let their hatred and evil affect my life and then I will flee them. I will not hug them, or bow before them or embrace them and allow them another go at me.

Some may call this bitterness I call it self protection. With some perhaps they never have dealt with a sociopath, I am glad if you have not but now they are not to be handled in the same a typical person who has a conscience is to be handled who sins against you. Repentance is part of the forgiveness formula.

Bible Believer said...

People are being kept naive, and yes the hoodwinking, when people are taught to forgive evil people who are never called to repent or expected to it sets up a precedent where they have control over the situation, and they can then deceive the simple.

Thanks for the wicked shepherds link Debra.

I agree Trump is a reprobate James, I believe worship of the ultra wealthy is rife among the Republican party, there's a problem when "envying the rich" becomes a greater sin then grandma having to live on dogfood. I'm glad their draconian health bill failed today but they probably will have another go at it.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 119:104 Through thy precepts I get understanding: therefore I hate every false way.

Psalm 19:163 I hate and abhor lying: but thy law do I love

Psalm 139:21 Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee

2 chronicles 19:2 And Jehu the son of Hanani the seer went out to meet him, and said to king Jehoshaphat, Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD.

Psalm 31:6 I have hated them that regard lying vanities: but I trust in the LORD.

Proverbs 29:27 An unjust man is an abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked

Proverbs 12:8 A man shall be commended according to his wisdom: but he that is of a perverse heart shall be despised

I always hear people say "hate the sin, not the sinner". Some people don't realize this was a quote from Gandhi, it's not in the bible.we are to not hate anyone without a cause, but I do hate those that hate God, and those that try a make a mockery of his Word. I also hate those who preach a false gospel as well. You know you're saved when you see someone teaching a false gospel and you get angry because you know they are leading people astray. We are to not love reprobates. It's easy to see who these people are.....James

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer,

Here is one pastor that exposes evil in these so called churches. At sermonaudio.com his "wise as serpents” sermons and against the so called churches that oppress and abuse others.

"The victim who seeks justice is not the source of division in a church. The source is the wicked man and the disobedient church that allies with him because they like his smooth talk and flattery.

Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. (Eph 5:11)

Fail in this regard, fail to avoid the wicked divider of Christ’s people, embrace him and his flattery and accuse the victim who seeks justice of causing division, and you have just taken part in the unfruitful works of darkness. YOU molested that child. YOU abused that abuse victim. How? Because you refused to expose them, and by default such refusal renders YOU a participant in those evil works.


~Pastor Jeff Crippen~



Debra said...

When you have encountered and lived through sociopath and NPD behaviors you can see the storm before the clouds. They paint you a sunny day but out of the blue clear skies you get torrential rain, tornadoes, hurricanes and anything else set for destruction. Most NPD's don't even know the word repent. Their soul is full of hate for their chosen scapegoats. Evil is evil regardless whether they are sociopaths, npds or luciferians. Christians were thrown to the lions not on their own decision. Are we supposed to thrown ourselves into the mouth of these lions who want to tear us to shreds? NPD's mirror you and reflect onto themselves your likes and dislikes. You think you found a friend but what you get in disguise is the worse enemy you will ever have. They know how to do physco acrobatics with your mind and wreak havoc in your life. They will turn everyone against you with their lies. I can't say welcome and be hospitable to these evil creatures.

Debra said...

BB, My dream last night fits your post perfectly. I was in the house of an NPD I knew. They were having a conversation (they don't listen or care to hear whatever you have to say) therefore it is like having a one sided conversation. I was sitting on their couch and all of a sudden the room was filled hundreds of mice all over the floor. I was freaking out and telling them look at the mice! All they said was, "Yes, aren't they cute.". This is the mind of the NPD. You point out evil pestilence and they say yes it is so cute without a blink of an eye or any empathy or concern whatsoever. In my dream it was so normal for them to see infestation and even welcome it. The conscience was beyond numb. If I had a continuation of this dream I would find out those mice were bought at the store and let out of a cage after I was given lunch to eat by the NPD. We can't wrap our heads around the lack of conscience, concrete hearts and evil intents. You can deal with a boxer who fakes a straight punch to throw an undercut. You know where they are coming from. These NPD's fake their personas so well that no one possibly knows the evil lurking inside like a volcano ready to devour their victim on sight.

AW said...

Kris, being Canadian is probably precisely why you haven't (yet) been confronted with the mutant Dominionist politics that are now American 'Christianity'. Everything you've observed about secular culture is indeed vexing to a real Christian, But (and I know many won't believe it until it happens, if even then) it is not the biggest threat to real Christians -- that would be the deception and apostasy to the fake Christianity that is now rising in these United States and about to spill out onto the rest of the world.

And I do not think your definition of forgiveness fits what the Bible says. There is no forgiveness without repentence, even in God's case. When He commands us to forgive, it is not to pretend that nothing happened, or smile and say we forgive the person who hasn't stopped abusing us and has no intention of stopping.

The Bible describes forgiveness in the language of debts -- the person who wronged me owes me a real debt, but many times they cannot repay that debt (even if they wanted to) because it is often something impossible to restore (childhood, innocence, health, etc). What we are commanded to do is to release that "I.O.U." or debt they owe us to the Lord. That way, we are not hanging onto it and seeking vengeance or retribution, but leaving it in the Lord's hands to avenge (and avenge He will if they do not repent... which is why we may, but are not obligated to pray 'forgive them, for they know not what they do.'

Lastly, forgiveness in no way removes the consequences of someone destroying our trust/relationship and it in no way implies reconciliation, especially if the offender hasn't changed. The people that Biblebeliever writes about do not fall in the category of unintentionally causing harm, though it can be hard to truly understand if you have never dealt with the intentional, malignant evil of abusers of all kinds.

Is 'from such turn away' (2 Tim 3:5) unbiblical? Unloving? Unforgiving?

What about 'Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD?'(2 Chr 19:12)? Or any of the verses that James cited above?

I have had such people in my life, as has Biblebelieve, and while I have forgiven them (meaning I have released what I am rightfully owed by them to the Lord), I want nothing to do with them and have followed the Lord's leading in going no contact ('turning away'). Biblebeliever has also communicated as much in her various posts, so I'm not sure why you are getting 'bitterness' from her indignation at injustice unless it is the skewed definition of forgiveness that has been so carefully cultivated within Christianity precisely to give evil maximum cover and chide anyone demanding justice.

BTW, Pastor Crippen is awesome... he really gets it and calls it like it is.


AW said...

And for you, Biblebeliever, as you continue to see the rising injustice and oppression, take hope in knowing that God will avenge.

Luke 18:1-8 -- And He spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint; Saying, There was in a city a judge, which feared not God, neither regarded man: And there was a widow in that city; and she came unto him, saying, Avenge me of mine adversary.

And he would not for a while: but afterward he said within himself, Though I fear not God, nor regard man; Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me.

And the Lord said, Hear what the unjust judge saith. And shall not God avenge His own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though He bear long with them? I tell you that He will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

Debra said...

This topic is of interest to me because I have come along side for many years those who are experiencing the NPD and their tactics..You don't realize that you have entered a mine field and war zone when an NPD shows up in your life. I was watching a YouTube video and one of the points she was making to disarm the NPD was good. She said typically we want the NPD to accept and like us, so we aim to please. But what she said was accept the fact that this NPD doesn't like you and respond by saying, "I'm sorry you feel this way about me, but I'm ok with it." The NPD doesn't want you to feel ok with it." I would add the NPD doesn't have feelings for anyone but themselves. They see individuals as tools to use whenever needed. You are a puppet and a puppet must perform the NPD's wishes or lightening strikes once again.
They want you to hurt and come back for more abuse. It is filling up their internal swamp to gain power and control. The scapegoat becomes the enemy in their minds so they set out to conquer their foe. The worst part is they can't handle when their scapegoat decides I want no more abuse. So the NPD turns themselves into a sweet pie to reel back their victim. We don't have to play the part of the victim. God has not given us this role. We are more than conquerors and victorious. God defeats our enemies and crushes them under His feet. No matter how arrogant they are, God will put an end to their pride. Some say that NPD's are like broken, shattered vessels from childhood experiences. They need to abuse as they have been abused. I get that but what I've seen is the NPD being in control of their evil efforts when others happen to pop into the picture. They can turn off and on their spicket to prioject a false persona when needed. So I don't buy this broken pieces yet to be glued back together. They choose not to be kind when it so suits them. They smother others with syrup but attempt to pour karosene on their scapegoat. A defiled and depraved mind leads to a seared conscience. Rebelliousness is as the sin of witchcraft. The NPD is very much like a sorcerer where they enter into manipulations and curses. No wonder they are more diabolical than ever.

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer,

I want to caution you concerning the Wicked Shepherds website. After leaving a right wing abusive conservative church system, I stumbled upon the WS website, trying to make sense of what happened to me in a so called "god's church" environment. That church, who made the claim of knowing "jesus" better than all other denominations, in fact, abused their members with NAR doctrines, Trinity Broadcasting Network blasphemies, God T.V. indoctrinations, and Focus On the Family false theology, and if the pew sitter didn't subscribe to their apostate Christianity, that individual was labeled as bitter, angry, a false convert, unsaved, a child of the devil, rebellious, a jezebel, a lost soul, etc.

The WW website actually has some very good information and articles regarding spiritual abuse. I want to caution everyone here, that it also condones and promotes the teachings of Debi Pearl, who twists the Scriptures in promoting her and her husbands false doctrines. I urge those who visit this site to test the spirits as our Holy Scriptures command us to do and to 'be a Berean.' Test everything that one reads and compare it with God's Word for false teachers are tne norm in this day and age.

I personally, would never recommend the teachings of the Pearls to those women with whom need counseling from abuse, whether spiritual, physical, emotional/mental with regards to their personal lives or 'the so called c'hurch.' The Pearls do great damage to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for those verse anon, interesting about the hate the sin love the sinner quote, yes everyone thinks that is from the bible and it's not!
I don't believe we have to love everyone too. That is some of the mush, that gets people into spiritual trouble. Oh I'm supposed to love Hitler, and serial killers and wicked people who never repented and tried to destroy me? I don't think so. I agree with you James. We do not have to love the seared. Those who preach false love, actually abuse the victims of the evil by enabling and excusing the evil instead of standing against them.

Bible Believer said...

Justice in this world is sadly rare. One thing I think about is how many people go by the path of inaction. They allow the evil to do their thing and just step aside. "Don't rock the boat" is their mantra. I had something stolen from me that was accidentally left, one woman found it, it was my walker, and I thought my husband had put it in our car and he had not, and she did not turn it into the office or anything where I lived, it was on my apartments property and she just allowed it to be stolen. This is a minor matter but I have seen so many cowards when it comes to the wicked, you can't even imagine. People watch children being abused and DO NOTHING. They excuse and honor the wicked and discredit and abuse the victims.

I kind of blame that woman for my stolen walker, our apt office was open and 5 yards away or so. She just sat there and did not move. As an abuse victim, there was a lot of betraying bystanders A LOT and I hold them just as responsible as the abusers.

Bible Believer said...

I grew up among sociopaths and yes they lie, they are the masters of lies. My extreme involvement with sociopaths that almost destroyed me, probably allowed for this blog later, because one thing I learned to survive was to cut through the thicket of lies. My life depended on it. NPDs do not repent. The seared malignant ones do not care, do not love. People can die, even their favorite golden child or flying monkey and it will not matter one whit to them. They are like machines, like the Terminator, and their numbers are rising. I believe the person who stole my walker has to be a socipath. An evicted man's bicycle actually was laying on the grass unclaimed. I've had two walkers stolen, they are easy to forget when loading up a car. We have literally driven speeding to try and get a forgotten one, they disappear FAST. People have become predators now and one mistake can cost big.

Churches are woefully ignorant and do not talk about these things. Even in the IFB I felt like I was taught and trained that all families are loving and all people are essentially good and this was not a bastion of hippies and liberals but there was a denial of the existence of evil. In one true way those who have faced total evil in this world, and have escaped it, do not find churches a place of solace and comfort. I have seen church as the place of people who have comfortable and "good" lives who would judge me for having misfortunes in the first place.

Malignant narcs create damage. I am disabled physically today because of two and severe medical neglect when I was young. They do not care. They are monsters pretending to be human. The fake Christian world wants us to hug them and embrace them and buy them presents, while they sharpen their daggers for us.
hold them just as responsible as the abusers.

Bible Believer said...

Talking to malignant NPDs is like talking to a WALL. Also their enablers are literally brainwashed by them. They have already smeared you to their followers who will believe you are the "crazy" or "wrong one". Hmm there is a verse about mice being filthy animals, they are vermin. Vermin and hundreds of mice. NPDs would love vermin and evil. The mice could represent their followers in spiritual darkness.
I have been around such bad sociopaths with no empathy, one told me their own mother was "taking too long to die". I warn of NPDs elsewhere. It is an issue I have studied IN DEPTH. The Study of evil, and well that relates even to the cause of this blog, where I warn about it. I believe that false deliverance woman I posted on is a sociopath and malignant NPD, she is a high level one, able to put on the mask of caring and using "mirroring" and flattery.

We do not think like them. I was crying over being stolen from. Thankfully being poor, I have a back up walker, so I can still walk now. I have learned to be cautious in this life, and know one mistake can mean big payments. The feeling of helplessness hurts. The poor evicted man lost more, and one can see the effects of evil all over. They do not care and have no conscience. I had to learn the hard way until I learned to FLEE and SEPARATE that there is no appeals to be made to those with charred hearts. Their danger comes in their deception where they act human, and "pretend" to be mother, or father, or sister or friend, or employer and are NOT.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for telling me about your dream debra. God sent me dreams about the false deliverance woman. Some were quite direct. I was afraid and took too long to get away but I "knew". Listen to dreams about other people. I ended a 30 year long false friendship too, she may have been connected to my wicked family.

Yes Canadians don't know the insanity that "Christianity" has become here. The Dominionist politics of control, fear and punishment rule our lives here in America, even if you are non-believer, the Republicans want you to starve in the gutter and unload endless fees on you. No the other party is no better.
Forgiving someone without repentenance on their part just means you get hurt again. I used to make that mistake when I was new to being a Christian. That false love everyone mush is the soonest path to destruction in this world.

It can be hard not to seek revenge. We have to obey God on that though, and you are right about the "debt". There are people who do hurt others not meaning too via ignorance or thoughtlessness but in the case of the seared and malignant NPDs, they are plotting and planning every second of their lives, it is not an accident when they have turned other people against you or have set up falsehoods.

Lastly, forgiveness in no way removes the consequences of someone destroying our trust/relationship and it in no way implies reconciliation, especially if the offender hasn't changed. The people that Biblebeliever writes about do not fall in the category of unintentionally causing harm, though it can be hard to truly understand if you have never dealt with the intentional, malignant evil of abusers of all kinds.

Sorry you dealt with people like this too Debra, Yes "from such turn away" [the modern church ignores that verse, and will tell someone "estranged" from their wicked family they are the one in the wrong. Don't listen to them. I agree we have to hand things over to God. Even my walker thief while I may go to the police or post a sign to get my walker back on social media, I can't seek after revenge. Same for other wicked people. You have to walk on and let God take care of them. Some will call us bitter if we are outraged at injustice. Remember a lot of people are indoctrinated into always "thinking positive" and if you talk about real life, you are seen as "bitter" and "not positive". If I have some bitterness for God to deal with, then I accept that. I have been through some really horrible things. My life has been in a slow motion crash for many years on this earth. But never call me "bitter" for calling out the injustices and the realities of these soul murderers.

Anonymous said...

It's really hard for a believer to see anything positive about "Christianity" in America. Then I have to remember that 99% of it isn't real Christianity, but a method of control that wicked men have invented. I guarantee that every believer sees the false Christianity and gets angry. It's a sign that you love the ways of The Lord, and hate all the false ways that are literally leading people to hell. We are conditioned to believe that we are to love everything and everyone. Of coarse we are to love our enemies and those who spitefully use us, this isn't the same as hating those who hate God and his perfect way. There are people using the name of Jesus Christ to lead people astray, those people do this intentionally because, of their hatred for God. When anyone preaches a false gospel and has been corrected many times, but still continues to teach this false gospel, they are wolves and more than likely reprobates who do it on purpose. Anyone who is of God will be receptive of correction when it comes to being a teacher. We all have been wrong and have been corrected. Being wrong is human nature. I can literally name names of false preachers that would fill several pages, it would be easier to name who isn't a wolf. This is how we know that things can't keep on going like it is much longer. The RCC has ruined Christianity in America. Every organized religion in this country bows its knees to Baal....James

Bible Believer said...

"Then I have to remember that 99% of it isn't real Christianity, but a method of control that wicked men have invented."

You summed up things well in this sentence James. Yes believers see what passes for Christianity and feel the grief and anger, it is only natural. Knowing the deception people are being led into or even the ABUSE many are undergoing it is horrible stuff. They love evil and hate goodness.