Monday, March 20, 2017

Church Hunters

This one had a lot of truth in humor. I'm not "church-shopping" anymore myself. Many of us here have left the church system. It does show you what people look for in churches out there. Of course, one thing I noticed is more churches seemed the same then different among a wide range of denominations.


Debra said...

Had to stop the video at 1:30, 1:37, 1:42, 2:08 for all the horn hands and double sixes. These actors are Luciferians mocking Christians.

Marcos said...

Excuse me, but what I see is the opposite.
Many sincere families looking for a good church, many of them hurting and in need of fellowship and pastoral care, and the only thing they can find are churches which look like entertainment centers. Even churches with sound doctrine are often led by authoritative, manipulative pastors who only care about themselves.
Whose main fault is that people are giving up Church?
This kind of video only masks the problem.

Bible Believer said...

LOL I noticed something weird with the hands and kept thinking why is he waving his hands around like a stereotypical gay man with a limp wrist. I have got to get glasses, so thanks for pointing this out. Last night I was watching this video on my broken laptop that I had to plug an auxillary keyboard into so I am even further away from the screen. It was just a blur to me, and I guess I'm so used to the modern churches with their metrosexual men, that I stay away from, that I didn't think to pause the constant limp wristed hand waves. I went back and slowed it down, and he makes two horned hand signs at once!!!!!! THAT IS NOT BY ACCIDENT 1:37 will blow one's mind.

There's truth in their church shopping but yeah these are knowing deceivers. No one is making rock concert horned hands in "natural gestures".

I agree this video has the message the church shoppers are WRONG, they should take what they are given, so Marcos thanks for that point.

Really where can one find a church that isn't an entertainment center or with a narcissist up at the pulpit. Oh then you got the liturgicals with their false doctrines traditions, and false sacraments.

People are giving up on churches for a reason. I gave up. I'm done. I am in some to eat their food or community helps, but there's no reason to attend services or be a part of the "show". Some are trying to hard to "sell themselves" too.