Friday, March 10, 2017

Archons and Thetans

I try to expose weird stuff when I come across it, this is one of those moments.  Warning, this guy has some very extreme "theology".Some people's theologies are getting more and more out there. As we get closer more into the last days, Satanic theologies and other lies of Satan are going to hold sway.

 One thing that shocked me about this guy's video on Archon's is I kept thinking about the "thetans" of Scientology. I just read that book again called "Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief".

Scientologists believe they need to do "auditing" and more to clear themselves of "thetans" that have attached themselves.This Archon stuff sounds very similiar. I remember encountering the concept of Archons when I was reading my Theosophy books, and they seem to have a lot of familiarity with as the Watchers aka "Nephilim". Blatvasky  referred to them constantly in her writings.

 I saw another guy online saying that Archons feed off human energy, and that the afterlife is false, and he wrote when you go into the "white light" you are reborn into another horrible human life, to suffer so these beings can "feed" off you.

This is where Science Fiction has been an evil influence on theology,  I wrote about this many years ago but my father told he believed "God" was an "alien", remember that Star Trek movie where a "divine" force had taken over a Voyager spacecraft?" He definitely was influenced by that movie.

This guy brings up near death experiences, saying that archons lead them. I do believe near death experiences are false and led by Satan. Notice he mixes in the matrix and reality being a "hologram", that's part of the mind control to convince you reality isn't "REAL".


Anonymous said...

yes it sounds like one of the many sci-fi religions we have today. Sounds like something Aleister Crowley would write. He wrote about the same concept as the nephilim as well. Hubbard stole a lot of his "theology" from Crowley. L Ron Hubbard Jr stated that Scientology is black magick spread out over a lifetime.....James

Debra said...

He said Archons feed off you. Maybe he is referring to principalities and powers of darkness very similar to the way an NPD operates called supply. Obviously this young man doesn't know scripture or the Lord because if he did he would know his position in Christ. From wikipedia: Those who provide narcissistic supply to the narcissist will be treated as if they are part of the narcissist and be expected to live up to those expectations. In the mind of a narcissist there is no boundary between self and other.

Archon The New Testament Greek Lexicon NAS Word Usage - Total: 37
authorities 1, leaders 1, magistrate 1, official 2, official's 1, prince 1, ruler 1, ruler 13, rulers 16
NAS Verse Count
Matthew 5
Mark 1
Luke 8
John 7
Acts 10
Romans 1
1 Corinthians 2
Ephesians 1
Revelation 1

Bible Believer said...

Yes it's another sci fi religion like one of those UFO cults. I agree Crowley would write the same thing. One thing I notice is how they openly act like the demons are in charge. Reminds me of the spiritual abuser I dealt with where the demons definitely were running the show, and of course she pointed to the "abused" and "broken-hearted as the most demonized". Even the MK ultra stuff warned of on conspiracy websites has a taint of this stuff, with the demons aka alters running the show.

Archons, thetans, demons, alters, nephilim.....

Anyone with emotions is seen as havingb the most thetans/archons I guess like with her too. Yes archons/thetans, sounds like nephilim, though in the false Christians teaching nephilim they turn the "alien bloods" into biological beings. All the Satanic fables have the same foundation. Yes in that book I read it detailed Hubbard's connections to the cult and "spirit guide" named the Empress. I knew that religion was too involved for a human alone to come up with it.

Bible Believer said...

Yes the archon people say they all feed off people, I looked up other websites with these deceptions and they said archons feed off humanity as a whole, and "recycle" us. It was pretty sick. Talk about giving Satan and his demons all power.

One thing I notice on these websites is they offer no hope. They want people to despair in the face of the draco, archons, and annunnaki. Even those websites that go on about our "lizard" leaders and Nephilim are connected to "these fables". They mix in the truth, DEMONS ARE REAL, to come up with their lies.

I saw videos where people were saying earth was hell, on a bad day I had some of the same thoughts but corrected myself with scripture, but now I see how that teaching is dangerous too.

Not all rulers are good. Puts Romans 13 in a new perspective instead of the usual mistranslation.

Narcissists and the seared act the same as the demons leading them as parasites and feeders.

Bible Believer said...

2 Peter 1:16 For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.

They want humanity to despair. All the crushings of this life they seek to destroy faith or any would be faith.

Debra said...

This is the irony of this cult...they say they want to become a god so they pay thousands of dollars to find out how. We as believers did not pay any price to become born again with God's Holy Spirit. We are being transformed into His image day by day as He continues to do His work in us. It is a price freely given on the cross by our Savior's death and resurrection to redeem us from hell and to restore our relationship with Him. False religions place self worth on individual levels of attainment which is so like masonic principles.

Definition of xeno (not xenu as in scientology)- a combining form meaning “alien,” “strange,” “guest,” used in the formation of compound words: xenogamy, xenolith. Mesopotanian god Anu - sky god, father & king of the gods

We saw this level of attainment theme when a pastor had an intro class into the church. He drew circles, one an outer, middle, then inner circle. Those who have achieved the inner circles are the most honored and closes to the pastor and wife. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. What would a person have to do to get into this inner circle...give more money, exalt them as gods?

The garden scene continues to manifest over and over again in these cults, to become like god or a god. So the deceived continue to take a bite out of the forbidden fruit over and over again thinking they will become immortal, but at a hefty price. How much does it cost to become a scientology guru; from varies... are you looking for just the costs of auditing or an estimate of the total costs?
Auditing is purchased in 12½ hour blocks, costing anywhere from $200-$750 for introductory sessions to between $8,000 & $9,000 for advanced sessions.
These are the total costs for auditing alone:
Visit this link to see how $380,000 is a conservative estimate for the total cost of moving all the way up the Scientology hierarchal ladder:
End of post

I wanted to add their auditing process to get rid of these parasite creatures is nothing more than a works religion. They are attempting to clean out the old man of flesh so the demons won't get them. Redemption doesn't come by man, nor an organization. This is satan's lie, to redeem oneself into a god. The anti-Christ will have his followers just like every cult. His line will be "You are my disciples therefore you are all good." This false cleansing will not be to redeem all from sin but to embrace your personal ideology, celebrating even the evil as if it were good.

From Hubbard’s story goes something like this. Seventy five million years ago an evil leader called Xenu decided to eliminate the excess population from a galactic confederacy consisting of twenty-six stars and seventy-six planets. With the help of psychiatrists, he tricked billions of people into submission and exported them to the planet Teegeeack or Earth. The paralyzed victims were stacked around active volcanoes in which hydrogen bombs were placed. According to the story, the bombs were detonated and the disembodied souls or thetans were captured and brainwashed into believing in the existence of a God and the devil. Hubbard blamed the evil Xenu for planting the ideas of Catholicism and the image of crucifixion into the minds of the hapless thetans. This process also deprived the thetans of their own sense of identity, resulting in their clinging to the few physical bodies that remained after the explosions.

As a result, those who have not benefited from Scientology’s auditing process are possessed by a collection of dysfunctional thetans trying to control their every thought and action. Once cleared by Hubbard’s auditing, all the confusion supposedly disappears. There is more to this “history according to L. Ron Hubbard,” but it quickly becomes obvious that Scientology and its founder are teaching another gospel.

Marcos-Brazil said...

Archons is a gnostic term. They are the helpers of the evil god Demiurge, the jealous one who does not want us to see the light and evolve.
Lucifer, or Sophia, is their hero, the one who brings the light.
In Gnosticism, only occult practices and knowledge can free you from the Demiurge (Jehovah God) and the Archons (His holy amgels).
This is not science fiction, it is an ancient satanic doctrine.

Debra said...

Marcos-Brazil, how did you know all this?

Anonymous said...

I see it as a sci-fi religion because, that belief system is what is taught in these sci-if religions. Like BB stated, the name "archon" and annunaki, and nephilim can be interchangeable. You could also use the names "greys and Nordics". When Aleister Crowley channeled what he thought to be "angels" he came up with a portrait that looks similar to what people today would call "greys". He called it "Lam". This was all done before the UFO craze of the 1940s. L Ron Hubbard wrote Sci-FI novels as did many that held Crowley and his "teachings" in high regard. I had an experience before I was saved that to this day I can't tell wether it was a dream or reality. It involved one of these small "entities". I was visiting my sister and she at the time was steeped in the occult. One night she was out and I took a nap in her bedroom. I woke up to use the restroom, I then layed back down. As I was falling back to sleep I seen an entity entering the bedroom at the corner of my eye. This being walked up to me as I was laying on my side and stood less than a foot from my face. It was standing there staring at my face. It was short and eye level to me, maybe 3 feet tall, it weighed no more than 50 pounds by the looks of it. After about 30 seconds of it staring at me I decided to act, I reached up to grab the thing thinking I could over power it. I'm 6ft and weigh 205, I reached up to grab it and it met my hands in the air. As soon as we locked arms I couldn't budge, it was as if I was paralyzed. The next thing I remember I woke up laying on my back with my arms crossed over my chest. I never sleep in this way. A couple minutes later my nephew woke up and came into the room and was telling me he was scared and asked if he could sleep in there. Like I said, I can't tell if it was a dream or reality. It seemed real. I never told anyone but my family this story. It's the only weird thing I ever encountered in life. My sister had all kinds of occult paraphernalia and the like in that room. I don't know if the entity thought I was someone else or not. I know what it was now, at the time it reminded me of an "alien" or a troll looking being. Just thought I'd share this with everyone. I'm open to criticism lol.......James

Anonymous said...

BB, was wondering if you can do a blog on white and black duality, dual religion by those who claim to be believers, know the Bible well, speak like Christians but use Masonic and satanic hand signs consistently. These have permeated the Christian music industry, churches and other avenues. There are those who claim to be Christian witches.

Bible Believer said...

If any church or religion wants money to obtain salvation, "cleansing" etc, run for the hills. I of course do not believe in 10 percent tithes either. Interesting about the word xenos. I wouldn't trust special inner circles in any churches either, that's scary stuff, it's like he is selling passes to the VIP lounge, what a false pastor!

Remember they are promised special powers too, I read about that in the book, "going clear" reading minds, able to quell all negative emotions, one book mentioned being able to move things with your mind. "ye shall be as gods". I don't think any poor people unless they bargain free labor could afford any of it.

On the Leah R shows they talked about the extreme increases in price.

The Gnostics equal Babylonian, Luciferians the whole mix, notice how evil is called good and vice versa. It's a mess. I never have heard the term Demiurge, unfamiliar with that one.

I agree add in the "greys" and the "nordics", I remember seeing that channeled portrait, you are correct, alien visits merge with demonic possession and always have New Age, Satanist, Luciferian knowlege to impart.

James it could have been sleep paralysis, but also definitely demonic force, I had a disturbing sleep paralysis once, related to then untreated sleep disorder where a would be one armed man that looked like a monster broke into my apartment and it seemed totally real. Some believe you can see the spirit world in sleep though, drugs, sleep stages "dropping the veil" a bit so to speak. I have so many dreams where I'm forced to cast out demons it's not funny.

I could do a duality article, it is something I need to study more. I have warned of the two faced deceivers already of course. I know I am rather behind blog wise a lot lately, but I will add it to the idea pile thanks.

Anonymous said...

Sleep paralysis is what my mother told me when I mentioned it. It could have been that. I'm not going to lie, I was scared the rest of that night lol. If I told this to a "new ager" or conspiracy buff, I would have been told it was an alien abduction, and I should go into hypnosis to recover the rest of the encounter lol.....James