Saturday, February 18, 2017

Right Wing Deception Comes Home To Roost

 From an atheist website

 I have talked about how for years the religious right would discredit Christians and would turn even more people away from Christianity. These are the days now where if you don't have your own relationship with Jesus Christ, "Christianity" or how it is made to appear is going to nauseate you.

 The wickedness of the right is being made apparent to the secular world. The left is wicked too. Those standing at the sidelines, it is hard to watch it all. Even with the immigrants, Trump made a giant show of stopping them midflight instead of giving a date in the future. That was for the show time and drama too, and featured oppressions as children and women were left stranded in air ports and we have seen pictures of some of the refugees in America [hmm surprised it's not Americans yet] running to the Canadian border.

 There's truth in that woman's sign. I wish she had wrote ANTICHRIST instead of "Alt Jesus" because I do not want my Lord and Savior's name maligned, but she is right about what they are teaching and promoting.

 The religious right worships money and mammon and got a sociopathic billionaire in as president. They do teach fear everyone for their racial and division games [yes the left plays the race card too from a different direction], they do teach blame the poor and ignore the sick. Even other secular countries in the West have more care for the poor and disabled then the religious right in America. Here they just want you to go die in the gutter. If anyone wants to argue this one with me, you'll lose, my husband hasn't had medical insurance in 10 years.

 It's funny to me how it's mostly liberals protesting things, and not a peep from Christians, well maybe a few independents like me, as our reality TV show president/actor who used to fire people and be rude to women on the show the Apprentice, is tearing more holes in the already imperfect safety net and setting a tone for a meaner and more wicked America. The liberals definitely have things they are wrong about too, but then they are exactly right about the "religious right".


Debra said...

I don't think we can say that just the religious right worship money. I see the un-religious left worship money as well. We have planned parenthood who receives millions from the left. Planned Parenthood Federation of America and other entities 2015 Net assets end of year $284,375,569.
How do we define the religious right? Pharisees who pretend to be in right standing before God but with their actions they deny Him? Matthew 23:5-8 5 But all their works they do to be seen by men. They make their phylacteries broad and enlarge the borders of their garments. 6 They love the best places at feasts, the best seats in the synagogues, 7 greetings in the marketplaces, and to be called by men, ‘Rabbi, Rabbi.’ 8 But you, do not be called ‘Rabbi’; for One is your Teacher, the Christ, and you are all brethren.

Anyone can find an excuse to reject Jesus. The common one is look at the Christians, they are hypocrites. 1175-1225; Middle English ipocrite < Old French < Late Latin hypocrita < Greek hypokritḗs a stage actor, hence one who pretends to be what he is not
thesaurus: a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives

I would say each person is accountable for their decision to follow the Lord or not to follow. As believers we either allow the Lord to transform our hearts or not. If not, we look and act more like the world. Right or left, if the heart before God is not right then it is all wrong.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Debra.

Also, in regards to the immigration issue, Trump could not give a date, otherwise people would pour in like water and try to beat the clock. Also, he was advised by law enforcement that it would be a mistake to give advanced notice.

One misstep was not exempting those who already were holding green cards. One guy had been working for the U.S. government and could not return to his native Iraq. That created a lot of chaos.

But many people are fed up with ILLEGALS taking advantage of our country, putting a burden on taxpayers and often stealing identities of our citizens so they can have a SS#. Also, Trump is going after illegals who have been convicted of a crime, not your average illegal. Everyone should want this to happen, but people are up in arms. They don't distinguish between legal and illegal immigration. Illegals should not even be called immigrants. They are trespassers. One lady in Arizona was deported because she was a felon and had stolen an identity and activist groups are screaming this is unfair as she leaves her children and husband. Her husband was not deported because he has not committed a crime. It is well overdue that this mess be cleaned up. There is no respect for the rule of law unless it is some leftist version of it.

It is not lack of compassion to enforce the laws of the land and prevent people from coming in illegally. Also, those illegals do not help support our country. They send their earnings back to Mexico. If an American enters Mexico illegally they won't stand for it. As for the ban on travel from the 7 countries, that is perfectly reasonable except for the way it was rolled out. It is the leftist courts that are obstructing the process. We are no longer a country of laws, but instead leftist liberals.

mcfirefly said...

People who believe in Jesus cannot remain so cavalierly unconcerned about the "least of these" for long. Certainly you cannot have a lifetime of joyful fellowship with the one who said that whatever we do to the least of these, His brethren, we've done unto Him, and not give a damn about the least of these. Even if you limited the concern to the brethren, they don't care about the brethren, either. It's sad, it's lonely, but it's real.

Anonymous said...

mcfirefly, you crude and unwise remarks are way off base. I love my Lord Jesus but I believe in the rule of law and respect for the laws of a country. What about the world "illegal" do you not understand?

I go to other countries to minister to the "least of these" as you put it. By being one of the "least of these" does not give one the right to violate the law and enter a country and sponge off the taxpayers of that country, steal their identities and not support the government, but send earnings back to the country of origin.

That is not biblical and it is not right. The hatred and vitriol that is coming out of illegal aliens in this country is wicked and certainly not Christ-like. The people who shield the lawbreakers are not compassionate - they are aiding and abetting. The people who come to this country LEGALLY are welcome.

There are plenty of people who are LEGAL citizens who are part of the "least of these" and are in need of help. They should be our priority. If you want to help the citizens of Central America and Mexico, go there and work with humanitarians and help. Lobby their government to help their own people. Or help the poor in our country who are in need of help.

Bible Believer said...

I agree both left and right worship money. Remember I believe both sides work together. Its hard because I take each individual issue and well they all don't fit neatly on one side. It is true anyone can find a reason to reject Jesus. I know it is true if an unbeliever rejects God over bad politicians they will still be in a bad spiritual state, but that said, those who do wicked things using God's name as a veener, are going to have a LOT to answer for. Agree with your post too.

With immigration, I do not agree with the left...

There's too many poor in this country who do need taking care of. The NWO and other wicked people have used immigration to suppress wages and other agendas.

Bible Believer said...

I agree mcfirefly

the worship of the powerful and enabling of an oppressive system on the religious right is a serious problem.

That doesn't ignore the limitations and wickedness of the left too like abortion etc

William Sculley said...

When it comes to immigration and treatment of the needy, I will always want my tax dollars doing what Christ judges us on in Matthew 25 in the Parable of the Sheep and the Goats, where Jesus tells us about the final Judgment of all mankind. It won't be based on the label you put next to your name. Speaking as an Orthodox Christian, there will be many Orthodox who stand before Christ and say "didn't we attend every liturgy and say every word of prayer?"

Christ will look at them just as with everyone else, and say "you did not feed me when you saw me hungry, or clothe me when you saw me naked... depart from me you wicked and unclean servant".

I don't align with either party because I believe bombing children and supporting an evil regime in the Middle East that runs concentration camps and sends snipers to shoot at rescue workers is just as evil as abortion. In the end, both parties have party line policies that I do not support. I would currently think it was LESS evil to have Clinton than it is to have Trump, and we are not yet matured to the point as a country where having more than two realistic candidates will happen. And in either case, none of the third party candidates had more brains than God gave a chickpea.

Love your neighbor means we set aside our worries about whether we can afford to help the needy. When God said "blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord", it did not mean the nation that only called Him God by name or motto. Rather, it means the nation that follows His command. So when God commands us to help those in need, if there is a group in this nation that wishes to do that, then that is where we, as Christians, should be helping that group. Any policy that will put food on the plates of hungry children should be heartily endorsed.

And don't tell me it's better to give to charities. The amount of money you could give to the charity to put one plate on a table is used to put TEN on the tables of people through welfare. Welfare is the most efficient system of need-based charity in the country. You can always make it more efficient, but because it has the backing of the government, and has been constantly forced to work on a shoestring budget by the Right Wing, Welfare is extremely efficient. Around 1 person in 1000 is the rate of welfare fraud.

As to immigration, our refugee vetting system is already two years long and is more extreme than any country in the world. The only way you could make it more extreme without increasing redundancy is if you added a talent portion and a bikini contest.

Bible Believer said...

the right wing exhortation for charities to do it, is not realistic, especially not in the days where one medicine can cost 1,000 dollars a month. The out of touch who have never been sick spout this stuff.

With the refugees, I'd warn them choose somewhere else to go, this place is growing more insane.

William Sculley said...

@Bible Believer

I feel you on this place going more insane. As to medicine costs, just one of the medicines I use (Remicade) is $4000 each dose, and I have to be in the doctor's office for them to pump it in through IV.

I don't like that we're in a world where we need the government to handle healthcare, but it is unrealistic, in my honest opinion, to think that the free market will give the needy people a fair chance to get the healthcare they need. I also think that we are already paying for the healthcare of the needy when they end up in the hospital, end up unable to pay, and so the state eats the fees for their expensive ER visit. During the time that I was dying and unable to work, I racked up $60000 worth of medical debt that the state paid. Wouldn't it have been cheaper for the state to spend $2000 for preventative care insurance so that I didn't end up where I am now?

To me, it just seems fiscally responsible to pay for preventative care because that $60000 that the state paid just for me could have provided insurance for a lot of people in that year.

Anonymous said...

William Sculley, what do you have to say to the families of those who were gunned down like fish in a barrel in San Bernadino?

You sure do have blurred vision when it comes to a definition of right and wrong. The Bible is clear. Two wrongs don't make a right. Killing life in the womb is murder and a sin and if you can't see that you should not call yourself a Christian. And an "orthodox" Christian? What is that? We usually see that in reference to Jewish people who follow the dietary laws, etc.

You should not paint all charities with such a broad brush. Some charities do wonderful work in other countries where our government dollars do not reach. And the donations are not eaten up by administration costs as is the case with many.

William Sculley said...

@Anonymous March 6, 2017

I have to say that the people who killed them were horrible people. However, that has nothing to do with refugees fleeing the same type of people that gunned those people down or people who need welfare. We haven't had a single refugee turn terrorist in the 30 years since we established the current refugee vetting system.

And two wrongs don't make a right. Turning people away because someone of a similar ethnicity committed a crime is still a wrong. You don't make the actions of the San Bernadino shooters better by killing someone of the same ethnicity as the shooters. You don't make the abortion go away by starving the mother. We must approach people who commit these sins as Christ did the adulteress in the gospels. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

As to Orthodox Christian, I am referring to the Eastern Orthodox Church, to which I converted in 2012 after being raised as an independent fundamentalist Baptist.

Finally, I wasn't saying charities are useless. I was saying charities are not equipped to help Americans on the level that the welfare system can help them. The welfare system is ten times more efficient than any charity simply because it doesn't have to go through all the red tape that charities go through.

Anonymous said...

The welfare system is rife with fraud. Often deserving people do not receive help and those who are lazy and feel entitled to be so do. Many people on SSDisability are able-bodied but know how to work the system and have slick lawyers. Others who are deserving often don't get help. The Veterans Administration's short comings are well known, people dying while waiting for an appointment. One man who is dying from cancer because he could not get treatment just won a lawsuit. Charities are not perfect, but they are not always bogged down with bureauacracy like government entities are.

Have you studied Muslim beliefs? The Muslim religion is not by their beliefs a peaceful religion. I know of one case where a father ran down and killed his daughter because she was dating a non-Muslim. There are Muslins that start out good but are radicalized. How do we tell if a refugee that is a good person from one who could do us harm? What about in Germany and France where they took in many refugees and have come to regret it? I know there are Muslims who can be peaceful and do not condone any violence but how do we tell the difference? What about the Boston bombers?

The Eastern Orthodox church is quite a switch from fundamental Baptist, isn't it?

No one is starving mothers who are pregnant. There is a better way than abortion. God created that being and they have no voice in their own lives. There are Christian organizations that counsel unwed mothers to give their child life and give them up for adoption. The fetus is not just a bunch of tissue - it is a living, breathing soul. Christ would never, ever condone killing a baby in the womb. Oftentimes the woman is pregnant due to careless sexual relations based on lust rather than love. Abortion is just sweeping it under the rug and only considering the convenience of the people involved who made the child. Yes, there are people who have children and then abuse them. But again two wrongs don't make a right. We live in a fallen world.

I do thank you for responding.

Bible Believer said...

Sorry your meds are so costly William but it is something I relate to.

If some cuts are made, my own life may be facing some major danger. The meds cost way more then what we even make.

I do not believe in the free market nonsense. Free market HAH! That is a unicorn they trot out as draconian Capitalists go for bear exploiting people. Also the people who think a shot of whiskey and a blanket and some soup will do that job need to wake up too. No church can give thousands of dollars for medical costs today. With the ER, they will simply block people. I only had the ER to treat my lungs in my 20s due to poverty, welcome to today's COPD. So yes when earlier problems are not treated they turn into bigger problems.

I believe we need more restraints on immigration but what is abusing people going to do. I swear evangelicals hear the word Muslim and go off like Palovian dogs.

I don't often agree with William but he is right about charities. Charities can't afford medical bills, that is a joke. They are stretched even coming up with food. I went to a church community dinner where I could tell they stretched a few sausages and the rest was potatoes and canned green beans in a pot of soup.

Bible Believer said...

I don't buy that people are lazy anymore, just more lies from the elite. Same for all the supposed disability "moochers" the paper work to get disability is extreme and the reviews. That said how come no right wingers say fix the job system or give the disabled people who have some medical problems but who could still work, some employment. They throw people away for minor health problems, some aging all the time who can still work. nothing is said. All I got to do is look at my husband who does not qualify for disability but no employer will have him because he has a disabled wife and moderate health problems of his own. Why is that okay, how come no Republican haters of the poor and would be "moochers" ever discuss that issue.

With abortion, economic duress DOES RUN that show. No one should choose to murder but the fact is the women see the baby fating them to lifelong poverty, so shame over poverty often wins in their hearts. Abortion is murder but in a sick society that thinks a few old cribs and baby bottles will keep a mother and child going, I see the right wing equally guilty. I've seen those Christian organizations, and knew people working in one. They shamed the women and just gave them used goods. Day to day life and needs were NOT SUPPLIED.

Anonymous said...

I must disagree about at least one organization that ministers to pregnant women, Crisis Pregnancy Centers. They do not intimidate, they offer alternatives to abortion. They are working on providing a full-fledged clinic for pregnant mothers to see them through the entire pregnancy. I know some of the people who work there and they are sincere in their efforts. The alternative, Planned Parenthood, thankfully Trump is going to defund them unless they give up their abortion business which is their bread and butter. The government will help them provide other services but not be a party to murder.

There are people who know how to work the welfare system. They have one baby after another with no resident father and live off welfare. That is not right.

There are people who truly deserve to be helped and if there was not so much abuse of the system they could receive more of the help they need.

Truly disabled people should get SS disability and it should not be so hard. I have seen a documentary on certain sections of the country where shyster lawyers get people on the dole and they are able-bodied. Sadly, we live in a fallen world. There will always be people who selfishly work the system and cheat the deserving out of benefits they deserve. Charities do try and take up the slack and I do know of inner city missions that serve the homeless. It is a big problem with no solution in sight. I don't think we can blame the Republicans. They are a mixed bag, but there are some good apples in there. The Democrats are rotten to the core and anyone who supports their agenda is rotten themselves. When you compare one party with another there is no comparison. I prefer the labels of "conservative" compared to "progressive". That puts it in clearer perspective.

I am sorry for people who need medicine and the price is astronomical. There needs to be something done about that. I do think that medications are over prescribed in some cases. But when it is needed for necessity it should be available to those who need it. A lot of people in proximity to the border go to Mexico where they are much cheaper. One of the things that drives up the cost is the advertising and the regulations of the FDA.

Bible Believer said...

Some Crisis Pregnancy centers are better then others, it seems your local is interested in providing medical care. I saw a Catholic one that handed out a lot of old baby bottles with judgment and no real infrastructure to help to daily life. I see Republicans as adding to the economic duress of the would be unwed mothers. That said the democrats are evil with their "choice" lies, it all makes me sick.

The babies for more welfare thing ended with Clinton Welfare reforms in the 90s, just not the way it works anymore. Sadly there are still irresponsible people having children they cannot afford, but then the Quiverful and Catholic contingents with their no birth control rules are INSANE.

I don't think the system is so much abused now but the system as a whole is set up to push people into poverty. I ask myself even how all these professionals can watch my own husband doing the freelance thing, watching us at local food pantries and dinners, and not offer any place for him to be? Maybe half of them are laid off too, well we ran into one's wife who was and he was pushed into low paid freelance work but at least had a securely employed wife instead of disabled to keep the household afloat.

Disability is so strict now and throwing so many people off now, I don't see how anyone could be scamming it now unless they did find a shyster lawyer and crooked appeals people. I tell people if it's a bad back unless you are paralyzed they probably will ignore you.

How come no one ever deals with injustices in the work system. Trump isn't According to Republicans there's a job on a tree for everyone. It seems to me now one has to be a superstar to even get a job to pay the rent, that's sick and sad. Moderate health problems, some age? They toss people in the bin now readily. Inclusion for the disabled who can work, has DIMINISHED outside a few non-profits.

I do think we can blame the Republicans. I blame both parties to be frank. Republicans earned the reputation for only being for the rich. The Democrat used to look out some for the little guy and unions but that is over with as they care more about promoting abortion and false identity politics. My own life is being put in danger from the Republican party as they are working steadily to cut what is left of the safety net. I could be looking at homelessness if they do away with Social Security. The cuts to free clinics, are a risk to my husband's life. We can not afford Obamacare for him and were allowed a poverty exemption.
I almost died in my 20s from lack of medical care and am disabled today as a result of some things I lacked.

I consider both parties rotten to the core. I am glad I am not in a church where most of the congregation on behalf of Ronald Reagan, GW Bush and now Trump have no qualms about pushing someone like me into the gutter to die. The last IFB made it clear my life was no valuable and I and my husband deserved death, due to utter rejection by the so called professional class. So you will see no love for the Republican party at all on this blog.

The greedy pharmacueticals are taking advantage of captive customers. One of my lung medicines cost 1,000 dollars month. I have never smoked, my lungs went bad early.

Anonymous said...

BB, I am so sorry for your plight. And that church you describe has a horrible unChristlike attitude. They should not even deserve to bear the name of Christ. Every person is valuable to God. The Bible says we are to look after widows, orphans and the needy. It is the Progressives who have pushed for abortion rights and euthanasia,not Conservatives.

Trump is saying he wants to preserve Social Security and Medicare while it is the Progressives who are saying it must be on the cutting block.
The mess of the ACA is almost impossible to unravel. The progressives rammed it through without it being thoroughly vetted. Now Conservatives are struggling to get rid of it and start fresh without leaving people out in the cold. Companies have withdrawn from several states because they cannot remain solvent without raising costs. It is one big progressive mess. It is very hard to get the horse back into the barn and retrain it. That ship has sailed to use another metaphor and it is hard to bring it back and refit it.

Our local CPCs are presenting a compassionate, viable alternative to the progressive supported PP and it is disturbing that they are not all doing what they claim to be doing.

As far as the SS Disability goes, if it is harder now, it is probably because they had to crack down and get control of the graft. That is sad because there are very deserving people who might not get the help they truly deserve. This world is not fair.

I know that some businesses hire people to work enough hours to keep them below the level where they have to provide health insurance and benefits. The employers are heavily taxed and small businesses especially have a hard time staying afloat. Independent contractors have to pay self-employment taxes which are a burden. The system needs fixing but it is a hard nut to crack.

The bottom line I think is that we as Christians must not look to government to be our provider, but the Lord. He is fair and He is a loving Father and provider of our needs. He says not to worry about them. That may be difficult when one needs a certain medication that is expensive but then we look to God to be our Healer and Sustainer. He knows our needs and He cares when the government does not.

I pray for you BB that you and your husband will be provided for out of His riches in heaven. I have seen people in third world countries who have no access to medical care and live in poverty and yet when they have the Lord they have joy.
In this country, even though we have problems we are much better off than those people in those third world countries. Their government does not provide social security or benefits and even the children are not able to attend school in many places. They have such a disparity in the culture with the very rich and the very poor and no middle ground. The older folks often go hungry and suffer from physical maladies and some go blind because they receive no care. And yet when they have Christ they still have joy and contentment even with the hard lives they lead.

William Sculley said...

@ Anonymous March 9, 2017 at 11:53 AM

Sorry, but the claim that the welfare system is "rife with fraud" is hilariously unsupported. For every one person who defrauds the system, there's a hundred or more that are just trying the best with what they have. The Welfare Queen trotted out by Ronald Reagan is such a popular meme in the Right Wing Hate Machine that people just assume it's true. But reality is that those people don't actually really exist. There is nobody making bank on welfare.

Yes, Orthodoxy is quite a shift from Fundamental Baptist Church. It's a shift to thinking the other person is more worthy of the salvation God offers than I am. It's just the way it's taught here. I am to see myself as the chief of sinners, following in the footsteps of Paul.

And since the Welfare System is so efficient and is the only reason many hungry people have food, any efforts made by the Right Wing to cut it only starve people. That includes hungry mothers, children, and disabled people.

I do agree, we could use some reforms in the Welfare System, but to make the Welfare System incentivize job acquisition is going to require more money to Welfare. And before you say we can't afford it, the total you pay in taxes on welfare is 0.3% of your taxes. That's it. You could quadruple it without you noticing it when you pay taxes.

As the politics stand, it is obvious that we need a new system where a third party has a chance, but for the time being, we don't, and we need to vote for the party that helps the people the most, and that is, for now, the Democrats.

William Sculley said...

I personally believe that while God is our provider regardless of the government, when we are given the ability to help people through the government, the first question is "would Jesus want us as individuals to do what the bill we are talking about does?"

If the answer to that question is yes, we should not be searching for ways to prevent the government from doing it, but finding ways to fund the government doing it. In all honesty, I would much rather my tax dollars go to a poor person's plate than to a rich person's bank. And to be frank, small businesses would see a lot less in taxes if the government stopped giving tax cuts to the rich. About 80% of the tax on people in income taxes is given to the rich. If you stopped giving money to the rich, you'd see a huge reduction in tax liability.

I say make the rich actually pay their fair share and then the small business owners like me who have to file Schedule C would actually see that they overpaid on their taxes. Luckily, since I'm a bookkeeper and Tax Preparer (Liberty Tax Service has me as a store manager in Gainesville), I know exactly how the tax system works. You can ask me any question about how your taxes are figured out.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Scully, surely you jest. The Progressives are the ones who are amoral, and push feminism and abortion rights. That is not caring about people, especially the unborn.
Progressives pushed through same-sex marriage which is absolutely against the Bible and God.

Anonymous said...

The welfare system is a bloated bureaucracy, corrupt and costly. Much of taxpayer money is wasted. That should be evident considering the situation involving our veterans and the recent exposure of the Veteran's Administration debacle. Many of the private charities that help our veterans have proven much more effective.

As a tax preparer you know that the government allows both "Joe Lunch Bucket" and "Richie Rich" a deduction for contributions to charities and churches. Joe has no choice but to pay his taxes and often that doesn't leave anything left over for charity.

You are correct, the tax system is quite unequitable and badly in need of reform. But to broad brush all wealthy people as uncaring misers is unfair. There are people with means who give generously to the poor and less fortunate. Yes, some may do it as a tax break, but not everyone.

Progressives like to play the rich vs poor card and yet many of them are very wealthy people who use their funds to support liberal causes that are morally bankrupt. There are many folks on welfare with whom it has become a way of life instead of breaking free. They need a hand up, not a handout. There are private organization that are trying to accomplish this with no government funds but from private donations and volunteer help.

Of course there are people like our dear sister BB who is in need and should not have to live in poverty. She should be able to get her medications and medical care, have adequate food and shelter and basic needs met.

William Sculley said...

@Anonymous March 16 11:22 AM

Yes, Joe Lunch Bucket can get a deduction for charitable contributions. However, Mr. Bucket also gets a Standard Deduction and an exemption for himself, meaning that if his income is less than the Standard Deduction plus his exemptions, he has no tax liability.

In addition, the Earned Income Tax Credit applies for Mr. Bucket, as well, getting him an extra 530 dollars if he's single on his tax return. So in addition to getting his entire tax withholding back, Mr. Bucket gets the EITC after February 15th.

However, when it comes to statistics, your claims that the welfare system is used by "many folks" as a "way of life" is statistically unfounded. Ronald Reagan made up the Welfare Queen and that image has stuck, despite the fact that the Welfare Queen statistically does no exist.

And the reason that people can't easily break free is because it is not adequately funded. A person can be barely getting by on welfare (and I do mean barely getting by), and the moment they get a job, because the welfare system is so strapped for cash, they watch as their total income actually drops and now they are having to support themselves on less money than they started with.

Now you say costly, but the actual tax burden of the entire need-based welfare system is less than a penny of each tax dollar. Actually, it's less than 3 percent of that penny. That's the entire budget for welfare right there. You could increase it ten fold and not notice the increase on your taxes. Overall, a ten-fold increase across the board to welfare funding would increase the average taxpayer's tax burden by maybe 30 dollars a year, on all taxes including sales, income, and capital gains.

Those private organizations you are talking about would fold over completely under the burden removing welfare would create. In order for them to cover it, every single one would have to increase their output of benefits to the needy by nearly a hundred fold.

And that's not even talking about healthcare. We have come to the point where people are saying that being healthy is a luxury. When that lizard man that is currently Speaker of the House is almost giddy about cutting Medicaid and Medicare to crap, increasing BB's healthcare premiums from the current average of 2000/year to nearly 15000, and putting the care of our senior citizens and disabled people into the greedy hands of corporate executives that have shown their penchant for taking advantage of people they deem to be easy targets, that's a bad day. That is exactly what we are looking at right now. Mr. Paul Ryan is saying that BB's current status of being ALIVE is a luxury. That's the attitude toward the needy that the current regime has. That's a far cry from the motto on the Statue of Liberty and even farther from the judgement criteria in Matthew 25. We will be judged, both as a nation, and as individuals, by how we treat the needy, not the rich.

William Sculley said...

@Anonymous on March 15, 2017 at 3:39 PM Quoting you:
"Mr. Scully, surely you jest. The Progressives are the ones who are amoral, and push feminism and abortion rights. That is not caring about people, especially the unborn.
Progressives pushed through same-sex marriage which is absolutely against the Bible and God."

1. Murder is murder no matter how old the person is. Is it less sinful for Republicans to throw so many bombs around the Middle East killing civilians so much that 45% of children in the Middle East say their number one fear is being killed by an American bomb? Is it less sinful for them to kill someone by taking life saving medicine away from them? Is it less sinful for them to make it legal to murder protesters? To be quite frank, if I were to vote according to morals, I wouldn't vote AT ALL. Both sides condone murder. The only difference is that one side is only concerned about protecting the child before they are born. It couldn't matter less to the average Republican what happens after the child is born. And it couldn't matter less to the average Democrat what happens before a child is born. I say average because I know there is a spectrum and that, especially among the Dems, there is a lot of diversity in the political spectrum. Politically, I tend to fall in the category of social democracy, which is capitalism where the tax dollars are used mostly to fund social wellness as opposed to corporate interests. As far as I'm concerned, the government is for the people, not the businesses. Because of that, since I see the two parties as MORALLY equal, I vote on the Democratic side of the ticket most often when I choose a party member. This is a far cry from the way I was raised and honestly has caused friction with my party line Republican family. But I would rather stick with the party where the social wellness is more of a focus than the corporate interests. I know that with both parties, there will always be some corporate interests. Here are my reasons for this, though:

A. The last Republican president to reduce the spending deficit was Richard Nixon. The last Democratic president to increase the spending deficit was before Nixon. Reagan, Bush, and Bush all three ballooned the spending deficit, while Clinton and Obama both decreased the deficit, with Clinton leaving Bush Jr a surplus which Bush Jr turned into a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit. In layman's terms, the deficit/surplus describes whether we are adding to or taking from our debt. Clinton was the last president that brought us to a point where we were paying back debt. Obama decreased the deficit by over a trillion dollars before the Republicans took over the Congress, and it has grown since then.

B. Having lived in a homeless shelter, I understand exactly how much welfare CAN help people if properly funded and implemented. Republicans have shown no desire to properly fund or implement the thing.

2. The government should never have the right to say who can and can't get married. To be honest, if I were to enforce my religious views on marriage, there isn't a single reader of this blog that would ever be married legally, because in the Orthodox Church, the only marriages deemed to be truly marriages are those performed by an ordained Orthodox elder or Bishop. The moment we start saying that the government should use God as the measuring stick, we are saying that people should not be free to choose to worship God as they wish without the government interfering. Marriage is a purely religious matter and the government has no place saying what is and isn't marriage. They should only register that you have applied to be taxed as a married couple. That's the end of it. Marriage in the government's eyes is purely for tax purposes.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Scully, you still don't seems to grasp the difference between the "Progressive" agenda and the "Conservative" agenda.

I will address your Point # 2 however. Do you believe that the government should allow polygamy? You must according to your statement, "The government should never have the right to say who can and can't get married."

First of all, the government under your favored candidate usurped the authority of the states to determine the marriage issue and jumped right to the progressively dominated Supreme Court and rammed through same-sex marriage. This was not the will of the majority of the people - the courts legislated from the bench. This is not the way things are supposed to work.

I suppose you think it is healthy for a child to be raised in a home where there are two parents of the same sex. If we are going to ignore God's laws and not take any Biblical standards into consideration, then why punish for murder or any other crime for that matter?

Your statement that "Marriage in the government's eyes is purely for tax purposes." is outlandish! There has to be an order to society. God ordained marriage between a man and a woman. It is not even natural to have two people of the same sex engage in a marriage. You must not have much respect for God's moral law is all I can say. From where do you derive your moral code? I see no purpose in continuing this discussion.

P.S. I just saw your comments just prior to this post. All I can say is that ACA is such a mess that companies are jumping like drowning rats off a ship because it is unsustainable. The Conservatives have been handed a big mess and they are trying to unravel it while not leaving anyone without healthcare. But since OCA pledged so many unrealistic promises, they are left to clean up the mess. You can criticize all you want but you apparently supported the architect of this debacle but like so many other progressives you are blaming the wrong people.

You comments fall so far afield of what this blog is all about - the Christian life and the authority of God and Jesus Christ. I don't like to get into political discussions - they are fruitless. It is not about any government, but about our Lord and our individual lives under His authority. No government is going to meet all our hopes and aspirations. It is a faith in an omnipotent and holy God who is being rejected by a lost and dying world. That should be where our focus is - reaching the lost regardless of their religion or lack thereof.

William Sculley said...


---Mr. Scully, you still don't seems to grasp the difference between the "Progressive" agenda and the "Conservative" agenda.

I will address your Point # 2 however. Do you believe that the government should allow polygamy? You must according to your statement, "The government should never have the right to say who can and can't get married." ---

Well, should the government be allowed to determine what is right and wrong about ANY part of religious worship? Should they tell you who can and can't have a funeral? Or who can and can't be baptized? Or who can and can't commune in the Eucharist?

---First of all, the government under your favored candidate usurped the authority of the states to determine the marriage issue and jumped right to the progressively dominated Supreme Court and rammed through same-sex marriage. This was not the will of the majority of the people - the courts legislated from the bench. This is not the way things are supposed to work.---

The government usurped the state's destruction of the First Amendment. The government shall, and I'll quote the First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

The states do not have any right to restrict religious practices that cause no person direct harm. Same Sex MArriage is a sin, but not all sins are enforced by the government and they should not be. The Orthodox Church has already seen what happens when the church and the government try to combine. All this grandstanding about trying to use the government to enforce God's laws is you taking your responsibility and giving it to the government. It isn't the government's job to maintain moral law. It is the government's job to maintain civil order. It is YOUR job to witness for Christ. People will not follow the law of Christ just because you try to shove it down their throats. In point of fact, they will only run the opposite direction. The law of God is only to be enforced WITHIN the Church, not outside of the members of Christ. There is no place in Scripture has given the permission to punish people with the government's giant stick. You talk about the Christian life, but how will people know that we are the Church? How will they know we are the children of God? Because of our political agenda? or because we love with the love of Christ, the Man Who came to earth and halted the lawful execution of the adulteress?

William Sculley said...

---P.S. I just saw your comments just prior to this post. All I can say is that ACA is such a mess that companies are jumping like drowning rats off a ship because it is unsustainable. The Conservatives have been handed a big mess and they are trying to unravel it while not leaving anyone without healthcare. But since OCA pledged so many unrealistic promises, they are left to clean up the mess. You can criticize all you want but you apparently supported the architect of this debacle but like so many other progressives you are blaming the wrong people.

You comments fall so far afield of what this blog is all about - the Christian life and the authority of God and Jesus Christ. I don't like to get into political discussions - they are fruitless. It is not about any government, but about our Lord and our individual lives under His authority. No government is going to meet all our hopes and aspirations. It is a faith in an omnipotent and holy God who is being rejected by a lost and dying world. That should be where our focus is - reaching the lost regardless of their religion or lack thereof.---

The conservatives have been handed a big mess? That's statistically false. I'll leave it at this: the only mess is the "conservatives". Over the last 40 years, not a single Conservative Congress has existed that reduced the deficit. In point of fact, Clinton left us with a budget surplus. And businesses have not been jumping ship because it's unsustainable. They've been jumping ship because they don't want to run ethical businesses. There's a difference. The ACA forced them to stop gouging the sick and to tell people what they were providing them in a clear way.

Anonymous said...

In rereading your comments I noted this statement: "When that lizard man that is currently Speaker of the House is almost giddy about cutting Medicaid and Medicare to crap," No one who claims the name of Christ should speak of any other human in that way. I don't always agree with Paul Ryan, but I realize that he is a creation of God and a soul who Christ died for.

In addition you seem to have jumped to conclusions and even went so far as judging another's heart which is reserved only for God.

I am done here.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for your words William, we do agree here more which I know us agreeing is rare on here :) but there's no love lost between me and the Republican party. Yes they consider my life a luxury. I'm a "useless eater" to the Corrupt Capitalism worshipers, who they see as deserving destruction, because I am a "non-producer". My life is worth a plumb nickel to Paul Ryan and pals. I certainly have qualms with both parties, but I can understand one voting for the party who is more apt to keep them alive. I left that murder and war loving IFB where they cheered for more destruction in the Middle East now we got more military increases.

One reason some of my posting has been cut down, is when one is poor there are constant emergencies, I had pay attention to selling things for food and helping husband a lot and going to charity dinners/food pantries so life gets in the way. I am too sick to keep up in general but life has made more demands of me. I am not going to praise Republicans knowing that soon I could be living in the streets, at their behest. [We have kept rent and bills paid for now so things haven't gotten that bad, but I can see what they are planning for poor and disabled Americans if they get their way.]

Republican prolife mantras are a joke to me when they have no qualms about throwing people in the gutter, blowing up thousands in the Middle East, prolife indeed, what a joke.

I agree government is limited. Both sides leading us to destruction far too fast. Don't forget Hillary got the present wicked men in.

Bible Believer said...

If you support Paul Ryan who doesn't consider my life worth a plum nickel, it's probably better that you are going to leave.

William Sculley said...

Yes, Paul Ryan's life has value, but he has proven by his actions that he believes if you don't have a mansion of your own, with enough passive income to be able to quit working while still living like Joel Osteen, then you aren't worth anything. That is the fruit of his tree. Look at what he has said about people on welfare and you can know for a fact that there isn't any of the love of Christ, so when I say that Paul Ryan is a lizard man, it might be hyperbole, but it isn't exactly far from the truth.

And I don't honestly see much of a difference between calling someone a lizard man and calling them a pit of vipers. Scripture is full of places where the Apostles and prophets and even Christ Himself use inflammatory language. Remember, when you ask "what would Jesus do", overturning tables and chasing people around with a whip is on the table.

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if Christ would do that in many of those little coffee shops some churches put out. We have coffee hour in my church, but the coffee and food are free. You can donate for our homeless ministry if you like, but it isn't obligatory, and none of the donations are used to get the coffee or food at the Coffee Hour. That is brough by whoever has volunteered to host the gathering. So every dime donated goes to give clothes or food to a homeless person. To be frank, that is how those should run. There's absolutely no reason you should put up the equivalent of a Starbucks in your church charging people five bucks for a cup of coffee. It really just angers me to see that in a thousand person church when my 40-50 person parish can afford to give the coffee hour each week without charging. If we can do it, then I know the mega-church can.

rant is now over.

Bible Believer said...

I consider Paul Ryan a lizard man too, not in the way of David Icke, I believe chances are that Paul Ryan is seared and long ago sold his soul to the devil even to be in the place he is. Judging by the fruits which are bad the lizards aka demons already took over long ago.

The religious right has been brainwashed to hate the poor. I know I have been a lone voice in the wilderness on this blog. I know I don't agree with the Orthodox and other churches too, but the evangelical right in this country definitely got brainwashed by the powers that be and luciferians to hate on the poor and the Paul Ryan supporters are eating it up as they support people who want to bring on even their own demise.

I have noticed many of the mega churches and rest don't do anything for anyone within the church money or food wise. Sure some have programs for the poor, I have used some. Many of those are government funded. The poor remain outside the church, and from the community. The last IFB helped us once when we asked, but that was an experience from hell itself with a good dose of judgment along with it. I made sure to pay things back to zero before leaving. I noticed while I was in that church, there never was a free pot luck or a cup of coffee, they were stingy about meals, though they did have one church picnic. I also noticed no community or other help went to the poor. One dinner, they advertised as costing 21 dollars per person, we could not afford it. The only social event was the over 55s would go out to eat paying individually, my husband is in his low 50s and I am near the 50s and we never were invited. I have seen book stores, and charging for retreats and bible studies and meals too. Church costs money a lot. Even the Unitarians used to give me a cup of coffee and a pastry.

William Sculley said...

Well, you can say what you want about Orthodox Churches as far as what you agree and disagree with in regards to doctrine, but I have a feeling that when it comes to practice in the moral law and the treatment of the needy. Pretty much every parish here in America has a free coffee hour, though the provisions in those coffee hours differ depending on what they can afford, since we don't harp on tithing, even though it is accepted, it isn't required, and in my parish, those who receive aid are actively encouraged NOT to tithe until they are stable. When I was homeless, my parish elder, Father Stavros Ballas, came out and personally paid for a used car for me to get me started in a new job I had to move to a different city for, giving no receipts to me. I certainly believe in the judgment, if his treatment of me is similar to how he treats the other needy people in the area (with their absolutely massive philoptokos ministry, I would definitely think he does), that man will find Christ numbering him among the sheep, because he certainly showed he understands the command to "love your neighbor as yourself".

The only church functions that cost any money in my parish are the annual camps that they hold, and the actual cost of those camps is less than half of what my parents paid for camps in the IFB church I grew up in. We were paying nearly a thousand dollars each year for camps growing up. The total cost to do summer camp trip for my parish is $150, which pretty much only covers the transportation across four state lines, and the board in the camp. The rest, including food, the games the kids play, and everything else, is paid by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese. And if a person is unable to afford the camp, we also offer a summer "camp" experience here in our parish for a sort of church school thing for free.

Now I know these kinds of things are different from gathering to gathering, but there is no excuse for a church with hundreds of members to be unable to do these kinds of things when my tiny parish can afford to. It's this treatment of people that has resulted in a lot of people thinking that the established Church has passed away, and it nearly resulted in my abandoning Christ altogether. Had it not been for Father Stavros Rousos taking me in like his own grandson and refusing to let me give up on God, I would not be a Christian today.

William Sculley said...

This is the real reason you see Orthodox leaders in places an IFB leader wouldn't be caught dead in. It isn't because of some desire to create a one-world church. It's because we sincerely believe in a God Who can change even the hardest heart and work miracles in even the most hopeless situation known to man. In the service, the following prayer is uttered, inspired by the High Priestly prayer of Christ in the Garden of Gesthemene:

For peace of the whole world, for the stability of the holy churches of God, and for the unity of all, let us pray to the Lord.

When we pray something, we should actively seek out ways to bring an answer to that prayer. So when we pray for the unity of all, we should actively seek to bring unity to the Church. We meet with Roman Catholics not because we seek to unify ourselves to them, but because we pray that they will see their error, repent, and return to the Church from whence they fled in the 11th century (yes, because they are the ones who instigated the separation by having the legates nail the Papal Bull of Excommunication on the altar of the Hagia Sophia, their claim that we left them is in error, because you can't walk out the door and then say we walked out the door). We do realize it's a long shot, but we serve the God of the longest shots. I serve the God Who brought a man who hunted Christians down to the point where he became the most prolific writer of Scripture on record. I serve the God Who inspired such faith among the people of my Church that they are willing, to this day, to suffer martyrdom in the name of Christ as ISIS storms across their land. I certainly believe my God is capable of redeeming Rome because He can redeem anyone. And yes, I believe He can still redeem Paul Ryan, if Paul will only do as Scripture says:

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Rome's people do call themselves by the name of Christ. And if they will humble themselves, pray, and seek God, He will hear them. There can be no doubt that He would do that, just as He did for the Prodigal, as He did for the Adulteress, as He did for Paul, as He did for David.

And that, if nothing else, is a reminder of just how awesome, how terrifyingly loving, and how majestically beautiful God is. If knowing that God can forgive even the most heinous sinner can't give me hope, nothing can.