Thursday, February 2, 2017

Leah Remini Embraces Catholicism after Scientology

Leah Remini Embraces Catholicism After Scientology

"After more than three decades as a Scientologist, Leah Remini tells PEOPLE she is now finding comfort in Catholicism – and is embracing it for all the ways she feels it differs from Scientology.
“Nobody is asking me for money. Nobody is demanding that I come,” she tells PEOPLE in its latest cover story. “I light a candle. I sit and I listen.”
Remini, 45, broke with Scientology in 2013 after growing up within the controversial religion, and rising in stature within the church after she found fame on The King of Queens.
But the actress – who just released her tell-all book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology – says her exploration of Catholicism is also a return to her roots, explaining that she was baptized Catholic and learned about the religion from her Sicilian grandmother."

That's going from the frying pan into the fire. Now it seems she wants to lead Scientologists to Rome.

Leah Remini Exposes Scientology


Debra said...

She was probably paid by the Roman organization/corporation to act out this script from the beginning. Catholic means universal and it doesn't mean being born again from above. Lots of fake scripts with lots of fake testimonies out there.

Anonymous said...


Yes, she is leading back to Rome. In the Roman world, all roads lead to Rome.

Thank God for salvation.

The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

Bible Believer said...

There was strange things shown in like I saw a skull on the shell behind the speakers in one segment, I know one commenter on the other article wrote about the real agenda of the show. I asked questions but didn't want to disagree too harshly because I wondered what was up too.

I agree last anon, she is leading everyone back to Rome.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Satan doesn't miss an opportunity. When someone comes out of one false religion and it is not replaced with a true Bible-based faith, it will be replaced by something just as bad or worse. Obviously she considers Rome as a true Christian religion. This is tragic!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading a little lately about the roots of Scientology. Hubbard was friends with Jack Parsons who built rockets for NASA. Parsons was head of the OTO in the US, and was a protege of Aleister Crowley. Hubbard did satanic rituals with Parsons here in the US. Scientology is nothing more than an offshoot of the teachings of Crowley. Hubbard thought of himself as the person who was going to carry on and expand the teachings of Crowley. These scientologists are basically satanists. Seeing them flee to the antichrist papacy is not surprising as most have had their conscience seared with a hot iron......James

Bible Believer said...

Yes Parsons was the head of OTO. I just finished reading Going Clear and it goes into detail in the book on this. Also the author talks about the Hubbard following a "spirit" he refers to as the Empress. Years ago I wrote about how false religions were instigated by angels of "darkness" or "demons". I never knew it, it explained a lot and adhered to that usual formula, Yes Parsons followed Crowley. I agree with you about the Scientologists.

"Parson had mentioned Hubbard's guardian angel, 'The Empress'. Nibs Hubbard says his father also called his guardian angel Hathor, or Hathoor. Hathor is an Egyptian goddess, the daughter and mother of the great sun god Amon-Ra, the principal Egyptian deity. She was depicted as a winged and spotted cow feeding humanity; a goddess of Love and Beauty. But she had a second aspect, not always mentioned in texts on Egyptian mythology, that of the 'avenging lioness', Sekmet, a destructive force.

One authority has called her 'the destroyer of man'. This is the 'God of Love' to whom 'The Blood Ritual' ceremony was dedicated. Since doing my research I have seen a copy of 'The Blood Ritual', and it is indeed addressed to Hathor. Nuit, Re, Mammon and Osiris are also invoked. The ceremony consisted of Ron and his then wife mingling their blood to become one."

"Arthur Burks has left an account of a meeting with Hubbard before the Second War, where Hubbard said that his guardian angel, a 'smiling woman', protected him when he was flying gliders. One early Dianeticist asked Hubbard how he had managed to write Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health in three weeks. Hubbard said it was produced through automatic writing, dictated by an entity called the 'Empress'. In Crowley's Tarot, the Empress card represents, among other things, debauchery, and Crowley also associated the card with Hathor.

"To Crowley, Babalon was a manifestation of the Hindu goddess Shakti, who in one of her aspects is also called the 'destroyer of man'. It seems that to Hubbard, Babalon, Hathor, and the Empress were synonymous, and he was trying to conjure his 'Guardian Angel' in the form of a servile homunculus to he could control the 'destroyer of man'.

"There was also a correspondence between Diana and Isis to Crowley, and the Empress card represented not only Hathor, but Isis, in Crowley's system. Diana is the patroness of witchcraft. Hubbard later called one of his daughters Diana, and the name of the first Sea Org yacht was changed from Enchanter to Diana."
- Jon Atack, A Piece of Blue Sky"

Theological "archons" which I encountered the concept of within Theosophy, are VERY close to the concept of thetans that Hubbard teaches. I was going to post about this soon because I have noticed an increase of the idea of "archons" related to "prison planet" concepts.

Soldier of Jah said...

God has honest people among the Catholics who will come out of her. Maybe prayers are in order Leah. I have met Catholics who love our Lord Jesus Christ and who pick up their cross and serve others. Many eventually leave Rome as God shows them more light.

Bible Believer said...

I used to consider the concept of "saved" Catholics and met a few who disobeyed the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and there are the ones who leave too. I left.

However No one stays in taking that wafer which is idolatry and an abomination, if they are truly born again.

Anonymous said...

BB you are exactly right. The Rome "gospel" is a false gospel and saves NO ONE! Leah is only trading in one cult for another.

Anonymous said...

BB. If you have the time check out It's got the most info I've ever came across on Scientology. It talks about everything and is well resourced.....James

Anonymous said...

BB. I almost forgot. Look into Scientologys links to the process church. Actually the process church is an offshoot of Scientology that started in England. The founders of the process church were former scientologists. They have links to the son of Sam killer David berkowitz. Another book I recommend is the ultimate evil by Maury Terry. It goes into detail on this issue

Bible Believer said...

Thanks James, I definitely will check out that website. Yes I saw the process church mentioned in the book I was reading. I am not surprised it had some evil things growing out of their root. I have read some Scientology forums, of ex Scientologists who have talked about what happened to their minds and more. Some of it was fascinating reading but it was scary to see the depth of mind control.

Anonymous said...

I was also reading the founder of marvel comics Stan Lee (x-men spider man etc) and the issue of a magazine he did for the process church for the final judgement. Charles Manson was also in one of these satanic magazines as a writer. In fact Charles Manson was a scientologists and had an "e meter" in his ranch. This is truly weird stuff. It just ties together all of the finding of Dave McGowan in his book called programmed to kill.