Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Cartoon Display of the Republican Party

Doubleclick to enlarge the above. I saw this on Facebook, it is supposed to be by an artist named David Sanders. It's interesting that the carrot on the stick is not a real carrot, but perhaps he means that the GOP never really intends to end abortion which is something I agree with. I can't even begin to count the Christians who all told me to vote for amoral Trump because he is supposedly for "pro-life".

 I read the other day that the real deal with Trump is to privatize everything for the mega-corporations as well as doing the "transfer to nationalism" for the war build up. If I drew this cartoon I would have drawn some bombs in the back of the cart for all the war mongering.  A Democratic party one could be drawn with the Christian voters taken out of the equation, and they could leave the widow and orphan in the same place.


Anonymous said...

I agree that the Republican party is far from perfect and not the answer, but it is better than the alternative. The progressive agenda has gained such a foothold and to turn it back is a huge task. We cannot put our faith in any one man, but if Hillary Clinton had won the election it would be much worse.

Anonymous said...

It is not my intention to be a reviler here Bible Believer, however, as a card paying member of both political parties during my lifetime, I know in my heart, this cartoon could either be labeled correctly "Democrat" or "Republican," for both bare witness to their same father of lies.

I just didn't see Obama eliminating the war machine of the American landscape. No, they are all of the same mold.

Anonymous said...

You Americans have no idea the nightmare that Marxism is. You are only starting to wake up. It destroyed my country of Brazil, promoted poverty and helped the billionaires. Don't call them progressives, there is no progress there.

Debra said...

How can any government be for the people if they are not for God. Some honor them with their lips but their hearts are far from Him. Our coin says In God we trust... but which god are they serving. Money means Juno, a goddess who protects wealth and brings provision. God's word says He will teach us in the way to prosper and the way we should go. There is more govt debt on present and future pensions than on military spending. Those who are in acting government make up for that by starting wars. Corporations they own will now make money by supplying all military necessities in order to make a profit. After destroying Iraq they sent in their corporations to build it back up, thus their profitting comes into play. Republican and democrat, they both play the same games, only their titles are different.

Anonymous said...

"Bare" witness? I think they are fully clothed.
Anyone who cannot see even a little contrast in values must be blind.
This world is run by the father of lies. But one has more moral ground than the other. That should be obvious.

This is not an endorsement of the Republican Party, but it is the preferred alternative for a variety of reasons for those who prefer not to live in Sodom and Gomorrah. The mentality expressed here is beyond my comprehension. There will be no perfect political party on this earth.........ever. And thankfully there will be no need for politricks in heaven where there will be only righteousness and truth. But folks we are not there yet.

Bible Believer said...

I don't see the Republican party as a great alternative, think about how they both come from the same place and same elite making the decisions. I think Hillary "threw" it to Trump, they invite each others to family weddings even. I agree with the commenter that the cartoon could have applied to both parties. Obama continued Bushes wars so you are correct.

I don't see Marxism as wonderful either but it seems countries can go down either a destructive right path--fascism or Marxism from the left.

I agree Debra.

I think one party tries to sell itself as more "moral" but is not.

Anonymous said...

Remember the "lesser of two evils" is not what anyone can call a choice. With the two party system the choice is already made for you. The agenda will always remain the same no matter who gets voted in......James

Bible Believer said...

I agree James. They swing us back and forth between the two parties but the march to tyranny continues.

Anonymous said...

It has become so obvious that there is an agenda to destroy the Trump administration as they are attacked at every turn by protests, the social media and the regular media, Congress, boycotting Ivanka's clothing line - it goes on and on. Whenever this happens it is usually an indication that the powers that be in this world are not happy about what they are trying to do. If they were a part of the great shadow government they would not be under such attack.

I think it is time to come to terms with this. Some if the Republican Party are in on this and they are definitely part of the world agenda. Trump is a threat to it, the first that has come down the pike. If the loser would have been in power they would get the skids greased and moved with little or real opposition.

What does this tell us?

Anonymous said...

Trump is not a born again Christian. The perceived 'persecution' that Trump is receiving is not because of His faith in Jesus as His personal LORD and Savior, for the persecution would be greater if in fact he was a follower of Jesus Christ.

Look at his personality, what comes out of his mouth that is already living within his heart, is it truly the fruits of God, the Holy Spirit, or does it resemble the antics of satan. There is a great multitude of people in this country that disliked Trump long before he even entered the political bread and circus meme, now using the political arena as their war zone. Perhaps the real truth is that Trump is a jerk, a very unlikable person, who is receiving what he has given out to others for years and years, not loving his neighbor as Jesus commands, but in fact hating people and using them for his worldly financial means. Perhaps he is reaping what he has sown for decades, mocking our LORD every step of the way.

No, I do not believe Trump is being persecuted because of His faith in Jesus Christ for I have not even heard the Name of Jesus come out of his lips in the public media. He has spoken of god, but then almost every wicked and evil leader has spoken of a god of their own understanding, using that very name as a means for more power and control over the populace; lying tongues so to speak.

Personally, I believe Trump is not anymore good nor godly than Hillary Clinton, for the fruit of both of their lives is evident. And did has Trump fulfilled all of his campaign promises he made to the public, or did he have haughty eyes, a proud spirit, and a lying tongue, just like every other politician out there?

I believe Trump lied just like every other politician out there, and used people for his own glory. Listen to Trump's mouth, read his Tweets, and examine the fruit of his life, and one can easily see that he is truly not a born again Christian.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:08 a.m.

Oh puleeeze! We don't live in a theocracy in case you never noticed that. It doesn't matter whether Trump is a Christian or not. We don't elect a president based on religion. It is not my place to judge his heart, that is God's place. He has shown that he is a man of his word. That is a breath of fresh air in the political arena. He is not a politician. He has made some mistakes. I do not believe he is a liar like his opposition was clearly shown to be. He has faults - but I do not think he has ulterior motives. He is being opposed at every front because he is stirring up the status quo.

He is not our "savior". No earthly leader is. We only have one Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. But there is a world of difference between him and HC and BO.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:08,

I know we don't live in a theocracy, Praise our LORD. Man would mess that up as well. My point was that I am tired of hearing this president or that president (especially within the Republican party) is a 'born again Christian.'

I hear this often said about presidents from the Christian "not so right," getting sick to my stomach every time I hear such lies. These individuals are "judging" as you state, by mere means of a few religious words and a few religious practices, like attending a prayer breakfast for example, as evidence these men and women are truly born again.

You stated, "Trump is a man of his word," and "I do not believe he is a liar like his opposition was clearly shown to be."

Campaign promises....has Trump kept every campaign he pursuing putting Hillary Clinton behind bars, or were those promises made in vain by a selfish wicked heart? Hmmmmmm.

Trump is not a liar....ummm....did he not have multiple affairs while married....and the marriage thing....why so many wives if he is so good at humbling himself in speaking truth?

Faults and making mistakes.....I would say Trump is a sinner in need of Jesus Christ each and every day just like the rest of us born again believers, but to actually believe he is 'better' than all those other candidates out there, time will tell. And we shall see how much he loves war, money, and ultimately the power and control he has been given.

Perhaps we have elected another Trojan Horse for I do not believe Trump truly loves people. He is in fact, just another politicians, and politicians ALWAYS lie through their teeth.

Bible Believer said...

Just another lying politician and way too cozy with the spirit cookers and HRC.

Doing everything in his power to privatize everything for the megacorporations and to push more Americans into poverty. Already there has been billions increase for more war.

He is part of the status quo and I can't see how people who have voted for him, can't see that he is already betraying.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:08

I agree- it bothers me when Christians try to "Christianize" government. We are not and never have been a Christian nation.

Trump promised to do something about illegal immigration and clean up what the past has allowed free reign with their socialist policies. Secure the border and get rid of the riffraff who break laws and never contribute one bit to our economy yet take advantage of our tax-supported institutions think they are entitled.

He is trying but is being plagued by forces who are set out to destroy him. These are not nice people. They are the true politicians. Trump is not a politician. He doesn't owe his allegiance to anybody.

So you want to condemn him for past sins? He has been married to his current wife for 11 years. If you want to find a perfect person you will have to look far and wide and chances are they won't get elected. Maybe you would be more comfortable with a serial adulterer back in the White House?

Yes, he does some crazy things like getting on Twitter. But it has to be frustrating when the news outlets are so biased against him and in favor of OB.

Honestly I don't understand many Christians.

I am not for any man - only our Lord Jesus Christ who will return to the world and make things right. Until them we have to make the best choices available to us. That is the real world, the fallen world.