Friday, January 13, 2017

Richard Land Is Shocked By The Religious Right's Influence Over The Trump's Administration

That's scary when the SBC guy thinks a president has gone too far to the "religious right". Well Trump has been gathering the team of extreme Dominionists and Ayn Rand disciples to do new dirty work to America. I sighed today seeing one "Christian" acquaintance on Facebook go on about how health care is not a right. I'm no blind offender of Obamacare, but the "Christian" right's rah-rah for "Go die in a gutter!" is scary.

I think we are going to see a rerun of Bush II, but this time with more chaos, wars at home, and other oppressions. I can't support churches, pastors and others that support an oppressive, wicked system. They are defenders of oppressors and the wicked. All these so called religious have yoked themselves to a serial adulterer and man who has his living room decorated with Apollo.


Anonymous said...

Richard Land is a heretic and I would never follow this man's religion.

There are two giant movements in this country within the pseudo Christian industrial complex: These two heretical movements are:

1) The Christian (?) right's "dominionist movement"
2) The Christian (?) left's "social justice" movement"

Both are disgusting in our LORD's eyes and both are alive and well within the western churches.

Jesus Christ and His teachings and His Ways are still standing outside of the religious institutional buildings and Jesus is still knocking on their doors.

"Come out from among them and be separate" saith our LORD. How many of our 'tithing dollars, and our 'offering dollars,' are actually distributed amongst the poor, the sick, the lame, the widows, the orphans, or anyone in general who is hurting and struggling amongst us?

In reality, our 'giving to god dollars' are used for building fancy buildings, church gymnasiums, tarred parking lot, and all of the religious icons/idols that make a 'church' impressive to the masses.

We must always remember that both 'the right' and 'the left' side of our political system, never point people to Jesus Christ as LORD and Savior of the world, but to "mankind" and "his accomplishments" as a way and means to solve all of the problems of this world.

I am personally convinced that satan doesn't care whether 'the right' or 'the left' side of politics holds the throne of the presidency of the United States, for he can effectively use both for his end means. And yet, we know that Matthew 28 states that "all authority has been given unto Me (JESUS)." We, as born again Christians, have and know this truth, so we know the Hope that is instilled in us through God, the Holy Spirit, and are reassured that our LORD is still on His Throne, completely in control of everything until that day of His Second Coming.

It is difficult for me to follow Richard Land, let alone listen to this man speak.

Anonymous said...

I agree on Richard Land.
However, I disagree that it doesn't make any difference whether a liberal (progressive) or a conservative is in the White House. The liberal agenda goes against everything in God's Word. The conservative value system is more in tune with God's Word's guide to the way we are supposed to live. Of course it is flawed, but when you compare the two, one is patently evil and the other at least has some redeeming value in it.

Anonymous said...

It's nothing more than two paths to the same outcome. The difference is that the "right" pretends to have values. If there was a true poll that would ask every American if they believed abortion was wrong, I guarantee at least 80% would say yes. Most people believe killing an innocent person is wrong (the rest are severely brainwashed). The media portrays this issue as being a dividing point between the two "parties". These career politicians and papal stooges try to place a wedge between the populace anyway they can. This comes in many different forms. Abortion, race, poverty level, those that want to legalize this or that. It goes on and on. Without divide and conquer, the US wouldn't be the headquarters of the one world government.....James....PS. I forgot to mention one of the biggest dividing lines, their favorite "sports" team.

Anonymous said...

James, are you saying that all the conservatives are just playing a game? Are you saying that the citizens of this country are not safer at least in the short term with a conservative in office? Surely not!

Did you not see the contrast between the Women's March protest and the Women's March for Life? I see where you are coming from that there are globalists in both parties, but have you not heard that the globalists are all in a tizzy because of Trump's orders that go counter to their agenda?

And the libs support all the protests against Trump. James, there IS a difference and if you cannot see that, it is beyond belief. We are citizens of heaven but we are not there as yet and must live in the fallen world where we live today. There are good and evil forces and not everyone is evil except as they stand as sinners as we all do so equally except true Christians are forgiven and justified.

You cannot paint all the world with such a broad brush. There are people who may not be born-again Christians but they do take the high moral ground. It will nto save them, but it is a blessing to the believers living in this society and helps us live in peace.