Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Patriarchy vs Feminism Battlelines Get Drawn

Rick Joyner, Knights of Malta member and false preacher warns Americans about the Jezebel spirit of the huge woman's March. I read the other day this woman's march was the biggest demonstration ever. I get tired of false preachers going on about "the bad Jezebel-spirited women" as they never examine themselves and the evils they have associated themselves with. Elect a guy who rudely says he is going to grab women in locker talk, what do you expect from the feminist contingent?

That said, the Woman's March was actually quite popular. I know at least 10 women who attended it. Some traveled to the main march in Washington DC and others traveled to other cities that held marches and events. This was an anti-Donald Trump demonstration. Some were Hillary Clinton supporters. There's many women who were outraged at Donald Trump's negative speech towards women, and they went to go demonstrate. Many of the women wore pink hats, I can't even write what they called those hats either.

The official Women's March website has the "unity" principles listed, some are good like being against violence, for worker's rights and for helping disabled people and against racism, but the usual feminist and liberal goals are there too. In the unity principles there is open support for abortion.  Planned Parenthood was one of their partners.  I wonder if any Christian women against Donald Trump participated and were made uneasy by this or even knew of it? When I heard about this parade, I was kind of clueless thinking, hmm protesting Trump can't be all bad not realizing what the march was tied to.  The right and left division of the herd has only grown more extreme.

I notice in most of the signs it is the usual liberal social justice issues. No one is protesting NDAA. No one is standing against the economic injustices from what I can tell either.  Female sexual organs are drawn on some posters. Many of course defend abortion. I can go with the guy in the second video who has a sign that says, "I do not accept this filthy rotten system.". One single person points out how the swamp isn't being drained in the first video.

The male vs. female Hegelian dialectic is in full sway. 

Think about this, they got a nation-wide parade, protest and march for just women. [Yes a few males supporters were there.] Trump is seen as the "new authoritarian" man, who has filled his Cabinet with supporters of Dominionism and Patriarchy. Since the woman "Hillary Clinton" has lost the presidency, the women are outraged not based on any of her would-be credentials but just because she happened to be a woman. The disrespect of Trump for women plays hand in hand with the women's nation-wide feminist protest march.

As I wrote in 2011, Patriarchy and Feminism are both sides of the same evil coin.

Two Sides of the Coin: Radical Feminism Vs. The Patriarchy Movement

1 Cor. 11
Nevertheless neither is the man without the woman, neither the woman without the man, in the Lord.
For as the woman is of the man, even so is the man also by the woman; but all things of God.


Anonymous said...

Things are REALLY bad when false teachers can see what is wrong. Yes, they need to sweep their own doorsteps as they will find plenty of Jezebets in their own midst including the illustrious Paula White-Cain.

However, that being said, it is indicative of our society that the women don't care about morals - they want their rights- totally against the Word of God. There is no respect anymore. These are women who have been brainwashed by the media and the celebrities who are amoral. The comments by Ashley Judd about Trump were so horrible they cannot be repeated. Then Madonna with her F-bombs. And children listening and their mothers cheering on. It is a sick society. You can't blame Trump. The seeds of this were planted long before he came on the scene with his unfortunate remarks from 15 years ago. Bill Clinton did much worse but they let that pass. Trump upheld these women who had been violated. This didn't count for anything. What these women did is just as bad if not worse than what they are protesting about. They want their Planned Parenthood and other liberal causes.

These are supposed to be the ones who nurture our children and raise them up properly with love and discipline, not trotting off to some march. But these are the times in which we live.

Bible Believer said...

You know it's hard. I knew some people I consider "nice" who went to this though they are not born again Christians. There are issues related to racism and disability that are real. I hate how they glom all these issues together like one has to be for abortion if they are for disabled people {remember that's a classification I fit} and so forth and so on.

I know many were that parade believing they really were standing for "social justice" but what about the "leaders" and "others" pushing those classic feminist causes like abortion? The economy is failing but let's put killing the babies first!

What is scary is, they will speak out against the corruption of Trump, but why not the corruption of Hillary? [Pizza gate, et al]? These inconsistencies are hard for me to deal with. I see it in people more and more. People seem unable to separate each issue, it's almost impossible.

I looked up Madonna and her F bombs...

At 4:20, Homeland security would be carrying off most citizens for saying what she said...!!!

It is very disgusting.

I'm not a Trump supporter but that is just gross. Well you know my theories about those who want to promote chaos. She's just a luciferian spokeswoman.

Then in the next sentence after spouting violent tactics she tells the audience to "choose love". Talk about making a word meaningless.

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day how I have entered even more of a no-man's land rejecting "right" and "left"

Yeah that Ashley Judd poem was sick. I wonder what sick mind came up with that. You are right this is a sick society.

Thanks for pointing out all these uber-feminist liberals never had anything to say about the treatment of women by Clinton.

Clinton from what we know has far outdone Trump.

I agree about Paula-White Cain too....

It looks like this March had everything about feminism that is scary in it.

Anonymous said...

Why is the luciferian Rick Joyner so worried about jezebel spirits? Are they not both of their father the devil? Are not Rick Joyner and Paula White following the same demonic spirit?

These heretics have no shame.

Anonymous said...

2 Peter 2:17-20

"These are wells without water, clouds carried by a tempest, for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever.

For when they speak great swelling words of emptiness, they allure through the lusts of the flesh, through lewdness, the ones who have actually escaped from those who live in error.

While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into bondage.

For if, after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overcome, the latter end is worse for them than the beginning."

Rick, please repent.

Bible Believer said...

I agree anon, they are both of the devil. They have to play the usual games.

good verse last anon.

Debra said...

Our nation has given women rights of pretty much anything. There is nothing to protest, really. Our government still allows babies to be murdered. Why are they acting like they have no rights? Do they intend to brainwash women into thinking we are living in the stone age and cave men are dragging us by the hair? What legislation are they attempting to change or add? I posted awhile back on watching more of the same "bigioted hate speech" to penalize those who do so.,Here we have another example. Prior it was the transgender issue and discrimination, now women's rights. This scripted drama filmed for viewing is just another conditioning tool for future acceptance of another diabolical law to pass. I wouldn't doubt one bit some protesters were paid to do so. These re-runs target family values and more importantly Biblical values. I say re-runs because it is all more of the same leading to a discrimination and hate speech bill to silence the Gispel being spread and throw believers in jail. The enemy wants all believers to shut their mouths about Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Paula White-Cain's inaugural prayer was spot on - there was nothing one could find fault with. HOWEVER, the devil is very clever to give his servants an appearance of godliness that will fool a great many people who don't do their research. Also, the fact she is a woman preacher is non=biblical. That will no doubt escape notice as well. She doesn't pass the smell test any better than the Catholic cardinal. And as for Franklin Graham, according to reports he is a wealthy man via his ministries.
We live in a fake world and the only real thing is the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.

Anonymous said...

It made me sick to see pictures of the children wearing those awful hats, knowing what they were called. And holding signs that they could not comprehend.

The first few words of 2 Timothy 3:3 come to mind....Without natural affection. These women are quite happy to expose their children to all manner of vileness "for their cause". This is no different than the gay pride parades where some of the men run around naked and the children look on where the parents pat their own backs for teaching their children "tolerance".

I saw a picture of two women (ok they maybe were women, it was tough to know, they were dressed like freak shows) holding a sign saying "if Mary had an abortion we wouldn't be having this problem". I tried to share it and Facebook censored me, I posted Scripture with it. Lest anyone accuse me of being unkind... I don't want anyone to go to hell, but someday they can look my Lord in the face and tell him that when on their knees. I prayed for them, that the Lord would open their eyes before it is too late.

Did you see the organizer was a Muslim woman who gave a huge nod to the wonders of Sharia Law during her speech? I also saw her doing a classic "as above so below" handsign in a pic, that the alternative press attributed to ISIS ties. Just reinforced to me that the basis of it was Luciferian to the core.


Scott Wasinski said...

The foundation of it is emotional rhetoric and divisiveness via individual morality.

There is really no way that either side is all wrong or all right. They all have some valid, biblical rationale and also have biblical depravity.

That is the nature of the two party puppet show.

Yes, the husband is the head of the wife, to have rule over her. If anyone argues that sound, biblical doctrine, then they are opposing the very Word of God.

There is no ambiguity. If he is pleased to dwell with her, then she is admonished to remain with him, but if he is not pleased to dwell with her, then she is permitted to depart, but remain unmarried as long as he is alive, or be reconciled back to him.

Feminism has deep roots in many Bible believers and in all the western cultures. It is appalling to me, because marriages are destroyed and families are torn apart over a woman's desire to be "independent"

But Solomon, who had 700 wives and 300 concubines, filled with the Holy Ghost said "A virtuous woman, who can find?"

If after possessing a thousand women, he was asking that question, it seems rhetorical.

Although I was (once before)

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

The older Solomon is not a person someone should look up to. His "wisdom" came when he was younger, when he followed the ways of the Lord. He went against God and married many woman. For this he was lead into apostasy. Many of his woman were pagans. He even built them pagan alters. Solomon is in heaven because he called on the name of the Lord in faith. Scripture says "whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved" (men started calling on the name of the Lord in Genesis 4:26). He is proof that no one can lose salvation. There are others as well, like Samson, and Saul. I honestly don't think a saved woman would attend those type of "protests". It's all worldly. Feminism is partly responsible for breaking up the family unit as we know it, but it's sad that your average family can't live on a single income provider, so it's now a necessity for woman to work so a babysitter or government ran schools can raise their children for them. This is part of the reason why children have problems in school and feel they are not getting much attention. They then seek this attention elsewhere. Maybe I'm looking too much into the issue, but it's only my opinion. God loves all his children the same. That's all that matters. I've come to realize there is nothing that can come from these type of events that would benefit a believer. Remember, those who believe Gods Word literally are considered a "hate group". God bless....James

Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

Debra said...

This website shows all the false teachers and preachers who make all the satanic and Masonic hand signs. Paula White is no exception.

Anonymous said...


"The husband is the head of the wife, to have rule over her. If anyone argues that sound Biblical doctrine, then they are opposing the very Word of God."

We could go into all of the verses that oppose this lord if over mentality concerning submission and who exactly has rule over one another according to the very Word of God. In meditating upon the Holy Scriptures under the New Covenant, Jesus Christ, and His Ways and His Words are of more importance that misinterpreting the lord it over verses that man craves, as a part of the new and improved dominionist movement. Your sentence, as stated above, has been used by these types of churches who desire dominion over its people in manipulating and controlling people, marriages, and families, and disregarding the Scriptures where it says that a wife is to be submissive unto her husband, as well as the husband being submissive unto the wife regarding their own bodies. In addition to the Holy Scriptures where it says there is neither male nor female regarding the true Body of Christ. I haven't heard any good messages regarding these truths on the divided front of the western church.

Unfortunately for the Nicolaitan church, ever so present here in the west, these misinterpreted Scriptures have literally caused many divorces within its system, leaving behind a wreckage of broken families for the lord it over types find it easier to control these weaken families. Since each born again believer has an individual identity in Jesus Christ, HE does care about the individual as part of the Bride of Christ. To disregard the working of God, the Holy Spirit, in the individual believer is blasphemy, for He works in both male and female, in doing the Will and Work of our LORD.

Our true submission, whether male or female, is unto Jesus Christ, for HE is the LORD of our lives, our salvation and our eternal home of which HE is the ruler.

I would have been divorced long ago, sitting under the patriarchy leadership of a church system who used verses such as the one you mentioned, to abuse its pew sitters with the lies of power/submission. I have to leave this church due to its abusive ways, its hypocrisy, and its pastor (who taught gender submission) literally being caught having affairs with married women in our congregation.

Perhaps there are pastors lusting over the fact the Solomon, the wisest man of that time had 700 wives and 300 concubines, wishing they could have that same privilege under the New Covenant, but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD, each having a 'say' as to how our household is run. There is no room for the lordship of one human being over another, but equal representation and equal respect for serving our LORD as He is the author of each individual's gifting.

I am not a feminist, nor am I a robot. And I do believe the Gospel is shared, administered, and ministered to, by both male and female. And I praise our LORD that He has opened my eyes to His truth. God even used a donkey to share the truth; I wonder what individual gender it was!

Anonymous said...

Does "head of the wife" mean lording over them? Peter in his epistles warns about those who "lord over Gods heritage". I believe it means the man is the head of the house and makes decisions in the household. Not that a woman can't make decisions, but the final say so goes to the man. A bible believing man will love his wife as himself and take her thoughts into consideration, then make decisions accordingly. Genesis 2, Ephesians 5, and mark 10 says "and the two shall become one flesh", not the man shall become two flesh. My one and only problem with IFB churches (if they already teach against dispensationalists) is the doctrine that a man runs and controls every aspect of the woman's life. All I've read in scripture is a woman is suppose to remain silent during church, and the man is suppose to be the head of the household. Nowhere have I read the man is suppose to make her decisions for her. If this was the case, then why did God give woman brains? I'm sure he expects them to use them. The scripture that I posted above is true. "God is not a respecter of persons". There's another. "In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established". I'm sure there would be more than two scriptures that prove God love all his children the same if one looked hard enough......James

Jen R said...

I saw on Facebook that there were a group of about 50 women who joined the march carrying signs that read "abortion betrays women" they were a pro-life group of course. They said that one of the women was spat on, another had her sign ripped from her hands and ripped up. Other women passing by them would say "my body my choice". But overall they said they got positive feedback from other women thanking them for being there as well. I work at a day spa with many women. There were some from work who were also at the march. There were women who wore costumes made to resemble female sex parts. Honestly, the march was mostly a celebration of abortion and how much they lover it. Call it what it is. Don't pre-born women deserve rights as well? Aside from the 50 pro-lifers there no one else took a stand for that huge gigantic issue plaguing our culture today. Yeah I don't like anything about Donald Trump, but I'm not going to join in a March against him. I'm also not going to join a women's march being a believer without a pro-life sign.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:39 a.m. in response to Scott at 4:51 a.m.

I do agree with most of what you said. I do agree that both men and women can share the Gospel and disciple. HOWEVER, the Bible does draw some boundaries and has an order that we must acknowledge. Men are to teach men and women are to teach women and children. Women must not usurp the authority of men in leadership whether in the home or in the church. Women are to be helpmeets to their husbands. There are many opportunities for ministry for women and I agree that many men use the verse you quoted as a club and excuse for male domination in the patriarchal movement just as many other verses are misused. And it has caused much pain and division in the church and in the home. Males are mostly responsible for the feminist movement! We can't just say they are a bunch of jezebels and leave it at that.

On another note, it was refreshing to see the March for Life in Washington in contrast to the Women's March a few days earlier. It was refreshing to hear Kelly Ann Conway affirm the pro-life position along with VP Pence. Of course there are flaws in humanitarianism - we live in a pluralistic society so a large part of the crows was probably Roman Catholic. But at least we have citizens who are defending the rights of the innocent and for the first time in a long time a government that is speaking out for life. And I think that we can rejoice in that despite the ecumenical aspect. There was no vulgarity, no hate as had been demonstrated at the other gathering of women.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told, if in fact the Republicans truly desired to end abortion laws once and for all, it would have so easy to abolish with the stroke of the Presidential pen via executive order. The Republican presidents who claimed to be against abortion chose NOT to execute this option. And even when we had a majority Republican congress, the abortion issue was NOT important enough to pass via majority rule.

So with all of the 'pro-life' speak we have via the Republicans and the conservative movement, the fruit is in their actions. If in fact, life of the unborn is truly important to our hedonistic nation, abortion would have been over-ruled via Presidential power as we bear witness to its power over the years, regardless of political party affiliation.

If in fact, President Bush WAS against abortion as he said he was, he could have utilized his executive order privilege. As a result, this believer is NOT convinced of their pro-life speech, for I truly believe they do NOT desire to eliminate this type of killing in a supposedly Christian (?) nation.

Will Donald Trump use his power of the pen to end abortion? Or will it be another bread and circus show. I personally believe the latter, for there is too much money accumulated by the medical field for such wickedness. Similar to the vaccine industry controversy. Big money, much deceit.

Anonymous said...

Anon Jan 30 5:00 a.m.

You apparently do not have an understanding of the government process. To have Roe v Was overturned this has to happen through the Supreme Court. The President cannot overturn a decision by the Supreme Court. Trump did sign an order that abortions could not be paid for with federal funds.

You need to do your homework before you make such sweeping statements.

AW said...

Anon 8:39 AM, actually, it's not just pastors thinking of all those wives and concubines... Scott himself has claimed that any woman claiming to be a Christian and yet who objects to a man having more than one wife, is (Oh the IRONY) "under her influence," her being 'Jezebel.' Even Joyner hasn't taken it that far, yet.

- - -

If it deceived even more Christians, why wouldn't the enemy allow them to do away with abortion? It's a horrific practice, and yet it is one of the primary tools of the culture warriors to demand every Christian join them. It seems a bit like saying 'all things will continue as they have' when things could very well change overnight, and in a way that deceives even more Christians, like targeting abortion and homosexuals (and if you don't believe me on that, I suggest you do some research on what 'The Family' and the New Apostolic Reformation 'apostles' have been up to in Uganda and Russia).

Scott Wasinski said...

Anon 5:00 AM, When you really do have a heart for the victims of this crime, you look at the actions that are taken, not the rhetoric that is spoken. I was duped by George W. I thought he was really going to make a change. He did a huge media photo op in his abolishing the "oversees" funding of planned parenthood, with children gathered all around him. It was so heart warming to see that and it was a drop in the bucket for him to throw that little bone to the barking dogs. The very next day, in a not-so publicized move, he ordered his appointed head of the FDA to fast track the approval of the RU486 chemical abortifacient to be sold over the counter. That was an "eye opener." Then I began to suspect that he was not a genuine born again Christian.

We could all gain a lot more insight if we were to be suspecters of persons, instead of respecter of persons. These red flags made it easier to dismiss my emotions and start investigating the more blatant crimes against the American people, like 9/11.

Donald Trump is playing the exact same "cards" (get it, Trump?)that Bush did and they all laugh at the folly of the American Christian and heathen sheople. Laughing all the way to the "Bank." Oh, did anyone notice that all of Trumps appointees and advisers are intimately connected with Goldman Sachs?

I used to think the enemy was Al Gore, but
I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

Scott - you compare Trump to weakling G.W.? There is such a stark difference that it is astonishing! You may not agree w/Trump, but you can't say he is not a man of action and a man of his word. Politicians say things to get votes - Trump is not a politician. He is stirring up too much resistance to be a people-pleaser.

Bible Believer said...

I wondered what the women were really protesting too. I can understand people protesting for disability and Medicare not to be removed, because their lives are at stake but this whole protest definitely didn't deal with the real issues about Trump though you saw a few who showed up warning they were not the main gist of the protest.
Yes there are would be hate-crime laws and tyranny from the left. Even if they got the pendelum going to the right for now, they can swing it back at any time.

Yes Paula White is one that is growing in popularity, I kept hearing of her women's books being sold or done in bible studies at churches. Another popular one is Beth Moore. I agree we live in a fake world.
I think it's sick children heard what those hats were called too. It is not good what children are exposed to nowadays. When I was young I had feminism shoved down my throat and the book, "Free to be You and Me", I think having three homosexuals in one's cousins family are a direct result of that book and songs, where it gets kids to question gender and this was from the 70s and 80s. Imagine a child at this parade seeing the gender-bending and more. I find the Mary sign blasphemous beyond belief too. They will insult Christianity while claiming tolerance, I have seen this on the left before. I read about the Sharia Law lady online, thanks for mentioning. I suppose it does not shock me.

Bible Believer said...

You're right Scott, it is a mixture, the left wants to defend some vulnerable of society--not babies [in abortion] of course and the right wants to crush the poor and disabled. So yeah you got that right neither side is all wrong or all right. It's hard to be a take one issue as it comes person or a non-liberal or non-conservative. I feel the pressure. You make everyone angry. LOL
I wonder why some translate the man being the head of the household as to women being controlled slaves. James mentions God gave women brains, and sure why else do we have them? This is why patriarchy is so evil. I think the fighting with men and women is reaching a crescendo. With the feminism I get tired of the "independent" women at all costs messages, I feel like that is for the upper classes, but that's another article. LOL If you have two heads of a household it will break apart. I once wanted to move when husband did not, and that almost could have gone very wrong. I had a Christian counselor remind me I am not the head of the household. That was hard to hear. I had to relent which is tough of someone of my personality but I have seen marriages break up over and over because feminism tells women they have to be in charge all the time. Actually while I hate patriarchy, I hate the burdens feminism put on me too. It's like you have to be "strong" and "tough" all the time.

Bible Believer said...

I agree feminism is responsible for breaking up the family unit and now the two income thing has hurt family life and the children immensely. Children do feel neglected. It's showing all over the place. There's no time for parents. Being a disabled person, I spent my middle adult years among the very elderly because everyone else was working like dogs. It's killed community interactions and social connections.

I am not against people protesting, I have protested against neo-con wars and may protest on behalf of Medicare/Social Security, want to make that clear, but this women's protest I was invited to a small local one--probably was housebound that day anyhow but I would have stayed away from the feminist/pro-abortion element. One thing I hate is that if I do go protest in a civil manner for Social Security not to be wiped away, I could be lumped in with leftist protesters. I always wonder why "pick a side" has worked so effectively for so many.

I was told by one Republican minded "Christian" woman, that people on disability and the poor should just go die, so life isn't great on that side either.

I am noticing the few desiring to protest for the safety nets being drained away, well are being silenced by the pro-immigration crowd. Immigration sadly is used as a weapon by the NWO, I wrote about that issue on this blog. I don't blame the people. Most are just trying to survive or increase their fortunes. Most of the immigrants and refugees we are getting now are from the neo-con wars, but no one ever protests stopping the wars and bombing their homelands.

Bible Believer said...

I've checked out that Olivet website before, interesting on the hand signs.

I do think many are abusing the "lord" it over stance. Men are supposed to be loving leaders, not cruel dictators. The authoritarianism is out of control, and we see it now in politics and the police state where everyone is supposed to be bossed around and everything is about power and dominance. Look how the churches worship power and money, it got this guy in to begin with!

I agree about those ignored bible verses including where the husband is to love his own wife as Jesus Christ loved the church.

I do not agree with people who teach to obey anyone blindly. I once saw this Christian guy writing a wife had to obey everything an unbeliever husband said, that was insane when she wanted to keep some fellowship and he said no. I agree the true submission is to be to Jesus Christ.

I think a lot of marriages would fail, I had to relent on a few things allowing my husband to make decisions but the whole lord it over relationships would be torture to me. I once had some church Christians tell me I was doing "marriage" wrong, and our marriage was too egalitarian like it was a bad thing. What of love and an actual relationship? People who translate marriage into a dominance thing probably have a skewed view of God and these are the ones who voted the sociopathic "strong man" in to take charge of us all.

I agree with the commenter that the lord it over males produced the feminism and the disarray too.

I don't think much of the prolife movement. I'm against abortion but it is something they will NEVER be able to force via force of law especially in the days of RU-486. Catholics and others stump for the pre-born babies and care nothing about the ones who are already born. I do not see abortion ended ever when money rules and most women at least in America are making the decisions to sin and commit murder influenced along with the economic duress they put pregnant unwed and poor mothers under.

Scott Wasinski said...

AW. You amaze me. I specifically asked that you not attempt to represent me or my words. I also stated that this is not the place to discuss my Diqus channel. If you want to discuss what I have written there, then feel free to address it where it is, and not on BB's channel. But apparently you find it very difficult to stop, especially when the influences of her highness are so blatantly prevalent in your world view. I see it all over and I really do not think that there are many women in America that can genuinely look at the scriptures, regarding marriage, without having Jezzie goggles on. You are not one.

So, again, please do not attempt to represent me or my words. Again, you have failed miserably and never apologized for your orevious false witness against me ...Just keep on that same destructive path.

This is not even a proper format to come here with hearsay and have all sorts of misunderstandings including and direct libel.

This is what I have written about the influence of Feminism and the Spirit of Jezebel.

If you or anyone else would like to discuss these things, then do that there.

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

"I do not see abortion ended ever when money rules and most women at least in America are making the decisions to sin and commit murder influenced along with the economic duress they put pregnant unwed and poor mothers under."

An astute statement Bible Believer. The three legged stool of medicine, pharmacy, and government, would never allow this cash golden calf to ever be eliminated from the American landscape as it has become so grossly inflated over the years under both regimes, Democrat and Republican. And the government 501c. 3 church here in the west has, for the most part, been silent regarding speaking the truth as well as putting their faith in action regarding abortion. How many church bulletins have listed under their prayer request section, "Pray for abortion to end throughout the world," or perhaps "Pray for abortion to end in Christian America?" I personally, have never seen such words typed on a c'hurch bulletin.

In fact, I sat in a covenant c'hurch system, and heard the pastor man, overlooking the congregation, ask for public prayer requests. One woman spoke up and asked for "prayers against abortion in the U.S., in addition, that our LORD would send His servants to hurting pregnant women who need to hear the Gospel and know of Christ's love for them during this crucial time in their lives."

I was appalled, no, grieved to my core, at what I witnessed next; the pastor man's eyes widened as he looked at this woman as if she were a kook, in shock that she would even dare to mention the word 'abortion' in 'his' church. Next, an influential elder man spoke up in anger, "We know there is sin amongst us!" (Must be noted here, this elder man is an important leader of the Democratic party within our area and a powerful man within this religious institution) Mocked and disregarded, are the words of those who are born again of the Spirit of our LORD.

In closing Bible Believer, I personally am not worried about all of those unbelievers out there we believe are going to be the source of physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual persecution coming to the western front. I know, without a doubt, it will be the visible church member that will be conduit of vile hatred and true persecution against those who are truly born again in Christ Jesus. Repentance and regeneration are but a rare gem in the visible church.

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer,

I also want to add another important fact regarding the sin of abortion in conjunction with the covenant church system. Membership there included medical staff, one of whom was my personal physician until one conversation occurred within the confines of the examination room. After my born again conversion, I shared my new views against this sad, sad medical procedure with this professional, to which they responded in anger, "Abortion has its place, especially for women!" This individual is featured as a "medical missionary" to other parts of the world in their newsletters.

In good conscience, I can no longer pay this person for my medical care and have chosen another individual who regards life as a blessing, not a curse. And how many of us have bended our knees in prayer for all of those hurting and suffering women who are struggling with their decision regarding the baby inside of their womb?

Perhaps we would be surprised at the loss of spirit filled prayer in the lives of those who say they love Jesus.

AW said...

- - -

It's incredibly ironic that Rick Joyner, Lance Wallnau, and others label anyone who opposes them as 'Jezebel'... they may be applying it to 'the feminists' today but tomorrow it will be applied to other believers who stand up to them and refuse to be brought into bondage.

You see, in Revelation 2:20, the Lord Jesus labels a false prophetess in the Thyatiran church as 'Jezebel' and exposes her teachings (commiting fornication & and eating things sacrificed to idols) as the doctrine of the Nicolaitans in Rev 2:14-15, which Jesus said He hates.

And who were the Nicolaitans? They were the original Christian Dominionists! Nikaō (Strongs G3528) = 'to overcome/conquer' & Laos (Strongs G2992) = 'the people'... this is where the term laity is derived from. To overcome or conquer the people, to take captive, to bring into bondage.

So the real 'Jezebels' are the Dominionists/Nicolaitans who are twisting things upside down by slapping the Jezebel label on anyone who stands up to them. They use it as a rod to beat their fellow servants with, just like Balaam beat his female donkey (BTW, Jesus also describes this doctrine as the doctrine of Balaam).

"But if that evil servant says in his heart, ‘My master is delaying his coming,’ and begins to beat his fellow servants, and to eat and drink with the drunkards, the Master of that servant will come on a day when he is not looking for Him and at an hour that he is not aware of, and will cut him in two and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites. There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth." -- Matthew 24:48-51

- - -

Anonymous said...


I studied that verse in Revelation pertaining to jezebel with the understanding that those who partake of that belief system are in fact, committing some sort of sexual immorality themselves. I have heard these jezebel verses, ie., jezebel theme, used against the pew sitters in particularly highly authoritarian churches where pastoral and eldership rule over the people with heavy hands. There is also much divorce in these types of churches, most of which is caused by medaling busybodies who believe they are above God's Word.

Your insight in putting the Nicolaitans and the jezebel ways are astounding, considering both ways are what our LORD hates. I'm going to revisit these verses to have an answer.

There is a false doctrine that was taught in one of the churches I attended, called the Eternal Subordination of the Son (ESS). This twisted Scripture theory was used as the doctrine for heavy headship for the male leadership within the church, basically stating every female was submissive to any male within its walls because in god's kingdom, Jesus was submissive to His Father, and the Holy Spirit was submissive to Jesus. The pyramid diagram displayed on the screen, showed God at the top, next Jesus, then God, the Holy Spirit, and beside it showed the church hierarchal plan, then another pyramid showing how the family plan is supposed to be. Three pyramids, three schemes twisting the lordship theory over its people.

It would be interesting to know if the Rick Joyner types believe and teach perverted schemes of the ESS.

Scott Wasinski said...

AW It is interesting that you completely ignored me these two times that you have directly assaulted my personal character and misrepresented my words. I confronted you with your offences and asked that you not do such things.

One such character trait that I have seen in those that are influenced by certain spirits, have a pride issue where they will not admit their evil or attempt to reconcile with those that they have offended and been confronted by.

You ignoring that and repeating the same offences is not virtuous, nor is it godly, in any way. It is actually quite revealing.

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

Scott, your attacks on AW are revealing alright - revealing your hostility and lack of grace.

I am not familiar with your "channel" and have no interest in knowing about it. But what you do in your "other world" is fodder for discussion here as you represent yourself here.

AW was obviously taking the high road in not addressing your harsh and nasty comments.

Bible Believer said...

I tend to take the jezebel stuff with a grain of salt. The Pentecostals always use that phrase. I just hear too many men in false churches go on about the dastardly women. It reminds me of the witchhunters in the Catholic church during the Salem witch trials where they talk about the seductive women. I've warned against ESS here.

Remember the article I wrote about the oppression of youth, now we got the oppression of women. Sure the feminists create havoc too, but the other side is just as wicked. I have seen churches where they have taught men must be in charge or else and where Christian women told me to read "Me Obey Him? My husband took a look at that book, and laughed at it and said, "you have a mind I don't mind you using it.

Bible Believer said...

I checked out one of your articles Scott.

I do not believe birth control is for Jezebels, on that we part ways. Leave that Quiverful stuff for the Vatican.

As for women having careers, many women work today because they have to. I always saw a class division in IFB where expected life styles were part of the norm, IE women cannot work, but the majority of the American working class women are forced to work.

My mind has changed on homeschooling, seeing the object ignorance of the Duggar adult children, has been enough for me. Can it be done right? Sure. Are there problems in public schools, Yes. But MOM especially a lower IQ uneducated mother like Michelle Duggar and the school of the kitchen table, can't teach everything that most young people need to know, in the modern work force. That's just reality. We are college educated and struggled ourselves. So calling someone a Jezebel for sending their child to public school is a bit extreme to me.

Sometimes I mention that not everyone fits in an upper class rural lifestyle, where there is money to support the house with the picket fence, and large family that some on the "religious right" insist on. Oddly I notice this in Republican/religious right/fundamentalist circles how certain things are expected of people. There can be different varients of the burdens being laid on people they have no possiblity of meeting but then I used to read David Ramsey insisting only the irresponsible became poor.

Bible Believer said...

I think about now how many are closed out of Christian circles with cultural and societal expectations.

I am most familiar with American "Fly-over country" IFB fundamentalism.

Here were some of the unwritten cultural expectations I did not meet.

1. Everyone must own land and a large house
2. A large family network is assumed and assumed to be local [cousins, aunties, mother, father] Ironically everyone is in the church. Those who got saved and left false religions were far more rare then I dreamed.
3. One working man with a stay at home mother.
4 4 plus children
5.No being on welfare, the income needed in the fly-over country I live in would to be "deemed societally acceptable would be around 60-75,000 a year. Money for a nice garden, newer furniture and presents and tithes to the church without too much financial burden.
6. I noted that disabled people [deaf, blind, wheelchair dependent, etc] were very rare.

All tied to the expectations...


1. homeschooling
2. Quiverful "no birth control" teachings.
3. Wealth, health and resources to support an extra large family
4. Social networks and contacts and long standing and "respect" within the community.

In three fundamentalist churchs I attended for periods of time

1. Divorced and single people over the age of 30 were very rare
2. the disabled were nonexistence. I was the only disabled person I knew where it was visible. I met one disabled nurse in her 50s at one.
3. No childless married couples EVER, that applied only to us in three churches
4. No long term unemployment or underemployment, very secure incomes. [some brief moments of unemployment in the rural church.

Is it strange how out of touch I sound with the "fundamentalist" world.

Well I couldnt technically "afford" to be a decent one. I hope I am making my point here. I never "fit in"

The Dominionists are unloading cultural burdens.

Bible Believer said...

I failed the "cultural" mandates for woman.

I like to read and research. I had my years of teaching children I did not birth, but how can one summarize ALL women? IN patriarchy, they lump us all together, all women are emotional, all women are this.

You wrote this:

"Women, by their very nature, are more emotionally sensitive than men and they are led by their emotions way more than men are. That is a GREAT attribute for rearing children and caring for them at young ages. That is a horrible attribute for being decision makers of the home or in business.

Now I know that many people reading this are going to take offense get angry, because they want to believe the lies propagated through the corporations that label themselves as "churches" (falsely). But some will take an honest look at this and critically analyze the information from an understanding of the Word of God, knowing that there are no contradictions in all of His perfect and magnificent Word! :)"

Not every woman is emotionally sensitive.

In fact many of the seared today, are cold and without emotion or sensitivity.

This is part of the cultural mandates I see as this 'idealized world" in fundamentalist Chritianity. Ever woman is a kind nuturing nurse or loving mother with love and hot tea and cocoa.

Some women can make decisions.

I used to have some patriarchy types come here and tell me "How dare you write this blog, you are a woman!"

Even there I didn't fit the "norm". Too intellectual? Liking to study

Perhaps to the neo-Victorians, they would have banished me to the couch [well I am certain in bed enough from illness] and told me too much studying would make me hysterical and would have shut down this blog years ago.

Be careful regarding what God's Word actually says and cultural mandates imposed by Dominionists of the American culture.

Women are poor decision makers, where does it say that?

Bible Believer said...

More fuel is added to the hyper-feminist fire when women are seen as second class citizens or automatic underlings to men. In fact when I meet a radical feminist, often it is someone who once upon a time, got abused by a man somehow.

I still remember at one church being treated like a "mindless" "little woman". This older man was discussing the ecumenical movement with a group of people, this was an IFB so he was not supporter of it. I noticed I was being rapidly brushed off even though obviously due to this blog, it was a subject I had some knowledge of.

Within Catholic circles, because I am childless I was deemed "nothing" and "nobody". It exists in the fundamentalist world too where only women who have given birth are deemed worthy. Being married didn't make it easier.

I've been out of the IFB churches for more then a year now, sure it's changing me. I am asking what God's Word actually says and what is cultural mandates born out of patriarchy teachings?

Bible Believer said...

"I may start a new OP specifically describing this aspect of feminism, because God's design to redeem families via biblical polygany is rarely studied in the scriptures, and almost never preached from the pulpits of the Western corporations that label themselves as churches.

There are Biblical laws for multiple wives as well as examples of it being a gift and blessing from the Lord, to be asked for also. It is never condemned in the New Testament.

It is a hot topic, for sure. The scriptures are very clear about it.

So, no, I do not believe in polygamy. I do agree with biblical polygany."

What did you mean by biblical polygany?

This sounds like something Kody Brown of Sister Wives would tell us.

polygyny. a system of POLYGAMY in which the male has several female mating partners at one time. Compare POLYANDRY.
Polygany | definition of Polygany by Medical dictionary

Bible Believer said...

On this blog we always talked about Pharisees laying burden, aka Catholics, false religions etc, but the Pharisee Dominionist fundamentalist contingent is going full-bore. Cookie-cutter expectations unloaded like a giant boulder on people's backs. Made to feel unholy for not fitting a pious stereotype. I'm working through some stuff presently leaving the unholy deliverance minister behind and watchng almost every ex-church member some I still have contact with via Facebook bowing before the religious right, and Trump.

Scott, I'm a bit shocked by the weird stuff regarding polyandry. If a wife dies a man can marry. I do not believe in multiple marriage partners for these days. Jesus said ONE WIFE.
Talk about turning women into chattel, and concubines, will there be "head wives". I've had others show up here with weird theologies. I get low on time to check things out, barely keep up with this blog as it is, and well, that's a new one for me. I thought the guy who told me there is no such thing as demons, would hold the #1 award.

Would I be a Jezebel for getting out my rolling pin if any other wives showed up at the door? LOL I don't have to worry about my husband but wow oh wow!

Anonymous said...

BB, good responses to Scott. Very well said.

Anonymous said...

In these times following the election of Trump, it could very well be possible there will be a resurgence of the holiness movement, which, if we do our research, wasn't as holy as they portrayed themselves to be.

Rick Joyner reminds me of the cookie cutter holiness movement member, speaking such pious words from his heart. In researching his life/false prophecies via the internet, his life appears anything but holy and it not someone I would trust nor follow as far as the c'hurch goes. His theology, or should I say lack of it, is pretty frightening to me as a woman.

I personally am not worried about the women's march for it is obvious where they stand. It is the wolves in sheep's clothing, such as Joyner, that are more cause for concern, for while they are spewing out vain words of their own imaginations, those who do not read the Scriptures for themselves are taken it by these charlatans. And what's more, I am also tired of those who claim to be Christians, both men and women within the conservative institutional governmental (501c. 3) church system, that one of the 'signs' of loving the lord (another lord), is listening and following men such as Joyner, Mike Bickle, Lance Walnau, Lou Engle, Todd Bentley, Judah Smith, Steve Schultz, Charisma Magazine writers, etc.

To them, to deny listening to these wicked men is the next thing to blaspheming God, the Holy Spirit, as if Jesus would be offended for not following these 'great' preachers and teachers of the visible harlot church.

Perhaps it is time Rick repents of his false prophesying and false teaching, and relies on the true Holy Spirit, for He always leads the believer to Jesus and His Ways/Teachings.

Scott Wasinski said...

Obviously there are deep emotions on this topic of a man being given multiple wives, as a gift from the Lord God Himself, (as He has declared in multiple passages in the scripture).

Women today are socially engineered and brainwashed to want to be equal to man in marriage, in make-up and in responsibility. It is insanity. That is at the heart of the feminist doctrine.

On my Disqus channel (lined above), I specifically addressed the Word of God, rightly divided in a two part series, that is full of scripture.

BB, I see that you have done the same thing that AW has, in bringing only a small part of the larger volume of the entire discussion to this thread. You have not dealt rightly, as you attempt to make my article seem so narrowly skewed, without addressing the whole of the matter. The discussion is FULL of comments on the page as well as the original post. The scripture is not ambiguous on the topic at all.

The point of the original part one was to expose the doctrine of feminism and its consequential impact on the family, the home, the church and the world.

I do not advocate any man in this generation to have multiple wives. That would be completely ludicrous when there are so many Westernized, feminazi brainwashed women that are contentious enough against the Word of God and against their husbands.

Prior to Christ coming, the nation of Israel had to multiply as God promised unto Abraham. How many tribes would there be if God forbid polygany? The answers to all of your unrighteously segmented questions and misrepresentations of my words are found on that discussion. I will not address your ill meaning, unbiblical arguments here, because I have already spent HOURS addressing them there, with a lot of scripture references, rightly divided.

This sort of irrational, unrighteous means of demonizing me in partiality is very unappealing and offensive.

Thank you for all of your work, may the Lord grant you all true, genuine fellowship with real, born again brothers and sisters in real life.

Good Bye.

Bible Believer said...

I know the culture warriors are all in a tizzy about those evil feminists and baby killers, but honestly those right wing money masters are part of whole abortion formula. They set up a sick mammon centered society where there are no social connections anymore and where economic duress and pressures are directing life choices on every level. Add in the no birth control madness via the Vatican and the cultural mandates via the neo-Victoria crowd and it's a mess. The feminists are part of the system as much as the right wing culture warriors. Whose holding men accountable? After all they are the ones who make the women pregnant in the first place. You never see them telling the men to shape up and to stop fornicating and marry their women, it's always those "shameless seductive hussies". We are having a revisit to the Bush years expect it's dialed up to the extreme.

Sure Rick Joyner is with the false Pente flavored "holiness" movement, directed from the shadows by the Catholic church from the start thus his Knights of Malta membership. Women should be frightened of the marching patriarchialists. The Duggars match that book, Handmaiden's Tale, even the father having women who are higher risk, having births at home, which has put at least two of them in danger already is really about the diminishment of women.

I'm more worried about Joyner and his ilk. The feminists are part of the secular world, they need the gospel, but how many reject the gospel over the culture warriors and their two-facedness and abuse of women. Even with Trump notice how much the churches didn't care about his three marriages or treatment of women? He marries trophy wife after another and tosses them away. I'm not surprised that some man showing up here, who is against all the hussies and "Jezebels" favors a "version" of polygamy. Women are only property to people like this to be used and tossed away. I saw one of his comments where he said a barren wife or a woman unable to have children, the man should go get another wife. That reminds me of the polygamous Mormons, women are only as good as their ability to breed, like livestock.

So like you I'm far more afraid of those types then the feminists. It makes me sick that so many follow these wolves. Joyner with his open and public Knights of Malta membership is an obvious wolf too.

Bible Believer said...

Thanks anon.

Bible Believer said...

Women are "equal" to men. God gave men leadership roles in marriage etc, but this does not mean women are lessers.

Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

It is probably better that you part ways Scott, because I do not support Dominionism or patriarchy teachings. The patriarchy nonsense is a scourge, this is why we got Trump for president. I hope God wakes you up one day.

Men are being socially engineered and brainwashed to elevate themselves and to desire power and control. Wicked men formed radical feminism as much as any would be "rebellious" women. I read those patriarchial screeds and tire of being told I am worth nothing because I had no children and was not a "submissive" enough woman. I think by now you have figured out I am not a blind obedience authoritarian.

People can wrest scripture to say whatever they want. We have cults now like AUB and FLDS where they teach men can have more then one wife. It is ironic how you ignored what I posted about fundamentalist cultural edicts.
Your Kinder, Küche, Kirche like message for women is simply the other side of the coin for the radical feminists. It has divided women and men same as any pink hatted parade.

Why bring up polyandry as an ideal then if you do not desire it for this generation? Maybe you think it is a good idea for later. That doesn't make it much better. Many forget Christianity in ancient times opened doors for women to be something beyond just sexual slaves and property. In the 19th century in America, it was Christians who advocated for property rights and more for women.

I hope you can see through the false partriarchy movement and the evils it has brought.

Anonymous said...

We already know what Rick Joyner and his ilk are: false teachers. Just like Paula White and the rest. Even Franklin Graham who gave a nice prayer at the inauguration. He learned from his father well. To say all the right things and rake in the bucks on the side. Both are very wealthy men.

I think we need to be wise and recognize each group for who they are. The false teachers, the feministas, the slick polititions, and so on. Each have their role to play in Satan's army. It is up to us to keep to the truth and defend it. I do think the Women's March is significant - the large numbers of women who are blinded and demanding their rights which God never gave them.

AW said...

(Actually, Rick Joyner belongs to the Sovereign Order of St. John, not the Catholic 'Knights of Malta.' It's still quite bad though, because the SOSJ has an ugly, century-long history of military intelligence involvment and pro-fascism, including creating much of the modern day patriot/militia movement, involvment in JFK's assassination, much of the modern UFO movement, and IMO, much of modern day Dominionism too. The SOSJ likely has its origins from the Thule Society, which laid the foundation for the rise of Nazism. They even brag about their role in disseminating the anti-Semetic forgery of 'The Protocols' and their role in Operation Gladio. It is an affiliation that is quite ominous given its history and where it is currently taking this country.)

Anon 4:42 AM, I've just become aware of the ESS teachings/heresy... it does seem like it's much bigger in Calvinist/neo-Calvinist circles, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see it spread beyond that (leaven, and all). It also reminds me of Focus on the Family's 'Truth Project' that had different 'spheres' of how God supposedly ordered everything. It was a while ago, but I definitely remember them applying it to the Trinity (which means ESS, since there was one sphere higher than the other two), and they applied it to the family unit (of course). It didn't seem to be talking about the biblical definition of roles within marriage, but rather a hierarchy and 'lording it over' that calls itself 'loving' and 'biblical' because hey, that's what God supposedly 'ordained' via the ESS model of the trinity. It's twisted. And I absolutely think that in the Dominionist/Calvinist circles, both idolatry/covetousness and sexual immorality run rampant under the hypocritical veneer... from Revelation's description, it all goes hand-in-hand.

Biblebeliever, your husband's comment made me laugh! There's a respect for others as autonomous people that gives them the freedom to be who they are, whether it's independent, caring, or even wicked. I can't see Jesus lording it over others like these do even though He IS Lord! He was kind and treated with respect people that others would have scorned and shunned--the Samaritan women at the well comes to mind. Of course, He also recognized the hypocrisy of the outwardly 'righteous' Pharisees, calling them out on their twisting of God's word often, sometimes quite harshly. Yet one of the main characteristics of many false teachers and heresies is the reverse application of this--mercy, understanding, 'forgiveness' for the wicked, unrepentant, yet convincing hypocrite, and the full weight of 'the law,' discipline, and punishment for the oppressed, the broken, the sick.

It reminds me of nothing so much as the 'fat sheep' of Ezekiel 34... the ones who bully, butt, and shove the weaker ones, and they eat up the good pasture and trample the rest before the others can eat, and they drink the clear water and then muddy it up before the weak can drink. The Lord says this is a huge part of why He brings judgment, and that HE will judge between sheep and sheep. I suspect the Dominionists (and Calvinists and Catholics and Mormons and any other justification for 'lording it over' others) will have their day, but it is unto their final judgment.

AW said...

God knows those who struggle with health problems, who may be childless, who may not have been called to marry, or any other number of things that others judge and despise them for (and they absolutely cannot see how antithetical this is to Jesus). In fact, it's that twisting it around by putting the Lord's name on it that riles me the most, and I know from scripture that God abhores it too. The wickedness that wears a religious veneer and swears falsely by His name is more offensive to the Lord than the plain old unbelieving, wicked world.

He has called each of us to be faithful in whatever our circumstances may be, and that 'walking by faith' thing seems to be the major hang-up for so many others that judge only by their checklist of the outward form ('God only wants women married and pregnant,' 'God would never allow someone who is faithful/obedient to suffer from ill health,' etc, etc). Our lives may seem small and insignificant, and be deemed as utter failures by those around us, yet the Lord sees the heart.

So as encouragement:

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to His abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, to an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations:

That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ: Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see Him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory: Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.
- 1 Peter 1:3-9

Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for He hath said, 'I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.' So that we may boldly say, 'The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.' - Hebrews 13:5-6

Anonymous said...

Bible Believer at 5:38,

Well said. The comments made by Joyner concerning women are deeply troubling, for words do reveal the wicked intent of his heart, "For out of the heart, the mouth speaks."

He reminds me so much of Pat Robertson, who I was "instructed" to listen too when by both men and women of the conservative right wing church system. Yes, Pat Robertson of all people! Many of the doctrines coming out of Pat's mouth were satanic as far as I'm concerned, for Jesus never said such filthy things concerning women. Never.

I am so sorry to hear that evil and wicked people spoke words of death into your life, Bible Believer. These things never should have happened, especially from those who deem themselves wise in their own eyes. It seems we sure have more and more people speaking for a god, and yet, they do not understand nor comprehend the teachings and the Way of Jesus Christ, who showed even the worst of sinners, love, compassion, and healing.

It is no wonder the religious of Jesus day hated Him so.....that same spirit is alive and well among us.....that lord it over mentality that is worshiped in the west. Patriarchy as well as matriarchy are two polar opposites, neither one reflecting the fellowship of the saints, but in fact, are inventions of satan seeking to divide, destroy, and kill.

And in all cases, when I hear of a man complaining about feminism within the church, I don't have to look to far behind the veil, to see the abuse he hurls upon his beaten down wife. Patriarchy teachings within the "church" make me sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

The mention of the name of Pat Robertson should bring thoughts of repulsiveness and opposition to the truth. He and his son Gordon are sending a combo DVD to their supporters - Dad on the "secrets" of the kingdom and son on the "Law of Expectation" which is right out of the physic handbook. This is a whole new category of heresy.

Anonymous said...

Scott apparently cannot take correction and is offended. His good bye is good riddance. His patriarchal mentality has come through loud and clear. May the Lord enlighten him.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton just came out with her first public statement since the inauguration. She basically states that females will rule. She goes on to extol the Women's March and their "values". Does she mean the profanity, the vulgarity, and the disrespectful attitudes? She apparently approves of what they stand for and is egging them on. It is amazing to me that posters here seem to put the Trump administration and this type of rhetoric in the same category and that they are all on the same side.

Of course this is the devil's world, but really, isn't it unrealistic to generalize in such a way and not give credit where credit is due? Government will never be a theocracy - and there are some nonChristians who seem to have a better head on their shoulders than Christians who are supposed to have discernment. Yes, there is evil on both sides but one side is better than the other and is trying to take a better route that is more compatible with values Christians hold dear.

Anonymous said...

In Titus 2 God gives the role of older women in the Church. If this had been followed as instructed it would have eliminated much of the trouble in the Church today especially in the family. Also, if the men had followed their instructions the same. It is supposed to be a team effort, not a war.