Sunday, December 18, 2016

Russia Hacking US Elections?

I found this whole speech odd, I watched some of it on TV. He basically comes out and says Russia hacked the election and then discusses "reasonable" reactions and the already present sanctions. I found myself confused by it all.

Monday may be an interesting day consider the outcome of the electoral vote.

There seems to be a steady push to be at war with Russia. Is this the set up for WWIII? I kept asking myself how on earth could they hack the elections? And where is the proof? Also HOW did they do it? I know too many questions are not answered. Obama's speech here is rambling and vague. It makes no sense.

One worries about the outcome of civil unrest over this election, or even now war with Russia. Both candidates are awful and part of the system. It is hard to know what their intentions are at this point. Most of America seems to be sleeping and more concerned with cat pictures on Facebook. It's hard to know what news to trust. Now they have the "fake news" meme  to add to the confusion. How about most of the news is fake, biased and propaganda, and it's getting harder to figure out what is actually happening.

 They desire some result for the NWO. I believe world powers work together and they are doing so, for some end goal. Putin and Russia are not to be trusted either. There is definitely a "divide and conquer" agenda for America with right and left at each other's throats. Even our 'scripted" election itself has been used for an agenda. I don't think it matters which puppet gets in now. They have achieved whatever goals they are after.

 There seems to be an agenda for war as well. Looking at other happenings, this one is hard to put the puzzle pieces together but it's apparent they desire war with Russia, over Syria, or Iran, and with Israel involved. Don't trust Trump either or Alex Jones, and the right wing "Putin praisers" either. I always have been disturbed when I saw the praise for Putin arising on the right wing.  I also questioned Russia Today back in 2013 asking :

" 2. Ever wonder why a website called Russia Today, has been all over American alternative media in exposing things happening HERE? I have even used their videos before with a caveat and no endorsement, but you ever wonder about that? I found that strange even a few years ago. "

Is an ex- KGB agent for human rights and freedom? As if Putin doesn't himself have multiple meetings with the Pope and isn't part of the NWO too?

Some of us are old enough to remember the days of the Cold War, and we remember the fears of those days. The fact world leaders are so open now in poking at the Russian bear, is a bit scary. We are near war footing with Russia over Syria. Remember their war plans remain on the books. That's all they care about.

Americans do not desire war with Russia. Most Americans think it's insane. Problem is our leaders are following their own plan.

 US to Send 4,000 Troops to Poland

Drafting Women Passes the Senate

House Passes Bill Targeting Russian Propaganda


Anonymous said...

Agreed, most news is fake news!
Very weird; one side worships Putin, the other side seems to suddenly (and it seems kind of sudden to me) hate and blame Putin for everything.? It's got me scratching my head.
I always wondered why people would believe RT news. People believe the weirdest compilation of things today. I've known both liberal and conservative people that like RT news???

AW said...

Literally the only thing I ever watched on RT was an interview by Abby Martin of John Perkins (Confessions of an Economic Hitman). It was beyond ridiculous, with all the New Agey buzzwords & 'paradigm' shifting. That dude never stopped his intelligence work IMO. He even made a comment about how the CIA 'tested' him and actually thought he would make a pretty good agent -- psychopathic tell?

"Economy of death to an economy of life" & he talks about how corporations can be the ones to fix the problems! It was like reading Willis Harman/Stanford Research Institute's report Changing Images of Man, which the now-defunct Dream's End blog (in his 10,000 Heroes: SRI and the Manufacturing of the New Age: Part 4) accurately summarized as:

"Whatever the cause, rest assured: the bad times are coming. And our “economic image of man” is in no position to handle it. And what’s worse, there are only two things we can do about it. One, is to let the big corporations continue on their path and simply adapt our “images” to fit that dynamic.

"The other possibility is that the “industrial state dynamic” is either “self-limiting” or else can be controlled by society in some way according to a new “image of man.” Unfortunately, the ways of controlling the industrial state dynamic do not include, according to chapter seven, taking on the power of global capital. In chapter eight, where the details of what this new society ought to look like are spelled out, we are told that the industrial dynamic can be dealt with in two ways. One, the “new socialism” would involve nationalizing certain industries and regulating multinationals more heavily. I’m not sure what’s “new” about that sort of socialism but the authors prefer “new privatism.” This is the idea that huge multinational corporations can be led toward more socially responsible policies by the granting or withdrawing of “legitimacy” by various stakeholders, such as stockholders, employees (whose interests always match those of the stockholders, natch) and society at large. No government intervention needed!"

I'm stunned that anyone thinks RT is credible and not a mouthpiece like all the rest.

I also can't quite figure out where the Russian Dominionists fit in either, even though it's quite clear the Eastern Establishment has their crosshairs firmly fixed on confrontation. To me all this escalating rhetoric is them just going around a president-elect and military who have made it clear they're not thrilled with the idea. Also, apparently Trump's selection for Secretary of State has been at war with the Rockefellers for nearly a decade now, so if you hear the MSM play up the 'Russian connections' of Rex Tillerson, that is part and parcel of their New Red Scare.

Politics is so dirty & there are so many layers that it's about all I can do to say 'they're up to something' but what that is? Only guesses. The Lord knows and He sees it all, something they quite conveniently forget. The other niggling thought is that there are two legs on that statue in Daniel 4, the eastern and western legs of the Roman empire. I wouldn't put it beyond the realm of possibility for Russia & the US to join against the common enemy of Islam. Maybe our troops in Europe are there for another reason... Breakup of the EU? Unrest if the Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) goes through? I guess unfortunately we will find out.

Debra said...

It's all a dog and pony show, maybe an eagle and a bear. The enemy which is not Putin but principalities and powers of darkness are blinding believers to think that a world system run by the devil and those that follow him are ethical, moral and right in what they do. All they are doing is deceiving people to follow the news, follow the fear, follow the traps, lies and deception. We are only to listen to our Father. He is our only King and Shepherd we are to listen to and follow. Evil leaders collaborate with one another in how to deceive the masses and the people swallow it hook, line and sinker. A kingdom divided within itself will not stand. They may think gathering armies together will make them strong, powerful and rich but in the end our King of Glory is going to make their eyes rot in their sockets and tongues disintegrate in their mouths. They failed to see and they failed to give praise to the One that could save them.

Bible Believer said...

RT news talked about the economy in USA before many other places did. I did use to post their videos without endorsement, but warned about them in 2013 and kept wondering why a website called Russia Today was all over Christian and right wing political websites. Yes it gets confusing figuring out who is up to what. Things are far more convoluted then they used to be.

Bible Believer said...

Alex Jones was on RT news too, and they have gotten some of the "alt"right" known names and those red ice creation people on there.

"Patrick Henningsen - Ukraine, Crimea, Russia and the West
March 26, 2014
Returning guest, Patrick Henningsen is an author and founder of the 21st Century Wire news website, a former Associate Editor of and regular geopolitical analyst for Russia Today. We'll begin discussing the absolute reality of globalists keeping the US and the west in a permanent state of war. Patrick talks about past revolutions and NGO's that prep the groundwork. Then, we'll talk about the misinformation surrounding Russia from anti-gay laws to Russia's desire to expand. This brings us to the situation in Ukraine. Patrick explains the history of Crimea and talks about why Russian military is really there, contrary to mainstream media reports. In the second hour, we'll discuss how people are being programmed to fear Russia, while all the while the US has military presence all over the world. Patrick explains the sensitive issues for those living in Crimea, Ukraine and Russia, specifically after WWII. We'll also talk about the great disconnect between the people and their political leadership and how politics is nothing about the voice of the people. Later, we discuss the RT news anchor, Liz Wahl, who quit the network on live television, as she said that "she came to see just how dangerous a propaganda tool the network was. I couldn't be a part of it any longer." Patrick talks about this false, manufactured claim. We end the hour on the missing plane flight MH370. "

Bible Believer said...

Hmm Russia Today guy is a former associate editor at Infowars....and was on Red Ice Creations too.

Bible Believer said...

If you haven't seen these articles anon make sure you read these:

Yes sounds like you caught at least one deceiver on there. Well the merging together all comes to the same point.
His stuff reminds me of the warnings on a blog about communitarianism and where they want to take thing...

I wonder if there is some "war" among the NWO, but that could be part of the stage show too...

Let's not forget this theory too.

So your theory here: "I wouldn't put it beyond the realm of possibility for Russia & the US to join against the common enemy of Islam."

I agree with, and let's not forget China's involvement as well.

Its true only God knows how this is going to play out in detail.

Anonymous said...

i believe that all roads lead to Rome, and 90% of the time it does. The remaining 10% probably does too, but the connections haven't been made yet. Alex jones parents were part of the John birch society. Jones himself tells his listeners to read birch literature. Every single person who has lead the John birch society was trained at a Jesuit university. Alex jones adopted sister attends a Jesuit university. He has ties to the CNP which is a papal control front for the religious "right" in this country. He has guests like pat Buchanon (knight of Malta), Jerome Corsi, and Larry Pratt, who are all a part of the CNP. Out of all the info he presents, he refuses to mention the 200+ civil concordats (concordat that the papacy has signed with every nation in the world, including Israel. This fact alone proves who he is working for. How can anyone truly expose the plot for a one world government, and not mention these papal concordats? He never mentions the fact that the papacy had concordats with every fascist dictator in Europe before, and during WW2. In fact the "reichsconcordat" the the papacy signed with Nazi Germany is still in effect today. All we are waiting for is the world to break into 10 economical blocks, then these blocks hand their power over to the antichrist. I'm getting off subject lol.......James

Anonymous said...

Religion that poses as Christianity seems to be getting pretty weird lately. We now see that infamous Tom Horn spouting craziness on Jim Bakker's heretical program about Donald Trump being a messianic forerunner. Horn makes the claim that rabbis are speaking of Trump possible being the Messiah or a harbinger to John the Baptist. The wolf in sheep's clothing, Jonathan Cahn, sure did major damage when his harbinger books became best sellers to the false church. The resulting farce being Trump labeled as a hero to the Jewish people, most of whom are unsaved and need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

America seems to have gone from one deep end to the other side of the deep.

AW said...

Well, the Shamanic Shapeshifting stuff (not in that interview) kind of gave Perkins away too. :-) I'm sorry, I didn't mean to imply that everyone should immediately see through RT or other 'off' sources of info. The Lord knows there were people I listened to (like you said, precisely because they were exposing and talking about things not many others were at the time) that took me a while to see were completely off (and in some cases, quite closely associated with some very evil people... Paul Craig Roberts (also CNP) and his affiliation with the Mont Pelerin Society/Vatican Paneuropa group comes to mind).

I've become far more wary since then, & think things are now at a point where there is no truth except what's being twisted or mixed with error to deceive. Following our God-given discernment & the Holy Spirit's leading have never been more important than now. He will show us when things are 'off' even if we don't understand why or didn't note anything concerning at first.

I've read those posts of yours and agree with your perspective. I haven't paid too much attention to Franklin Graham but I know he's a very loud, persistent culture warrior. It was his defense of Saeed Abedini that did it for me though, because Abedini's statement absolutely reeks of 'abuser-ese' (Any of the abusers I've had the misfortune to deal with could have written it verbatim).

From my research, there are numerous ties between Billy Graham et al and The Family (which we've discussed before). In fact, there are direct and disturbing ties between the Family (via Chuck Colson) not only with Mike Pence (the VP-elect who considered him a friend & mentor), but also Erik Prince (very close friend)...

... the same Erik Prince who founded the mercenary contractor Blackwater, who converted from Calvinism to Catholicism, who was a board member of Christian Solidarity International, and who apparently thinks it's time the West/Christians militarily defend persecuted middle eastern Christians. He even says “It’s time to pretty much redraw the map of the Middle East” (right in line with Ralph Peter's 'New Map of the Middle East') so there can be a 'Christian homeland'

So, after the vatican, orthodox, and american 'christianity' make us out to be the bad guys for refusing to help persecuted brethren because of 'petty' doctrinal differences, 20-million dollars says their eventual 'Christian homeland' will be in ISRAEL... neo-crusaders every last one of 'em.

Anonymous said...

I stopped by today to see the type of "news" that's being promoted. They have an article on their headlines written by knight of Malta Pat Buchanon......James

Anonymous said...

I posted the wrong web adress its they have the written concordats on display of 3 dozen countries.....James

Anonymous said...

BB. Did you know that Betsy devos is the sister of knight of Malta Eric prince?

Bible Believer said...

Yes all the roads lead to Rome and Mystery Babylon. The JOhn Birch society has its Knights of Malta involvements, and CNP too.

Not endorsement for information:

Yes the Jesuit universities are involved. Georgetown is a big one. I don't trust anyone with Georgetown links.

Alex Jones does some "safe stories" on the Pope and Vatican but you are James it's cover up time and his website was full of Catholics like the Sheen brothers and others and years ago he had Trad Catholic websites advertising on there.

Bakker got crazier and crazier and I saw some of that praise for Trump. All rounding up right wing and alt right people and "herding" them. I saw some of the Messiah talk with Drumpf and wanted to throw up. Not surprised they included the pro-Israel and Zionist crowd in the mix. America has lost it on both of it's phony sides.

Years ago onthis blog, I used to talk about how most discernment and other websites are false. It's true I've grown more wary too. The depths of the falsehoods are even worse then I dreamed when I wrote this in 2011.

People are being manipulated on so many levels it's not funny. Well I had the false deliverance person too, with their versions of mind control and "drive you crazy" endeavors. Most news is written now to "steer" people and it's via demographic. Public Churchianity is as much as a lie factory as any leftists.

Sure Franklin Graham is one of the worse culture warriors. Make sure to read some of my old stuff here if you haven't I used to post against culture wars.

So many are in with "The Family".

Hmm not surprised about Pence. I did know about the DEvoss and Erik Prince. Scary stuff. Do any of you know about Amway?
It definitely looks like the set up is in the bag for the Catholic/orthie vs Islam mega crusade. It all has to do with the desire for the Vatican to have Jerusalem

Yeah Pat Buchanan makes the alt-right rounds, they don't even care that he is a PUBLIC Catholic and Knights of Malta.

Bible Believer said...

I've been to an Amway rally 20 years ago. Scary....may take it's own article. Relative got me to go, I never sold any of their products.

William Sculley said...

We know Russia will be involved in the last days. We also know that there will be some attempt in the final days to make a world-wide government. Russia hacking the DNC to place a person who is friendly to Russia in the President's position and succeeding would be a huge step to uniting Russia and America, which are arguable the two most powerful countries in the world. And with America having so much power in the UN, the UN Sanctions against Russia might get lifted, and the US might be able to give Russia enough power in the UN to use the resources of America and Russia to force some form of unity on the UN.

It's hopefully not how things will play out, but you can't tell me the prospect of America making buddy buddy with the murderous dictator is a comforting one.

Anonymous said...

It's clear the it's the papacy who is pushing for this world government. Please read about the civil concordats that it has signed with every nation on this planet. If that's not world government, then what is? Why does the "pope" feel the need to garner respect in front of everyone at the UN? I would love BB to write an article about these many concordats. It's a great topic.....James

AW said...

Speaking of Franklin Graham, I just read today that he's one of the pastors who will be speaking at Trump's inauguration... sigh.

James, I left some comments under Biblebeliever's post on the Pope with some more info/links that may help in your research into the CNP, SMOM, etc.

Anonymous said...

William Scully, in your opinion would Hillary Clinton been the more favorable choice?
Just wondering................

Anonymous said...

BB. I have been reading a book called Hyponotism by George Estabrooks and came across this bit of info. Estabrooks was involved with the powers that be at the time, and involved in the "MK Ultra" mind control program. This book is his "tell all" about hypnotism and how it can be used for mind control purposes, and even crime, murder etc. doesn't this quote sound like Alex jones and people of his ilk? So basically all they are doing is hyponotizing people on a mass scale to get an obvious controlled outcome.....James ...."lie that as it may, we can now perhaps see a little more clearly how the laws of hypnotism may become so very important in our everyday life. Every situation we face in life is a social situation, that is to say it involves other people. Almost invariably this situation involves a leader. He may be appointed, he may seize authority, or he may just gravitate to the top. The boss in the office is a typical example, the dictator on the radio not so typical but far more powerful. Now if by any device this leader can arouse our emotions, can "get under our skins," then his words, his suggestions, falling on our sensitized brains will have far more weight than those same suggestions given us by a stranger or in a magazine article where no emotion is involved. He is, to all intents and purposes, a hypnotist.

Our reactions may be antagonistic-negative suggestionbut we will react violently. But if the dictator or boss in question knows his business he will take care that they do not arouse antagonism. He will appeal to the pleasure principle in some form or other. He will tell us that we are being persecuted, robbed, hemmed in. He will appeal to our patriotism, our love of home and family. He will promise us security, wealth, glory if we but do as he says. And if he knows what he is about we will fall under his spell just as surely as a subject ever falls under the trance of a hypnotist"

Anonymous said...

Not only that, it sounds like every president I can ever remember lol....James

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 1:21,

And we must realize there are some pretty powerful "hypnotists" playing the roles of pastors and leadership within the church system here in the west. And they are pretty good at what they do....leading people unto themselves instead of pointing people to Jesus and His Words.

A funny thing has happened on the way to church; one can speak of Jesus and The Word joyfully with the unchurched believers, but with the official church member, we don't hear a mention of Jesus nor do church members desire to speak about what they are learning about Christ and His Word.

So the religious hypnotists are doing their jobs quite well and it seems as though the enemy is winning in his pride. Yet, as born again believers, we know Who is victorious in the end, Jesus our LORD.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 1:21. Sadly it does sound like a technique that many pastors use, when one attempts to play with your emotions, they are basically attempting to brainwash you. The easiest way to a controlled outcome of human behavior is through emotions. God bless....James

Anonymous said...


So true, so true! Emotions and feelings are the bread and butter of the charismatic and Pentecostal movements, designed to have a faith based on those two manipulators, rather than the truth of our LORD. And the enemy can play with emotions/feelings quite effectively in tearing down those who are seeking truth in His Spirit.

We must remember, even though Jesus was God in the flesh while visiting this earth, even He has emotions and feelings as a human being, the Son of God. Before my surgery, I was compelled to read/study Jesus' while praying in the Garden before His crucifixion where He became very emotional, pleading with His Father, our Father. This truth moved my soul and as a result, I did not feel guilty any longer for having emotions/feelings before my operation.

Please allow me to explain one of the most abusive trends within charis/pente churches....what I encountered was deeply, deeply hurtful and disturbing. On one given Sunday morn, I confessed to our "prayer chain leader" the emotions that I was feeling prior to my upcoming surgery. I was very fearful and needed a friend to visit with, believing our prayer chain leader woman was a safe person to visit with; after all, she had that very important title of "PRAYER CHAIN LEADER."

I began visiting with her about my illness, and all of a sudden, her arms went up in the air, flailing back and forth as she blurted out (loudly for every one to hear), "Oh, we don't speak those things into the air here!" I stood there, silenced by her, and completely shocked and embarrassed into silence. I FELT as if I had been run over by a Kenworth truck! So I was silenced by her, in public, for daring to confess my thoughts and a 501c. 3 Baptist church no less.

Ironically, when this very important woman with a narcissistic church, title had surgery, she talked about her condition freely within the church walls, had her name "printed in the bulletin" under "prayer requests" and was pampered by the other important members of that group during her recovery process. How can this be?

So it becomes a religious game of "oh, we can preach, preach, preach to others," and yet, these very same individuals CANNOT and will not practice what they preach, preach, preach. Thankfully, God's Word does state, "A double minded man (or woman) is unstable in all of their ways."

As born again Christians, we must always be testing the spirits and comparing everything to our Holy Scriptures as did the Bereans in their day. Thank-you for listening to a very hurtful experience that no doubt, many have to endure, in the freezing climate found in many a church.....especially those institutions who make the claim of knowing a jesus BETTER than all of those other denominations out there.