Saturday, December 10, 2016

All Denominations Bow Before the Pope

I showed a copy of this video before but decided it is time for a rerun. The more time passes, the more I consider all denominations now under the sway of Rome. Even the IFB churches are under Rome with their support of right wing politicians some of whom have ties to Knights of Malt, modern papal crusades and celebration of pagan holidays like Christmas and Easter. Yes there are some born again believers still in the church system but many Christians have learned and realized what the church system is all about and have "Come out of her" as commanded by God.

Revelation 17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.


Debra said...

The scripture about those who kill believers will think they are doing it for God stands out for me. Many of these churches are run by Luciferians and Masons. But what it all boils down to is the anti-Christ spirit, hearts filled with the hatred at the righteousness and light of Jesus. Grace was not enough for the Pharisees, their pompous works had to be thrown in for all to see. To me it sounds like a very religious spirit denying the Diety of Christ. Why would they think they were doing it for God unless they thought to be religious themselves? The 60's was an era of love fest, freedom of self expression. Now we have freedom to embrace all religions, thoughts and ideologies. In the 60's not everyone was on board, now the movement is if you are not in board you are a tyrant and despicable, heartless and cruel.

Anonymous said...

Yes, all denominations are under the control of antichrist. I've being doing some research on the CNP, and the John Biirch society and their ties to papal Jesuits. Even the "truth movement" has solid ties to the CNP, with people like Stan Monteith (deceased). It's the false rights version of the false left, where both sides are controlled by the papacy. People like Pat Buchanon (Malta) are part of this "council". It is the smoking gun that ties the RCC to false Christianity in this country......James

Anonymous said...

Roy said...
Martin Luther King's daughter, the "elder" Bernice King, was also at that farce also. I'm not sure if Miss Bernice is calling herself Reverend now or not. I have nothing to do with the Catholic King family. Martin and Coretta went to see the pope, Paul VI according to Bernice herself.

Here's the link: "Pope Meets With MLK's Daughter" -

Digital Archive brought to you
by JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Paul VI, Pope

b. 1897 - d. 1978
Pope Paul VI reopened the II Vatican Council, fostered friendlier relationships with Protestant and Orthodox Christians, engaged in inter-religious dialogue and addressed the United Nations in 1965.

He met with Dr. King and Ralph David Abernathy at the Vatican in 1964, asking King to tell American Negroes of his support for civil rights and his endorsement of their nonviolent methods.

Anonymous said...

The only difference between Protestants and papal Catholics is the papacy. When Protestants recognize the "infallibility" of the pope, they then become Papal Catholics. Martin Luther taught works salvation via sacraments. He said in one breath that salvation is by grace through faith and not works, then in the other that infant baptism, and the last supper saves. He gets around this by saying that the two sacraments are required and not considered works. its all in his large catechism. He was a false prophet and was not saved. Sadly Martin Luther is in hell. He relied on sacraments instead of Jesus Christ. they were all papal trained and could not shake off the influence of the Roman church. He had the scriptures in front of him and still could not come to the truth. He just couldn't believe that when the scriptures say man is not justified by works in the the eyes of God (Romans 4), that it literally means it. Any "church" that has an alter, is not a biblical church. The only sacrifice mentioned in the New Testament is Christ Jesus on the cross. Protestant pastors wear the long robes that Jesus preached against, and the list goes on and on.......James

Anonymous said...

Great work James; the apple (Protestant- protestors) did not fall too far from the tree (Harlot mother Catholicism). Having come out of the daughter harlot Protestors church system, one thing I noticed is how the leadership system, composed of the pastor, the church board, deacons and deaconesses, try to lure you back into their hierarchal system through systematic guilt techniques. Most within the harlot church call this evil method "accountability."

Accountability. Interesting word for a people who love to brag and boast of their hyper-spirituality and their leadership positions. For example, when speaking to harlot church members, they will love to tell you "I am an elder in my church," or "my husband is on the board, been there for thirty years," or "I am a deaconess so I know more than you," or even "I am so qualified to be the church president." These are only a few of the myriads of example that I have heard coming out of the mouths of prideful religious people.

Interesting thing has happened within the visible harlot church; what does it look like to have the Name and Ways of Jesus mentioned in good and godly conversation, rather than the boasting and bragging of human offices/leadership? When the Name of Jesus is mentioned and the wonderful teachings a believer is learning from His Word via the illumination of the Holy Ghost, watch the church member squirm and look befuddled. How dare the average Joe or Jane lower laity call upon the Name of Jesus in casual conversation and how dare they learn without a leader lording it over them. How dare they!

The leadership within the harlot churches cannot believe a born again Christian can learn God's Holy Word, apart from their overlordship, apart from their accountability, and apart from their vast amount of seminary/Bible college/conference attending/favorite wolf teachers (Beth Moore, Jonathan Cahn, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen, Mike Bickle, Larry Huch, Andrew Wommack, Charles Stanley, Lou Engle, Paula White, Benny Hinn, Billy Graham, just to name quite a few that I personally am told to follow by the religious Pharisees).


liz said...

I always advise anyone online to have a relationship with God and Jesus first - church can come later if at all - I think more and more young people will do this - church can't give you the experience of a relationship with God and Jesus - you have to experience it for yourself. I don't know about in US but in UK Christian Christmas cards are becoming less and less visible - it's like they have got together to plan to phase out Christian Christmas cards very gradually - I have designed some but they haven't been printed I might try to sell some next year here is a link - tried to give them a modern look - I would appreciate any feedback

Anonymous said...

James - you are so right. That is the only difference. I used to think it was lacking the Mariolatry, but that is not necessarily the case anymore. When we were still in the Lutheran church and I questioned that, my pastor at the time got upset with me and said "Martin Luther loved Mary". I have come out of both the RCC and the LCMS (Lutheran) churches in my life...they do hold tight to infant baptism and you don't dare question that. My daughter participated in a half year of Confirmation classes before we left, and any homework was to be done from Luther's Catechism and NOT the Bible. And definitely NOT the King James Bible. She got rebuked for that more than once. And I was ornery enough to keep having her do just that. I am so thankful we are no longer there.

Luther also brutally persecuted Bible believers and Jews. As did Calvin. I just don't get it when I see Bible believers hold them up as "great men of the faith". They taught heresy and terribly persecuted Bible believers. I don't believe any saved man could persecute, torture, imprison or murder one of their own (or anyone for that matter). And if you were truly saved, you would surely KNOW that your infant baptism did not do it. Although I can't know the condition of any man's soul, I have long believed that Martin Luther could not be in heaven after I started to research what he was really about, and what he actually believed. Matthew 7:21. Anyhow, here it is from the horse's mouth, the LCMS website, how you are "saved" according to the Lutheran church. I remember sending this to my husband a few years back, I didn't catch it now but if memory serves there is also something about the "errant ways of the Anabaptists" mentioned. Keep in mind that this is the more conservative of the Lutheran churches as well. This is particularly sad, they use semantics to muddle up grace and works and lead people to hell. They tell people "we believe in grace alone" and "we believe the Bible" but they do not.

I left this church about two years ago, and right before we left, the pastor wanted to bring in a giant crucifix. My husband was really the only one to push back on that. He wore giant crucifixes during the services. It made me sick. I also noted a trend, that I have heard about from a couple other friends as well in like churches, that the Synod really pushed these new hymnals a few years ago, across the board. Even though we were a tiny aging congregation, we had to get these new hymnals. I should really sit down one of these days and look through them more carefully when I have time, we kept one, but my memory of it at the time was that it was much more ecumenical and modernized than the old ones were. I would imagine that particular church will be among the first to fall, probably soon, because they are already so close. Maybe the closest. I have been speculating that at some point, really soon, the Pope will allow for those married pastors to be "grandfathered in" somehow. That will be the end of any "reasons" for a split. I do hold to a Babylonian type priesthood though, within the RCC, so I do not believe that they can ever do away with the so called "celibate clergy" category altogether.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how a man (Luther) could translate a bible from one language to another, and not receive the gospel message in the process. It's as plain as day. If every person read the gospel of John and believed what it literally says, they too would believe that salvation is by the word "believe" (faith). That one word is said on average of over four times per chapter. It mentions nothing else but faith in context of salvation. Maybe these men were tools of Rome. They did more to hinder the true gospel, than help. it seems like it was a divide and conquer scheme. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't hold any man in high regard, especially those who the world exalts.......James

Bible Believer said...

For those who are new here, make sure you do a search on CNP and KNights of Malta on this blog. I used to post about them a lot. James is right they are the smoking gun especially for the control of the evangelical world in this country via Rome. Calvary Chapel's connections were discussed years earlier.

Bible Believer said...

Funny how the false right now aka "alt-right" has grown to such prominence and notice, before it was just the domain of a few "tin-hatters" and now it's gone mainstream for "trump's people. Even Alex Jones who used to warn about both parties being controlled by the false elite is now a uber-Republican.

Bible Believer said...

I posted about how all the false churches held to sacraments and altars. agree, The Lutherans basically just became watered down Catholicism without the Pope. I am glad you came out of there Heather.

William Sculley said...

Sacraments are in the Bible. The word is right there in the Scripture if you use the Greek. What reason do you have to not have in your church what is in the Scripture?

All of you Protestants have beliefs you inherited from Rome. You do too.

Anonymous said...


Can you point to the sacraments that save souls and point the lost to Jesus Christ for salvation?

Just wondering, since I have been told that I am to now sit under a Jewish Rabbi who hasn't accepted Jesus as his personal Savior.

Anonymous said...

William. Would you please post the scripture that mentions the word "sacrament", and how it saves?.......James

Anonymous said...

In the first apistle of Peter he clearly tells us water salvation does not save. He says that baptism does saves, but this baptism is an "answer of a good conscience toward God", which is biblical repentance and faith on Jesus Christ. He says as plain as day that "the putting away the filth of the flesh" (water) does not save. How can anyone justify baptismal regeneration after reading this?......James ........1 Peter 3:20 Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.

21 The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ:

22 Who is gone into heaven, and is on the right hand of God; angels and authorities and powers being made subject unto him.

Anonymous said...

The Roman Catholic damnable heresy of believing they are truly drinking the blood of Christ Jesus is refuted in scripture in a few places, this is just one. Jesus tells us clearly that what was in his cup afterwards was still "the fruit of the vine" and not truly blood. He calls "this fruit if the vine". Sadly Roman Catholics don't read their bible, as it takes a back seat to their true "religion" that Cardinal John Henry Newman said was derived from pagan sources. Newman called the rituals and ceremonies "baptised paganism". It's there for all to read in his book about the origins of Christian (Catholic) theology. It's something at this point cannot be denied........James .....Matthew 26:28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

29 But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom

Anonymous said...

William - I am not a Protestant. There have ALWAYS been saved people/true Bible believers who withstood Rome, and her Masses and infant baptisms and pagan festivals, since the time of Christ. They were brutally persecuted, many to the death. Whole groups and sects of people, wiped out. Romans 10:13 "Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Whosoever. Thank God He gives us free will, you can't compel anyone into a belief under threat of death (or promise of anything for that matter). That's what Islam does, which is a whole other can of worms. That is not saving faith, that is damning. I was Catholic for many years, and I understand well that this is not the history you were taught. I know you're doing what you believe to be right, so am I. I'm not trying to be ugly, so please don't take my comments as such. It's sometimes hard to get a point across in writing without it being taken wrong. My beliefs come through my KJV and the leading of the Holy Ghost and the preaching and teaching of God's Word. I make no claim that I'm right about everything, but as I go, if I find things in my life or my belief system that do not line up with God's Word, then they have to go. I'm the one that's wrong, not the Bible.

Also, if you are referring to Strong's Concordance/Lexicon, you should take a look at this. While I believe the concordance to be fine, there is poison in the back. I did look in my concordance in my 1611 KJV Bible, and while the word "sacrament" does not appear, "ordinance" does.

James, I agree with you about Luther. If he were truly led by the Holy Ghost he could not have missed the Gospel if he tried. I also know that my old pastor once said that much of Daniel and all of Revelation are not to be read. There were others too, I can't remember all. You can't call yourself a Bible believer and then insist that there are whole books that are not to be read because it doesn't agree with your theology. Revelation 3 is clear that those who read the book are blessed, and Revelation 19 is clear that there is a curse associated with removal or taking away from the book. Although I firmly believe that those churches do NOT want anyone reading Revelation 17 about the "great whore that sitteth upon many waters" and sits on seven mountains (vs 9), arrayed in Bishop and Cardinal colors of purple and scarlet (vs 4), (vs 4)"decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornications." If that isn't the Vatican, then I don't know what is. I'm not sure about Luther being a tool of Rome, I've wondered that too...maybe, but then Reformation spurred the Jesuit Counter Reformation...that just seems like a bunch of work. (haha) Who knows, Satan is crafty. If not Luther, surely some of the ones in that era that followed him were meant to lead people astray.

BB - good observation on Alex Jones, you are right...I don't pay alot of attention to him but when I see him, now he does seem to be a "souped up" Glenn Beck instead of warning against both sides. I am aware of what Glenn Beck is about.


Bible Believer said...

Sacraments are useless. I was bound for hell during the time I had multiple Catholic sacraments under my belt. I even received one as an "athiest", the priests didn't care.

Bible Believer said...

Jesus Himself warns of the Catholic Eucharist.

Matthew 15:17
King James Bible
Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?

Anonymous said...

I said "water salvation" lol. I meant water baptism. I will proof read posts from now on. Sorry......james

Anonymous said...

It's should also be noted that the papal church took away the cup from the laity in the 15th century. If Catholics truly believe that Jesus' words are meant in a literal sense, then by their own admission their "sacraments" don't save because, they don't drink from the cup anymore. The wafer god is suppose to have both the blood and flesh of their christ. Didn't Jesus say whoever DRINKETH? I didn't know that eating a wafer was considered "drinketh". It matters not, we know that Jesus explained the true meaning of his words of John 6 in verse 63.....James

William Sculley said...

Likewise also the cup after supper, saying, This cup is the new testament in my blood, which is shed for you.
Luke 22:20

The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ?
I Corinthians 10:16

And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it; For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins. But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom.
Matthew 26:27-29

Jesus is the vine as well. Would not that which comes out of the vine also be the fruit of the vine? Again, just because YOUR personal interpretation is different does not mean it is RIGHT. Let's see what those who knew the Apostles thought:

"Consider how contrary to the mind of God are the heterodox in regard to the grace of God which has come to us. They have no regard for charity, none for the widow, the orphan, the oppressed, none for the man in prison, the hungry or the thirsty. They abstain from the Eucharist and from prayer, because they do not admit that the Eucharist is the flesh of our Savior Jesus Christ, the flesh which suffered for our sins and which the Father, in His graciousness, raised from the dead."
-Ignatius to the Smyrnaeans, 80-110 AD

"This food we call the Eucharist, of which no one is allowed to partake except one who believes that the things we teach are true, and has received the washing for forgiveness of sins and for rebirth, and who lives as Christ handed down to us. For we do not receive these things as common bread or common drink; but as Jesus Christ our Savior being incarnate by God's Word took flesh and blood for our salvation, so also we have been taught that the food consecrated by the Word of prayer which comes from him, from which our flesh and blood are nourished by transformation, is the flesh and blood of that incarnate Jesus."
-Justin Martyr, First Apology, 148-155

We can trace this belief to the first century after the Apostles. We can't trace the DENIAL to anyone before the Protestant Reformation. So why should we reject something that came before? Were the Apostles such completely abysmal failures that they didn't teach their closest disciples properly? Are you so much better at interpreting the writings of the Apostles than those who could literally ask the writers what they meant?

I seriously doubt that.

William Sculley said...

RE: Bible Believer

Sacraments alone are useless. Sacraments done in obedience and love for the God Who saves us are powerful and effective, because they are an action of prayer, and the fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Or do you believe that God won't love the man who comes to Christ saying "Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner!"?

RE: Heather

Yes, you are a Protestant. Do you hold to ANY of the Five Solas, such as Sola Scriptura, the doctrine that Scripture is the highest earthly authority? Yes? Then you are a Protestant. You would not exist without the Reformation. Why? Because you would be either Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, or someone who denies the divinity or humanity of Christ. That was all there was before the Reformation. You Landmarkists trace your path through several groups, but have never actually taken the time to read the writings of those people you claim as your forerunners.

Now Roman Catholics call on Jesus as Lord. It is right there in their primary declaration of faith the Nicene Creed. One Lord, Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten, begotten of the Father before all ages, Light of Light, true God of true God, begotten, not created, of one essence with the Father, by Whom all things were made. Any person who can confess that is a Christian. End of story.

As to your claim of the word "sacrament" not being in the Bible, you should learn Greek. The word Mysterio is the word for sacrament, and it appears 28 times in the New Testament. In the Orthodox Church, we call them Mysteries because it is closer to the original. Some Romans still use the term, too. It's there and the only reason the translators of the KJV used Ordinance is because they were biased against Catholics, not because it was a proper translation. They were humans. God did not inspire the KJV.

Bible Believer said...

Good question James.

WIlliam I've given you answers to all of the above.

Proof in the pudding though, I had my fill of Eucharists and was still on the way to hell.

As for denial of the Eucharist, I don't buy Rome's presentation of the facts.

AW said...

William, I'm confused... you say that "the word Mysterio is the word for sacrament, and it appears 28 times in the New Testament." I do not know greek, but did look in Strongs concordance and could not find any 'Mysterios.' I did find G3466 "mystērion" which is used 28 times in the New Testament -- perhaps that is the same word?

If so, it's the darndest thing, because not a single one is used in the context of 'sacraments' (unless you count marriage, and Paul was explicitly clear the mystery referred to Christ and the Church).

-Mystery (revelation of, the gospel fortold in the prophets and fulfilled in Jesus)
-Mysteries (of the wisdom of God compared to the world which cannot understand it, but the Holy Spirit reveals to believers)
-Mysteries of God (of which Paul was a steward)
-Mysteries (even if all fully understood is nothing without charity)
-Mysteries (spoken in the spirit in tongues)
-Mystery (of the resurrection of believers)
-Mystery of His will (redemption and forgiveness to make believers accepted in the Beloved)
-Mystery of Christ (believers as the living temple of God)
-Mystery hid from the beginning of the world (the example of the church to principalities and powers)
-Mystery (Marriage of Christ and the Church)
-Mystery of the gospel (the gospel of salvation)
-Mystery hid from ages (of salvation for the Gentiles x2)
-Mystery of the Godhead/Trinity
-Mystery of Christ (the gospel)
-Mystery of iniquity (lawlessness of the counterfeit church/man of sin)
-Mystery of faith (held by pure conscience - deacons)
-Mystery of godliness (Jesus manifest in the flesh, resurrected and raised)
-Mystery of the 7 spirits of God
-Mystery of the Harlot/Babylon x2

ps - I also could not find any place the KJV translators in their supposed 'bias' used 'ordinance' instead of 'sacrament'... the only two greek words I found translated as Ordinance are G2937 (ktisis) and G1296 (diatagē), not 'Mysterios.'

AW said...

Oh, and the Mysteries of the Kingdom revealed to the disciples but hidden to the crowds in the parables.

AW said...

James, you may very well be right about the degree of Rome's involvement, but perhaps it's not a single-minded, monolithic entity (and I will say that I'm not sure that someone having an educational background at a Jesuit school like Georgetown can quite be construed as a direct link to the Jesuits given that the US intelligence agencies also recruit very heavily from that school). Even within the Vatican, there seems to be competition & conflict between significant power factions (Opus Dei vs. the Jesuits, for example).

Though I'm sure individuals in each group vary in degrees of loyalty to the group ideology (left-leaning for the Jesuits & very right-wing/reactionary/fascist for Opus Dei/SMOM), there appears to be ample evidence of a power struggle between the two in looking at the sheer number of suspicious deaths both within/out the Vatican in the past few decades (though I completely disagree with this author's conclusion & include only for the list of murdered people).

It wasn't just liberal Catholics murdered but also direct ties to organized crime (via the Banco Ambrosiano scandal) & the NATO stay-behind fascist network known as Gladio (responsible for terrorism in Italy blamed on the leftists. They pretended to be the 'Red Brigade' & kidnapped, tortured, and killed Prime Minister Aldo Moro. His crime? Wanting to include socialist politicians voted in by Italians in the coalition government.)

And unfortunately, the current Pope, despite his Jesuit affiliation, actually led the Jesuits in Argentina in open opposition to the Liberation Theology embraced by the rest of the Jesuits worldwide, and he also cooperated with the right-wing military junta in even betraying two of his own priests who refused to stop working with 'the poor' (which was, amazingly enough, equated with communist sympathies despite no other evidence).

It is worth noting Russ Bellant's incredibly accurate observation that "One element shared by all fascist movements, racialist or not, is the apparent lack of consistent political principle behind the ideology--political opportunism in the most basic sense. One virtually unique aspect of fascism is its ruthless drive to attain and hold state power." (p.ix, Old Nazis, the New Right, and the Republican Party). Or as Jeff Sharlet summarizes the Family's goal -- 'Jesus + Nothing = Power.' In other words, we should pay attention to what they do (their actions and track record), not what they say.

AW said...

In the context of the CNP & the Christian right, two particularly influential, hard-right (i.e., Traditionalist/reactionary) Catholics to look at are Edwin Feulner and Paul Weyrich. You have probably already come across them, but ISGP (and VISUP) have a substantial amount of research/articles discussing the connections of Feulner & Weyrich to everything from the CNP (ref#2) to Le Cercle (ref#2), & the Heritage Foundation (Feulner & Weyrich were co-founders).

Here's an excerpt of ISGP's discussion of the CNP in his expose on Alex Jones:

"As for Iran-Contra ties to the CNP, it gets considerably worse. Back in the 1980s General John Singlaub, today an OSS Society chairman [58]; General Daniel Graham [59] and Colonel Oliver North [60] were sitting on the CNP board. These were absolutely key individuals overseeing the private war in and around Nicaragua on behalf of CIA director William Casey and President Reagan in the 1980s. They were doing domestic fund-raising while advising foreign governments on "counter-insurgency" (i.e. death squad) tactics.

"More examples from the CNP board? How about Edwin Feulner, members of the Coors family and Paul Weyrich? [61] Together these men founded the Heritage Foundation. In a 1986 Belgian police report, the Heritage Foundation was accurately referred to as the main American branch of the Cercle and Opus Dei network. [62] In addition, Feulner is a Knight of Malta who used to be on the strategy board of the American Security Council with General John Singlaub and "retired" CIA chiefs James Angleton, Ray Cline and Daniel Arnold [63], the latter repeatedly mentioned as a CIA heroin trafficker...

"The son of CNP board member Elsa Prince, Erik Prince, later founded and chaired Total Intelligence Solutions and Blackwater USA, the private CIA and Bush White House nexus of the JSOC assassination programs in the post 9/11 world. Blackwater later changed its name to Academi, with the new chairman being a long-time key shareholder in Coast to Coast AM...

"Another interesting example from the CNP board in the 1980s is Elsa Prince, whose family also helps finance the CNP. [64] Elsa is the mother of Erik Prince, an anti-Sadinista propagandist and Navy Seal of the 1990s who came to own Total Intelligence Solutions and Blackwater USA. In the post-9/11 world these two companies were used by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and "retired" CIA Counter-Terrorist Center chief Cofer Black to support CIA and JSOC assassination programs, carried out by special forces and drones. [65] Interesting detail? Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld have all attended meetings of the secretive Council for National Policy in late 1990s and early 2000s. [66]

So much for "ineffectual". And thus we are forced to conclude that Joel Skousen and Alex Jones are at least partially helping to shield the Bush administration and its criminal War on Terror policies, apart, of course, from the murderous policies of the Reagan administration. Also, didn't we already discuss in Cult of National Security Trolls that Red McCombs, a key shareholder of the million-dollar Coast to Coast AM show, on which Jones has been so prominently featured since 2004, followed up Erik Prince as chairman of Blackwater? And that he was flanked by Bush's former attorney general and Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, a former deputy director of the CIA and head of the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the NSA? I believe so. It's such a small world at the top.

AW said...

I will offer a serious caution regarding the content of ISGP's expose of the 'Dutroux Affair' in Belgium, an in-depth look at the extremely sadistic child abuse and murder network of Le Cercle. It is profoundly disturbing, with extreme occult and support/involvement of prominent European royals and nobility, military intelligence (especially American and Brit), and wealthy business interests. Just like the notorious Propaganda Due (P2) lodge in Italy affiliated with Gladio, the supposed 'masonic' practices actually originate from irregular masonry (like Martinism) and they are very anti-'Judeo-free masonry'.

I suspect the occult practices within these networks, especially Le Cercle, originate from a form of Gnosticism. To oversimplify, the Gnostics believed the material/physical world was evil and that they needed to transcend it. One view held that the way to do this is through asceticism, or denying the flesh (dietary restrictions all the way to monasticism). The other main form of Gnosticism believed the path to transcending the physical world is via complete defilement of the flesh, and this view seems much more in keeping with the occult practices found at the heart of some of these groups (while at the same time, in the epitome of hypocrisy, they use 'Christianity' and 'morality' in their culture wars to advance their own agenda of Clerical Fascism).

It also helps make sense of the last 100 years of history to realize that these people are as profoundly anti-republic/democracy as they are anti-communist. Their goal is much more akin to a type of Neo-feudalism (which is pretty much what 20th century Fascism was), and definitely helps explain why the right-wing end of the Catholic Church as well as the nobility of Europe are on board.

Also, just a caution to be careful with resources. The book Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia sounds like it would have good info, but if you look at the editorial reviews promoting the book, 3 of 4 are affiliated with the Intelligence Summit. This is an organization whose 2005 Advisory Council included PsyOps-extraordinaires Gen. Paul Vallely and Gen. Thomas McInerney, as well as former CIA directors James Woolsey and John Deutch... Hardly going to be a credible expose rather than misleading disinformation.

AW said...

Actually, the claim of the influence of Martinism and Synarchy on Le Cercle ( via La Cagoule, the fascist & occult paramilitary network in 1930's France) is compelling. Scarily, both the two influential people in shaping Martinism in its modern form (Saint-Yves & Encausse) considered themselves first and foremost, Christian mystics.

This may very well be the real belief system underlying many organizations presenting a 'Christian' face (discussed here in the sections 'What Does It All Mean?' & 'Martinism and synarchy'.) The author says "Thus, this researcher has no hesitancy in proclaiming this tradition that includes the Maltese knights, Opus Dei, Martinism and the synarchists to be firmly rooted in Catholicism." A very evil, gnostic, and occult Catholicism.

Biblebeliever, I've seen you address several of these teachings (in comments or posts). I'd love to hear your thoughts on this because I'm pretty disturbed by Wikipedia's description of Martinism, given the striking similarity to rapidly growing & malignant strands within 'Christianity,' namely 'contemplative prayer' & the New Apostolic Reformation.

De Saint-Martin's Martinism is a mystical tradition emphasizing Meditation & inner spiritual alchemy, teaching a silent 'way of the heart' to attain reintegration (sounds like 'Contemplative Mysticism' of post-modern Christianity, both Emergent & Seeker-friendly). But, the Martinism of the 'Elus Cohens' sounds like nothing so much as the hyper-Charismatic/NAR teachings... they even have the Hebrew-roots, 'sacred name' thing for Jesus!

"The Elus-Cohens or Elus Coëns. (Cohen is the Hebrew for "priest" and "Elus" means "the elect" or "the chosen".) This was the first, and explicitly theurgical, way that 'reintegration' was to be attained. The Elus-Cohens were founded by Martinez de Pasqually, who was Saint-Martin's teacher. The original Elus-Cohens ceased to exist sometime in the late eighteenth or early 19th century, but it was revived in the 20th century... and lives on today in various Martinist Orders...

"In the highest of the three degrees of the Order of the Elus-Cohen... evocation of entities belonging to the Divine Plane was carried out. This makes clear that the Elus-Cohen were not merely a mystical but a magical order. The chief evocation was that of the 'Mender', Jehoshua, and the basic methods were those of the Key of Solomon, including the use of circles[Batterson's The Circle Maker], names of angels, planetary hours and symbols. The magical operations of the lower degrees were intended to establish contact between the operator and the Invisible World. Lofty and beautiful prayers recalled the goal which the Order tried to attain. There were also exorcisms intended to strangle demonic influence in the universe [the NAR's 'strategic-level spiritual warefare] and thwart its powers over men ['prayer-walking', 'deliverance ministries'], and to combat black magic...

"About the rituals themselves, the following general points may be made: The mystical Christianity of Martinism is emphasised by the fact that all lodges are opened by invoking Yeheshuah, (Hebrew: יהשוה) i.e. the Tetragrammaton, with the addition of the Hebrew letter Shin, which was first suggested by Reuchlin as a Qabalistic way of spelling Jesus."

[emphasis and comments mine]

Bible Believer said...

Thank you AW. You have ventured into a new subject for me. I have never researched Martinism. It sounds like a familiar word way back in the recesses of my memory, I think I ran across mention of it in Theosphical literature.

The NARS borrow all over the place, they even have ties to Wicca, when they go around "claiming territories", and "prayer-walking"

Not sure if you were around when I posted this, I go into more details about the NAR and their overt witchcraft.

Hmm her 4 winds garbage, I've heard of Catholic priests doing the same from altars, especially one with an outreach to Native Americans.

I wish I could make a chart explaining some of these things. Pray for me for the time. There is overlap with all the Mystery Babylon rituals, rites and set ups. Kabala and Masonics and Theosophists and "Mystical" Christians and New Agers all teach the "same things" all over the place.

It was always odd the "Christianity" even described by Sharlet in his books, when he would refer to "Jesus + nothing= power" I felt like he was trying to hint at something but didn't want to dig too deep if you get my drift. Even when I read the book when it first came out, instead of thinking of them as Christians, I just read ANTICHRIST and Luciferians, it made it more simple. Even the desire for POWER in this world has no Christian basis. I may reread that book....I have considered studying more of CNP's connections to Trump. Some have warned he has been appointing CNP members all over. What is HIS relationship if any with "The Family"?

Bible Believer said...

You are welcome AW, those NARS do practice black magic under a Christian veneer. I visited some Pente churches years ago early days of being a Christian, could not abide by the places, felt ill when one pastor wanted us to claim the streets and territories of the city. I kept thinking this earth is not eternal what is claiming streets going to do. It sounded like power broking. It was the same as "white witches" playing war with the "black witches" Hmm even reminds me of the false deliverance minister, we got in an argument once when I said she was scripting prayers too much and making them legalistic and rote supposedly going to battle with all the cursers and wicked.

The 4 winds "witchcraft" shows up everywhere. I found out one priest relative, was invoking the 4 winds constantly at the Catholic altar and other satanic stuff. I used to know of the 4 winds stuff in witchcraft and the occult. Trying to order the wind about or praying the creation [the winds] is evil. You re right they are trying to claim God's power for their own.

Yes I came across Martinism and also Saint-Yves too, this was 25 years ago now, so I am fuzzy how how they utilized these concepts and that man, but the names are quite familiar. That's interesting about the Hallow Earth, some of those concepts have gone into the evangelical Nephilim community where they are now preaching Hollow Earth and that hell is in there. Hmm with Synarchy, wonder if there is any relation to the word Synergy one saw thrown around in the corporate world 10 years ago? I agree with you on Drucker and Warren.

The Family is scary. Even Hillary Clinton had ties with them. I believe they are just a false religion front.

I went to go recheck Sharlet's book from the library, probably for a re-examination of ties with Trump, but it's all the same group just with a new orange faced "figure head" Yeah it is interesting how 'go starve in the street" is their siren call for the evangelical world regarding the poor. {no that doesn't mean FDR and govt programs are perfect} but I can tell the hatred for the poor has grown, it has been scary.

Yes they are setting things up for the antichrist. Well they helped push all the neo-con wars of Bush, and what is the goal now supposed "unity with Russia?" against Islam in some kind of Ortho-Catholic-evangelical unification. A new theocracy? I was reading about the concepts of "Third Rome" in Russia, where Russia sees itself as the Third Rome and desiring a Russian empire. The empire builders are still busy. I was going to post on it, but I hit some of my limitations in knowledge regarding Russia which kind of is limited to the Russian Revolution and reading books about the Tsars in 1917 so didn't post on the matter, but wonder how it all ties in with Trump's endless praising for Putin.

I found this regarding Pence and the Family:

I dJeff Sharlet July 14th, 2009 at 6:46 pm … I came across what looked like some Mike Pence connections but didn’t follow up for the book. That’s worth investigating. Of course, the easiest way to start is to ask him — that’s how I learned of Rep. Frank Wolf’s involvement, for instance. As for connections to youth ministries: galore. The House on C Street is actually owned by Youth With a Mission. The Family has long looked at Young Life, a mostly innocuous outfit, as something akin to a farm team. Likewise the Navigators, from whence the current leader, Doug Coe, came. Bill Bright and Campus Crusade were helped out in the early days by the Family and repaid the favor many times over during the last couple decades."

Bible Believer said...

I suspect too Pence is closely related to them too, maybe not an official member but "involved". That's bad news that he is friends with pro-Catholic ecumenist Colson. I thought Colson had died but maybe I am remembering wrong. Yes they have many front organizations, don't forget the Patrick Henry college involvements too.

Thanks for telling me about the ASC network, I will check those articles out too.

AW said...

The Nephilim people are teaching the Hollow Earth stuff?! Wow, it's getting pretty blatant now. I think they use 'synarchy' as opposed to anarchy, meaning 'rule together' but if you look at what Martinism/Synarchy actually teach (rule by an enlightened elite), it's incredibly elitist and hierarchical... just like the Family (be content with your station in life, and don't demand minimum wage, max working hours, or anything else 'materialistic' or you are defying God's order). The phrase "contemptuous of human suffering" comes to mind.

I think Colson passed away a few years ago, but Mike Pence considered him "a dear friend and mentor." Colson, whom Jeremy Scahill called "Erik Prince's close friend, political collaborator, and beneficiary" (Blackwater, p94), was a long-time Family member who counted Doug Coe as his own mentor. Erik Prince has also financially contributed to Mike Pence's political campaigns (ibid, p77; how many of the other politicians listed are Family? I counted at least 3).

Jeff Sharlet states that Mike Pence "has the ideological makeup of Ted Cruz. He just doesn't have the visible venom." Sharlet also observes "One of the ones that I’m interested in is the Fellowship Foundation, sometimes called The Family or C Street. Viewers may remember that back in 2009, 2010, a number of congressional hopefuls—or, I’m sorry, presidential hopefuls—Mark Sanford, Senator John Ensign—were all caught up in affairs that were covered up by this evangelical organization.

"Mike Pence has been moving in those circles for a long time, using the National Prayer Breakfast, their annual event, as a kind of a backroom lobbying place for him. That’s his foreign policy experience, his meeting with delegations from other countries that are looking to do business with America, often in terms of military funding, and they are going to do that under the cloak of prayer. And Pence has been a really skillful operator in that sense. And I think that’s why he’s liked by conservatives, because he is this moral zealot in the vein of Ted Cruz, but he’s also an operator. He’s also a man who cuts deals. And I think there’s that question of, is he a hypocrite, or is he a true believer? And I think the answer is, yes, he is both, absolutely. And that’s what makes him a potent force."

...and also very concerning for anyone paying attention :-/

AW said...

I definitely understand about finding the time and will pray for the Lord's guidance and ability to articulate the connections that are weighing on your mind. I began something similar last year that I've been prompted to finish, but am struggling to find the energy and ability, and humbly request prayer as well. As such, this next set of comments will probably be it for a me for a while, but I hope it will prove helpful, Lord-willing, for anyone researching these connections, rather than just a data dump of unfamiliar names/groups.

It does indeed appear that Mike Pence is part of the Family. According to the same source info, there are a few other prominent Family members being appointed within Trump's administration, including Jeff Sessions (Atty General) and Daniel Coats (Director of National Intelligence). I'm sure you remember Dan Coats from reading the Family... he is the one who called Sharlet 'an enemy of Jesus.'

"When I went to Germany to speak on a panel about fundamentalism at the University of Potsdam, my German host told me that the U.S. embassy, a cosponsor of the lecture series, had refused to cover my expenses. I was, in the alleged words of Ambassador Dan Coats, a former Republican senator from Indiana, 'an enemy of Jesus.'" (The Family, p242)

HUD Sec - Ben Carson (highly likely to be Family given that he is the only one besides Billy Graham who has spoken to the Family's National Prayer Breakfast twice.

Educ Sec - Betsy DeVos (Besides her brother Erik Prince's long-standing ties to military intelligence/CIA and JSOC, both the Prince and DeVos families are HUGE proponents of the Family's idol of 'biblical capitalism').

I bet many more Family members are involved, but can't be 100% sure without a membership list (something the Family avoids like the plague). However, I did cross reference the Family Research Council's (founded, remember, with money from the Prince family and whose executive VP is General Boykin) Vote Scorecard archives and compared their ratings for some of Trump's appointees to known members of the Family.

'True Blue' means the congressman or representative voted in 100% accordance with FRC's priorities. When looking through the last 8 Congresses, the following Trump nominees were consistently True Blue (and if not 100% in other sessions, very close to it in the mid/high-90%): Mike Pompeo (CIA Director, 3xTrue Blue) and Tom Price (HHS Secretary, 3xTrue Blue).

It's not proof they are Family, but it does show that there is zero difference in their perspective and voting record when compared to known members of the Family (for example, the same archives show consistent 'True Blue' for nearly all of their senate/house terms for Mike Pence (6x), Jeff Sessions (8x), Sam Brownback (4x), Todd Tiahrt (4x), Chip Pickering (3x), Pete Hoekstra (4x), James Inhofe (8x), Trent Lott (3x), Mike Enzi (5x), Frank Wolf (6x), Zach Wamp (4x), Joseph Pitts (8x), Tom DeLay (4x), Robert Aderholt (8x), Tom Coburn (3x), Jim DeMint (7x), Chuck Grassley (5x), John Ensign (3x), David Vitter (3x), John Thune (3x) -- again, keeping in mind that some of these guys have only been in the senate/house for a few terms & others left several terms ago for governorships, etc, which means the vast majority were True Blue 100% of their time in Congress.

AW said...

Hmmn, Trump nominated for:

Health & Human Services- a guy who wants to privatize Medicare (Price)

Dept of Energy - a guy who want to abolish the DOE (Perry)

Dept of Education - a lady who has worked to completely privatize education (DeVos)

Dept of Labor - a guy who opposes minimum wage increases (Puzder)

EPA - a guy who has sued the EPA (Pruitt)

Dept Transportation - the wife of a 7-time FRC 'True Bluer' (Chao/McConnell)

And it's probably a lot more given that the archives only go back so far, and also that we don't know all the Family members are in Congress (my suspicions of other hardcore 'True Blue' people include Rick Santorum, Paul Ryan, Bobby Jindal, Michelle Bachmann, and Katherine Harris (see link on David Lane for Harris' Dominionist ties), among many others.

There are also links of the administration to JSOC, through both Erik Prince (via Betsy DeVos) and Nat. Security Advisor Lt. Gen Mike Flynn (chief intelligence officer for General McChrystal during his tenure heading the JSOC and played a key role in the institution's use of drone warfare and "enhanced interrogation"), which is profoundly ominous given that JSOC is basically running a global Phoenix operation.

Hmmn, some other ties? Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy (remember his political coming out at the NAR's first 'The Response' rally in 2011?) and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus (who cooperated closely with David Lane for an NAR-sponsored RNC trip to Israel in February 2015). David Lane is the 'sponsor' of all those NAR The Response rallies (modeled off of "apostle" Lou Engle's The Call). Not coincidentally, in addition to the governors of LA (Jindal) and NC (McCrory), the governor of SC also hosted 'The Response' rally -- yup, that would be Nicki Haley, Trump's new UN ambassador. Interestingly, Haley was persuaded to run for governor by long-time Family member Mark Sanford.

Speaking of Dominionist 'Response' rallies, David Lane organized one right before the Republican Convention in Cleveland this year... guess who else met in Cleveland just before the convention? The CNP.

AW said...

The Family is definitely involved with the CNP via people like Ed Feulner, Edwin Meese, Charles Colson (all Family)... Bill Bright (Campus Crusade) and Loren Cunningham (YWAM) were CNP & very close to the Family as well. Dick Halverson (long-time senate chaplain) was also Family, and was actually one of Vereide's potential successors before Coe got the job. Interestingly, Bright, Cunningham, and Halverson were all members of Henrietta Mears 'Hollywood Christians' group, along with John MacArthur's father! It's not even 6-degrees of separation, it's often less than two. Even Pat Robertson's (CNP) mentor Harald Bredeson was a 'field operative' of Vereide/Family (not surprising since his father A. Willis Robertson was Family).

Don Nickles, Mark Siljander, Mark Sanford, and Tom Delay are CNP & Family. Other concerning CNP members include J. Peter Grace (SMOM & WR Grace and Company was part of Operation Paperclip in recruiting Nazi scientists/war criminals), while Arnaud de Borchgrave & Paul Craig Roberts (via Mont Pelerin Society) are both linked to Le Cercle. Margo Carlisle was CNP and Le Cercle, as was John Bolton.

Gary North(CNP) is a rabid Christian Reconstructionist and Howard Ahmanson(CNP) gave the funds to found Rushdooney's(CNP) Chalcedon Foundation, also militantly Reconstructionist. In fact, Ahmanson is probably Family, as he was the one who founded The Gathering (also here), which was conceived in 1985 by a small band of friends at the The Cedars, the Family's headquarters. The Gathering is at the forefront of the culture wars, both here and abroad, and includes many very wealthy families (DeVos/Amway, Prince/Blackwater, Green/Hobby Lobby, Cathy/Chick-Fil-a) and many CNP members. Jeff Sharlet discusses the role of the Family in the Ugandan 'Kill the Gays' bill in his book C Street. I bet the Family is up to their eyeballs in the anti-homosexuality culture wars in Russia, just like they are here (another way to unite 'christians' and conservatives of all stripes).

David Balsiger (CNP) has a long anti-communist (i.e., fascist) resume (he was also Mike Warnke's co-author on his satanic-panic-initiating book which was a total fraud & calculated misdirection away from the real groups running the occult pedophile entrapment networks). Warnke was also a 'wandering bishop' in the American Orthodox Catholic Church, which ties right into the middle of this whole occult & military intelligence mess, along with the SOSJ of whom Joyner and Boykin are members.

And the presence of Col. Oliver North and Gen. Singlaub on the CNP is very bad because those guys are seriously at the heart of this network overseeing drug & arms trafficking, international terrorism (Gladio, Condor, etc), overthrow/destabilizing of any center-to-left (or just uncooperative) governments, and of course, pedophile entrapment networks (North and Iran Contra have direct ties to the Franklin Cover-up in Nebraska, which not coincidentally involved the Catholic Boys Town).

AW said...

The Family overlaps substantially with the NAR's agenda (like the 'Kill the Gays' legislation in Uganda), and has extensive reach into 'Christianity' via their long-standing and close ties to Campus Crusade, YWAM, Intervarsity Fellowship, Prison Fellowship, the Navigators, etc. In fact, YWAM is one of the biggest purveyors of NAR-style dominionism (strategic-level spiritual warfare, identificational repentance, spiritual mapping, "reconciliation"--the Family's favorite buzzword).

Another example is Family member Sam Brownback (governor Kansas and suspected Opus Dei convert) speaking to IHOP's 'One Thing' conference in 2013 (I think). Brownback was at one point also roomies with Lou Engle (IHOP co-founder and NAR "apostle" who majorly backed Uganda's draconian bill). And unsurprisingly (with Templeton Jr on the 2014 CNP membership list), the Templeton Foundation has funded the mainstreaming of the NAR".

"Since 2008, at academic conferences and in their scholarship, a cadre of prominent American scholars heavily funded by the John Templeton Foundation have been enthusiastically promoting the NAR's apostles and prophets, including New Apostolic Reformation guru C. Peter Wagner, as examples of positive Christian engagement in the world: "exemplars of Godly Love" who are alleged to be so benevolent that they have no worldly enemies."

These 'researchers' also call the Gathering's Chick-fil-a "exemplars of gratitude," and the Templeton Foundation is also a major funder of the Heritage Foundation (intimately linked to the Family from its inception). And in yet more overlap between the NAR and the Family, a 2009 FRC prayercast included not only Dominionist Michelle Bachmann and NAR 'apostle' Lou Engle, but also major Family members Senators Jim DeMint (now head of the Heritage Foundation) and Sam Brownback (now governor of Kansas). Also observed are Congressman Randy Forbes, another solid True Bluer, and Bishop Jackson, one of the upcoming inaugural 'faith leaders.'

If I had to come up with a single term to describe all of these groups and their goals, it would be Dominionism. The Family, the CNP, the NAR, Cru, YWAM, the COR (there's an insane amount of overlap between the CNP and the Coalition on Revival - the original Dominionist/Reconstruction reclaiming of 'Spheres' that ultimately evolved into the 7 Mountain Mandate), the Calvinists, the Traditionalists, the reactionary Catholics, all of them.

It is by no means a defense of the democrats when I note the unprecedented marriage of all of the above dominionist groups with the republican party, to where I cannot tell where one ends and the other begins. The fact that it is being done in God's name (as opposed to plain old fascism or imperialism) is rank blasphemy against the Lord and definitely fits the description of apostasy more than anything else.

AW said...

Jeff Sharlet on Why the Family is Worse Than Fascism:

"One of the arguments in this book is that these guys aren't fascists; they're ultimately something worse. They're not fascists because they don't explicitly revere violence. Lots of violence occurs through various dimensions, but in fascism, violence is thought to have redemptive power. ...they don't love violence the way that fascism did. Their leader, Doug Coe, says that the Bible is filled with mass murderers. And it is. The difference is that European fascism was based on this idea that you can only become truly human through violence. The Family will say, oh no, we're pursuing peace. Hitler wasn't pursuing peace. The goal was this constant redemptive violence.

"The other thing is they differ in the strictness of their nationalism. The Family is an American ideology, and it has a lot of American ideology involved, but still it was founded by a Norwegian immigrant. It's more pluralist than European fascism that was about cleansing the blood. The Family is an imperial ideology, which is why I think it's ultimately worse than fascism. Since the Second World War, fascism hasn't been a very powerful ideology, but imperialism has."

What kind of empire do they envision?

"They envision the empire that we have. Doug Coe says, 'We work with power where we can and build new power where we can't.' Usually they can work within power. Rob Shank, another Christian right activist in Washington, says, 'The Family is into living with what is.'

"In the immediate postwar era, they were talking about Christian D-Day and Washington as the world's Christian capital. And World War Three, they were very excited about that, all full-steam ahead. But they sort of subsided and were subsumed into the American Cold War project, which ended up becoming an imperial project.

"...One member says that he'd rather let in a few wolves then keep out one sheep. I just want to know: When is the sheep getting here? Because all they've got are wolves.

The more interesting analysis is to view it not as cynicism but as a logical outcome of a theology that reveres power. This is not their system not working; it's their system working."
(emphasis added)

BTW, as noted in that article, except for a few powerful women, the Family is also quite misogynistic, meaning they fit right in with the culture wars and the Patriarchy crowd (remember Doug Phillips). We now have the neo-Calvinists promoting their 'Eternal Submission of the Son' heresy in order to justify their belief that women (believers!) are not only supposed to be submissive in the here-and-now, but will also be for all eternity! (It is exclusively men who believe in the eternal submission of women who are promoting this doctrine... they want it to be true so badly that they reason from their interpretation of creation back up to the Creator, impose their view on the Trinity, and then reason back down to creation to say that must be how God intended things to work. It's stunning in its blasphemy!)

AW said...

BTW, in relation to the culture wars against 'godless secularism,' it was actually the Family who got Under God added to the Pledge of Allegiance as well as In God We Trust added to the US currency (The Family, p198-99). The Family also ties in to the 'Covenantalism' of the Dominionist/Reconstructionists - 'a commitment, a pledge,' where Doug Coe gives the example of dedication in beheading one's own parents... and they call it "Love" just like the NAR.

"The Family has grown and taken root directly at the center of American democracy, intertwining with the world as it is. 'Business as usual' is the Family’s business. The elite fundamentalism of the Family doesn’t lead us back to Plymouth Rock, much less to the Taliban’s Kabul. The Family’s faith is not that of a walled-off community but of an empire; not one to come but one that already stretches around the globe, the soft empire of American dollars and, more subtly, American gods. If we want to understand this fundamentalism, we must ask not what it wants to do but what it has done: how it has run parallel to and at times flowed into the main currents of history. We must solve the equation presented by Doug Coe: Jesus plus nothing. J + 0 = X. To solve for X, the role of elite fundamentalism, we’ll need to consider our variables: American Jesuses, plural, and nothing. Nothing, in this equation, stands for a great deal." (The Family, p57-58)

"Let’s return to our problem. Let J stand for Jesus. J + 0 = X. Is X a body of cells, or a social order, or a vision? Yes. All three. X = a vision. The vision isn’t the Sermon on the Mount; it’s not the beatitudes; it’s so simple it hurts (remember the Red Guard’s axe): the vision is total loyalty. Loyalty to what? To the idea of loyalty. It’s another M. C. Escher drawing, the one of a hand drawing the hand that is drawing itself. The Communist Party, plus Jesus. The Nazi Party, plus Jesus. The Red Guard, plus Jesus. What is the common denominator? Jesus? Or power? Jesus plus nothing equals power, “invisible” power, the long, slow, building power of a few brothers and sisters." (The Family, p256)
(emphasis added)

Anonymous said...

Wow, AW. Thank-you for all of that information regarding The Family. No wonder, many deceived Christians actually believe many of our politicians are born again Christians, when in fact, they are dominionists.

Bible Believer said...

Thank you from me too, for those coments as well AW. I am linking to them so people can read them in a new post...