Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Luciferian Election

For context regarding an issue I am going to raise:

Go to infowars, if you haven't kept up with different news. [showing for information not for endorsement] I didn't watch the videos but just stuck to the print and shared emails.

Read up on the Spirit Cooking debacle: be careful there ignore videos and just get the basic facts, it is sick Satanic stuff, they are using the "art" label to hide the real meaning of what is being done. The artist is an obvious occultist even appearing holding a goat's head in one photograph The elite love to do things in plain sight, with an excuse to "explain" it all. 

Also conspiracy at reddit too.

Does it mean something when the mainstreaming of conspiracy now means election news on the right reads like the website Vigilant Citizen? 

And remember what I warned about them....

Don't get too caught up in this news. Just learn enough to be informed. These people are evil.

But realize we are in a place now where evil has grown to depths, un-imagined.

I am praying because things have advanced so steadily and horribly.

Many of these revelations are accurate. Those who sell out for power, do sell their souls to Satan. I believe even lower levels of success in this world often means some type of "brotherhood" association and selling out and the higher you go, the worse it gets.

 For years I have written on this blog about our Luciferian elite focusing a lot on the sheep's in wolf's clothing in the pulpits. Many people told me I was nuts. The early days of this blog, were kind of scary. A few enemies who discovered this blog, told me I was "mentally ill" for believing that politicians dabbled in "dark arts". I lost a friend who never was shown this blog, just in telling her that our politicians were sold out and wicked in general. I am finding it interesting now they are busy "exposing" things that were once only talked about on conspiracy websites. Some conspiracy people may feel tempted to cheer, "hey we have been proven right!" but my main reaction is of disgust and horror.  Why should I trust the Jesuit mask wearers, and others who are exposing some of the evils that range from Epstein's Lolita flights to the Clinton Foundation?

One blog claims the whole mess is an occult ritual.  They have a point. It's a Satanic Super Bowl Show done over a series of months. The whole thing looks like a "crafted reality show" to me. Did someone write this like a movie script?  They are making it appear like Trump is the bumbling loud-mouthed "hero" who will vanquish all the globalist, demonic, occult driven and child molesting elite. 

                                      [picture source]
 I found myself wishing I could believe in Trump too as the hero to kick all their butts out, but I don't. No one becomes a billionaire in this system without making concessions along the way.  Sadly this may disappoint a few, but I believe he is part of the system too.

Several scenarios could happen here. They want Trump in, to do a Brexit American style, or to take the fall for the crashing economy where they plan to swing things back to Reaganomics and take us into the BRICS system. Another scenario could be that they are using this exposure of absolute evil, for desensitization. They will make the unacceptable acceptable. If such evils are exposed and Hillary with her dead eyes and Satanic countenance becomes president, then they know they can get away with just about anything, no one will utter a peep. Her power will be immense. No one will be able to touch her.  Then they can advance tyranny another step.

Others believe too this election is a set up for chaos in America. That it will be "close" and there will be cries of "rigging", they are all really selections at the highest levels and have been for a long time and then violence will ensue.

The whole idea will then be getting people to think who cares if Americans know many of their leaders are lying scamming sociopaths who go to Spirit Cooking occult parties and cover their homes in would be pedo-art?  Some are claiming there is even a special code for child trafficking within the exposed Podesta emails. The talk of pizza all over the place does seem very odd. Yes I have done searches on the Wiki-leaks. Try Pope on them. They sure love the Pope and you can see the Georgetown connections right in front of your eyes. Oh well, don't spend too much time there. We don't need to read the emotionless natterings of Satan's own.

They know most Americans will sit back on their easy chairs, and still pooh-pooh the "crazy" conspiracy theorists who warn about pedophile covens, and those who have sold their soul to Satan for power and money.  Do you think these things could have exposed 50 years ago, and just written off like they are being now? Watergate was nothing compared to what is being exposed now.

The entertainment world has been exposed for several years and now its the politician's turn. It will be business as usual and evil will grow, and it will be just like the Catholic church where the majority of the leaders were exposed as protectors of sex abusers with the great number of child and teen molesters, but so many choose to still believe in that rotten system and remain. God is giving a warning here, so many will not be able to say, "We didn't know". 

Luke 8:17 For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

The Wikileaks emails besides exposing that our leaders are technocrat, dead in side, globalists who are more busy butting into the rest of the world then caring about the American people they claim to serve, also seem to show different evidence of their occult involvement and possible perversions including sex abuse of minors. The deluge of information seems crafted to overwhelm people. It took me some time to even make sense of it all and even then I am confused.

The people who are going to vote for Hillary probably are not going to care to take the time to do the research. They consider this the propaganda of a bunch of "crazy" alt-right people who want to discredit a "strong" woman. Of course, do why trust these people doing all the exposing? Outside of the purpose of the things in darkness being revealed, those doing the exposing have their own agenda now. Surely it is being done for a reason to steer outrage.  They could even know that soon it won't matter. The wicked love for their evil deeds to be known.

This world is growing more evil. What is a Christian to do? There's been no time like this one before. Don't let them get to you.  Pray for peace, and for those you love. Realize world history is a litany of those oppressed by Satan's servants. Keep the faith and realize these are having their reward now.

 Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.


Anonymous said... and it's all just talk, right. - Don

Anonymous said...

Use your browser's text search with the string "The Donald" on this page: .

Bible Believer said...

Is this what you meant?

"The Donald and feng shui master Pun Yin.

Of course, when it comes to ancient Chinese beliefs and superstitions, we can’t forget about feng shui (风水 – fēng shuǐ). This system uses the laws of Heaven and Earth to improve your life. Chinese take their feng shui very seriously, and one’s home or office needs to be arranged in the correct manner to bring about positive qi which will lead to happiness and success in life. Even the Donald himself consults with feng shui masters from time to time, although he might not regard the practice as highly as his Chinese counterparts. To quote the business tycoon – ”I don’t’ believe in Feng Shui, but I use it because it makes me money.” Maybe he could consider using feng shui to correctly align his hideous toupée. If you’re interested in learning some more about this ancient practice, read Steve’s post from last year. Also, if you want to improve your Chinese, check out all of the many resources that Transparent Chinese has to offer."

Bible Believer said...

Another possible motive, out all the ones in the "know" and corral them and innoculate the masses against their warnings, and set up systems to cut down the first admendment even more. One can imagine Hillary on some kind of "conspiracy theorist" purge fest if she gets in.

Smear campaigns against anyone thinking and asking questions.

Reminds me when narcissists call their "enemies" paranoid and succeed in the gaslight a thons.

The wicked will tell people "youre just imagining things". God freed me from some wicked people who played those games. I have too much experience with those techniques in the personal arena.

Sure a lot of conspiracies are disinfo, but when they tell you with blatant connections and other problems in full view--not even the Satanist stuff but the basic Clinton Foundation facts and others, you know the wicked are playing games.

Anonymous said...

...Is this what you meant?

"The Donald and feng shui master Pun Yin.

Yeah, that is what I meant.

Buckmarley said...

Hi Biblebeliever , your site is very informative and I appreciate all you do in Jesus name. I pray you consider and pray about this prophecy given to Steven Crowder that the Lord revealed to me is true

If Hillary wins this marks the beginning of God's judgment on America, truly. God bless you and all who read your site and this prophecy with everlasting faith.

Adam Collins said...

more on the Donald...

(this is not an indorsement of everything Nathan says, though, he is a brother in Christ)

not to mention the "attempted assassination" at last night's rally on the donald

liz said...

after all the satanic associations that youtube videos exposed Hilary Clinton came out with stuff like "we love our neighbour" in a speech - to me this means that they know Christians are repulsed by it all and she is desperately trying to make amends
UK and US are historically culturally Christian and although it seems faith is weakening this latest media tidalwave of the exposing of satanic allegiance has given a jump start to Christianity because although many aren't very committed as Christians they are certainly repulsed by true satanism

the exposure is a good thing - people are having to think - and it is bringing Jesus centre stage

Scott Wasinski said...

It didn't take very long in research to discover the spiritual connections that these world leaders have. They serve Satan with great zeal and are all interconnected through the darkest of fellowship.

I just learned about a man named Stan Montieth that exposed the connections of these world leaders. He was a highly intelligent man. Not entertaining any one particular group, such as the "Illuminati" or Jesuits," or "Skull and Bones", CFR, TLC, IMF, Biblderberger Group, etc,.. He brought it all to the same common denominator that should be obvious to anyone that is born of the Spirit of the Lord....all of these men are connected through luciferian service and worship. I.E. "The Brotherhood of darkness." Stan warned people about God's eternal wrath and specifically exhorted people to fear the Lord and to repent unto Him, trusting in Jesus Christ. I recommend that people look at some of his work.

One thing that I have pondered for a long time is the question as to whether these people are intentionally displaying their spiritual source of power with hand signs, numerology, gematria, etc.. or if that is a spiritual law that cannot be broken, exposing from whence they come. Sort of like the spirits make themselves known when their influence is present.

The Clinton's have a long history of having very close ties with the Donald, as well as Trump, himself identifying himself as a Democrat for decades...until recently.

And there is also the Jeffry Ebstien connection:

Consider that Fox Network supports Trump and also supports all sorts of occult propaganda, even naming one of it's prime time shows "Lucifer."

These days ahead are going to be dark, no matter what the world leaders have planned.

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

Podesta political facts; - Don

Anonymous said...

Lest we actually be concerned with the "spirit cooking" issue... Of course, they mock and vilify those who would dare call this "art" occultism. I agree that if Hillary gets elected, there will be a total crack down on anyone who questions. They will be "kooks", and probably mentally ill. Who knows, there might be the same under Trump. I agree that he is likely involved in the same system, I have no great illusions that he will be different no matter what he says. I have long maintained that we will get the leader we want and deserve as a nation.

I listened to Pastor Charles Lawson's Sunday morning service this morning, and he addressed this "spirit cooking" on a minimal level (he wouldn't go into detail, as he said he was in God's house, but encouraged people to Google it if they wanted to know). But I thought it was interesting how he said that this type of thing will become THE worship, all the lukewarm churches, false churches, occultists, New Agers, everyone will just get together...there will be no illusion of Jesus, this is what it will be about. I know that there will be a one world religion, but I had never quite thought about it like that before. The more you see things like this become mainstream and legitimized and "don't you dare question it" is easy to see that be the case. I have watched these things for over five years, and it is just surreal to see what is going on now. It is hard to even get your brain around, and I know we've seen nothing yet.


Anonymous said...

Regarding the picture of DT next to a wicked figure is a bit off the charts and unfair. Many people put their hands in that position innocently, myself included. The Bible tells us not to get too deep in the weeds to use modern lingo. We are not to even speak of the dark evil things that are being discussed here. We are to set our minds on things above, things that are of good repute, etc. The Bible is very clear about that.

I know this article is written with good intentions, but it does nothing to edify us.

shelly said...

Went to Snopes to see what they had to say on America.about spirit cooking and it's artist. They are a legitimate cess pool of lies. Anyway, God is exposing the deeds before He proceeds with judgement

Anonymous said...

@Scott Dr. Stanley Monteith was in the CNP. - Don

Faith said...

To Adam Collins,

I would dig a little deeper into 'Nathan being a brother in Christ'. I watched his ministry for about 3 years and met with him and his wife. I call his ministry false and 'wolf in sheep's clothing', as others have also found out, and got away from his ministry. You discerned that not everything he says is correct. It is good that you recognized something was wrong. I am praying that God open your eyes to the deception of this ministry.

Google the subject and listen to others who have figured out he is a wolf.....just a suggestion and warning for you. Additionally, there is a problem with the individuals whom he knows and listens to such as Benjamin Baruch, Rick Wiles, and Steve Quayle. If you don't know what's wrong with any of the aforementioned teachers, ask the Lord Jesus to reveal it to you. Just a humble admonition. Take it or leave it. God bless you.


Anonymous said...

Why are we not suppose to talk about the things discussed here? Do these problems work themselves out? How are we to warn people of the dangers of these things and how depraved the "leaders" of this country are? That comment is a weird one, and doesn't set well with me. My bible tells me we are to know Satans devices and the way he works. That doesn't mean study occult material, but to be aware of it. Burying ones head in the sand and give evil people free reign to do as they please without being exposed is exactly what they want. I guess it's what others want as well......James

liz said...

I agree with the last comment - the other thing is "Faith" mentioned Steve Quayle - I saw him on Infowars on youtube and I think he is genuine - he spoke about demons correctly - anorexic demons are my particular area of interest and knowledge - I went to his website but it was not very well laid out so a bit offputting even though I think he has relevant stuff to say

the thing is working out who is genuine and who isn't

here is someone I follow who has an excellent layout for his blog

Bible Believer said...

I take personal prophecies with a grain of salt, seen too many false ones.

I can agree with you that this is the beginning of judgement here, definitely.

I've seen odd things on Watchman's cry, it was years ago. Just didn't agree with everything there.

Sure they know Christians are repulsed, even that Jay Z concert, upset some, I'm not surprised she used a little bit of "Christian speak". For those paying attention, the overt Satanism was a wake-up call of sorts. Sadly most are asleep.

I agree about the world leaders. Scott be careful of Montieth, learn details but realize the CNP memebership as mentioned below. It's hard to find independent researchers who are not "connected". Remember even one of my betrayers seemed to be a NWO exposer. Yes the thing that connects them all is Satan. He is right about that exposed piece of information. The Clinton's yes are friends with Trump. I agree about the dark days ahead.

Sure anon they got their cover story for everything, it's just performance art, even though she has eosteric magic terms in there and speaks of the left hand [the left handed path] I was too grossed out to go read too much about her "ceremonies" but look at her screamed Satanist and even possessed.

Hillary is going to shut down anyone who questions. I can see "conspiracy theorists" gone after. Since Hillary has now been deemed above the law, I can see purges and all sorts of things. Many believe the Clintons murder or have murderered to achieve their aims. Well anyone who knows what is going on is deemed "crazy". I have gotten so quiet around regular people, it gets lonely, they don't want to know anything. There's only a very few thinkers out there. The Pod Christians on my Facebook even alarm me with the constant extortations that I must pray for whoever wins. I don't believe we are required to pray for the seared and Satan's own.

I can see the "worship" changing too, in many places it already has, unity in diversity, where all sorts of ceremonies and experiences will happen. Yes they mainstream even the most sick things, like a woman splashing blood around. Oh sometimes I just want to throw up. The spiritual dead say nothing to see here.

Sure we have to be careful of random hand positions, with Trump, reading of his history and more, there is too much elite involvement even if I never saw one hand gesture.

I posted a video of a guy warning about the lawlessness of immigration and someone said he had occult hand gestures, but I think he was just being random, he actually in his videos later, in a different place, got a microphone, and started using that so he would not wave his hands around so much and maybe saw people on here, remarking on his hand gestures.

We do have to be careful, some hand gestures are more obvious then others.


Bible Believer said...

Anon maybe this blog is not for you. Many told me in the early days of this, don't talk ab out these evil things, they wanted me silenced. I don't know why you want Christians staying in the dark, how does one set their mind on "good" when they don't even discern evil? This is not a devotional blog. Thank you James, it sets in my spirit wrongly too.

This not an easy blog to write, I have faced IRL things for this place.
I even am worried about the soon crack down on people who write about these subjects but what other choice was there? People saying "be silent", "be silent" don't talk about these things are part of the problem. They are obeyers of the world system.

With the spirit cooking there is a LOT of occult in the art world. I do art work, and there's much art that is okay but the occult strains are there too. Those who think this woman just came up with her blood and guts ceremonies for a kick, and academic art are deluded beyond belief.

I discerned something was wrong over at Watchman's cry too. Things are just "weird" over there, I can't even explain it. The red and black "knights" to me seems to be a marker too.

Yes those who follow the Nephilim and other teachers, it's all dubious.

I agree James, well people have told me to be silenced for years. I've had real world consequences for this blog. With a HIllary win, I can see them attempting to shut this place down. Maybe it is small enough to escape notice, but Hillary will war against the "evil" 'alt right' and while many are controlled opp included in this will be honest bible believing Christians and others who warn about the new world order system and more. I hate the right as much as the left, but you know they would scoop me up in that net too. I am horrified that now overt Satanism can be displayed and no one cares, it's business as usual. You know "conspiracy" is being innoculated against, as they put things on full display, for a massive nation wide gaslighting. "Don't listen to those crazies and nuts!"

These problems are worsening not getting better, the unacceptable made accceptable. Our leaders are indeed depraved. Yes many do not want the evil exposed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bible Believer,

Today I learned that Donald Trump has strip clubs in his casinos. I am so grieved! While some profess the Bible does not speak against casinos in defense of his character, saying "Donald is moral," we ignore other major sins of his character. And while the patriots of America are crying, "We are not voting for a pastor in chief, we are voting for a commander in chief," why pray tell, have we not heard of his strip clubs? And this is what he believes a woman's worth is....that of a stripper? And what about the other wicked and evil things that go hand in hand with such wicked enterprises, the sex trafficking, the prostitution, the pornography (which incidentally is alive and well within our churches (better not to speak of such evil, just smile and ignore it), and adultery, fornication, etc.

Yes, there are those who are foolish and blind in believing Donald Trump is going to restore some veneer of moralism within this country that has been quite depraved for some time....since its founding.

"Expose the works of darkness and have nothing to do with them." Jesus speaking.

Eternally Home said...

Nathan Leal/Watchmen's Cry was also a regular on "The Hagmann & Hagmann Program" in thee Hagmann's early beginnings and Steve Quayle also knows Nathan Leal and the Hagmann's. Leal still has the "Donate" button. Nathan Leal's current interview is with a CCM Artist -

The Interview page links to the CCM artist's webpage -

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:55 Heather

Charles Lawson is off. He is into all that nephiliam stuff. I used to like him too but he has gotten really off.

Anonymous said...


Steve Qualye is off too. He is into all that nephiliam stuff and even endorses hererics Tom Horn and Chuck Missler.

Anonymous said...

I have seen so many "anti tyranny" posts on Facebook today, from Hillary supporters. The lack of logic is baffling. What's good is bad, and bad is good. I don't pretend to believe Trump would be much if any better but I believe even these "moral" people are so given over to delusion that even when there are purges or widespread persecution, they will deny it. I am not even sure they will be ignoring it, I really think they won't equate it with anything evil, and certainly their candidate could never do wrong so it must not real. And the news media will handily spin those tales. For the ones who are already given over to total paganism and wickedness... It will just be entertainment.

I was unfortunate enough to see pics of the Spirit cooking as I scrolled on FB. I wish I had not.

I don't even post on Facebook on the election news anymore, I don't think it matters. People refuse to acknowledge any sort of truth that does not make them look good. Agreed about being sick of other Christians carrying on about Trump saving the world. I wonder if they have ever read their Bible. There is so much Dominionism now, it's sickening. I can't even pray for this nation, I just have no liberty to do such. everyone is posting "God bless the USA", I just don't see how He can. Praying for people to get saved and trying to be as much salt and light as I can. You are right, it is lonely, even other Christians don't care and I am fairly guarded with what I say to others. I will pray for you, I'm sure it is tough to write this blog, the attacks must be great at times. Especially when your health is not good. I can relate to that, mine is not either and I have a lot of chronic pain. Those of us who read your blog appreciate you.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of this year plays out.


Bible Believer said...

Not surprised at the strip clubs in casinos, aren't casinos bad enough? I had an old IFB church member from older community tell me she believed Trump was a Christian, I told her i did not agree, but peacefully ended the online conversation. He is in another photo holding a homosexual flag for gay rights.

I don't want Trump oppressing/hating homosexuals like some obsessed do on the right: ie Steven Anderson, but for those going on as Trump as the beacon of Christian morality, give me a break!

In the old days owners of casinos and strip clubs wouldn't have even been on the presidential list, yeah maybe they aren't pastors, but didn't we get college professors and the like? Sure those places bring far more sins then the gambling money.

I am old enough to remember the 1980s and Trump then.

How could everyone FORGET?

Thanks Eternally Home, for those details.

Look if those Hillary supporters can't even see that the NDAA is tyranny what do they know? Trump supports the "same war on terror" and police state crack downs.

Yes the SPirit Cooking stuff is gross, I scrolled quick, I refused to look at videos.

I was unfortunate enough to see pics of the Spirit cooking as I scrolled on FB. I wish I had not. I understand avoiding election news on Facebook. The Dominionism is to the extreme now, yes it is. I know I am weary of it all too and feel sad. Yeah it is tough to write this blog. I've been at it a long time too. LOL I have had great attacks for it, even in real life, it is scary and losing friends or with the few I have shown it going "distant" from me. I feel like there is no one to talk to out there except husband and a few others, sorry you feel you have had to go quiet too a lot me as well. I will pray for your pain to ease up. Thanks for your kind words too.

Scott Wasinski said...

I am encouraged to see so many people exposing Trump and the system on this thread. As with many controversial subjects, it is grievous (to say the least) to see so many just parroting the unbiblical views that they have heard from their misleaders in the corporations that blaspheme the Lord.

Thank you Don for the heads up. I am ignorant of what CNP is, but at a brief glance, it appears to be a dominionist organization, yet that wouldn't jive with Stan's message. I did know that he was linked with a couple of "Christian" leaders that are not following Christ, like Pat Robertson, but I hoped that it was only for the advantage of his work (which I have found to be well done so far). I did call him into question, as I am a suspecter of persons. I think in these days of deception, it is wise to consider all possibilities of controlled opposition

Nathan Leal...I have had conversations with him and his wife. They are both pridefully rebellious against the the truth and teach many lies. I was banned by Donna for exposing some false teachings on their "watchmanscry" site. They also allow all sorts of imaginative doctrines such as the nephalim bovine scat. Nathan also teaches America is Babylon the Great (which is an altogether impossibility when you actually READ Revelation 17 & 18).But he has a 501 c 3 corporation that is labeled a "church" where he generates revenue from falsely teaching tithing & offering as money

When it comes to the vile deeds of these occult leaders, I have become physically nauseous over the deeds that they do in secret. If anyone thinks that Trump is "God's choice," I dare you to look into his ties with Jeffrey Ebstein, Clinton's, Kissinger and many, many other known occultists that practice evil things and shed innocent blood. James Corbett has done some excellent work in journalism, sourcing all of his reports. Here is a link to his channel, you can do a search for specific topics and find that James covers many things that are never published on the average alternative news sites or mainstream news. He exposes the network of "human trafficking", child abductions, and political pedophilia (which is directly linked to the occult practices) No, Trump is about as much of a man of God as David Rockefeller.

People really will go to great lengths to hold onto the "American Dream," turning blind eyes from the verifiable, sourced information that indicts their heroes of great evils.
The Lord calls His people to awaken, not to dream.

BB, I am one of many that are very grateful for your diligence and passion to spread the uncomfortable and straight-forward truth. you have a way of grace about you that I cherish in your character. THANK YOU.

I'm not a robot (anymore;) But I see there are some lurking around here. Get de-programmed.

liz said...

Trump isn't perfect but he is a trillion times better than Clinton and he has got in ! congratulations

liz said...
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liz said...
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Grammy G said...

There you have it folks! A majority of American people believe a liar, adulterer, thief, strip-club owner, gambler, covetous man is going to lead our country to a better place. And....appoint judges who are ethical. What are people thinking? But now, we must be in fervent prayer for our nation, President and President Elect. It's done, we got what the people THINK they want. I am so glad God is King and I can know He allowed Trump in for His purposes. Now, let's see what God can and will do!

Anonymous said...

Scott, you are correct; and BB, I too thank you for bringing some "unpleasant" issues to the table for discussion. So many are blinded to the truth. Even though we know Trump is NOT over yet. A lot can happen between now and the end of January. There still remains a very strong possibility that Obama will remain in office and this was the plan all along. It's a wait and see.

Scott Wasinski said...

Liz, Donald Trump Praised his close friend Jeffrey Ebstein and specifically stated that they both have the same attraction to women that are on the "younger side." Ebstein is the one that holds the blackmail of his "guests" Clinton would not be allowed to hold that sort of evidence. She and Bill are both controlled. Ebtein has enough on Donald, Hilary, Bill (and many others). The report that you heard, was false. The FBI is the agency that holds all of the crucial evidence as insurance to be certain that their puppets do not go out of their boundaries, and do their bidding.

Donald also has the Scottish Rite double headed eagle on his hotel crest in Scotland (of all places)

Yes, Donald is as much of an outsider and as innocent as Henry Kissinger.

Did anyone notice how, after he was declared the winner, he praised Hilary for serving the country? A week ago he said if he was president, she'd be in prison.

Wake up.

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

Grammy, what would be your thoughts if Hillary Clinton had won?

liz said...

Rupert Murdoch is the owner of Fox news - Murdoch got behind Brexit in UK - he must have friends like the Rothschilds who are hopping mad about that - but he did bc EU never listened to him or showed him any respect - our Prime Minister went to Murcdoch for advice on leaving EU recently

seems Rupert Murdoch is onboard for WW3 with Russia though

things aren't black and white and you should give Trump a chance - just saying

Anonymous said...

Scott, please get your facts straight. Trump got the Scottish Coat of Arms which has nothing to do with Freemasonry. It is about the history of Scotland.

I have seen the various sites which show the hand gestures of Trump and Ivanka as a sure indication they are occultists. Really? Stop!

God allowed this man to become president. Leave it at that please.

Anonymous said...

"Alternative media" is already making excuses for trump if his presidency doesn't fulfill what he promised. I seen an article called "neo cons will try and infiltrate trump presidency". If the agenda stays the same, just blame it on those pesky neo cons..........James

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:26. It seems no amount of proof will get you to change your mind, and that's fine. I care not what he wears, his hand signs show what he is. to say those are common handsigns that people do while being photographed is outright denial. I've never done those signs while being photographed, even before knowing about them. I'd like you you to please come back here 6 months after he is sworn in so we can discuss the change in our country, or lack thereof........James

Scott Wasinski said...

Anon 4:26pm, I specifically referenced the double headed eagle that he used in the coat of arms. It is the Scottish Rite symbol of freemasonry. If you go and critically look at all my comments and my references of sited sources, you would not be so quick to dismiss this one. Go ahead and turn your blind eyes away, if you want. The fact is that Donald Trump is doing what he is told to do. Nothing is going to change regarding the course of this country and the one world order. The "Christians" that have rejected the truth are being sent strong delusions in so many directions, it is astonishing to see.

Donald Trump serves Satan, and he is leading the willfully ignorant, very hard headed, stiff necked churchianity proselytes that reject the headship of Jesus Christ, into the slaughter. The Lord God is truly just in all of His ways.

Every single person gets the opportunity to vote for their leader. I vote for Jesus Christ as mine:)

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather,reprove them.

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Grammy G said...

My reply would have been the same. Her "fruit" or character is worse yet, and I would have been even more sad. But the end result would have been the same, we must pray for our President and our nation. I don't get upset with politics because I am a Christian first and foremost. I trust God and I can't influence the political system because I do trust Him and our political system wants nothing to do with Him.

Scott Wasinski said...

I just wanted to make an observation regarding some of the disagreements I have seen and been a part of here.

What I have noticed is that there are those that post information that is backed up by evidence and sources that are verifiable. There is also those that will dissent or contend based upon feelings and emotions.

The heart of man is the most deceptive thing,according to the Word of God. The Word should be the foundation of our faith, if we have been born again. We should all be willing to stand in correction and nobly search matters out, rather than to settle things in our hearts based upon our "feelings" or thoughts.

The scripture warns of many deceptions abounding in these last days and when our hearts are the most deceptive device in the world, we should be very diligent, taking heed unto ourselves that we be not deceived.

It is troubling to see so many people that claim to believe in Jesus Christ, thinking that Donald Trump is not a satanist, and they support him with their hearts. What a time to be alive, eh?

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

It’s a treat to visit here and read the opinions of so called believers who are in fact polluted by the world and its ministers of Satan. Believers are in the world but not of the world yet few can see how politics are nothing but a deception of the devil. For those that voted for George W. Bush, I want to congratulate you with the culpability of killing millions of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan. And to those who voted for Obama, you should be happy to know that you’re responsible for the continuation of these killings and the added ones in Libya and Syria. The devil can’t do anything besides convincing people to do his work and you people that have seen election after election, war after war, and offer empty and nonsensical opinions only prove how silly and delusional you are. Whoever is placed in the White House is in fact an employee of the devil.

Please read this slowly: “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.” (Ps 146:3). If a person doesn’t participate in this wicked system, they can’t be culpable and “the accuser of our brethren” (Rev 12:10) can’t accuse you of murder.

Anonymous said...

We all know there are things going on behind the scenes, evil things, that we cannot know about but only speculate which is distracting and takes our attention off where it should be: living for Christ and sharing the Gospel and staying in the Word and prayer.

But God knows and believers are His children and He is going to take care of us through all trials. We need to let God be God and thank Him for His grace and mercy and TRUST Him that He has allowed DT to be president and go about our daily lives serving and trust Him.

This life is a spiritual battle and if we could pull back the curtain and see what is going on it would surely astonish us.

Haley said...

Anonymous 4:26, we should bury our collective heads in the sand, ignore the blatant occult imagery and hand signs surrounding this election and the candidates and simply "leave it at that?" How are we to confront the ever-emboldened and growing spiritual wickedness in high places if we do t even acknowledge it exists? Haley

Soldier of Jah said...

America just elected Constantine,once again the Protestant/Evangelical churches prostituted themselves to curry favor and power. Now we will see a Church-State union reminiscent of Papal Rome and the Monarchies of the old world.

Anonymous said...

Scott. The double headed eagle is also seen in the Vatican as well. It was the official seal of the old and new Roman empires. It represents the papacys/ Caesears dominion of both spiritual and temporal. Trump went to Jesuit Fordham university......James

liz said...

so Scott - answer this - who does Hilary Clinton worship ? taking into account Wikileaks , spirit cooking , Rules for Radicals acknowledgments page - who does she serve ???

Anonymous said...

No disrespect here to any poster, for if we take a step back to analyze the condition of the church and state relationship, the 501c. 3 condones that beautifully. The American government already has a powerful relationship with 'the visible church.' And the 'visible church' already has great power and control over the pew sitter in the form of indoctrination and manipulation through not preaching the full counsel of our LORD.

Churches have become festival centers for worshiping the state, especially around memorial day and the fourth of July, where red, white, and blue and paying homage/idolizing our aggressive military. The nationalism and patriotism worship already embodies every denomination, and to speak against "the state" within any of these religious groups/facilities invokes passionate hatred against the born again believer speaking out.

Papal Rome already has its power over former American presidents, so there is nothing new under this sun.

Anonymous said...

@SOJ That already happened with the 1st Amendment as it was the way Rome infiltrated America. People that say God can not use Trump are saying God is not sovereign. (Romans 13) - Don

Bible Believer said...

There's a lot of information on Trump out there.

Google Drumpf.

Why doesn't it bother people that Trump was part of gambling?

The mafia has a lot of involvement with gambling operations.

Gambling IS how Trump built his fortune, along with the real estate.

[take the later Makow "Jew" stuff with a grain of salt]

It's obvious Trump is part of high level elite circles. Of that there is no argument. Even exploring his father's past is interesting.

The elite are merely swinging the pendelum from left to right, right to left, we end up with much of the same.

Trump has shown himself in certain "ceremonies" and "rituals" like "kissing" Guiliani. Somesort of cybele ritual kissing the bosom?

From "insearchofblackassasins" [just using for information, that website is a mix like lots of places]

"Tubal-Cain is VULCAN of the Pagans.[2] Folks, Rudy Giuliani in drag and Prima Donna Donald Trump acting out as a paramour was no comedy routine, but a serious secret society ritual of public humiliation played out before your eyes where subordinate members or initiates engage in playful transsexual activities with certain male blood elitist members of the group."

It doesn't take long to figure out that Trump is part of the elite inner circles and up to the same things as many of the others.

Bible Believer said...

It's better to lean towards not being too trusting of exposers and others. Even here, I have written many times check and research things for yourself. I am a "real person" but sometimes that can feel lonely out there, LOL I don't have teams of researchers to help me and have my limitations. I've been burned by even those who told me they believed the same way, NWO aware etc.

The Watchman's Cry bothers me. I have gone there in the past to look at "news". The prophecy dreams and visions board is of interest. Should we go back and see how many prophecies came true? The Nephilim stuff too bothers me. I've given a few, the benefit of the doubt thinking perhaps it was a wrong conclusion...Matt 24, but too many of the false push that stuff. In my case, I can't ignore that I knew about the Watchers as a UU theosophist before it hit in big in the Christian world.

America, part of Babylon under Rome's rule but you take Rome out of it, it makes no sense. the Beast system is world wide too.

Yes there are tons of articles that talk of the issues with Epstein, the connections with the Clintons where two of their daughters are even "friends" attendance to each other's weddings, the schmoozing at the Al Smith dinner, and far more. No one becomes a mega billionaire without being invited into the elite circles. I "know" even lower-levels--just average millionaires and high positions in the government get there all via "connections" and selling out. The higher up you go the worse it gets.

I will check out James Corbett.

Bible Believer said...

There are conspiracy boards that have exposed the pedo circles too. I have warned of the luciferians here for a long time, lets just say they sink to the lowest levels. If one knows about "mind control" and other things of deep conspiracy where they enslave people such as in entertainment, the extreme wickedness of the elite, is known and a given.

I believe many people do not want to accept or admit how this world really is run. They want to believe in the false dreams and delusions given by this society. The churches have become spokesmen for the oppressors and the devils disciples. They will help with the oppression of millions and already have. The Christian "right" again blew it, repeating the Bush saga. When will they ever learn? I guess never.

Thanks Scott W for your words, I hope I can warn more people. We are having some scary times come.

Liz, they are all birds of a feather. Look Clinton is evil but right now they are presenting Trump as the alternative. I do not havehe same hope. Let's see how many Goldman Sachs members make it to his cabinet. He chose Pence afterall as VP.

Grammy, I agree though I do not pray for the seared. I consider it a waste of time. We should pray for the protection of the innocent. The "pray for our leaders" rhetoric, is part of the reason we got in this much trouble in the first place with wicked kings. I do not see Trump working on behalf of God's purposes, but the other sides. [Remember in this fallen world, much evil happens, and God is not the author of evil]

"“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy,” Trump told New York Magazine for a 2002 profile of Epstein. “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

Similarly, a 2003 Vanity Fair profile of Epstein named Trump as one of the “businessmen who dine with him at his home,” and several other articles have pegged Trump and Epstein as friends.

But when FBI investigators looked through Epstein’s private address book, they found 14 different phone numbers for Trump, including numbers for his security guard and houseman. Epstein also had numbers for Trump’s daughter Ivanka and his ex-wife Ivana."

Read more:

It's not just "Democrats" up to no good.

I think the FBI failed us all too, surely with Clinton's emails and the pedo stuff being exposed if they were a real independent organization not controlled by elites, they could have exposed the whole mess. If you have read about the "pizza gate" stuff on conspiracy boards and elsewhere then you know how completely evil our elite are. We are talking full blown Satanists sinking down to the lowest levels of degenerate behavior. Just like the Vatican's filth has been exposed now the political elite's has been exposed.

Yeah James sounds like they are setting things up for when the neo-cons get appointed to the boards by him. "Oh he got infiltrated". Even Obama ran right for the Goldman Sachs crowd.

Agree about people coming back 6 months later.

Why would an American guy cover things with double headed eagles from Scotland? Yes it is a Vatican symbol as James points out too.

The evidence that Trump is just another luciferian elite, is extensive. I know people want to think now things will be different but reality is what it is.

Isaiah 1: 23 Thy princes are rebellious, and companions of thieves: every one loveth gifts, and followeth after rewards: they judge not the fatherless, neither doth the cause of the widow come unto them.

Anonymous said...

All the above revelations remind me of the whole "Franklin coverup" case......James

Cindie Cakes said...

"We all know there are things going on behind the scenes, evil things, that we cannot know about but only speculate..."
We do know about these things because of a process Alice Bailey termed "the externalisation of the hierarchy". This Satanic hierarchy is externalised or promoted through the culture, with particular attention going to entertainment and politics. God has allowed this externalisation to take place so that His saints can use their Holy Spirit-given discernment to separate from the Devil's dominion.

"We need to let God be God and thank Him for His grace and mercy and TRUST Him that He has allowed DT to be president..."
Donald Trump was not allowed to president as a BLESSING for America.
Donald Trump was allowed to be president as a CURSE and JUDGEMENT against America.

It's interesting that Michael Moore (an Illuminatus like Trump and Clinton) states that Trump will be the last POTUS.
Of course he will be.
The Illuminati have always chosen every single POTUS, from John Hanson (no, George Washington was not the first POTUS), to the current president-elect. Trump was specifically chosen by the Illuminati to CREATE CHAOS for the world (and America in particular). It is this chaos that will provide the impetus for implementing the New World Order and ushering in the Antichrist.

Every single person who voted, voted for a servant of Satan. Doesn't matter which party. They are all Freemasons and Illuminati, all in cahoots. Your vote meant nothing. Even Trump says the election was rigged...and it was. Against you.

liz said...

it's a small world at the top so it is no surprise Trump knows them all

look at Putin - when he first went into office he went along with all the people plundering his country - and then after 6 months or so he turned - he paid off the Rothschilds and told them they are not allowed to enter Russia - Russian government are not allowed to own Rothschild shares

Trump is in an ideal position to make a difference

we shall have to wait and see

Anonymous said...

I know that God is capable, and does place who he wants running over the nations if he wants, but wasn't it Satan who offered Jesus Christ the kingdoms of the world if he would fall down and worship him? I do not believe that God is responsible for the mess that is taking place in this world. It was man who first imagined things that never came across the mind of God. God, being ever rightous and ever good from everlasting did not invent the evil that's in this world. I have a hard time accepting that God put evil rulers in place, since Satan is "the god of this world". im betwixt the two. I know Gods ways cannot always be understood by man, but it's still tough for me to believe........James

Anonymous said...

@Cindie Cakes That comment was one of the most hurtful and hateful I have ever read. Like I have told another on this blog, follow God's leading in your life and I will do the same. Is this how you follow Christ's second NT commandment? (Mark 12:31) It does take much faith and trust to allow God to work in other peoples lives, to keep our hands off and let Him take them where they need to go. We will have different opinions, but that was pure condemnation and just very sad. (Romans 14:4 & 2 Corinthians 5:10) - Don

Bible Believer said...

I agree James, I do not see God as responsible for evil rulers either. Satan is the prince of this world.

I am noticing Trump is already putting in hard core Republicans of the system like Paul Ryan to help dismantle Social Security and Medicare, funny how they go running to those first instead of the trillions in war. Looks like the religious right, has ensured millions more suffering worse poverty.

Sorry if I sound biased here, but for my own life this could actually mean homelessness without God's intercession. My husband is sick and a free clinic keeps him going, and well Republicans won't exactly vote for funding for such a thing.

It looks like more of the same to me Don. Maybe there will be some happier surprises. Don I have told you I believe the [Satanic elite] chooses the president too all along the way. I know people have hopes for Trump and understand their motives, but sadly I think there's going to be a lot of disappointment. I wish I could be more hopeful. Even here, the idea of a true outsider, would have been pleasing to me as well, but I don't see it.

It looks like too, my and others warnings of Civil War, and unrest have come true, with half of Facebook wearing "safety pins" and putting up things like "Not my President" tags. That's unprecedented you know.

Cindie Cakes said...

Dear Don,
Could you please tell me how I have judged anyone?
It is God who judges, not I.
This nation is cursed. Every nation is cursed. The nations seek their political idols to rule them instead God, and have suffered for it since the very beginning. Even the Israelites were not immune from this.

Deuteronomy 11:26-28: “See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse:
the blessing, if you obey the commandments of the LORD your God, which I command you today, "and the curse, if you do not obey the commandments of the LORD your God, but turn aside from the way that I am commanding you today, to go after other gods that you have not known."
1 Samuel 8:6-7,18: But the thing displeased Samuel when they said, “Give us a king to judge us.” And Samuel prayed to the LORD. And the LORD said to Samuel, “Obey the voice of the people in all that they say to you, for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected me from being king over them. And in that day you will cry out because of your king, whom you have chosen for yourselves, but the LORD will not answer you in that day.”

God allows each and every one of us to choose for Him or against Him through the exercising of our free will. This is why we have wickedness in the world and evil leaders to govern us. Free will. The fallen angels used their free will to become demons. God is not responsible for the evil in the world that the wicked nations of the world have wrought--but He will deal with them appropriately, because He is love, holiness and justice personified:

John 3:16,18-19: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only Son of God. And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil."

Donald Trump is a foreshadowing of the acceptance of the Antichrist. When he makes his appearance on the world stage, the world will choose him (John 5:43), and be punished for it (see the Trumpet Judgments of Revelation).

So you see Don, I have not judged anyone.
What I have said, I said out of love for my fellow man. If anyone judged inappropriately, it was you against me.

Anonymous said...

@Cindie Cakes You said, "Every single person who voted, voted for a servant of Satan." That IS your judgement on everyone that voted. You need to read Romans 13 slowly and then reread it a few times. Are you being subject to higher powers, the government? Are you calling what God has ordained "evil"? There is need to allow each person to act on their own conscience and to follow God. God did create each of us differently. I am not asking you to be me, stop telling me to be you. You are entitled to have your opinion and so am I. Again, if you are saying God can not use Trump then you are saying God is not sovereign. If this is you idea of love, you will need to rethink it. (Romans 13:10) - Don

Anonymous said...

Ok BB you think and believe, but that is not Ok for others that do not always agree with you. I think we both can agree that Trump is not our Savior. Also, there is only so much a President, figurehead, can do. There is a very large mess in Washington and it has been that way for a very long time. I am hopeful that positive change can start. Your thoughts could be correct. We shall see what transpires. The reason that there is no true fellowship in the world today is because we find it more important to prove ourselves right then building relationships with others. News Flash; Jesus Christ is right and we are ALL wrong. I am done with this topic! - Don

Scott Wasinski said...

BB, again thank you for standing on the side of truth. So many comments on here that are yielding to personal opinions, private interpretations, and the very ecumenical squishy, false unity that allows people to respect "opinions" that contradict facts. I see that you, I and a few others are attacked, personally, because we declare the truth about the satanic system. I was surprised to see Don become so irrational, departing from the truth. My guess is that he has justified in his heart a vote for Trump and by reading Cindie Cakes' truthful comment, was convinced that it was and evil decision. Using the Romans 13 reference out of the context of the discussion, really shows him grasping at straws on this one.

The heart of man is deceptive above all and desperately wicked! Why would anyone that claims to be a saint, want to trust their own opinions??? These topics are only divisive because of the pride and lust in the heart of men. For those of us that have the Word of God as the foundation for our faith, we are not easily persuaded or tolerant of personal interpretations or opinions that contradict the Word of God and the discovered truth in the world in which we live.

I really want to encourage you, BB. I have conversations with people about your site. There are MANY that read your articles. Your blog is a wealth of information to a LOT MORE PEOPLE than the blow holes that comment below. I am one of the blow holes.

I may be a blow hole, but..............

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Liz, Don and Anon at 12/13 2:26 a.m.

There needs to be some room for disagreement amongst brothers and sisters in Christ as long as it is done with love and extending grace. None of us is privy to the plans of the Lord and none of us have the ability or right to judge another's heart or motives.

Anonymous said...

"As Christians it is imperative that we rise above sectarian divides and find our identity first and foremost in Christ, not according to the flesh. If we are drawn into the conflicts and power struggles of this world we have lost sight of the fact that the kingdom of God is not of this world and that our hope is in the resurrection. We must wage war, but not as the world does. The weapon that we fight with is the word of God and the victory is in seeing our enemies reconciled to God and to us in Christ.”


Anonymous said...

this is an add on to the below source, thank you.

God’s warnings through Moses – Part 5 of ‘The Hope of Israel’
(This is an edited version of chapter 5 of Mauro’s book.)

add on to source:

AW said...

I'm late to the conversation but am encouraged that others have already called out the suspect/false teachers I was going to. Biblebeliever has already exposed several of these groups and teachings (The Family/Fellowship, Nephilim, etc).

I'm also glad BB pointed out Trump's ties to organized crime. Engdahl wrote a good article exposing this back in March (keeping in mind Engdahl's prior LaRouchian affiliations and no endorsement of the site):

The organization, Resorts International, discussed therein is described further: "Just as important, the primary lobby group for CIA intervention in Chile was the David Rockefeller-founded Council of the Americas (Americas Society), on whose executive board Harold Geneen sat at the time. In fact, David Rockefeller headed the lobbying committee. [48]

"To make David Rockefeller's dedication to human rights in his younger days just a little clearer, when the Shah of Iran was overthrown in 1979, President Jimmy Carter had no intention of providing the dictator with asylum in the United States, even if only for surgery. Carter only caved in after a campaign headed by David Rockefeller, with support of other Pilgrims as Henry Kissinger and Senator Claiborne Pell, portraying the Shah as a long-time ally of the United States. [49]

"The same Rockefeller clique had also been able to temporarily dump the Shah in the Bahamas at Resorts International, a gambling and tourism resort. [50] The Rockefeller clique claimed the decision for the resort was not their idea, but the fact remains that the chairman of Resorts International, James Crosby, was close to Nixon and Pilgrims Allen Dulles - the former CIA director - and Thomas Dewey. The resort was said to have had ties to Meyer Lansky's crime syndicate as well. Crosby also was chairman of Intertel, making him an even easier-to-spot CIA asset.

"Intertel was the primary security contractor of the Howard Hughes Corporation [51], the CIA's largest defense-related contractor in the 1960s and 1970s. [52] It seems clear that some elite Rockefeller networking was going on with regard to finding a new home for the Shah - and that this network extended to the CIA.

"What should always be remembered is that while the Shah may have been an ally of the elite, he ran a vicious secret policy and extensive torture operation to keep his country under control. [53]" from

AW said...

And some further info for Scott (and others) regarding the CNP:

Some key members:

J. Peter Grace - Knights of Malta, 1001 Club, Americares --> directly linked to child abuse
Nelson Bunker Hunt - Texas Oil/Organized crime/John Birch Society/1001 Club
Joseph Coors - The Family/Gathering, gave the funds to found the Heritage Foundation --> links directly to Le Cercle in Belgium and high level child abuse networks/pedophile entrapment
Paul Weyrich - Member of Le Cercle, coiner of the name "Moral Majority", co-founder Heritage Foundation
Gen. Daniel Graham - American Security Council (ASC)**, World Anti-Communist League (WACL), CAUSA/Moonies
Oliver North - (yeah, THAT Oliver North)... ASC, WACL, Heritage Foundation via 'Citizens for America,' and Iran-Contra
Gen. John Singlaub - Ass. Former Intelligence Officers (AFIO), ASC, WACL, Western Goals Foundation (John Birch Society)
Thomas Spencer - Le Cercle, Intelligence Summit, AFIO
Edwin Feulner - Heritage Foundation, ASC, Bohemian Grove, Center for Security Policy (CSP)**, Mont Pelerin Society (extreme Austrian School economics/neoliberal privetization [plunder] with direct ties to Le Cercle and the Vatican Paneuropa network)
Ed Teller - ASC, CSP, Bohemian Grove, CFR, Rockefeller Brothers Fund,
Elsa Prince - gave the start-up money for the Family Research Council, mother of Erik Prince, founder of the mercenary firm Blackwater.
Richard V. Allen - PNAC, Le Cercle, Heritage Foundation, Jamestown Foundation, CFR
Pat Robertson - Longtime affiliation with The Family (his mentor was Harald Bredeson, a 'field operative' of Abram Veriede and coiner of the term 'charismatic'
Tom Delay - member of the Family
Trent Lott - member of the Family, ASC, YAF
Pat Matrisciana - Jeremiah Films, on the board of Chuck Missler's "K-house"
Stanley Monteith - (also his wife, Barbara); Coast to Coast AM repeat guest
Dr. Gary North - rabid reconstructionist/dominionist, Rushdooney's son in law
Cleon Skousen - (also Mark & Joel Skousen), ASC, Coast to Coast AM
Edwin Meese III - longtime, major Family member, Mont Pelerin Society, Heritage Foundation
John Lehman - PNAC, Bohemian Grove, CSP
Paul Craig Roberts - supposed 'alternative' journalist, Mont Pelerin Society, Alex Jones guest

AW said...

The reason I put ** next to the American Security Council and the Center for Security Policy in my previous comment, is because the CSP is the continuation of the old ASC network, only targetting 'terrorism' rather than 'communism.'

Becoming familiar with this network will help clarify just how bad the powers behind Trump really are, as it didn't seem to raise the alarm for most people when James Woolsey joined the Trump campaign. Besides being a former CIA director, Woolsey is ultra-connected, including to the ASC's modern day incarnation as the Center for Security Policy.

A look at their personel is most disturbing:
Frank Gaffney (advisor to Cruz's campaign), James Woolsey (co-chair), Edwin Feulner, as well as the usual PNAC/neocons such as Cheney, Perle, Feith, and Kagan.

There are also some hard-core pyschological operations/military intelligence people in the CSP like Gen. Thomas McInerney and Gen. Paul Vallely. These two guys pop up A LOT in the same tea party/'christian' circles as Gen. William 'Jerry' Boykin, another psyops extrordinaire, now VP of Family Research Council as well as Oak Initive with his Sovereign Order of Saint John buddy Rick Joyner. Hopefully some of you will recognize Paul Vallely as the one-time boss of Col. Aquino and co-author of his paper "From Psyops to Mindwar." (Note his name was misspelled as 'Valley' on the paper. Also note that Aquino was an advisory board member of the ASC).

This evil is pervasive, and culminating. It has literally committed fornication with all the kings of the world and done so by trading in the bodies and souls of men (children!). It is increasingly indistinguishable from the hard-right catholocism of Opus Dei and the SMOM, from the Dominionsists and the NAR, from the Calvinists with their Reconstructionism and free-market ideology, from the military intelligence/industrial complex and the occult.

It is rising, and rising here in America... if people keep saying that they'll "wait and see" and that things may seem to get better, do they have any idea what they'll be providing cover for?

Please, ask the Lord to continue to reveal the truth, the spiritual reality of what's really going on underneath all the rhetoric of morality, values, family, civilzations, because if we don't, it may very well seem to get better on the surface (afterall, many of the key people I just listed are at the heart of the anti-gay culture war, despite their own perversions) while inwardly being full of wickedness and every unclean thing.

Please don't fall for the image, the 'face' of the corporate Malignant Narcissist and fail to recognize that the words don't match the actions and all the past track record, or you'll be providing cover to and furthering this abomination. And make no mistake, God views taking His name in their mouths as a cloak for their evil as far worse than the unbelieving world growing more amoral, atheistic, and openly godless. Please see through the hypocrisy and coming deception!

(I know I'm 'preaching' to the choir here, but my heart is so burdened by this)

main sources:

Bible Believer said...

Don, I don't want to argue. I know people wanted to believe in someone who would bring change. It is difficult to look at what is happening. I will still write what I believe here, but on this topic we will see what happens with Trump. He is choosing CNP members.

I have written about the Religious Right here for years, I know my position is not an easy one to be in. I do wholly believe our system is Satanic, and that is a controversial position to take. You know I have warned about the political and world system a LONG time on here. I am just one ordinary person with a lot of health problems. I know I'm not perfect but the evidence that good and decent people are held out of the system is pretty high and that the people sell their souls to get in is right there too. If there was a real change-maker they wouldn't let him in. The sincere politicians [yes that may be an oxymoron phrase but I am talking people who get in it with well intenioned motives] on lower levels are told the score as they move up, or drummed out. Anyhow I see no fruit in battling it out over this issue. People's votes or non-vote for that matter is according to their conscience. I will still have to write what I am led to but I don't desire strife either.

THanks Scott WW for your encouragement. It is nice to hear you talk with others that read here. I hope this blog can help some people. Surely there are others who see through the "religious right" but still want to follow God's Will.

yes I know it's the Kos, but for information...

CNP articles on this blog...I used to spend a lot of time on them some years ago..

Scott Wasinski said...

Thank You AW. I would really like to see more of your input here and possibly on my Disqus channel also. I think it is imperative that we share what we know with each other to continually edify each other in verity.

BB, I too am discouraged a bit with the divisiveness of such controversial topics. There really should not be any controversy about these things when we look at the world through the lenses of scripture. Discussion is important. Proclaiming the truth is important. Contending and striving against a brother or a sister that is ensnared by deceptions, never is profitable.

Being in the field of educating the children of the Lord and preaching the gospel to the lost, the scripture of 2 Tim 2: is something I keep in mind, as striving is not the way to go, but speaking to the subverting of the hearers and gently doing so is a balancing act that takes the Holy Spirit's assistance. I see these words genuinely practiced in your blog.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.
And their word will eat as doth a canker: of whom is Hymenaeus and Philetus;
Who concerning the truth have erred, saying that the resurrection is past already; and overthrow the faith of some.
Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity. Num 16:5, 26
But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour.
If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, and prepared unto every good work.
Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.
But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes.
And the servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle unto all men, apt to teach, patient,
In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth;
And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

I am glad that you are encouraged BB. I get encouraged when I am reading your articles and speaking with others online and on the phone, that read your blog. Again, many will probably never become the blow hole I am. They just observe from a silent place, but I am glad that they find your blog to be a refreshing place to research and learn. You have a LOT of Great archived articles and quite a wealth of precious works of discernment that people can glean and grow with.

Thank You!

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Frank Gaffney (of the Center for Security Policy), RWW via the Wall Street Journal reports that Trump just tapped Gaffney for his transition team... sigh.

Scott Wasinski said...

The Frank Gaffney tap is just one more nail in the coffin of the Trump Train. He is a part of the controlled opposition. He feeds the flames of division by diverting the truth seeking community to look at Islam as the problem, rather than look at the evidence that shows that the CIA is directly complicit in the "jihadist" movement and these "terror attacks," both "foiled and successful. And they call that a "conspiracy theory." Laughable. It really is the direction that the religious right are being driven, rather than seeking the Lord and allowing Him to lead them in sifting through the information with clarity of perspective from the larger, more sure and Biblical picture.

I'm still not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

Scott, you cannot apply biblical principles to secular human reasoning and vice versa. Expecting the "religious right" to seek the Lord and allowing Him to lead is ludicrous. That is politics that does not mesh with the Body of Christ. We are not a part of that system.

Yes, there are some godly men in government, but even those who claim to be "religious" are not always true born-again Christians.

We cannot expect Christian behavior from those who are not regenerated.

Scott Wasinski said...

Anon 11:17. Maybe I should have made it clearer. I was referring to the people that CLAIM to be "Christians" and seek answers through the political avenue, rather than than seeking God.

I'm not a robot anymore;)

Anonymous said...

The Luciferian Election,

Perfect Title to a perfect storm in our country.

All of those campaign promises; all of those campaign statements made against the candidates' perceived enemies;

I believe we are seeing the tides changing with our newly elected President that the right wing evangelicals promoted...the James Dobsons, the John MacArthurs, the conservative political pastors within churchdom. The promises spewed by Donald Trump are doing an "about face" and the religious evangelicals don't have the brave tongues to call it what it is....The Political Lying Machine.

Church and State are conjoined just fine together and will jointly persecute born again Christians here in America....and the church will say, "We are doing god a favor."

Scott Wasinski said...

anon 3:25 well put; and with few words:)

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

The word "sovereign" and misuse of Romans 13 is rampant here. It seems half the posters here are Calvinists. Everyone wants to emphasize that God puts people into power, but they don't want anything to do with the scriptures that clearly tell us this is a wicked world ruled by the "god of this world". If Satan had the power to offer Jesus Christ the kingdoms of the world, then he does in fact control the world. To say God is "sovereign" is to say he controls and created every aspect of this wicked world, including pedos. It's a wicked doctrine, and blashemy to equate the evil minds and hearts of men to the will of God. I don't believe in censoring people's posts, but I do believe in answering these lies and blasphemies head on. No one who says God controls wicked murderers and pedophiles is of God.......James

Anonymous said...

James, I am not a Calvinist in any of their 5 points.
I do believe however in the sovereignty of God which the Bible teaches.
God makes promises to those who are truly His.
He has a plan for this world and Satan is already a defeated foe although he does still have influence over this fallen world. But that will change when our Lord Jesus Christ returns in glory to set up His kingdom here on this earth. Then as the Word says, every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. They may not all mean it sincerely, but they will acknowledge Christ for Who He is.

As far as governments go, they do serve a purpose except when fallen man gets carried away with ego and greed. But I do believe that the Bible supports the view that God does use certain rulers in certain ways according to His plan. Do you agree?

Anonymous said...

James, I want to add that I do agree that Calvinists misuse the word "sovereign" and do not rightly divide the Word of God.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:35 AM. There is no denying that God did use rulers. I don't look any further into the issue honestly becasue, we don't know for sure who God is using these days if any, usually this is where politics and religion meet. Some people want nothing more than to believe that God is using (fill in the blank) to carry out his will. I can't think of any "leader" in power now who is doing the will of God and ruling according to Romans 13 and being a "minister of God to thee for good". I'm by nature a cynical person, and I have no faith in this world. The only light in this world comes from God dwelling in us believers. Could you imagine how dark this world would be if there wasn't "7000 men who didn't bow their knee to Baal"? I don't literally mean 7,000 people of coarse, but sometimes it seems like it. God bless.....James

Anonymous said...

Thank you James. I agree with your comments. God bless you also as we press on in this wicked and defiled world. God has His remnant and it can be a lonely walk if the remnant cannot connect with one another. But the Lord will see us through.