Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Fake News" is the new "Conspiracy Theory"

Control of the news is the desire of all tyrannical governments. Our news is full of lies. I guess the "solution" of the elite will be to outlaw all "fake news". CNN liars go to the gulag, Fox Liars, you're the "truthtellers" because the pendulum has swung right.  No, they all lie. The right/left games continue.

I agree with this guy except about the global part:

submitted by ohmscience

"We all know the CIA popularized 'Conspiracy Theory' during the JFK era as a means to dismiss counterviews without rational thought.
This word has been used up until a few weeks ago to cause immediate negative connotations and auto-rejection of alternative news sources.
Well, perhaps because of the vast amount of 'conspiracy theory' that has become fact, they are shifting the language to 'Fake News'.
They are hijacking our words, before our own accusations of 'Fake News' - the MSM, could become household.
They're scared, they're panicking, and they will not be able to stop this train.
It's too late for them. They are not as tech savvy as we. They do not have the same manpower as we. They can hire thousands for CTR, we can mobilize millions - we are global, we are a force.
Watch for more internet censorship bills for 'fake news'."

Imagine them outlawing fake news. Then only state sanctioned news will be allowed.  


Scott Wasinski said...

I see a few problems down the road. Many of the "fake news" outlets that they have identified such as Activist Post, Infowars, Brietbart, The Blaze, etc... are controlled opposition of dissent. These news outlets intentionally feed stories that are sensationalized, over-hyped and not well sourced, because a lot of the information is simply not true.

I do not see this as a real attack against the MSM, but a part of the show. People everywhere will openly admit that they know the television news is scripted and that they cannot trust the news, yet many of these same people will still repeat the stories as they have been programmed by the news, as if they were truth. It baffles my mind.

So, is the plan to draw more people to the larger "fake news" sites to get their news? Or is the plan to draw people to these sites to justly discredit them? No matter how you slice it, they have a plan and this type of operation is part of the script.

Trump has had a very long standing relationship with Henry Kissinger. After their meeting a week ago, Henry announced to the world that Trump would not be able to keep many of his campaign promises, due to the geopolitical environment and he alluded to treaties that the U.S. has with other nations.

But hey, November 9th, Trump back-paddled on a lot of his campaign promises. It is no wonder to me.

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

Its true, all roads lead to Rome. There are reasons why the 200 civil concordats sign by the papacy are never talked about in any "news" programs. Also, why isn't the pedo priest issue ever given any air time? Why isn't every priest involved ever mentioned? It was at one time glossed over, but that was for damage control only.....James

Christsfreeservnt said...

There are religious and political leaders among us whose goal it is to stop the spreading of the “whole message” of salvation from sin, and to silence the full gospel’s messengers. And, so they lie, deceive, manipulate, and twist the truth to their advantage, and do everything they can to discredit the whole message of the gospel and its messengers. They do something similarly on a global level with regard to sovereign governments, too, for their goal is not only to discredit the gospel and its messengers, but it is to do away with sovereign nations, so that they can bring the whole world together under one totalitarian global rule of government and a one-world (all inclusive) religion.

One of the angles they are apparently working now is to try to discredit independent news agencies by claiming they are fake news, as opposed to the mainstream media, which they try to convince us is the real news. But, mainstream news is largely fake news, and some of which they are calling fake news is probably legitimate, which is why they have to discredit it, though I don’t know this for a fact. I just know that they are going all out to try to discredit what is truth so that they can convince the people to believe the lies, both in the world of government and within the church.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Part of the show. But possibly to discredit any bits of truth the news sites might give.Just a theory.

AW said...

I can't help but wonder if all of the rhetoric and sources targeted aren't actually intended to create a backlash to help launch the 'reclaiming' of that Media Mountain (with, of course, both sides just as fake as before). People like Alex Jones are far worse than controlled opposition, they are change agents and the change they are working towards lines up quite nicely with the dominionists, new agers, and all the others who think they are far more enlightened than those 'sheeple' who still watch MSM.

Speaking of the 7 Mountain Mandate, did you guys see that Trump appointed Betsy DeVoss to the position of Secretary of Education?!! The queen of the religious right's push to privatize (read: PLUNDER) public education... and of course, she is sister to Erik Prince, founder of the private military contractor/mercenary army Blackwater/Xe/Academi. The DeVoss family is its own brand of evil, between Amway and the Gathering/the Family and their rabid anti-LGBT culture wars.

Ugh, CNP members and dominionists and military as far as the eye can see in this administration. I bet what the eye can't see is even uglier.

Anonymous said...

I believe the agenda of Betsy DeVos lines up with the goals of the RCC. They want to take funding away from public education and give it to private schools in the form of "vouchers" and other things. This has been a goal of the papacy since our education system was founded. I've read books from the mid 19th century that exposed this agenda back then, but they couldn't get passed what was then a "Protestant" government. Just my opinion of coarse.......James

Bible Believer said...

I have noticed they picked all control opp websites too. Hey most of them were probably written in a way where they knew what was coming to suppress the news and any true independent media. I think they want to get the main people to believe that regular news is vetted and that they "tell the truth" unlike those crazy "fake news" websites. Every place is biased now. Getting real news is hard, one has to compare several accounts now.

Trump is already making it clear he lied. He is just another elite in with Kissinger and pals sold out to Satan.

Yes the roads lead to Rome. Hey Rome has his couple hundred diplomats. I have noticed the pedo priest thing has been silenced. Some websites are exposing "Pizza gate" but I wonder if that is even a diversion from how horrible things really are. Get some activists to connect Satanic child abuse to something "enjoyable and harmless" like Pizza and then seek to discredit them all later. I don't know if they are right about the secretive language using pizza or not.

The depths of lies among the religious and political leaders are extreme. Some are false "truth tellers". You know it is interesting to me that years ago I was exposing what they call the "alt-right" when I wrote against Alex Jones, New with Views, David Bay's website and others. I knew something was wrong. With the gospel they will adulterate that. The false disinfos make it a gospel of works. Even Cathy Burns who had good books for research exposing Billy Graham preached a legalistic gospel of works to divert people. We are dealing with the absolute cunning. Things are getting so complex too. Remember things are being twisted. [the evil kings post, I am trying to word out some lies, they are pushing too, where we all need to bow before evil kings being told they are "are sent by God". ]

Yes they want the one world religion and government. They want world wide suppression of news to silence dissenters and others. Outlaw "fake" news it is positively Orwellian. Most news out there is fake or so influenced by extreme biased, my best advice is to try and figure out what is factual and operate from that mode.

I agree with Alex Jones being a change agent. Ah remember the old days where he warned of the Republican and Democratic parties and now, he's pushing Republican Republican all the way. He herded in his "antigovernment" people to be shills for the right pretty fast huh?

Trump is appointing the worse of the worse. It is disgusting. CNP members too. Remember for years on this blog I warned of theocracy and Council of National Policy. I am glad you know about AMWAY, google AMWAY and Betsy DeVoss things are scary. I think they want to end public education [which yes has its faults] so the poor are no longer educated. The gutting of programs like social security and others are part of the plan and they got all the religious right people who hate and blame the poor and minorities to line right up. The DeVoss family is one of the worse possible. It does not bode well for our future in this country.

Of course now with election recounts, with Jill Stein in that mess [funny how she plays both sides visiting with Putin and Trump campaign manager and now shilling for recounts for Hillary, more push for chaos and turmoil?

All these Dominionists, "The Family" and CNP people are directly linked to Rome. And yes Rome wants the private schools i charge.

Christsfreeservnt said...

Trump's Thanksgiving Message: Excerpts: [quote] It is my prayer, that on this Thanksgiving, we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by a shared purpose and very, very common resolve.

In declaring this national holiday, President Lincoln called upon Americans to speak with “one voice and one heart.” That’s just what we have to do.

...So important to me, and so important to our country. But to succeed, we must enlist the effort of our entire nation.

This historic political campaign is now over. Now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country and to restore the full promise of America for all of our people.

I am asking you to join me in this effort. It is time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. Because when America is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach, and I mean absolutely nothing. [end quote]

Same message being given by Obama and Pope Francis - unity, one mind, one heart, one people, one faith, one resolve, etc. and doing away with everything which divides us as the people of the world.

Anyone know what he means by restoring "the full promise of America"? I saw where LBJ gave a speech under that title, as did Obama.

Scott Wasinski said...

I thought about this a few weeks ago and the more I consider it, the more it really does look like a mocking principle of "hiding in plain sight"

The definition of the Word "Trump" : (in bridge, whist, and similar card games) a playing card of the "suit chosen" to rank above the others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led.

Q: Where are cards usually played?

A: Casinos

The Democratic "suit" was being "led" in the MSM propaganda. Then on sElection night, it was "Trumped" by a chosen suit.

Many of us are already aware of some of the grievous crimes that take place. I do not think that the release of the "pizzagate" information was accidental, at all.

I think that Satan and his angels are playing a game with the lives of people and the "insiders" are willing vessels. Why can't the Lord's children be more willing to sacrifice our lives for the sake of the gospel, than these wicked leaders do for their earthly wealth and power? Ever wonder that? I do, continually.

I just started a discussion on this topic here:

I'm still waiting for your feedback, BB. Your blog has been a tremendous source of information and you have helped me to understand many things. Thank You. I value your input and hope that I might one day be able to reciprocate, even if it's just with some encouraging words and my requests of the Lord on your behalf. God bless you my sister. :)

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

AW said...

BB, that's what I originally thought about 'pizzagate', especially since the one example mentioned in the article I read sounded fairly innocuous. But after reading Chris Knowles' take on it, I'm going to have to agree with his assessment that it's just the tip of an iceberg that is FAR, FAR worse than the Franklin scandal. It's another glimpse at the same seething, hidden evil that's been previously glimpsed at Franklin in Nebraska, Dutroux in Belgium, Casa Pia in Portugal, Haut de la Garenne on Jersey Island, ad nauseum. I mean, a pizza menu with what looks like eyes and mouth taped shut with an X, with the words 'Play.Eat.Drink' through it... wow, P.E.D.? The pizza place owner posted photos of kids in shopping baskets, kids with lots of cash, baby dolls for sale, kids taped/restrained, and worse. It's beyond horrifying.

What's beyond ironic is the nauseating hypocrisy of the conservative and religious right (for example, Erik Prince leveling charges at the Clintons which hinted at high-level involvement in pedophilia) when both the DeVoss and Prince Families (among many others) have long-standing ties to The Gathering (which is itself an outgrowth of The Family/The Fellowship) and are pursuing the same agenda of radical privatization as promoted by the Family mouthpiece of The Heritage Foundation.

Yet a researcher who is the veritable expert on Le Cercle called the Heritage Foundation "the main U.S. arm" of Le Cercle... which makes perfect sense when remembering the rabid hatred of all these groups to communism (this is not defending communism, but noting that it is the complete antithesis and seen as the biggest threat to their agenda of plundering all nations... what the Family calls 'Biblical Capitalism'). The point being that by virtue of its close ties to Le Cercle, both the Heritage Foundation and the Gathering/The Family are directly linked to the Cercle's absolutely sadistic child abuse network as well.

James & BB, this definitely does relate back to Rome, though not as a whole, but rather the most fascist, reactionary strands within Catholocism... Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta, both well-represented in Le Cercle and both at the vanguard against "Godless communism." I mean, Opus Dei was invented in Franco's Spain as a religious justification for fascism, and something that many European royals and aristocrats are on board with as well. All these folks hate democracy as much as they hate communism, and use the excuse of God's divine order as to why they should be on top. I'm not surprised fascism is right up their alley, but problem is, will most people even recognize it if it doesn't look like goose-stepping Nazis?

Scott, I also agree that the timing and release of this info was intentionally strategic, a major play in the deep state's stealth counter-coup. It was a threat and intended to send a message, although what or against whom I don't know.

As for Trump cards, it likely has a lot more to do with the major Arcana of Tarot than playing cards (though the role of the wild card or joker must also be considered). Check out the cover of the special edition The Economist puts out for the upcoming year... the one for 2017 with the title "Planet Trump" even shows some of these (modified) Tarot cards.

I'm not interested in learning more about it, but even I can recognize some of the symbolism that relates to the 10 sephirot on the 'Tree of Life' and the 22 connecting pathways symbolized by the major Arcana cards. Even the whole psyops meme a few years back, of having gullible Christians slap the 'Nun' (the arabic version of the hebrew letter) on themselves in "solidarity" with persecuted middle eastern Christians was, IMO, actually a reference to that Tarot card/pathway on the TOL. There's a whole lot more symbolism involved than just mocking, though there is some of that as well.

AW said...

This comment is a late reply to Scott regarding his disqus channel link, since he invited me to participate in another comment section (Biblebeliever, I hope it's okay to address here, otherwise feel free to delete/not post).

Scott, I am concerned by the distinct scorn & scoffing in the intro to your recent post on Feminism. You seem to dismiss the possibility that 'mental abuse' & 'controlling' partners are ever a problem (or at least, not nearly enough of a problem to account for the high rate of divorce). Yet the Bible explicitly says that in the last days perilous times will come because men will be lovers of self (2 Tim 3).

Do you have any idea what it looks like? It's not as obvious as 'selfies' & self-absorption. It's the boyfriend who doesn't want to go skiing alone, but instead of being honest with his girlfriend who doesn't want to go, instead starts lecturing her on how she'll never improve if she doesn't put in the effort so she relents, thinking that maybe he's got a point, while the BF is smug to have his way. It's the husband who gaslights his wife about how scatterbrained & unorganized she is as she scrambles to find her keys the morning of an important meeting, only he hid them from her. Then he puts them back where she already checked & patronizes her when she is understandable confused. Or the husband who resents being asked to watch his own son & deliberately feeds the baby spoiled formula. Or the guy who is intentionally hours late to the hospital to pick up his wife who was having the results of a miscarriage removed. Or the husband who keeps his wife and kids on a budget so strict that she can barely afford to feed them, but treats himself out to steak dinners before he comes home & disparages his wife's efforts at dinner.

All of these are true stories & a mere fraction of what too many people endure every day while with an abusive partner. In fact, when women who had been physically assaulted and battered were asked what the worst aspect of abuse was, the vast majority said the mental & emotional abuse was far worse. Do you know what it's like to have someone not even view you as a person but an object, a 2-dimensional caricature, to manipulate? For them to view you as the enemy but fight so covertly & underhandedly that they leave you feeling like the suspicious & unforgiving one? Abusers, male and female, twist reality around on its head & literally call good evil and evil good. Very often, they wear a 'christian' face ('form of godliness'), yet you insinuate that most if not all of these wives must be making up accusations of abuse and control, because they just aren't submissive enough.

God's word is explicit on what to do with such abusive people... and from such turn away (2 Tim 3:5). It does NOT say 'unless those people are your spouse' or 'unless those people are your parents.' In fact, when Jesus said He came not to bring peace but division, He said that family members would be divided and that a man's enemies would be of his own household... why would you think that marriage is exempt from that?

Oh, and Revelation makes it clear what the doctrine of Jezebel was. It was the same thing as the doctrine of the Nicolatians, to eat things sacrificed to idols and to commit sexual immorality (Rev 2:20,14-15). You don't need to listen to Lambert Dolphin of all people to figure that out. I mean, the guy has a deeper background in the occult and military intelligence (through the Stanford Research Institute) than Chuck Missler!

If you are interested in learning more about abusers and malignant narcissists, I suggest the following resources: (link doesn't work at the moment) (caveat - calvinistic leaning)

AW said...

My mistake Scott, the comment regarding Lambert Dolphin was in reference to your post on Babylon (not Jezebel).

My apologies!

Scott Wasinski said...

I would have rather you addressed that on the Disqus forum. Since you labeled my intro as being scornful and scoffing, I shall share it here, so that others can see for themselves that it is not so.

"So, we have seen entire families torn apart. Divorce is at an all time high. 78% of divorces being filed in the courts are the wife filing against her husband. The number one complaint is that the husband is "Too controlling." "Mental abuse" is another reason. FYI, if a man claims dominance as the head of the wife in a marriage, that is legally considered mental abuse. [Meaning if a man verbalizes to his wife that God has made him head of the wife in a marriage, that is legally considered mental abuse.] brackets added for clarity.

This is just an outward reflection of the relationship that the church has with Christ. Jesus said "Why do ye call me Lord and do not the things I say?" There seems to be a level of obedience that Jesus Himself requires for Him to actually be our Lord, rather than Him having the title without the relationship that He defines. I have written in former discussions about the institutional churches having sold their bodies to the IRS, so that they willfully submit themselves to a different master than they are called to do. They have, in essence, divorced themselves from the Lord.

In the Word of God, we are shown a mystery that God reveals through marriage. The mystery concerns the establishing of Christ as the head of His church as He that loves His bride enough to lay down His life for her, to present her unto Himself as a glorious bride not having spot or wrinkle."

The entire discussion can be seen here

where one can read it for themselves, if they so choose.

I present much scripture in context and provide the revelation that the Lord has shown me from the scripture, regarding the great mystery between Christ and the church being manifest through the union between a man and a woman. As we are given in the exact same scriptures that you are opposing here. Galatians 5, the mystery revealed.

Regarding the seductions, teachings, fornications, and adultery of Jezebel, I have addressed them there.

You sorely misrepresented my discussion. From your choice of words, it does appear that either you misunderstood what I have presented or you were offended at it.

But either way if you would like to discuss these topics, then please do join the discussions where they are posted, rather than dragging them here and completely misrepresenting them. What you have done was fleshly, contemptuous, deceptive and malicious. Frankly, I find it to be repulsive.

I dare say that there might not be a woman in western society that has not been strongly influenced by perpetual indoctrination and bombardment of feminism philosophies.

By the way, it is the influence of secular feminism that caused my wife to treacherously depart from me and has broken the hearts of my sons and my own heart into the deepest pain we have ever had to endure thus far. You are way out of line, woman.

Please do not ever attempt to represent me or my words, again. Thank you.

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

AW said...

In regards to original post, does anyone know if the 'fake news' meme was being pushed in the mainstream media prior to the Pizzagate thing? I'm rethinking my initial impression (though the MSM has certainly discredited themselves in the eyes of most the public), because there's an awful lot of concern in Washington about this particular subject not getting any more exposure.

Huffington post had an article where Hillary Clinton talked about how there needs to be legislation to control this 'fake news' (b/c of the shooter)... but she made the oddest comment about how "congressmen in particular need to be especially concerned about this." My first response was, 'well, I don't know who else is responsible for passing legislation besides, oh, the legislative branch'.

But now I'm wondering if it was actually a veiled threat, in that so far the Pizzagate scandal has focused on ties between the suspicious characters and the Clinton campaign, but think about all the other politicians who may have been entrapped and have a lot to lose from being exposed.

So perhaps the 'fake news' line has been deliberate pushed in order to silence any more info regarding the scandal. There sure has been a lot of 'muddying the waters' and 'poisoning the well' tactics going on and a lot of high profile people seem to be running scared.

Scott Wasinski said...

AW, The "Fake News" meme is recent, yet the "alt right" narrative (which is associated with the "Fake news" movement) has been brought into the mainstream light during the course of the sElection campaign.

I had not heard of Hillary making such a statement addressing Congress as you have presented here. I do know that in order for anyone to become a candidate for a decision-making position in government, there must be some form of blackmail attached, even at the local levels. They will not suffer an outsider, whom they do not know, to enter the show.

The FBI does most of the intelligence gathering and holding of criminal evidence against all politicians. I do not think that Hillary has the power to make such a threat, independently, yet censorship is the end game here. Maybe there were some people in Congress that were not wanting to play ball. Maybe you could reference that statement of Hillary's. with a source that can be verified. I have found that your words cannot be trusted to represent things accurately, of late. (grumpy face)

Here are some open source documentaries about the ring of crime and the holding of information to back up my claims

The above links are useful in understanding a very narrow aspect of how a main tentacle of the global system of government works, but there is much more to it. The rabbit holes go very deep and they are very dark. Not fit for the faint of heart. These people serve Satan, willfully.

Donald Trump's very close association with these goats is not superficial. I wish that people would see the truth, but there has been so much information intentionally "leaked" it only stands to reason that there is a plan brewing to shut everything down, soon.

It would have been a good thing for an apology. One thing that marks a follower of Jesus Christ is a willingness to admit wrong doing and to reconcile breeches, but this is the internet, where people do not truly have relationships anyway. It's all a "virtual reality" and it is virtually driving a deeper wedge between people and it should not be so, among the saints of God. You are way out of line, AW

and I'm not a robot (anymore;)

AW said...

Actually Scott, I did apologize if it was inappropriate of me to address my concerns here, but that comment apparently has not yet been posted. Aside from a very few blogs where I comment, I don't have too much experience with 'proper' internet protocol, whatever that is.

As for the 'especially Congress' comment from Hillary, it is at 0:28 in the news video --

What has played out over this past year with the elections was an all-out war in the deep state between the liberal CIA/eastern establishment and the cowboys/military-intelligence-industrial complex. The latter won, and they are the ones I suspect of leaking the Pizzagate thing, a warning if you will, to the other side not to challenge Trump's legitimacy as president. Hillary may not have 'the power' as you put it, but definitely knows other guilty people. Her allusion could very well be to 'spread around' the suspicion of involvement beyond her immediate campaign circle. The liberal/eastern establishment hasn't given up yet.

The FBI is not the only entity that has dirt on politicians, and in this case, the same complex that leaked the information are the ones that have been actively entrapping (especially using pedophile entrapment) since the 1950's. That they appear to have won this battle in the deep state war should be just as concerning as the allegations surrounding individuals from Clinton's campaign.

All one needs to do is look at the direct connections between Trump's cabinet and Artichoke, the American Security Council, Center for Security Policy, Council for National Policy, the Heritage Foundation, and Le Cercle -- these are numerous and direct connections to the Fascist International, including a long-standing history of illegal drugs and arms trafficking, international terrorism, and high-level child abuse networks.

A good place to start would be here. This may be even more relevant than you realize given that it also ties in the Sovereign Order of Saint John, of which Rick Joyner and General Boykin are members.

AW said...

This will be my last comment on this post, and Scott, while I fully own the tactlessness of addressing my concerns in this venue, I did deal directly with your words rather than personally attacking you. This is in stark contrast to your personal insults (which I also observed from you in another comment section at someone who disagreed with you there). It is also disingenuous to claim you were talking about the church and Christ, your final paragraph belies you.

To everyone else, I apologize for the unrelated comments. It will not happen again.