Saturday, November 12, 2016

Anti-Trump Protests Spread

I notice they have the Jesuit-face masked people in the crowd. I warned on here as many others did too, that this election was going to bring "unrest". Half of Facebook is proudly announcing wearing "safety pins" and posting hashtags of "Not my president".  That is unprecedented. People are afraid and upset. This country has become one messed up place. I said to someone, "What if you are on neither side?", there's like this pressure to choose a side. Many are clamoring for wicked Hillary to be "reinstated" and that the "electoral college" should be dismantled, and her put in for winning the "popular" vote.

Romans 13:13 "Let us walk honestly, as in the day; not in rioting and drunkenness, not in chambering and wantonness, not in strife and envying"


Anonymous said...

Amen BB,

Preach the WORD.

I think the protests are a diversion from what is really happening now. We should listen out for what is not in the mainstream media.

The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall NOT want...

liz said...

apparently George soros is paying them to protest

Bible Believer said...

I think the blog is getting astroturfed a lot lately. Just warning everyone. :/

Cindie Cakes said...

Trump was chosen to be a controversial figure and initiate chaos.
Looks like the chaos has already started.
Dear Liz, all of the elite are in cahoots with one another.
They are not enemies. In reality, Soros and Trump work for the same team: Team Satan.
As do all politicians.

Bible Believer said...

Soros for the left, Koch Brothers for the right.

same thing.

I agree about the chaos starting. It's alarming to watch.

Anonymous said...

BB. I agree. Most people who come to this blog are more than likely people who have read it for some time and know the views expressed here. When people come here posting as though they work for Donald's PR campaign does draw red flags. I assume this is what you're referring to. I noticed this myself. Donald only represents those who have money. You don't get to be a multibillionaire by being "anti establishment", or by gambling on wall street. There are certain people one has to affiliate themselves with, and bow to in order to get that wealthy....James

Anonymous said...

These are primarily Bernie Sanders' followers - young people who think they are entitled and believe they have a right to destroy and hurl both real stones/missiles and verbal because they did not get their way. And due to social media it has become a world-wide phenomenon. Social media is a tool of Satan.

Trump's careless words did not help either.

There are reports that high school students skipped school the day after the election because they were in "mourning" about the outcome. Others who came to school wore black. We have raised up a generation of spoiled and egocentric children who think they should have their college paid for and jobs handed to them.

Anonymous said...

What jobs? A good percentage of the population are working from a "temp service" so employers don't have to worry about the hiring or firing process, nor have to offer any sort of benefits like health care. It wouldn't surprise me if all companies hire from these sort of places soon. The Toyota plant near where I live only hires temporary employees. It's sad when the only job security and stability comes from McDonalds or Walmart. There's a plastics plant near here as well that bought out all the small competition and closed the doors to those plants. Didn't know that was legal, but they have so much power in that city that they literally bought out the neighborhood next to it, tore down the houses, and built parking lots. Crazy world in which we live.....James

Anonymous said...

Employers find all kinds of ways around the rules set by government in order to survive all the costs of doing business. This hurts the worker, but if the company goes under there is no work period. James, I agree it is horrible the things that are happening that hurt people and make it hard to find a paying job.

Anonymous said...

Most if not all corporations feel that if they don't do as good this quarter as they did the last, then it's a loss, no matter how high their profit margin is. I know this first hand. So whenever we would have a meeting and they told us the company lost money, it's not that they literally spent more than they made, but that they didn't make as much this quarter as the last. If their profit margin doesn't continue to grow, then they will go to any length to achieve this growth, even if it means moving jobs oversees to save money on paying employees and the cost of materials. It's nothing but greed, and it's sanctioned by our government. The free trade agreements were put into place with nothing but rich corporations in mind. In the not too distant past, an employees life long service to a company gave them pensions and the like, but not its up to the person to "invest" in their own retirement. We had 401k meetings from our investment provider, and they gave us all 401k calculators that told us how much we had to invest at each age to reach a modest retirement. At age 24 I had to invest 30% of my paycheck to reach this goal. I worked a middle class job, and not very many people could afford to put 30% of their check into a 401k plan. It's my opinion that 401k is nothing but a government sanctioned Ponzi scheme. They want your money now, and you have no control over it, and they want to give it back to you (if you're lucky) 30 years later. In this 30 year span, inflation would eat into your "investment" so bad, you'd actually be losing money. When the 2008 stock market crash happened, I lost 18,000$ from my 401k. After this incident I stopped putting money in it. You'd be better off investing in metals of some sort. I'm done ranting lol. God bless......James