Thursday, October 13, 2016

When The Whole Family Goes Homosexual, Something is Wrong

Have any of you ever encountered an "immediate" family where several members have "gone gay"? I don't want to say how I know of these people, it's a long and convoluted story. They are people I know from my past that I have no contact with now and it was minimal before.

Two had made direct Facebook declarations to their at least 200 and something friends: "On "Coming Out Day", I am coming out as bisexual" and one teen wrote "I am gender-queer". The third one, he hasn't made any direct declarations. but on his public Facebook pictures,  he has dressed up in women's make-up and clothes, and has used phrases referring to homosexuality. Sponge Bob is a hero and icon in the homosexual world. The teens definitely seem to think the homosexual world is "cool" and gender bending is hip. The female teen is the one who came out as "gender-queer" and is dressing as a boy. What disturbs me the most is their now father, who also "came out as a bisexual" in his early 40s. He is divorced and shares custody of these two older teens with his ex-wife.

So has anyone else seen this happen where you have seen SEVERAL members of one family going "gay"?

Homosexuality seems to becoming more common. It is being sold. It is being advanced I dare say via peer pressure. Many believe gays are "born that way". I don't. Even the "born eunuchs" by scripture are to refrain from homosexual acts. Their numbers are rarer. Children are influenced by how they are raised.

 If they are told, "it is good to be gay" and it means you will be loved, popular and cool, they will see it as an option to explore. Very few are being told homosexuality is a sin. It's a world romanticized to the extreme, to the point I bet there's a few shocked young people out there when they face the many dark realities behind the rainbow flag.

I think a lot of teens now are being influenced to be homosexuals or other gender bending categories because it sets them "apart" as an identity seeking venture. Some may think "who wants to be a boring straight, or breeder" or whatever they call heterosexuals now. What about the "bisexual" father? How responsible is he for influencing his kids in a certain direction?

I don't know this family enough to know if there was abuse or other problems. He seemed nice to them, supporting them in band and sports. I didn't know of any boyfriends or how much was shown to the kids. He did say his kids knew before his "coming out" and that they "loved him anyway". If they do love him, sadly they will see him as a role model to emulate and will copy him.

Some would say "Maybe this family has a genetic propensity to homosexuality." Well in earlier generations I don't know of any. There's something disturbing about homosexuality being promoted as cool and being a bandwagon that multiple members of one family jump on. Perhaps the teens want to identify with the father and will put these things aside once they get older but they may not. I wonder if families with multiple homosexual members will become a new trend? 

What if more than one child comes out gay?

By the way when I did talk some years ago to the bisexual father who came out later,  homosexuality came up and I told him my beliefs, he was very outraged and angry. It makes sense now why. I feel for the kids. I do believe people can be "influenced" to be homosexual and I do not mean just via sexual abuse.

We need to pray for teens and young people who aren't being given any truth. The acceptance and now promotion of homosexuality is growing. It's a land mine subject too. I know some gay people in the community, who doesn't now? I am polite to them. It's hard, because tempers flare and people are upset when you tell them what you believe about homosexuality if it comes up. Some will directly ask even if you avoid the subject.

 I offended a man once in a group saying I did not agree with the lifestyles presented in the Broadway show "Rent". I don't think I was too forward.

 I'm scared for those teen's souls.

No Scientific Evidence People are Born Gay or Transgendered


Anonymous said...

I have not seen the several in a family. I do think it is related to this; and seems to be the cool thing right now. I do not agree with it. - Don

Bible Believer said...

You will notice, that things got a lot more confusing then just gay and straight. You know once the door to sin is open, people push the envelope. Why hold back to one thing. Even with the man being "bisexual", I always saw that label as another one that could be called "keeping your options open for more sin". Yes it seems to be the cool thing right now. It worsens every year too, they come up with NEW CATEGORIES.

Sue Botchie said...

Dear BB, i can't say that i know of any such (dysfunctional) families, but i do know of several ww2 moms who had seemed to strongly resent their own feminity/allow others to devalue it. Ex. Every mom should atleast have a few decent dresses that fit well. If mom doesn't have this stuff, then dadDuh is a JERK - and is setting up his family for problems now AND later down the road. And tbe same cheapoid/drunkard dad-duh will wonder why his grandkid turns out queer. Well duh?

Sue Botchie said...

Dear BB, i can't say that i know of any such (dysfunctional) families, but i do know of several ww2 moms who had seemed to strongly resent their own feminity/allow others to devalue it. Ex. Every mom should atleast have a few decent dresses that fit well. If mom doesn't have this stuff, then dadDuh is a JERK - and is setting up his family for problems now AND later down the road. And tbe same cheapoid/drunkard dad-duh will wonder why his grandkid turns out queer. Well duh?

Bible Believer said...

I'm entering politically incorrect land here, LOL is that a new thing but one thing I have noticed about homosexuals in a lot of cases, is either severe sexual abuse that steers the psycho-sexual development off the tracks. [Homosexuality is often a sin of more then one] or some other severe emotional or physical abuse or drug abuser/alcoholic/absentee/cheating/fornicating etc parent.

I bet there are tons of women with no dresses, its jeans, jeans, jeans, for many and nothing else from what I see. Workhorse clothes. Mao Tse Tung clothing for America. I don't think someone is sinful for wearing jeans don't get me wrong but ask yourself if there is a reason everyone is dressing so much the same.

Sue Botchie said...

Dear BB, yeah jeans are great for work. Workhorse clothing, you got that right. I understand that in (atleast) one of the maximum work-camps, denim was what the prisoners wore - hot in summer, cold in winter.

Grammy G said...

BB-I mentor abused women and teens. In all of the cases of questioning sexuality, they were abused! For guys, it is generally because they had no father in the home and didn't know what males were to do different than females. One guy I know was raised by his mom and 4 sisters and dad took off. It's the only environment he has known.
The whole woman's right thing is unbiblical and certainly led us down a predetermined path. I am so very much against it and try to teach my ladies how to be wives and moms and what a treasure it is. I had to work in my first marriage and had a very high powered job, but the Lord blessed me with a husband (first one and BFF had an affair and he took off with her) who allowed me to parent his 4 and my 2 and I don't regret letting my resume' fade away. Too often we have our WHO and our DO mixed up. I proudly told people my job title, never thinking about my most important role as a mom and a wife. This has a huge impact on our children and what they think of being a parent and how they will develop behavior. I so wish I could go back and redo those years I missed with my kids while working so hard to make a name for MYSELF, but my model was a mom who worked 3 jobs, left us kids alone, and left us home with an abusive father. We are products of our environment, until at least someone loves us enough to tell us who God says we are. It is sad to see kids being born to parents who spend all their time working or on devices. They feel like they are in the way and have no purpose. You can very easily tell on a playground who has checked in parents who spend time with their babies. Perhaps this is why more are opting to not have kids. But it all goes back to rebellious women wanting equal rights and not seeing their role as a mother and a wife the most God honoring position she could ever hold.

Anonymous said...

I do know a family like that. I'm 43 and all the ones that have "come out" are generally in my age group. I had wondered if somewhere in there was a sexual abuser for that to be the case, but this is an interesting read.

I saw something recently that said that transgenderism in children has gone up 1000% in the past few years. I'm not sure what to make of that, if it's a trend or parent permissiveness, or a spiritual aspect behind it or all of the above.

I have wondered if all of this is tied to Daniel 11:37: Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

I had an interesting discussion in a FB group the other day about that. Several of us speculated that the antichrist could be some "highly evolved" person who does not need to be male or female but is the amalgamation of all. I'm probably going on too far about this, but I think even those long haired hippie pictures of Jesus way back when started that trend of an "effiminate" god. Any which way, people are being programmed to accept this, and this is the best verse I've come across so far to even sort of support why.

Total side note....but I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on all this clown junk going on? It is very creepy. I have FB friends from the UK and Canada who have said it is going on there too. We live in a small rural farm town of 1500 people, and we had nuisance stuff with clowns going on last week...apparently one night they felt the need to bang on my front door at 11:00 pm. Just curious what you think of all that. Thanks!


Bible Believer said...

I believe there is a direct link to sexual abuse and homosexuality too. I believe in the case of this family there was some kind of sexual abuse, not by the father, or even the father of the bisexual man but it had to come in from somewhere. Yes sometimes it can be a matter of an absentee parent or abusive one. I agree with you about the feminist high power career thing taking women away. In this family, the two gay children and bisexual man was married to a very feminist career woman. She is a bank vice president. He did not make much money and later became a truck driver while her career blossomed, so this is the example the girl was given. I was under feminist pressures when young too though in my case I did not have it turn me gay but I can see why girls are taught to reject their own femininity. We live in a culture now where the only role for a woman is as a sexual object and even motherhood has been skewed. I never was able to have children but I was shamed in my family circles for not having the great career pan out. I was shamed even for becoming an art teacher for a time told it was "too feminine" of a job, and later job of residential counselor before I was disabled was shame as too feminine and low paid work of a job.

Many of the parents only care about work and devices. My own family became a competition factory where those who did not keep up were cast away. I came out of a 6 figures and above and connected family. Kids are being taught only work and money matter and human connections are literally being destroyed. Many of the narcissists [seared] use their own children only as trophies. Yes I see ignored children all the time. Parents always on phone, even out with a stoller with their face in the phone. I believe there's going to be more messed up kids from the lack of social interaction and connection. They will have less empathy and be unable to communicate.

I understand the childless movement, I am involuntarily childless due to health and other factors but in todays world many of the young have been made too poor and unstable to have families but there is the spiritual element too, where lack of human connection and break down of the moral code and "natural afttions" is bringing this on. Even in my mind, "family" is a negative word because of my skewed upbringing, and my hope is in God's family. Women were told being a mother and a wife was not good enough. I believe that trading a husband for a boss didn't do any women any favors. I grew up with a ultra feminist in charge woman who wore the real pants in the family. That's a skewing there too.
Children and others are being affected.

Bible Believer said...

Heather, thanks for saying you know a family like that too. I think Gen X [people in 40s] are the first generation coming out so fully and publically. This bisexual man was in his 40s too, and well the children are in their late teens. I agree about sexual abuse being a factor in the background too especially if you see multiple people going gay or having gender confusion.

I think transgenderism is being forced by a society too that has defined male and femaleness via celebrities and media. Unless you are a certain way, then you are told you are not a real female or male so many think I must be transgendered. Look at the ones who say they are NOTHING at all. I think it is spiritual.

I wonder about the antichrist too being androgynous. I tend to think it is the Pope who already is kind of genderless via the Catholic church celibacy rules where most of them are homosexuals. Sure those pictures of jesus as a hippie were part of the programming.

I was going to post about this soon, but they want people to be more androgynous now, they got some gender bender guy whose been hired to be a model for Covergirl, where he is wearing make up just like a girl. He's not a crossdresser wearing male clothing but he has make up on. It is beyond weird. Satan hates God's natural order of things. think about how they are pushing things beyond gay and straight. I believe that will worsen.

I think the clown stuff is some kind of psych-op, maybe hired provacuers to add to the confusion. It has to be a huge operation as much of the country it is covering. Even had the thought it was demons doing some shape-shifting and making appearances....but some have been discovered as real humans. When clowns banged on your front door, what did they say or do? Were they shouting at you? Where they trying to do a home invasion or saying let us in?

The clowns seem to be everywhere. I have not seen them but they even came to my area and I don't live in as rural of an area as I used to--under 6,000 but this town is small too [under 15,000] and I am concerned we have been noticed and put on the map for the clown swarm too. They reported it in our local paper. Maybe I will post on that too and ask if people have seen clowns. It is scary your town is so small and they are there. It could be copy-cat teens.

Anonymous said...

There was a landmark study that involved multiple countries that followed twins for 20 years...and the conclusion to the study was that you were not born gay but chose to be gay...I clearly am simplifying this study but you would need to find it on line to get all the details...but of course you never heard about it in the MSM...I think the results of the 20 year long study were published a few years could be used as evidence disproving a homosexual's viewpoint they were born that way.

Anonymous said...

I know this is weird, but it's the honest truth. Growing up my best friends father was a 32 degree Freemason and he was a Shriner as well, him and his sister grew up in a abusive household where their father was an alcoholic and abused them and their mother. Their father was obviously dealing with evil becasue when he was drunk he'd always talk to himself and other "entities" that were there with him. He finally drank himself to death, then afterwards my friend started dealing with severe depression to the point that he started cutting himself open, and became an alcoholic himself. His sister became a lesbian. I do believe in generational oppression, something that never crossed my mind until these things happened. when I read your article this came to mind. Anyways, I thought I'd share.......James

Anonymous said...

I didn't even read the other comments until after I posted that. It's good to see that others think the same way. ive heard some weird and scary things from this mans drunk ramblings that didn't register in my mind until later in life.....James

Grammy G said...

Abuse is demonic! I had a horrible childhood and people who were suppose to love me, abused me. I needless to say had trust issues and at times still do. I forgave my father on his death bed and told him about Christ and judgment of our sins. It was his choice to repent and I do believe he did. I was set free that day! Forgiveness is a huge part of healing, but as abused victims we are led to believe we are somehow responsible for what happened. I was in complete darkness until someone showed me the love of Jesus as love to me was not a feeling I wanted anything to do with because these people said they loved me yet abused me. It took a long time to get over that and allow myself to be loved. But God loved me so much....He sent His Son!!! Praise Him! When you don't have an earthly example of real love, how can we expect to feel good about ourselves? This is why it is so important to GO! preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, especially to our young people. They are seeking!! James, I am sorry to hear about your friends. Looking into ones past really helps sort through things. For instance, my dad's mother died when he was six months old. His dad was an alcoholic and big into the Country Music arena. Too busy for a little baby. He was passed around to different relatives aND eventually raised by his dad and step mother. He lied about his age and went into the service where he was sexually abuse by 2 CO's and eventually discharged after 11 months of service. They paid for his burial-how ironic! My dad had 7 wives that I know of. He didn't respect women and at 69 years old, he was married to a sweet woman and arrested in a park with several other men exposing themselves, many of whom were teachers. He was bi-sexual!
Only a relationship with Christ can get you through this type of upbringing and heal your heart and it takes time. Let's all pray for those that have been or are currently being abused, that God will intervene and the sin would be illuminated. Pray for the victims to be set free through forgiveness (does not mean forgetting what happened).

Anonymous said...

I saw a story with the male Cover Girl model... Did you see the pic where he posed with another woman, and he was wearing a shirt with a giant eye on it? That said it all.

We think the clowns that knocked on our door were kids. They left handprints on our glass screen door, we had the police look at it and he noticed how thin the fingers were. We did not actually see them or talk to them. Our pastor has a second job about 2 blocks from where we live. That night not long before, the police stopped in where he works and told him people were calling in complaints of clowns knocking on their doors and windows right around where we live. He called to give us a heads up. We had just gone to bed and heard something hit the door, and our dog was at attention too. They were gone when we got downstairs. Really bizarre things going on. I wonder what next and remember that I'd rather not know lol.

Bible Believer said...

There could be freemasons in the gay family's relations, I strong suspect it, definitely are Catholic church connected types. Most Catholics are pretty pro-gay now though so no problems like there used to be with coming out of the closet. I do believe there is generational oppression though my warnings about deliverance ministries hold true. Someone entered my real life to seek to destroy me because of this blog, and did so under the guise of a deliverance ministry. I came out of a wicked family myself. There's some I consider directly under the control of Satan. Yes I have seen the drug and alcohol abusers and sociopaths bringing evils to their children. Thank you James.

I am glad you witnessed to your father Grammy, well at least in that case he was not seared, and there was hope for his eternity. People who abuse someone do not love them. I do think we are to "forgive" but we do not have to tolerate the wicked in our lives and need to flee them. Family or not. Jesus speaks of those divisions. The Holy Spirit will lead one on if there is hope for repentance or not. I am fortunate to even have gotten saved coming out of my family. The first and only born again Christian. God did something there. No one expected it. I am healing getting away from wicked people, but the real healing did not begin until I was AWAY. Some peace has come though life has it's challenges and I have no family outside of my husband.
It does sound like your father was very troubled and I am glad you were able to give him the hope of the gospel. Seven marriages shows attachment disorders and difficulty committing which would happen to someone who had no home or connections. God saves people's lives both physical in some cases and of course eternal life coming out of these families. Some of the most wicked will seek to have you become like them and seared. For the connected ones, there is literal buying and selling. I escaped being bought and sold.

Bible Believer said...

Hmm didn't see the giant eye picture saw others, they sickened me. They definitely are advancing beyond the "binary" as some liberal would call it. Satan loves confusion. Soon the new "its" won't even know what they are. Sick in a society where everything is about sex and focusing on one's sexual functions.

Sounds like copycat kids but still concerning, that kids are copying the clowns. My area had clown sightings though in neighboring town. Those kids are endangering their lives because people are scared and may shoot too soon to see a clown skulking about or get out a crow-bar and knock one out. Some people have been attacked by the clowns. It is scary. I think it is a combo Psych-Op, copy-cat fever kind of phenomenon. I always thought clowns were evil before Stephen King's It days. I wonder what the origin of clowns is.