Thursday, October 13, 2016

Too Many Freemasons Who Aren't Warned

There seems to be more freemasons now. I took a picture of one symbol decal someone had on their car in the parking lot because I never had saw it before.  It was another symbol right next to the classic "G" and compass and square which I thought had a cross in it, my long distant vision isn't so good, and a rope in circle around it.  It turned out not to be a cross but something else. Hope the guy did not see me. Pray he didn't.  I wasn't trying to be rude. This is where intellectual curiosity can get me in trouble. I won't do that again. It is not illegal to take pictures of decals or bumper stickers, they are on public display but I have to consider safety issues.

 I took too much of a risk there, wanting to learn what a new symbol was. He had his jacket on when he came out to his car with a two foot compass and square right on the back so it wasn't like he wasn't already displaying masonic ties to the entire world.  This symbol had a cross on it. I was as taken aback as when I saw the Southern Baptist minister with a freemasonic ring. I have noticed many "out" and very proud freemasons, some are different races. I dare say freemasonry at least where I live is having a resurgence. Has anyone noticed that?

Around here there are a lot of freemasons, the only time I witnessed to a freemason was someone long ago I knew who was in Demolay. They did not get saved. The churches never warn freemasons. I have never heard one pastor in my entire life warn "members of the lodge" to step away from freemasory or to warn that it was incompatible with Christianity. The lower members don't know the real deal with freemasory.  You'd think some sincere pastors in more conservative churches would warn their congregations but they never do.

Many in lower level groups believe wrongly that freemasonry is compatible with Christianity. They join these groups looking for a "good" fraternal and other organization that does much charity and to have social and professional ties.

Witnessing to Masons


Anonymous said...

I think the freemasons are growing and have not heard a word at the church buildings. We have a lot of shriners here too, next level up. You are right, they need told the truth. - Don

Anonymous said...

Couldn't prove it, but I OFTEN wondered to myself if my SBC pastor was affiliated with the freemasons (and some of the elders within the church too). He said some things behind the pulpit that just didn't sit well within my spirit whenever he returned from attending the annual SBC convention. It had to do with his discernment concerning those in the leadership role within the SBC. I no longer attend the Baptist church. In fact, I have been led out of the church system entirely. Praise God!

Bible Believer said...

Yes I believe they are growing too. We have the Shriners, one always sees a large number of them in a local parade. I noticed last time there was far more young men, 10-15 years ago most were over 60. Freemasonry is rebranding itself I think and selling itself more. They do need to be told the truth, yes.

Blizzard of Bugs said...

The main stream church system does not warn about masonry because high level Freemasons sit on their, so called, board of elders. Mind you, a mason warning about freemasonry might fit within masonry's dualistic nature as controlled opposition. In my experience, in the small city I live in, they are loud and proud about being Freemasons and also because of current media propagation it provides intrigue to the younger generations.

Bible Believer said...

Yes many of the pastors themselves are freemasons or freemasons on board of elders or the high money donors. Freemasons get jobs and give jobs between each other and the flow of money, because it is part of how the networks work, once someone figures that out they can see how some get 6 figure jobs right out of college while others struggle at the soup kitchen and food pantries. Sure there are masons who warn about freemasonary, there were questions about one ministry called withoneaccord with an odd logo and I remember questioning weird handshakes on one old ministry. Sorry they are loud and proud in your area. I see so many cars with masonic decals, both in white community and neighboring black community too, it's frightening. This guy's decal was tubal kaine symbol.

KJVmom said...

Thanks for this article. I want you to know, BB, that some churches do speak out against the Masons; my church does not allow Masons as members. I was dismayed to find out 2 years ago that a Southern Baptist friend who died had been a Mason. Another friend started attending a Southern Baptist church and I warned her about the Mason connection with the denomination. Watch the fur fly! Some don't want to hear the truth. Also,BB, on another post you mentioned visiting a soup kitchen. Are you sure you don't want some help with groceries? I would be happy to send you a check via a trusted third party.

Scott Wasinski said...

I was at a pre-service Bible study at a small town Presbyterian Church and the "Seeker Friendly" program had brought in some young families. One man had a blue Bible with the G symbols in gold, covering the front. I started a conversation with him. He was ignorant of a lot of what the Masons do, but he was intrigued that I knew of the ritual and oath that he took. I explained all that I knew about the Masons and he told me his dad was a 32nd degree Mason. I said "Oh, he knows all about everything that I have told you and more" a week later I got a call from the pastor. He said "Scott, I have to ask you to refrain from saying anything about the Masons in our church." I said "Why, have you got some Masons that are heavy tithers?" The silence was only about 10-15 seconds, but was pricelessly revealing." After he told me he didn't know, I told him that I will not stop speaking the truth about anything, especially when they are spiritually dangerous. I was not welcomed in that corporation any longer.
Ever wonder why most churches have a phallic symbol on the top of them? They call it a "steeple" but it's an ancient phallic symbol.

I did not know that they could warn people against free masonry. I would think that that would be counter productive. I call them the Bound and Rejected Masons. They aren't Free and they aren't acceptable.

I'm not a robot (anymore:)

Scott Wasinski said...

BB, I think you should provide some way that we can help to support your work. It might be something that you enjoy doing and all, but the workman is worthy of his wages and (I'm not calling you an ox here) Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth the corn:) I think that a lot of us are encouraged by your work and when you make it known that you have needs, we, the church, the body of Christ want to be the ones to help when and where we can.

I'm not a robot (anymore)

Anonymous said...

I had an uncle that died several years ago and I had lived next door to his family all my younger life. In fact, it was brothers marring sisters, so his children are my double cousins. At his funeral service I noticed a Masonic lapel pin on his suite, so I said to my Dad that I did not know his brother was a Mason. Dad said that he had attended one meeting. My uncle was a very successful businessman in a small town and a millionaire. I ask Dad if he was a Mason and he said "No". You do not know how close they are, at least I didn't. - Don

Olavo G said...

Funny, just last week I was telling a friend about this. Here in Brazil, masons used to be very kept to themselves. You would never find out someone was one.
Nowadays, almost everyday I see cars with the G compass in my city. As if that wasnt enough, we have a long bridge connecting our city to the state capital that stretches over the bay, and at the foot of the bridge we have the compass symbol loud and out in the middle of an intersection. Freemasons are very present here, even in small rural towns. And irs the same here, a lot of pastors and church founders here are masons as well.
Its a dark time we're in.

Anonymous said...

BB. I brought up freemasonry on my last post and scroll down and there's an article on Freemasons lol. Yes I've seen some things growing up. I remember one time someone called the police on my friends drunk father for being disorderly who was a high level mason. He seen the cops coming, reached in his safe then put on his Freemason ring. When the police arrived he made sure the cops seen that ring. Needless to say nothing was done, not even a warning. Most cops in my town are Freemasons. I always laugh when I read people who try and downplay the role of Freemasons in EVERY city. I seen it first hand. I have many weird stories such as this. Some worse......James

Anonymous said...

One of the ways that Freemasons/Shriners are gaining favor with society is through their humanitarianism. They regularly run ads on TV showing how their Shriner hospitals help crippled children. They use the children to speak in the ad. Of course it makes they appear as good people. Yes, the work itself is wonderful and compasionate and these children need help, but they are being used as pawns of Satan. They are cute and sincere as they ask for funds. Surely the masons and especially the Shriners could fund this work out of their own pockets as they enrich themselves through their associations. Not to mention their parties where the alcohol flows.

Also, their cute little cars they drive in the parades are an attempt to show themselves as fun-loving harmless people.

Surely there are many people in the lower levels who do not realize the evil nature of the organization and join it for social reasons. But any true born-again believer would have a check in their spirit when the rituals are done and also when they see the Masonic bible which speaks about the Great Architect and is universal. Having the Bible is a deception. To the undiscerning it looks like they value the Bible.

It does need to be exposed in the churches! But it would step on too many toes and close too many wallets. How shameful!!

Eternally Home said...

Scott, that 'pastor' was a minister of Satan!

James, I experienced the same thing. Saw a similar instance with my own eyes also. There is a witchcraft element with these people also. Especially with those who are higher up. WOE unto all of them if they do not turn and repent unto the Lord Jesus Christ before death comes suddenly upon them.

The people swear oaths to protect and serve when all the while they are part of a witches coven.

Scott Wasinski said...

I have been warning about the coming deception and the abomination of desolation for years and it wasn't until a few years ago that the Lord showed me that I was believing a lie, thinking that there was to be a "Third Temple" in order for the sacrifice to be re instituted. Know ye not that ye are the temple of God? We offer our bodies as a daily sacrifice unto the Lord. The coming abomination of desolation could happen much sooner than people think. Check this video out, as it relates to the article about freemasonry.

In collaboration with the sorceries that are commonly known about these secret societies, the fulfillment of Daniel 9:26&27 refers to the prince of the people that shall come...he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week." The president of the United States (the prince of the people that have come into the land of the middle east...(see also Isaiah 18)

On the 33rd anniversary of the placement of the Georgia Guidestones, 02/33/13 (see the numerology; freemasonry and the skull and bones numbers?) Nisan 10 ( 5 days before the Passover when Jesus entered Jerusalem on the back of the donkey, Barack Obama (Lighting of the heavens) spoke these exact words: "I see this visit as an opportunity to reaffirm (confirm) the unbreakable bond (covenant) between our nations (many), to restate America's unwavering commitment to Israel's security and to speak directly to the people of Israel and to your neighbors,"
"I am confident in declaring that our alliance is eternal... is forever," he said, adding the Hebrew word for forever -- "Lanetzach" -- to emphasis the upbeat message.

When he delivered his speech in Jerusalem, not only did he confirm the covenant with many, but he also declared that the "The god of the Jews, the god of the Muslims, and the God of the Christians is the same god." He wrapped up his blasphemous speech with three key points and each one began with the word "Peace."

Since that event, during this first 3 &1/2 years of the seven year prophecy, there have been some very rare lunar eclipses that have taken place on the major feast days of the Lord's calendar as well as two solar eclipses coinciding with the beginning of the civil year and the sacred year.

Jesus said that when we see the abomination of desolation...THEN shall be great tribulation such as never has been since creation. That event should take place right before the 2016 general elections here in the states. "and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months."

The significance of the occult involvement is tremendous, as the organized groups that have dominion over the world practice satanic rituals to communicate with Satan and to get their directives from the spiritual realm. The Scripture clearly shows that Satan has the authority to delegate the power of the kingdoms of this world to whomsoever he will; and when he tempted Jesus Christ, he demanded worship in exchange for power. He still does today and the globalists willingly serve him as the scripture states, the serpent gives power to the beast.

I have much more to add regarding the abomination of desolation as Jesus stood in Jerusalem and cried on the last day of the Feast of the Tabernacles (John 7) beckoning the people to understand that the Holy Spirit shall be given...representative of our bodies being the "Tabernacle" i.e. "Temple of God" that out of our belly shall flow rivers of living waters.

This week is very concerning to me as I see a very great alignment of these things indicating that the last day of the Feast of the Tabernacles (NEXT WEEK) could very well begin the greatest tribulation in all of history.

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Scott Wasinski said...

3:52 pm anonymous: "It does need to be exposed in the churches! But it would step on too many toes and close too many wallets. How shameful!! "

They would also have to address the beloved phallic symbol that they hold dearly in their know, ......the "steeple"

I'm not a robot (anymore:)

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for the offers of help. I will let things rest for now, if things get worse and I become homeless--not a danger now, or don't have any food, I may have to reconsider. Thanks for being thoughtful. People have shown up in real life to mess with me, for this blog, including a false deliverance ministry and trojan friends. [see "betrayal" articles] It got intense at times where I almost gave the blog up. So sorry for now, will have to turn down generous offers, but thanks for thinking of me.

Bible Believer said...

kjvMOM WOW, on a church that stands against Masons, that is rare to be sure.

I found a food co-op charity that has been very helpful, we are okay for now thanks for your offer too. I know many of you mean well, I have to be cautious.

I am glad Scott you tried to witness to the masonic man. I am glad you left that church over that pastor not wanting to tell the truth to freemasons. SBC is supposed to be full of them and are notorious, but I believe they are in all the denominations including IFB.

Wow Don, yeah some of the freemasons are coming out of the shadows, it looks like the African American ones at least in my area are more "out" about it but the mode for most was to keep it secret. My brother was in Demolay. I didn't know what it meant for my mother to be driving to the Freemasonic Hall every week for years to drop him off for meetings until later. I wonder if there are other freemasons in the family thought, I have read online one doesn't need masonic family sponsorship to go into Demolay. Certainly Catholics never heard anything against freemasonry. I once asked him as a teen what went on at meetings and he told me he could never tell me it was all secret. [He is not saved]

Don't know if I believe that now. Many did keep it under their hats. In fact the rule was not to talk. They do help each other via connections and more. once you figure out how many jobs and opportunities go to "brothers" or even how Eastern Star elevates the women it tells you all you need to know.

Wow sounds like the freemasons are coming out in Brazil. I think the culture of it has changed. Well society has changed so much, they are seen as a pleasant fraternal "alternative religion" more respectable then others even. Crazy times.

James I am not surprised the cops gave your freemason father a pass, I think in their vows, they have to always "help out a brother" and they do have the distress hand signs we have seen exposed on other websites. I got creeped out years ago watching the show 48 Hours about murder suspects and there was one out and proud freemason detective and he had the compass symbol right on his cubicle. I have seen many wearing their rings around here, beyond the cars. Every itty bitty town in my state, even one of 1500 people had a masonic hall. You almost never can find a town that doesn't have at least a small masonic hall.

It is true they gain favor through good works, Shriner hospitals are well known. I agree any truly born again person would run out of the room like their hair was on fire once they viewed any rituals or were told to make oaths and secret oaths.
Agree about the witchcraft angle, well freemasonry is very close in beliefs to theosophy. I was into Theosophy during my UU years. It is basically a witches and warlocks coven.

Scott have you seen my old third temple article on here. Am I speaking of what you mean concerning the abomination of desolation?

What do you concern the would be abomination of desolation to be?

I found myself telling someone they named the hurricane Matthew to tell us the trib has begun. I was just thinking aloud. Why was that name chosen. Matt 24.

Yes steeples are wrong and false too.

Bible Believer said...

concern should be consider [correction above]

Bible Believer said...

Be careful too with someone who says they were a Demolay, eastern star or rainbow girl in the PAST. Unless they openly renounce it and are presently born again and have repented, like I renounce the UU church and Theosophy as Satan's pathways, be very cautious. I had a run in with an Rainbow Girl/Eastern Star in her past, I knew they were not saved, and attempted witnessing but the spirits these groups bring into a soul, remain. So it is a place of caution. Just wanted to add that. I know as Christians we are having to deal with some heavy stuff. I've witnessed to Wiccans too and that one can be tough.

Grammy G said...

I am saddened as I read this as I have just come back from visiting my 105 year old cousin who was/is an ES. She is so proud of all the works she did through the organization and has picture albums full of award ceremonies, etc. I sent her a KJV Bible and have talked with her about true Salvation and she does believe she is saved, yet I don't believe she has repeted of ES as it is still her topic of conversation much of the time. She is the sweetest person and I think if she knew it for what it was, it would kill her. She is so giving and kind and everyone loves hER and I think she had NO CLUE as to the demonic influences of ES. She did this for her Democratic Masonic father to make him proud of her. Please pray for her!!!