Friday, October 14, 2016

They All Work Together

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I know many here make the choice not to vote. Some people think third parties are the way out. I may choose to vote on local elections, but here is an area where you have to follow your conscience. This is the nastiest most wicked election, this country has seen. Remember the show has a reason, it was planned that way.  Whoever will win was "selected".

More Christians are removing themselves from politics but our politics have sunk to a new low, showing a country in horrific moral and utter cultural collapse. We basically have sociopath vs. sociopaths. Clinton has become scandal and corruption Teflon, I think she could be captured on video stabbing someone to death on national TV and they'd still keep her as a running candidate while making excuses for her behavior. Many conspiracists have talked about the Clinton Death List, and suspicious deaths that seem to happen to political enemies of the Clintons. There's still duped millions supporting her.

People are being desensitized against outrage and standing against evil. Our politicians can show their dark hearts and evil works openly now. The Clintons have made this so.  They don't even have to pretend to "be good" anymore. Nixon had to resign for far less. The wicked preachers will still teach Romans 13 and "obeying" world authorities instead of heavenly authorities. Aren't their words even more sickening now? If one preached that now, maybe some of us would laugh.

Be careful when it comes to high level third party candidates though.  Thinking they are the real deal can be a mistake. That Gary Johnson fellow supports the same freedom and economy destroying trade deals like NAFTA and then we have Jill Stein. I was reading political boards online and found pictures online of Jill Stein having dinner with Putin, and a Trump election advisor. It didn't shock me, but it was rather surprising.

One interesting quote, found on the Reddit politics board.

What if I told you that both the 3rd party candidate trying to siphon away votes from the Democratic presidential candidate, as well as the top military advisor for the Republican Party presidential candidate not only attended - but sat at the same table - while Vladimir Putin gave a speech for the 10 year anniversary gala celebration of his personal propaganda TV network - a network that hosted a Julian Assange TV show in 2012.
Then what if I told you that Russian government hackers were the prime suspects of a hack into Democratic National Committee e-mail servers - whose emails were then leaked to Julian Assange's Wikileaks organization and released days before the Democratic National Convention?
Then what if I told you that the Republican candidate AND his military advisor were both openly critical of NATO throughout his campaign, and, oh yeah, the Republican candidate's campaign manager just happened to be a personal political advisor to the pro-Russian puppet former President of Ukraine?
OH and THEN what if I told you that the 3rd Party candidate hosted a live-feed speech of Assange on the same day that she accepts her party nomination and calls Assange a "hero", even as he threatens to release more leaked e-mails during the election?
Would you think this was something out of a movie?
then I saw this...

Putin-Trump-Stein dynamic is not an accident.
These three work together.
Trump works for Putin. Stein also works for Putin; her role is to siphon off enough votes from Hillary to help Trump win. The same way Nader helped Bush win over Gore in 2000.
The dynamic may have started accidentally but it is no longer so.
Here is Putin at dinner table with Trump advisor Gen Flynn and Jill Stein.
Here is another photo of the same event.

 I don't know if a Trump win is planned or not. I have not decided whose a pasty for who. I do believe they are all working together. The debates seem scripted, the lines too perfectly written. The powers that be have used this election to definitely make the formerly unacceptable, acceptable. The whole thing has been run like a movie. Psych-Op city now with evil clowns included.

 If the votes were counted and they counted Middle America's vote, I think Trump would win right now no matter the media's exposures on him. I know many people who plan to vote third party because they despise both candidates. Who will that serve more?

The alt-right websites, are pushing the meme of impending World War III with Russia.  For some reason they want their people far more afraid, while the leftist websites remain brainwashed in the "everything's just fine" dream. It's all over the place. All war protestors have been neutralized and driven underground.  Our troubles with Russia are not in the mainstream news that much. I had to work hard to find news reports of what is going on. I am not sure yet what to think. We are seeing "rumors" of wars for ourselves but obviously real war is a concern as well. I put nothing past Luciferians, many people in America do not see war coming here as a possibility, I remind them of 50 million dead in WWII, when they tell me things like, "Oh they never would let that happen." In my case WWII haunted me personally with in laws who lived through it and paid a huge price.

It may be hard now to figuring out what is going on. The populace seems uninterested in what is happening with Russia, and are caught up in this distraction of an election.  While Jill Stein is correct on some issues in the second video, about the endless neo-con wars and outsourcing of jobs, Russia, this election cycle seems really involved with our election which should make us wonder WHAT IS GOING ON?

Do any of you find it odd, that one side of our politicians are ready to go to war with Russia, and some on the other side have met with Putin and think he's the best thing since sliced bread? Is it ironic to you, that in this case a leftist not one of those Putin praising Republicans is gung-ho to meet with Putin?

One can tell a wedge is being done, a divide in the USA so to speak, where some are enemies and some are not. 


Anonymous said...

It is confusing. I have read that Assange and Snowden both work for the CIA and Wikipedia is a CIA site. BTW, check out Jill Stein's Wiki page and read the Early Life & Education section as it reveals the Russian connection. I agree that "they all work together" and we can say it in three words, "International Space Station". - Don

Bible Believer said...

Thanks for admitting it is confusing to you. My head hurts trying to figure out these twists and turns. I know don't focus on politics too much, focus on God, but the Russia thing has me seriously concerned. Maybe I read too many Russia/America is broken up conspiracy websites, or even that book "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" is kind of haunting my mind. I know a lot of the made enemy stuff is nonsense, you know like Prescott Bush giving money to the Nazis but still it is there. Some say the ISS is fake. The photos all looked photoshopped to the hilt. I haven't made my mind up on that. Are Russians and Americans still working on it? That's funny if they are.

On Stein:

"Jill Stein was born in Chicago, the daughter of Gladys (née Wool) and Joseph Stein, and raised in Highland Park, Illinois. Her parents were from Russian Jewish families, and Stein was raised in a Reform Jewish household, attending Chicago's North Shore Congregation Israel, a Reform synagogue.[9] She now considers herself agnostic.[10] Stein is married to Richard Rohrer, who is also a physician. They live in Lexington, Massachusetts, and have two adult sons.[11][12][13]

In 1973, Stein graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, where she studied psychology, sociology, and anthropology. She then attended Harvard Medical School and graduated in 1979. After graduating from Harvard Medical School, Stein practiced internal medicine for 25 years[11] at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Simmons College Health Center, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and also served as an instructor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. She retired from practicing and teaching medicine in 2005 and 2006, respectively.[14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22]"

Bible Believer said...

Make sure not to get mind befuddled with capitalism vs. Socialism. Terms barely mean anything anymore. Banker bail-outs were wealth redistribution upwards.

Scott Wasinski said...

In all of my research I have discovered that if someone is truly an outsider, their name will never make it to any television program as a candidate. Everything broadcasted is controlled (highly). I don't know much about this Jill Stein, but I am certain that she is nothing more than a plant to make it appear that she is drawing votes, same as Gary Johnson. Very little information ever gets leaked into the public unintentionally, and that is troubling, because of the amount of verifiable information that has been revealed about the entire political scene, globally. Even Hank Kissinger has meetings with all the sides of the Grande Theatre
Gary Johnson has an interesting Clinton connection history

I'm not a robot (anymore:)

Anonymous said...

@ Scott Good video, I think both Johnson & Stein are there to take votes away from Trump. One thing, that video says Johnson will be in the Presidential debates and we have not seen that. I also like Trump less as this election goes along, but he says the right things (kind of). Maybe he is a closet politician. I know that Hillary would not have stepped down 8 years ago if she hadn't been promised the position this time. BB, you make some very good points and on Gary Allen, there is some good information on this post in the John Birch Society section; - Don

Grammy G said...

Nice article BB! Remember the O stats coming up that he won on NBC hours before the polls closed? Our votes are nothing more than activity designed to make us THINK (more mind control) we have a voice in politics. We dont!!! I just haven't decided who they want in there for sure. I said 6 months ago or more that we won't see O leave office and may not even have an election as things will get so crazy beforehand. We shall see! Certainly making history!

Bible Believer said...

I wonder about this, Hillary "wins" and Trump contests it, [as a planned action] and then we have chaos. Anyone ever think of those possibilities?

I agree true outsiders will never make their name as a candidate. All the third parties are owned. Even on local elections we have to be careful. I question some of those and their outcomes as well. I had a ballot once where I voted only on local measures.

The whole thing is a controlled staged show and the bit players play their parts. Stein is definitely one and not sincere and is a plant. Trump's manager was there to say, we will take votes from Hillary and the Sander's crowd to give over to us. Or it will be appearances. They may simply input numbers into the computer but maybe they still need to make voter forgery more simple, instead of having to cook every county's books. Yea"liberal" hang out there, was even more interesting. No difference between right and left. All converged. Thanks for video on Gary Johnson and Clintons.

Trump is tricky because he has said things I have liked against globalism and more, but he is there serving a role and we need to not forget that. I wanted to cheer seeing him wanting to put Hillary in jail on the last debate but I know that was said for a reason. If I didn't know he was a NWO "player", that'd be enough to get many to vote for him alone. People are tired of above the law sociopaths. I always wondered why Hillary stepped down so easily the last, so yeah, you got something there. The two could be there too to take votes away from Trump as well, you are right.

Thanks for link on None Dare Call It Conspiracy and John Birch.

Thanks Grammy. I agree the votes are to make us think our opinions matter. They already have chosen the top person. I can't decide either who the chosen one is, sometimes think Hillary with the Trump leaks etc, and sometimes think Trump with the Russia and other involvements and that other theory about the change to BRICS and rehaul of the globalist order. It's definitely making history. I am concerned about how the outcome will be and perhaps a PLANNED contestment. Remember they have tried to whip up racial wars to the max, and maybe political ones are on the menu now.

Anonymous said...

To me, if Trump gets in office and closes the Fed then I will know for sure he is true to America. He would have to wait until his first Presidential Address and then tell the public on live TV and warn of assassination with what to do. Of course that means our government will print our money. Same way with BRICS, if there is not a change in the money system then it means nothing. It could be all this to implement a One World Bank, which is what we have now basically with the IMF. - Don

Anonymous said...

Illuminati Fingerprints; 7/11 subliminal for 11/7 the next 9/11?

Anonymous said...

From what I have read online and comments from those who live abroad, Trump is set up to win, to have a "brexit" in order to save the US from economic collapse. There is a lot to all of this political nonsense in the US, these people are some great actors one a huge stage.

Anonymous said...

It should be as obvious as the nose on one's face that there is an agenda to destroy and or discredit DT and anyone who is advocating for him. This goes for the weak-kneed Republicans who just care about keeping their own skin in the game. This whole thing cannot be an act. No man would lay his money on the line and take the abuse and embarrassment being thrown at him if he did not have a conviction for his beliefs. I know he is not a believer, but he does have respect for people's beliefs and does not try to undermine them.

They can't find any dirt on Carson so they gang up on him and make him look foolish. He is SDA but he is a decent man in the human sense. Pence is so squeaky clean and he makes them look foolish. I don't think Christians belong in politricks, but that is between them and the Lord.

I don't agree with those who say they are not going to vote. I am not a patriot type and I am not enamored with DT. However, when one considers the alternative it is too horrifying to even entertain the thought. Those who abstain from voting think they are taking the high road when in fact they are still casting a vote. Those who do not vote are in fact casting their vote for the opposing candidate.
And I would hate to have to answer for that. The lives of many innocents hang in the balance as do the children of this country because of who will be put on the Supreme Court and even lower courts. I was once in the not voting camp so I think I understand where that is coming from, but have come to realize that I do have a responsibility as a citizen to vote.

Others may not agree and that is fine. I do realize that the ultimate result is in God's hands and He will use the result to accomplish His plan and purposes for this world. But as long as we live in this world and we have the right to vote we should not spurn that freedom. Some may say it is a waste of time and they may be right. But I still want to do the right thing according to my conviction. Thank you for allowing me to put in my two cents worth.

Scott Wasinski said...

12:39 anonymous So, do you really think that voting for a casino and a prostitution house owner is "doing the right thing?" They are mocking people like you. False teachers from the occult side, James Dobson, David Jeremiah, Kenneth Copeland, etc.. all say that he is a "christian" Have you ever watched DT speak. He uses more hand signs than a magician or a warlock doing incantations.

He and the Clinton's are LONG TIME friends. He is as much of an outsider as Henry Kissinger.

Consider this: If he truly was an outsider, the only way that anyone would have ever heard of his name is if he started his own broadcasting company, and got an FCC license (fat chance) and spent more than half of his wealth.

DT is a great entertainer, but his acting abilities just are not good enough. I mean, for someone that loves money as much as he does...wouldn't he be a LOT more passionate about "saving America" if he truly invested all of that money that he has???

Did you not know that he has made his fortune from current America. Why would any reasonable minded person think that he actually wants to change that. No, it is all rigged. The media is owned and he is serving the same master. Can Satan fight against Satan?

They are totally mocking the American people and at the end of the day, Joseph Stalin put it simply "It's not the voter that counts, but he that counts the votes."

So, you're gonna cast a vote for evil, eh?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:39

To enlighten you concerning my faith in Jesus Christ, born again of the Spirit of our LORD now for many years, and the arena we call politics; I would like to share with you from a Christian perspective.

First and foremost, it is not a sin, NOT to cast a vote for a political candidate. Jesus NEVER joined ranks with the political regime of His day, nor does he make it a mandatory practice to do so. I did not vote in the last two elections, and God, the Holy Spirit, never, ever convicted my soul as to the great 'sin' that I committed. I did not commit a sin when I made the conscious choice not to vote and I will not have to give answer before Jesus, my King, LORD, and Savior, for not voting in any governmental election process. It is not breaking one of GOD'S commands. To outright claim that we will be answering before a lord as to not voting in the American process, is outright blasphemy.

Please do not add to our Holy Scriptures, what is not there....Read the last chapter in the Book of Revelation. Many love to add to our Scriptures in guilting consciences for their own opinions/dominionism.

And concerning freedom....our freedom lies in Jesus, the Christ.....alone. People in this country love to romanticize our so called founding fathers, the documents they penned, and the history of this land.....but please, let us take a real, honest look at our nation's history for it is anything but romantic, nor moral for that matter. Owning and beating slaves (at least ordering the abuse of slaves/human beings) for the sake of money, is not rightly defining freedom.

The Apostle Paul, while imprisoned for refusing to share the Gospel, was still free to sing praises unto our LORD and share the Gospel to those who had an ear, even while he was held captive. Psalm 118:8-9 Our trust belongs in Christ only, not man nor his systems.

And I do not feel guilty, nor am convicted by my LORD, for not voting. And there is no blood on my you not know that both political parties are ripe with insidious sins?

Anonymous said...

My wife found this; - Don

Anonymous said...

Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner - Don

Grammy G said...

All this pressure by Franklin Graham to vote for Trump is leeching into the churches. I had a pastor tell me I had to vote! I gave him 15 Scriptures to support why I will not be voting for Hillary or Trump. He shook his head in disgust at me. I will be voting, just not for either of them. If my vote is "wasted" as some say it will be, I am okay with that as I seek not to please man or to fear then future. God allowed O in office as that is what the people wanted. He will allow it this time too-IF there is a change of leadership!! My peace and freedom is in the Lord! It's ironic the church is being so vocal about voting. Where were we when they took Bibles out of school? Where were we when they took out prayer and 10 commandments out of the government? Approved Roe V. Wade? And on and on...we remained silent and now movements like BLM and LGBT can create mayhem and put businesses out to the curb. If they can do this, why didn't we? Our breath is best spent praying for God to not give us what we deserve. For God to hear our prayers and spare us from His wrath. While I am thankful to live in the US and SO appreciate those who sacrificed for us all, but America is not my God, nor idol. I do not believe not voting changes my thankfulness to God for allowing me to grow up here. If I vote for unethical and morally corrupt people, now that there is a sin and you are bowing down to man! If you want to DO something, understand the need to be in prayer! Intense prayer-and fasting.

Bible Believer said...

Yeah if one closes the fed, I would know that was the real deal then too, sadly I do not trust him. There's too much evidence against him and his NWO involvements and friendships with Clintons and others. It would be nice to get one in there that was the real deal. I believe they want a resultant civil war, or civil unrest upon a contested election or will use Trump as one commenter said for a Brexit and as you wrote another one world bank/economic system. Trump could be used for a desired "reset". They had Russia "break up" and maybe not it is our turn. I have never seen the country so much on edge. When I watched the debates, I thought it was like a drama, reality TV to the max, and we know Trump has experience there.

Hmm something to happen on the 11-7, who knows? I see a lot of false predictions out there. They love the 11th though to get up to no good.

I am noticing the "gangup" on Trump, I don't trust him but obviously he is being presented as an "alternative" to the present system. He definitely is saying things contrary to the usual system, we differ on the agenda. They want him in as the cognitive dissonance, the plan is either to get Hillary in, via the outrage towards Trump or put Trump in and create the wanted chaos--civil war--have Trump contest it, or some other plan with Russia and BRICS. He sure seemed to anger those NWO Catholics at the Al Smith dinner, I watched his speech on Cspan but then I thought NWO Catholics aren't going to let a REAL inteloper among their number. There's no way. I never saw a room of so many demon filled people in my life. Hillary's fake laugh and giant open smile gives me the creeps.

Just happened to turn it on as it was happening live, and pointed to TV and said look at those two.

Bible Believer said...

I don't like the vote for lesser evil messages, that got us in the trouble we are in to begin with especially with the evangelical vote being told to vote for the "pro-life" guy no matter how rotten they were and they got more rotten decade by decade as both parties grew more evil and corrupt. This election has shown itself to be so evil and crazy, the fact it has gotten this bad, shows the decline of this country first and foremost.

The friendship with the Clintons is long standing. So much evidence out there, with the daughters as friends, the past invitations to weddings and more. I agree why would Trump want to uproot the system of oppression that has enriched him? Good point.

I agree it's NOT a sin to vote. I have left blank spots all over ballots. I have not made up my mind if I am going to vote on this one, this November, depends on local and smaller elections and what is up regionally. Sometimes I have shown up just to vote on local measures like millages, and thrown a few anti-Common Core types in state education places and that's it.

I have not voted on the last three presidents races, there was no one to vote for, earlier on I probably did a third party before I found out more about the Constitution party being Dominionist and other matters. I say follow your conviction on voting, I'm not going to tell anyone to vote or not vote, but here, will tell you what I see with the puppets they are giving us.

God doesn't order us to vote in scripture. It is not the law of the land that one must vote even if one wanted to stretch Romans 13 in that common mistranslation.

Agree this nation's history was not Christian, some years ago on this blog, I wrote about David Barton and those who romanticized American history and the whole "city on hill" meme, to the extreme and how this backed up Dominionism. Many of the early founders were Deists and freemasons. Slavery and other evils back then as you mention aon, did float the boat. I am glad I am not in a church now being told to vote for Trump. It would bother me. I never see a pastor ever speak of any third parties, worries me how owned and conformist they are even on that level.

Churches now have become spokesmen for wicked people oppressing the lot of us. The ones crashing the economy, and destroying our lives. It's one reason I'm not in churches anymore. Even the good ideals that this country once had have ebbed away, Look at one of the freaks we have for the top job in the country, people still supporting her when her crimes have been exposed. She makes Nixon look like a choir boy. Most don't care. I am old enough to remember when the corruptions of Trump were in the entertainment news. Everyone saw him as one of the "greed is good" guys, he had his name on everything for a reason. The Apollo living room and endless other NWO connections and all that money and power, he sold out definitely along the way.

Anonymous said...

The Lord Jesus and His disciples did not live in a democracy or a republic where they had the right to vote for elected officials. I do not believe that Christians belong in politricks, but each of us has the freedom to vote. We either believe our freedoms are God-given or they are not.

Anon at 4:48 a.m. said: "To outright claim that we will be answering before a lord as to not voting in the American process, is outright blasphemy."
Whoa! That is pretty off the charts. Maybe you should look up in the Bible what is considered blasphemy before you accuse another member of the Body of Christ of it!

I said that it was fine not to agree with my decision to vote and that each person had to follow their own convictions and how the Lord leads them. The Bible says we are to be in the world but not of it. I believe I can vote and not be of the world. We can't expect any candidate to be a true born-again Christian - we live in a pluralistic society. I happen to believe that as believers we will have more freedom to share the Word with one candidate than the other. IMHO there is a choice. If in fact, one candidate says they are pro-life and the other says they are for Roe v Wade, and if one candidate says they will appoint conservative judges and the other says they will appoint people who will further the agenda of LGBT and same-sex marriage, then we do have a choice. You can say they are all on the same side. Maybe and maybe not. We can't know for sure. But what is certain is that if you do not vote, you are actually voting for the other person. So even if you don't vote, you really are. But I won't say negative things about people who sincerely believe they should not vote or judge them. And I hope they won't judge me because I do intend to vote.

Anonymous said...

BB you said, "He sure seemed to anger those NWO Catholics at the Al Smith dinner, I watched his speech on Cspan but then I thought NWO Catholics aren't going to let a REAL inteloper among their number. There's no way."

Thought you might find this video

Bible Believer said...

Looks like good video Don, I will watch the rest and maybe post it tomorrow, thanks

Anonymous said...

Is it righteous to vote for the lesser evil? I believe the question is answered within itself.
I have posed this question a number of times over the yrs. And I believe I see circumstances more clear now than ever before. How shall a Saint, a child of God, a professing disciple of Jesus Christ give assent to a person they know assuredly is evil by voting for them to rule over their life, that of their family and dear relatives, of our brethren, all of whom we are commanded to Love. see 1Jn_3:23. How does that manifest the love of God in our lives if we give approbation to someone who without question is ungodly, tho they appear less evil than other choices. How could it be viewed as greater godliness, progress of sanctification or even our holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. I will say, not all oppose my views which I believe are scripturally sound. But those who did disagree, almost the man, attempted rebut with pragmatism(s), eg, "not to vote is to give a vote to---", or, "we have to vote for somebody and the best choice is the less evil" or, its your patriotic duty, stand up/ die for your country. A few Christians?, had the gall to say loudly, "Why don't you go to a country you think is better.'' Of these no scripture would placate them, nor did they offer any, and reason was thrown to the wind. Nor was any there convinced that their "vote" meant nothing due the Electoral College being the only entity which had the power to choose the person for the presidency in accordance with the now supposed supreme law of the land, the Constitution; see proof of my words ninth 8th grd English.
Article II [The Presidency] (see explanation)
Section 1. [Election, Installation, Removal]

I leave you with what concerns my conviction and a good conscience toward God.
Mar 10:42 But Jesus called them to him, and saith unto them, Ye know that they which are accounted to rule over the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and their great ones exercise authority upon them." You know nothing has changed, people are much deceived because, truth is hate to those who hate the truth!
Secondly, it is not the wisdom of God to seek rule or guidance of any ungodly persons, a vote for them is to make allowance in your life and be in agreement with the precepts in Rom 14:23 And he that doubteth is damned if he eat, because he eateth not of faith: for whatsoever is not of faith is sin." I would say simply, If you doubt it, Don't Do it. Further we see admonition of the Psalms re the Fool atheist and he being corupt and surely that is a description of all currant candidates and past for that part.
Vote if you will but it means zip. Research the Pres. seated by the Electoral College Rutherford B Hayes a distant cousin is an example. Would to God those how profess Christ would put the same energy and time in promoting the Lord Jesus and his Gospel and our concerns of making the world a better place to go to hell in.
Psa 1:1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful."
but contrary...
Psa 1:2 But his delight is in the law of the LORD; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

Psa 26:9 Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with bloody men:
Psa 26:10 In whose hands is mischief, and their right hand is full of bribes.
Psa 26:11 But as for me, I will walk in mine integrity: redeem me, and be merciful unto me

JHayes... Php 2:16 Holding forth the word of life; that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither laboured in vain.

Anonymous said...

Anon at Oct 22 6:21 p.m.

The Al Smith dinner has a long history and tradition of inviting the candidates of both parties. If they disinvited Trump that would have been unthinkable.

Anonymous said...

Anon at October 23 at 11:40 a.m.

There is a fact. One of these candidates WILL be elected POTUS. We are to use discernment and wisdom from the Lord to determine how to cast our vote. One of the candidates clearly supports gay marriage, abortion and the LGBT agenda amongst other things that are counter to what the Bible teaches. The other candidate who does not stand for these things is being mercilously torn to shreds by the MSM. That should tell us something. That is not pragmatism, that is fact.

Whenever we have the opportunity to be salt and light and do good, we are to do so. To vote for a flawed candidate that is better than the other is in my view the Christians' responsibility. We should be thinking of the innocent children and babies affected, the elderly who are considered disposable, and the harm that will come to our country and our population under the policies advocated by the other candidate. There is a choice - it might be our first choice, but it is unrealistic to think we are going to have a Bible-preaching POTUS.

Because people of faith were silent and did not have their voice heard through their vote we have suffered under oppression. I didn't care for Romney, but he would have been much better than his opponent.

I know I will never convince those who are convicted to abstain from voting. That is your choice. I don't judge you. But I am baffled as to how this honors our God, Lord and Savior.

Scott Wasinski said...

Anonymous JHayes, Thank you for your input. Many of your same points I have made in my years , trying to cause others to look at things practically and reasonably. You worded your comment with wisdom and I admire your direct approach to the foundational issues at hand.

The anonymous at 5:26 am started the post off with calling a premonition a "fact." Nothing in the future is certain except the Word of the Lord. How can any true born again believer think otherwise? Here is a known fact. If you cast a ballot for evil, then you are indeed subjugating your soul to evil.

It would behoove you to read and heed the words of anonymous 11:40 and seek the Lord God concerning this. You have shown a lot of folly and lack of true, biblical reasoning in your reply.

My 12 year old son is at a Lutheran school and they are very much into the deification of the nation and patriotism, "pride in 'Merica" (Good ole' USSA) and his teacher just assigned the class an essay to write "The America I believe in" and "My duty to America" The rules are that they are not allowed to make the essay political.

He is only 12, but he understands what is going on. So he is going to specifically write down the sinful immorality of a nation that rejects God and exalts sin in every facet. He is writing about the rights that the Lord gives us that are supposed to be protected by the U.S. Constitution and the way in which our freedoms are being stripped away from us. And how this nation has invaded other lands under false pretenses and spoiled them of their opiates and their oils, real estate and whatever resources that were to be taken. I believe that he feels that his "Duty to America" is to warn her of the judgment and the wrath of God.. I know they want some great patriotic tear jerking essay about all the men that have given their lives and such, and how this is the greatest nation in the world and all praise America as these essays shall be read to active duty servicemen. But he is going to drop the Truth Bomb to his school and to these servicemen.

I can say that I am very well pleased with my son "That's My Boy!"

I'm not a robot (anymore) I hope anonymous 5:26 gets deprogrammed sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 5:39,

"You say they are all on the same side. Maybe and maybe not. We can't know for sure. But what is certain is that if you do not vote, you are voting for the other person. So if you don't vote, you really are. But I won't say negative things about people who sincerely believe they should not vote nor judge them. And I hope they won't judge me because I do intend to vote."

Dear Anonymous,

I literally was delivered by the power of God, the Holy Spirit, in leaving a conservative, abusive Baptist church, with an Assembly of God man who claimed the title of "pastor." It was a wolves in sheep's clothing religious system filled with patriots of the Republican order, and ripe with control, manipulation and brainwashing tactics. When I began attending this religious institution created by man, for man, their goal was to "disciple" us into becoming "one of them." The slow, subtle abusive process was filled with darkness to its core, and I did not know what was happening to me because I believed that every person was "good" in that church and did not understand the Berean process of discernment at that particular time in my faith. And I believed that every person within that institution was "FOR" my well being, desiring God's goodness for my family and myself.

I was completely blinded and deceived. Please let me reiterate, I was fooled by these patriotic, conservative, highly spiritual and religious people who claimed the name of another jesus, not rightly dividing the Word of God in teaching and knowing the true Jesus of our Holy Scriptures. And when I began recognizing the work of God, the Holy Spirit, in my own life, allowing Him to lead me (Who always, always, always points the born again believer to Jesus and His Ways, not the ways of any man or woman), I began to question these cult like religious folks concerning their teachings.

Here are a few of the issues I began to question:

1) Why do churches celebrate the fourth of July with honoring the military and singing nationalistic and patriotic songs, complete with the red, white and blue theme on a Sunday morning worship assembly. And the Name and teachings of Jesus Christ are totally absent from such presentations every year? (Clue, it's because Jesus NEVER taught nationalism or patriotism for His Kingdom is not of this world.)

2) Why do churches honor Memorial Day, calling up the military to the front of the church for us to give them an applause, our praise, and our worship? Meanwhile the faithful servant and follower of Jesus Christ for years and years, will never receive such praise and adoration for their love for the true Christ?

3) Why would an Assembly of God pastor, literally hold up Mark Levin's penned book, "Liberty and Tyranny" during one of his sermon presentations, promoting his book, and yet, telling us that we probably shouldn't listen to his radio program because of the swearing.....does Mark Levin ever speak the Name of Jesus, nor even remotely share Christ with anyone via his penned works or audio programs? How odd of one who claims he is a vessel for Jesus, to even promote unbelievers' books.


Anonymous said...


4) This cultic church system was made up of primarily Republicans. And when I began to question the religion of the Bush family, one would have thought that I was blaspheming God, the Holy Spirit. Whooaaaa, yes, appropriate words....'whooaaa.' One of the 'spiritually elite women (this church was filled to overflowing with these prideful types in being our spiritual mothers, or so they thought, as they criticized and corrected our every word to our faces)' told me over and over what a great Christians the Bush family were. After all, they attended Bible studies and had prayer breakfasts in the White House. Their perception of the Bush family was based on what they saw in the world of appearances, but they did not know the true motives of their hearts; none of us do, but Jesus knows and He sees everything.

I believed in my heart the Bush families were not true Bible believing Christians as defined by the Word of God, and finally spoke my peace to a woman deaconess who grew up Republican, and a staunch follower of Oral Roberts and Pat Robertson. And when I said that President Bush was not a true Christian, the look on her face was one of complete disbelief, as if I blasphemed God, the Holy Spirit. My suspicions of president Bush, the younger, were confirmed when visiting the capitol myself, sitting in front of the television set, I heard Bush, the younger, state, "Yes, I believe muslims and Christians worship the same god." Our Holy Scriptures state, "out of the heart, the mouth speaks." Also, I learned that Bush, the younger, was the first president in U.S. history, to invite and conduct the ceremony of Ramadan in the White House. These are not the fruits of a true believer of Jesus, Christ, but of the anti-Christ spirit, the enemy of our souls.


Anonymous said...

I, personally voted for both Bushes, the elder and the younger. I did not know they were members of the wicked and evil "Skull and Bones" order, for I knew nothing of the occult, or the illuminati at that time. I was naïve, and a fool. I voted, being led to believe by these deceived church folks, that I was voting for righteous men in the Eyes of our LORD.

Boy, was I ever deceived, and it was my own fault for being blind, and not checking out more about the people who are running for a highly paid public office. True "public servants" work anonymously for our LORD, not receiving a dime for the work they do or words of praise by man, for their/our rewards are from our LORD, and done in secret as Christ commands. So yes, I voted conservative, I voted Republican,

and I voted due to the FACT, that those churched around me said, "You have an obligation and a duty to vote in "MAKING OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN." Sound familiar?
The wheels on the pseudo religious and political bus go 'round and round.'

So while some say they are 'not judging' nor 'speaking anything negative,' please know this Anonymous....Jesus delieverd me out of an abusive church where the abusive speech and tactics were so subtle and so sweetly stated, that it took me years to know what was happening to me within that system. (The Assembly of God pastor and his leadership were followers/attendees of that famous blasphemous Toronto Blessing (I call it 'the cursing') so called revival. With that said, I believe that in effect, your above statements are a judgement call on those of us who have voted in the past, being completely deceived the entire time with the bread and circus of politics, for I know in my heart and have observed with my own eyes and ears, that our political system is leading us into the global order, regardless of the titles they claim, be it Rep. or Dem., for the majority are NOT born again believers in Jesus Christ, and are actually working the darkness of the enemy, satan.

Do people of this country actually believe that voting for one over the other will change the course of this nation? Really? I voted Republican for years, electing Republican presidents, and they were a part of the globalist elite, leading our country towards the final beast system....not away from it.

So I stand, unapologetically, on the Word of God, for Jesus was not a patriot, voting for the lesser of two evils. When He looked at every man, He already knew what lie in their hearts. And mankind has not changed, nor hath Christ.

Anonymous said...

Another question,

Do people actually believe that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned with the election of Donald Trump? He has a pro-choice record of his past, and although he 'says' he has changed his mind, in reality, how do we know for sure?

And when we had a Republican president, complete with a majority Congressional base, can someone please tell me why Roe/Wade was not overturned through the system of checks and balances via Congress/Presidential signing?

It's because the Republican congress men and women REALLY DO NOT truly want to have this wicked and evil law overturned.....would cause too much of a ruckus and people would not generously 'tithe' to their political fundraising schemes.

And I won't even begin to discuss the power our President has via the 'executive order' process, and exactly how much power our nation's leader has via "the power of the pen."

Psalm 118:8-9

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:21 a.m.

Well, we know for SURE that nothing will happen with Clinton and she has made that very plain. At least there may be a chance with Trump. A slim chance better than none.

The Bushes were establishment - they do not support Trump. Does that tell you something? So of course nothing got done. And most of the Congress is establishment so we need someone to come in and shake things up. Our only hope to do that is Trump.

It may or may not work. But there is a clearer choice than people are presenting.
It is ultimately in the Lord's hands, but He did give us a brain and the ability to discern.

KJVmom said...

My two cents worth- I last voted in the 1990's, and I came to realize that it is easy to say that voting works when your side wins, but what if your side loses? I did not vote for Bill Clinton, yet he won twice. The only time my husband and I ever put a sign in our yard was when the lottery vote came up in our state-we were opposed to it. Well, it passed and ever since then we have had the lottery-of course I never play. In 2008 and 2012 my state carried the Republicans but my vote would have made no difference as Obama still won. God sets in power who He wills, and He will do so in this election as well. I am casting my vote on my knees.

Anonymous said...

KJV Mom - You have made the point that the bad guys got in because many people did not vote. Just because you voted and your candidate did not win does not justify opting out of every election. This is a democratic republic - every vote counts. Too many Christians opt out because they don't like either candidate or they are discouraged. One candidate is always better than the other in what they represent. We have to do what we can. But to not do anything and not be counted is the way REALLY bad people get in. Disclaimer: The LORD is always on the throne.

Now the liberals have th money and the momentum. There may simply be more immoral or clueless people in our society. At the very least voting gives one griping rights. (That was said with tongue in cheek.)

Anonymous said...

When I saw online how people were treating a poor homeless woman who was trying to protect Donald Trump's star in Hollywood it should make anyone sick. Yes, the poor woman may have been misguided, but the people who knocked her down and the hatred they were spewing and the horrible filthy talk that represents the liberal brand of politricks in this country is abominable. She just finally laid down on the star with her cart of belongings by her and they continued to hurl insults and had not one ounce of compassion whatsoever that she might have needed assistance. Their hatred directed toward someone who supports Trump was beyond the pale.She posed no threat to anyone in contrast to the person(s) who defaced the star. Righteous anger should spur people to at least cast their vote. How can Christians just be silent?

Anonymous said...

Righteous anger? Anonymous 11:29.....what exactly is 'righteous anger' for I came out of a wicked, abusive Baptist church with an Assembly of God pastor (who left because he was finally caught in his sexual sins). Righteous displayed by church goers, I believe, is far, far different than our LORD'S Righteous Anger, which belongs only to Him.

May I quote another Baptist pastor, Rick Frueh, regarding the political circus we watch and one that I have to hear about constantly in my home by those who profess Christ, and yet, exhibit few fruits of God, the Holy Spirit.

"We have matriculated into little political robots who screech like stuck little pigs when any discomfort comes our way. And let something prick our financial pockets and we become almost vicious. Gay people, lost for the most part, are attacked without any love, but ADULTERY and DIVORCE within the church has been assimilated as an expected part of the heterosexual experience. And the New Testament offers only a few verses about sexual preference, but enough to make God's Will clear. But that same New Testament contains scores upon scores of verses about greed, discontent, worry, complaining, prayerlessness, and self righteousness. But these do not make such a good weapon since they claim to always morph into an uncomplimentary mirror. The gay and liberal agenda is much more handy."


Anonymous said...

Mr. Frueh makes a valid point. I was once a political idolater myself, believing the sun rose and set on the Republican party, seeing no evil or wrong within its system, always anger at those 'liberals' for they couldn't 'SEE' what I saw.

Then Jesus entered my life in a big way, pointing out the hypocrisy, the so called 'righteous anger' of my own life with regards to all of those sinners out there. Once a member of the "Religious Right," I willingly overlooked all of the gross immorality within the conservative camp for their sins are easily more forgiven than all of those liberal sinners out there....right?

The divorce, the fornication, the adultery, the multiple marriages, the blended families, the myriad forms of pornography, the gross sexual speech/jokes/woman's body shaming coming out the mouth, the drunkenness, the greed, the envy/jealousy, the hatred, the reviling, the anger/disguised as righteous anger, the mocking, the slander/lies from the heart/mouth, the laziness, the whining/complaining, the verbal/emotional/physical abuse, the love of self, the pride, the cold hearts and minds, the boasting and bragging, the working of evil behind the scenes in destroying other people's marriages/family relationships......

from those who call themselves conservative Republicans is absolutely bewildering. To mock a gay person, then turn around and vote for a man who is divorced, has had multiple extra-marital affairs, has sired children from how many women, who speaks filth, who is greedy, who lies and deceives, who lives a life of immoral depravity and has not exhibited one ounce of conviction of his own sin let alone repentance in Jesus, the Christ, is simply astounding to me.

Many of those people exhibiting 'righteous anger' in our churched area; the sexually immoral pastors who lust after women seeking affairs (churches are full these wolves in sheep's clothing), divorced men and women who love to order how we should live our lives, boyfriends and girlfriends who are living together/fornicating, homeschooled parents who abuse their children and have households full of pornography, leadership whose children literally rape women then serve in junior leadership positions, women who dress immorally exposing their upper half in pride, church goers who love their drunken alcoholic states mocking those of us who have made the conscious choice not to imbibe (the alcohol drinkers in our area love to mock Jesus, and enjoy a healthy menu of mocking those of us who are born again in Christ alone), and those less noticeable sins.....the church goers who are jealous and envious of their neighbors, using their mouths and wicked schemes to destroy God's people.....oh the list could go on and on....

All of these sins coming out of the conservative/Republican/self righteous movement we call church/politics/the state.


Anonymous said...

continued from above.....

It is no wonder when those we label as "unbelievers" step back and take a look, a hard look at our conservative churches and the lives of those who profess as self righteous, self angered jesus.

As the Gospel of Jesus Christ deteriorates within the conservative church, replaced with a set of moral principals that even the pew sitters cannot, nor desire to actually live out, it is no wonder that "pride" has become the root word of the average church goer, the average church, the average community. Our church leadership often speaks these words, "I am so proud of myself for doing the Lord's work, etc.", "I'm so proud of my children," "I'm so proud of my church," "I'm so proud of my family," "I'm so proud of my students," "I'm so proud of MY ministry,"

the "state" of pride has reached high proportions when compared to the state of humility within this nation, let alone what calls itself 'the church.'

Then we have to rely on the works of a man like Kirk Cameron to show us what revival looks like.....this is deeply disturbing regarding the state of Christianity.

Rick Frueh, "It is a sad state in the western evangelical community that Jesus has become little more than a big brother that gives us courage to speak morality and politics to a fallen world. The early believers preached and lived Christ, and they had such allegiance to the LORD Jesus that many were sent to their deaths because they were accused of earthly treason against Caesar. No one can accuse the western church of earthly treason, but their is ample evidence of spiritual treason. In the end this is not about nationalism, economics, morality, conservatism, or even traditional marriage. This is all about Who Jesus is, has been, and always will be."

Trust in Jesus, and not the ways, any way of man.

Anonymous said...

Anon October 30 - *8:45 a.m.

To answer your question - we have the Holy Spirit - therefore it is quite fitting that we are "righteously" angry at injustices. What offends God should offend us!
I think the Lord was offended by the way these people treated this woman .Did you even get the point about that? Your remarks did not reflect it is you did.

I am sad for you that you have had such bad experiences and there is much sin in the Church. These are people who are professors, not possessors. They bring reproach and shame upon the Church just as Satan will do at every opportunity.

I have known some godly men who are pastors who are faithful to their wives and faithful to the Lord - (not in that order.)

And another thing, a Christian can be angry at sin but not be committing a sin. There is a place for anger such as Christ displayed when clearing the temple. We don't compare ourselves to Christ, but He is our example. He was angry and yet did not sin. If anger comes out of being self-righteous, then it is wrong. That kind of anger has no place in the life of a Christian.

Scott Wasinski said...

Now Donald Trump is "Making America Gay Again"

Yes, the evangelical's favorite occult, criminal, business, hotel, casino, whore house owner is now sporting the rainbow flag for the LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ community.

It really is just showing the entire world that those that call themselves "Christians" are so easily led away from the way that the Lord commanded us to the Light.

But James Dobson, David Jeremiah, Pat Robertson group all testify that he is a Christian.

To me, this is a small vindication from the Lord against all of those people that have hated me for telling them the truth about the sElection process and all those church going proselytes that parrot what they are told "We have to vote against Hilary" "We will be held accountable to God if we don't exercise our right to vote" or my favorite "We have to vote for the lesser of two evils" Does anybody really think that a strip club owner is really against sexual immorality or abortion? It goes against his livelihood.

Who judges which evil is lesser or greater? The immoral left and the immoral right.

I almost want to apologize for being so harsh...almost,

I'm not a robot (anymore;)

Anonymous said...

Scott, you are expecting the president of a pluralistic, secular society to take up causes that should belong in the churches. Man is sinful. It is what it is at this point. The Bible predicts the state of our society because the Church is LUKEWARM and Christians are being deceived right along with the rest of society by false teachers and weak blind shepherds.

As Christians we have to be realistic and use discernment as to how we are to deal with a sinful world and elections in our society. Why do people not realize that even if they do not cast a vote they are in fact casting a vote by abstaining! There will not be a flawless leader until Jesus Christ returns to this earth. Our faith is not to be in this world, but we still have to live in this world.

If God is clearly telling you not to vote, then fine. But just be sure it is the voice of God. If God is telling you to cast a vote, then do it with His wisdom.
But I really don't think that God would tell one person to vote and tell another not to vote.

I have researched this issue with Trump and viewed his statements on the LGBT issue as well as other social issues. He takes a strong stand for traditional marriage, but the law of the land says differently. He is not taking that on as a battle.I wish he had not taken that flag and displayed it, but on the other hand, what was he supposed to do as he was probably blind-sided. The man is far from perfect. It is people in Hillary's camp who have pushed it and got it through. He is pro-life. Hillary is pro-death and makes no bones about it. If Christians don't have the discernment to see there is a difference I am astonished at that.

I am not into politics but I do try and keep up and be aware and informed. I live a quiet life and live for the Lord the best I can. But that may be more difficult is she gets in. But I also know God is still on the throne and He will preserve His remnant. My trust is not in any government leader, but I think I can tell which one would be better. There will always be the gray and never clearly black and white. But we can have clarity in the Church, but there is so little of that today. Churches are caving into revising their doctrines to accommodate the wrong rather than standing for the right.

The Bible does not address the issue of voting because there was not that form of government in those time. But there are principles that apply to any society in any situation.

Christians don't need to get on the top of soap boxes or preach in the streets. They just need to live for Christ and vote as the Spirit leads. That is my opinion and I totally respect those who disagree.

Anonymous said...

At Anonymous 1:02 PM,

"He take a strong stance for traditional marriage." Donald Trump takes a strong stance for traditional marriage....which marriage, his first, second, or third....or the extramarital affair parts of his life. Is he any greater leader, role model than the other option? The lesser of two evils....what if the born again believer, believes our options are equal in their evil and wicked deeds/thoughts?

Is Donald really pro-life? And how many dollars has he donated in the name of charity to organizations over the years, in monetarily funding those things that are an abomination to our LORD? And those who are extremely wealthy hire expensive lawyers to dodge paying taxes to Caesar, both Republicans and Democrats....while we keeping working to fund this evil and wicked political system.

Case in point, our local Republican chair woman, who attends the Covenant Church system, is extremely forceful with her mouth/her ways, in getting us to send donations from our personal pocketbooks to the state Republican party. We donated a couple of times just to get this pushy woman off our backs. When we sent our one hundred dollar check to the state committee, we received another check back from our state government for that same amount, because the state in part (using the taxes collected from innocent taxpayers) assists in funding the political process.

The state, using tax payers mammon, helps fund this wicked and evil political process that is used by Christians and non-Christians alike. The government literally steals from the tax payers in funding a system that many who profess Christ, literally worship. It is called patriotism/nationalism.

And those who say "I totally respect those who disagree." I have heard that in churches where the undiscerning sheep are literally abused by leadership; spiritually, verbally, emotionally/mentally, short of physical.......a very Caesar owned/patriotic church indeed. I do not believe those who say these words; wolves in sheep's clothing.

Anonymous said...

In Response to Anon at 4:44 p.m.

Compare the two candidates. Neither is ideal, but one does at least take a stand against certain evils. You castigate DT for his multiple marriages. This does not negate his stand for traditional marriage as opposed to same-sex marriage. The other option clearly stands for same-sex marriage. And his last marriage has lasted for some 20 years or longer. People do learn and change. Also, DT has promised to appoint CONSERVATIVE judges to the Supreme Court. We know what the other other option will do. She makes no bones about it. She is not trying to hide any of her positions on the social issues.

I do not approve of some of his business enterprises such as casinos, etc. But take a look at the other option and their enterprises.

You can rail against the policies of our government, and the process, but it is the sinfulness of sinful man. At least in this country we do have freedoms that do not exist in other countries. There are people like myself in this country who are "patriotic" and DO NOT make an idol out of government or say we are a Christian nation. Many so-called Christians are responsible for the current administration being in power. The other option at that time may not have been ideal, but it would have been better than the place where we find ourselves today.

As for the church lady who crammed her political agenda down the throat of your self and others, shame on her. I have never given a dime to either political party in 40 years. It is a shame that our elections seem to go to the highest bidder. DT has lost a lot of support because he has dared to take unpopular stands. But still I will not donate as there are scoundrels in both parties.

The system is what it is. We need to seek the Lord's guidance for wisdom on how He wants us to be in the world but not of it. The choice may not be that clear, but there IS a choice and it is our responsibility to use the tool we have, that of the vote to express that better choice.

We can't expect any better choices - another thing - compare the VP candidates and you will find a dramatic contrast.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:25,

I lived, breathed, and worshiped the Republican party for many years, allowing it to consume my life, with no "fruits of God, the Holy Spirit" evident in any of it. I also worked for that pushy Republican chairwoman, also an outstanding member of the Covenant church, for a couple of years, so am well aware of the 'sins' concerning the conservative movement as well as the liberal realm. Though it seems the lies of the conservatives are more holy than those spewed by liberals, or so I was told. Both parties lie, and lie very well.

It is amongst the conservative church men, that I hear with increased frequency, this year in particular and I quote, "If women would NOT have been allowed to vote, our county wouldn't be in the condition in today. Women do not have the capacity to make an informed choice in choosing the right candidate." As if the lives of our male "Founding Fathers" were devoid of depravity....done the research, aghast at the sins live in their lives. Now the conservative church system, owned and paid for by the state, ie. 501c. 3, can sit in its depraved condition, devoid of Jesus Christ, and spew out how women are destroying this country. Blessed is the man/or woman who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked...Psalm 1:1.

During this election cycle, I have heard more wickedness and evil, coming out of the hearts/mouths of those who profess to be "conservative Christians" concerning the selection of the next president. The tactics used by outstanding church men and women, are NO different than those liberals they castigate for being 'evil.' I finally had enough of the dirty, evil and wicked emails/jokes told about the democrats and asked our LORD to give me the courage to tell one the elders in 'the church' that I did not want to receive that filth any longer. It was disgusting.

The elder/church board/deacon did not respect my request at first and continued to send his political garbage, none of it good nor godly in edifying me in my faith in Jesus. After another, more serious request, the church 'leader' finally quit sending me that junk; how sad it is these leaders loving lording it over those they deem stupid. So to be completely honest, the methods of the Republicans are equally as wicked and evil as the tactics of the liberals. I have finally seen the light, through personal experience.


Anonymous said...

Also, I sat in a conservative church where 'traditional marriage' was preached, and homosexuality was a sin. I know the Scriptures well regarding these issues for I am a literal born again Christian, not a Christian in name only, carrying my 501c. 3 membership card with me on Sundays so my name can be 'checked in the box' by the "ministry of keeping track of church attendance" to prove how Christian one is.

Here is the truth of the matter; I sat there amongst the conservatives, over half were divorced, and many on their second, third, and fourth marriages. It was easy to condemn all of those homosexuals out there, but in our midst was the sin of adultery, fornication, pornography, the dirty sexual jokes told by 'religious men-shame on them,' the flirting and lusting after others, and the lewd comments made about women's body parts from conservative religious men, was an absolute shame to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Oh, but it is far easier to deflect the sins of the conservative church onto the homosexuals, taking our eyes off of our own sexual sins. It is just a fact...we hated the homosexuals, never praying for any of them/their salvation, and yet the divorced were mighty pious and proud of their sinful condition; repeated adultery.....and several of the divorcees who were not married were fornicating behind the scenes, and yet we turn a blind eye to the heterosexual sins amongst us. That is just fine within conservative churches, yes, I get that.

I wrote a Lutheran pastor, who was an elected state representative in our district. He was a seminary graduate and a seasoned pastor, entering the political circus after his pastoral retirement. The issue of 'same sex marriage' was being considered by our state legislature, so I did my patriotic duty in mailing him a letter, complete with Scriptural references, written politely, yet firm. There were no false accusations nor insults made against this pastor/political figure what so ever, so I stand innocent in that regard. He sent me a 6 page response letter, complete with a copy of the state marriage certificate and a picture of some fringe picketers with wicked hate speech against homosexuals, as if I was a part of that type of conservative wickedness.


Anonymous said...

This Lutheran pastor, did I mention he was seminary trained, penned a letter speaking down to me as if I were some sort of nut, a dumb-bell, stating that in no way would homosexual unions be accepted, for the wording on the state mandates/laws would never allow such practice to take place. And now, some years later, it is accepted by law with partners receiving the same worldly benefits as those in traditional marriages.

So much for the clergy system....I'll fellowship with the lower laity any day over our titled/entitled clergy. My years in involved in the political process did not change, nor influence anyone concerning their political ideologies, they only caused arguments, division, and a loss of love and respect for people. I learned the hard way until finally, I believe Jesus delivered me out of this political idolatry, giving me His peace, His contentment. Praise Him.

I must always keep telling myself, that conservatives lie just as much, and just as easily as their liberal counterparts. They are equal opportunity liars and we all know who is the source of their lies.

After coming out of a conservative church, who idolizes our military/our country, a living epitome of patriotism, that Jesus Christ never shared the Gospel of patriotism or nationalism, but of Himself. And also, God the Holy Spirit, always points us to Jesus Christ as stated in The Word, never man's systems or man's ways, and I must always keep meditating upon these things in abiding in the love of Christ.

I now see politics as voting for the better liar, for having experienced the depravity, the loss of love in Christ Jesus, in those who continue to worship politics. And in my family here, I can now peacefully walk away, while the churched argue and mock in anger, the political candidate they hate.

Thank-you Jesus, for Your deliverance.

Anonymous said...

I saw this comment on a blog and thought it put things into perspective quite well:

WWJVF? Who Would Jesus Vote For? Donald Trump, of course, because he is the candidate who will most uphold God's moral law. He is pro-life, pro traditional marriage, and most important of all he will appoint Supreme Court judges like the great Justice Antonin Scalia, may he RIP.

By casting a no-vote because of priggishness and holier than thou attitudes, one will be answerable to Almighty God if Hillary wins. She will murder every unborn child she can through abortion expansion (that the prudish people will also be paying for), she will pass further laws for homosexual and lesbian "marriage" by electing the next 3 Supreme Court Justices, and transgender equality is high on her list. No Christian will be able to earn a living if they do not provide abortions for employees, support homosexual and lesbian marriage and adoption, and bow to the transgender agenda. Hillary is a globalist - and Islam is coming our way and she's on the Saudi's payroll as well as the Islamic UN.

People are so priggish that they refuse to vote, while doing so will further the anti-God hell we are hurtling toward. My conscience will be clear. Because I never let the mainstream media form my conscience and opinions, I will vote for DONALD TRUMP, the candidate who will most uphold GOD'S MORAL LAW.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:44,

"one will be answerable to almighty god." This is a lie and a false statement made on the part of a fool. We will not be accountable to Almighty God for not voting in an election for this is not even in our Holy Scriptures and is NOT a commandment of our LORD. This is a lie.

"because he is the candidate who will most uphold god's moral law." I have heard this over and over from those who do not understand that most within the political realm ARE in fact, globalists, from both the republican and democratic parties. Why do you think that with republican presidents and republican congresses, nothing changes, but in fact all are leading our country into the one world order. No republican president reversed abortion laws via executive order; no congress with republican majorities ever overturned Roe vs. Wade because they do not truly desire in their hearts to ever go back, but instead are choosing to move forward to increased wickedness.

Are you sure Donald Trump isn't a you really know his heart? Donald Trump upholds god's moral law? Most pastors I have sat under cannot uphold our LORD'S moral law for the heart of every man is wicked, who can know it? And by their fruits you shall know them....uh....Donald Trumps fruits aren't necessarily moral if you take a good look at his life and the words that come out of his mouth/heart.

This election is a case study of the blind leading the blind. I remember H.W. Bush stating that he considered "Hillary to be like a daughter to him." I was shocked for I was led to believe the Bush's (so called moral republicans (bleh!) were the antithesis of the Clinton's (another bleh!), but in fact were very good friends behind the scenes....and both families/extended family members were and are globalists leading our country into the one world order. I was blind at that time and BELIEVED and had FAITH in our political leaders.

I was a fool at that time, but now see the truth regarding our leaders and I can honestly tell you in truth and in love, dear anonymous, that Donald Trump will not uphold God's moral law as you speak of, any more than Hillary Clinton will uphold His laws.

The transition of our country into the one world order has been taking place for decades, regardless of the political flavor in office. satan is using both sides/political parties to do his bidding in eventually worshiping the 'man of perdition' who is to come. And as the Holy Scriptures state, "this man will even deceive the elect" who have chosen to place their hope in a man, rather than be led by God, the Holy Spirit, in worshiping Jesus, the Christ.

Most so called Christians in this country have not been down on their knees, praying in humble earnest to our Father who art in Heaven. Those around me, who are 501c. 3 church goers, for the most part have been engaging in arguing, calling Hillary "a big fat loser," are angry and bitter, are abusive towards those of us who have not joined their hate fests, and have exhibited absolutely NO fruits of God, the Holy Spirit.

I see no difference in the life of a church goer and the lives of those they point out as unbelievers when it comes down to politics. I see the wickedness concerning members of both political parties and am ashamed to be a part of what is seen as evangelical Christianity, for none of it is truly of our LORD.

My conscience is clear as well, and I do sleep well at night because of God's Spirit living inside of me, for it is by Him that I am born again. Trust in Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 4:03 November 8th

If you cannot see a difference between the 2 candidates and their agendas I think you are the blind one. One will be much worse for the Christian community than the other. One is for the establishment and one is going against it, and in case you have not noticed, the Bushes are in the Clinton camp. I never trusted the Bushes - neither one. They were the lesser of two evils. That is the choice we have and in my view we as believers have the responsibility to use the voice we have and that is at the ballot box. We are to be salt and light and do what we can. Of course praying is the most important, but we must put feet to those prayers. That doesn't mean run for office or anything like that, but we can at least vote. That is our God-given freedom unless you do not believe that God had anything to do with our freedoms.

You seem to have an unteachable spirit and do not show one ounce of charity to those who differ with you. You display a self-righteous attitude, not one of humility. At least that is what comes across.

You have made the choice you believe is right and that is fine. Just allow others the courtesy of seeing it differently, okay?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:26,

Have debated politically for years and will not attack your personhood, for every human being is created in the image of God; some choose to believe in Jesus, while others reject Him.

After leaving a proud, abusive church, I began reading the Holy Scriptures for myself, allowing God, the Holy Spirit Who indeed lives inside of me, to teach me His Word. Everything I read in the Bible points to Jesus, our LORD and Savior, fully knowing that only He is our true model of humility, for He humbly went to the cross for the remission of our sins; again, for those who believe in Him.

Humility amongst church goers is rare, if not non-existant within the institutional church system. It is a fossil.

Concerning the political process, it brings out the worst/wickedness and evil, even amongst those who make the claim of believing in Jesus. The fruits of God, the Holy Spirit become null and void when trying to explain the state of the nations when compared to our Scriptures. Those who claim Christianity, yet do not read and understand the Scriptures for themselves, thus allowing a pastor figure to rule over them, will in fact, get caught up in the worldly systems, placing our nation and its governments/political leaders, as idols within their very own lives.

I personally, have been beaten up verbally by conservative church folks who place their complete trust in a pagan/heathen political system. These religious folks speak more of the political system, than they do of Jesus and His Ways. In fact, Jesus is not on their tongues at all, thus I can only conclude, that He is not on their minds or in their hearts; just politics.....volumes of it. Most filthy lucre.

There is no blood on my hands for voting for or against political candidates, nor is there blood on my hands for not voting at all. To say phrases such as these is a lie from satan and has no ill effect on my faith in Christ. There is no doubt that I purchase items from corporations that support abortion mills. There is also no doubt that what we have seen displayed in the natural political environment has been 'a big show.' Time will tell as I once voted for the former president Bush...the conservative church leadership of that time told me what a great, wonderful Christian he was....he attended Bible studies, prayer breakfasts, and
church on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

I believed their lies until the day I witnessed for myself, in front of a hotel television while visiting Washington, D.C., president Bush state in an interview, and I quote, "Yes, I believe muslims and Christians worship the same god/God."

So no, a true born again Christ follower would never speak the words, that come out of his heart, the words, "I believe muslims and Christians worship the same god/God."

As with Trump, who is happy to have strippers in his casinos, I have to wonder if the conservative Christians down the road here, who stood outside a nearby strip club, picketing it and quoting Scripture verses, have had a change of mind, voting their comfort level, voting their pocketbooks, voting their false hope and faith belief systems....went to the polls and voted for Trump. I believe Jesus would take note and call them hypocrites, or perhaps a brood of vipers, either or.

So if I come across as you say, I am not offended in the least, for I will reiterate, I came out of, was delivered by Jesus, out of a very abusive Baptist church system, and have been insulted/abused to the lowest degree by those who claim to be doing God's bidding. You are forgiven by me.

I have come out of the governmental political system, and have seen the grossest sins done in the name of a false Christianity against born again believers and followers of Jesus Christ. Time will show us who are the literal fools and the blind, being led by the blind.

My hope is in Christ alone, all else pales in the light of Christ.

Anonymous said...

And I also believe that Trump is more establishment oriented than we have all been led to believe. As stated before, time will tell.

Prayer on our knees always Glorifies our LORD.

Anonymous said...

Last Anon,

You have been hurt by those who call themselves Christians but do not display Christian love and instead beat the sheep. That is sad, and I have had similar experiences, in fact several of them. But things that happen to us either leave us better or bitter.

There is a sense of bitterness in your words. I voted for Bush also and he was a big disappointment. But I did not vote for him as the end all answer to our ills. Christians do not put our faith in any man, president, etc. It is only in Jesus Christ. Man will always disappoint us. I voted for Trump, but my faith is not in him. I believe he is the better choice when compared to the other option. That I think is my Christian duty, to vote my conscience in light of what is right. Yes, Trump is a flawed man, just as we are all flawed people, sinners saved by grace. Will he disappoint? Maybe, but he will most certainly be better than the other choice. It is now our Christian duty according to the Word to pray for him and leave the results to God and His master plan for this world.

I hope you do not continue to carry resentment toward those who have hurt you. It is best to forgive and move on and leave them to God to deal with in His own way. Otherwise it will do harm to yourself and others. I speak from experience as I have been hurt multiple times by people who claim Christ.

We do not know Trump's heart and motives - only God does. Most things are not what they appear to be. But God has allowed him to be president and we are going to have to live with that. And if you have seen the rioting in the streets by the leftists in response to his victory, those who are calling for him to be killed, if he was one of the bad guys, would this be? I can't see his supporters taking to the streets and making death threats if Clinton had won.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 1:02,

"But things that happen to us either leave us bitter or better."

I have heard those same words coming out of the mouths of the wicked within visible Christendom, then those same mouths proceed to abuse further with their words, for they stem from their hearts.

This is the subtlety of satan showing through with false accusations. Please do not accuse those personally, whom you do not know, with the lies from the enemy. Many, who call themselves saints, actually do masquerade as Christians, and will defend evil at every turn.

Your post was not loving in any way, shape or form with your false accusations. May the encouragement be for all followers of Christ, to practice what we preach, in season and out of season, in love. For the truth of the matter is, within the 501c. 3 church, hateful arguments break out when passionately speaking about politics, and when a so called believer believes they are being attacked, then the words "bitter," "love," and "you are not a true Christian" ensue.

All because of politics. Praying for all those who in the very near future, will actually be persecuted by the so called 'visible church.'

Dean Good's "As Goes The Church, So Goes The Culture" provides an insight as to the apostasy of the current western church. And I personally, receive most of the love, encouragement and edification in my faith in the Jesus, the Christ, from faithful believers outside of the current church administration.

No, not bitter, but growing in my faith in Jesus day by day, without the help of "Jesus Calling" by Sara Young, even, or the Trinity Broadcasting Network and God T.V. programming. Thankfully, we know that God's Prophetic Word is true and that He alone, will never lie to us. And it is humbling to sit at the foot of His Cross and know how much I/we are loved by Him, outside of the geopolitical realm.

Praise Jesus.