Sunday, September 18, 2016

"The New Country"

Ever wonder why China isn't told they have to become "multicultural"?

Ever wonder why Japan isn't told they have to become "multicultural"?

Ever wonder why Ghana isn't told they have to become "multicultural"? [where whites and Asians would move in?]

Asian for Asians, Africa for Africans, and Europe and America for everyone else?

Remember when I wrote immigration was being used as a weapon by the NWO?

The New World Order's Use of Immigration

One can tell they want certain cultures and peoples wiped away.

I think all human beings should be treated decently, and if we meet immigrants we are to treat them as Jesus would treat a person but there is a definitely something going on where some countries, they do want them taken over by immigration for some greater agenda.  Some may shout xenophobe at this, but isn't it racist to want to see some cultures ended?

Immigration is directly impacting my life. All of India seems to be moving to my town as one local mega-corporation is going H1-B crazy.  They are nice people don't get me wrong but many  native born Americans both black and white here are unemployed or underemployed.  My husband hasn't had a normal job in 9 years. He freelances but it's nowhere near normal pay. It's weird how they can go places for more opportunities, and Americans cannot. It feels weird to see immigrants doing far better then many Americans.

We sure have a lot of people out by the highway with "will work for food" signs. Problem is where can broke Americans go for better opportunities? No one wants us. If you are a millionaire or a young person who can handle a third world nation to teach "English" sure you may be able to go somewhere else.

I grew up with Vietnamese immigrants as my best friends. My husband is the son of European immigrants who are deceased, I believe immigration has it's place.  Something is different when immigration populations are allowed to overtake an entire country and dilute it's culture and take jobs away from the citizens who were there in the first place.  This propaganda piece telling Swedish people, "We are taking over, and tough beans!" is scary.  It is telling them they have to assimilate to the immigrants not the other way around. What else does "new country" imply?

I know Trump is claiming to do something about immigration but I don't believe him. He is merely riding the wave of outraged Americans. Problem is even there most are ignoring the real picture, of how immigration is used by the powers that be. 

This video came out too recently:

Her "hijab" isn't even covering her hair which defeats the purpose as far as the cultural reasons for wearing a hijab in the Middle East.  So now Germans are being told to dress like other people now too? Why? These are all social engineering videos.


Anonymous said...

I agree and from what I understand the Alt-Right is mainly about the guilt that is thrown on people for being white. Of course we are not to say anything in rebuttal or we are not PC and are haters. Whether they like it or not the majority is just that. What a game! - Don

Bible Believer said...

Don, the games are getting out there. The whole racial divide stuff is getting out of control. I've certainly been called non-PC and hater. The games definitely have increased haven't they?