Sunday, September 4, 2016

The "Burners" Themselves Admit Burning Man is Based on Babylonian Magick

I got in some social trouble for protesting Burning Man, I may have no friends left considering my religious beliefs. Sometimes it's hard to drop topics, I don't want to fight the entire world but many people see Burning Man as this "fun art fest" and if you question it, you are not an "open minded", "tolerant" person. Burning Man is so full of the occult, it's not funny. It is Satanic to the core. The "burners" themselves admit it is an "occult", "magical ritual". I keep meeting non-believers who tell me there is nothing wrong with the occult. They embrace it. They see it as something good.  "Occult only means wisdom", I had one tell me. This is something new in society where the mainstays of "alternative religion" have sold themselves into the mainstream.

"The Magical Symbols Have Been Displayed The Occult Ritual Can Commence"

"The whole concept of Burning Man is modelled on Ancient Babylonian Magick called the Rites of Eleusis. Using a combination of magic mushrooms and LSD, which was synthesized from a bread fungus, the wealthy elites of olden times were able to control the entire population of their cities. This stuff has worked for thousands of years, and Burning Man is the latest and greatest incantation and incarnation of it."

From the same blog, they admit the art projects and installation sculptures are done with "magic" in mind.

Keep scrolling and make sure you see the part titled "The Cremation of the Crop". The article goes on to compare the Bohemian Grove ceremonies with Burning Man ones. There obviously is a dark spiritual overlap there.

"When you burn The Man, you don’t become one with it, anymore than burning an Owl at Bohemian Grove removes care from the world – or from these participants. It’s an excuse for a party, but it’s also a mass ceremonial ritual, symbolizing The Man as being between the people suffering physically in the dust, and The Gods, towering above them with the power of shock and awe. We look up to it on a pedestal, with a fire so hot capturing all our energies, that if we get too close to it we could burn. The power to kill, and we are powerless against that. The only thing we can do is respect its power, and be humbled by how great The Man is. Before everyone goes back to their lives, working for The Man. Obeying all the rules of The Man.

Why can they burn Care at the Grove? Because they are the owners of The Man. The ones building the hives to control us like to go to Burning Man. Bohemian Grove is for the owners of the hives like Google and Facebook and Apple that we’re all glued into – and the ancient bloodline families that own them. Many Grovers also attend Burning Man, and have from very early on in the event’s history.

The conceptual structure of the Burning Man is ritual. Rather than “Dull Care”, their idol is called “The Man”. When they burn the Man at Burning Man, they are celebrating their freedom and independence. Free to be who they want to be and do what they want, without the expectations and pressures and responsibilities of “The Default World”. In fact, The Man is reprogramming their minds with lessons and impressions that it wants them to return to the Default World with, and spread out to those around them.

At Bohemian Grove, when they burn Care, the captains of industry and government and academia and the arts, the Generals of The Man, can forget about their responsibilities and just party for a bit. This occult ritual goes back to the Cult of Dionysus, also known as Bacchus. The Dionysian mysteries combined ritual, costume, repetition of phrases, rhythmic beats and music, smoke, lighting effects, fire, intoxication, hallucination. The whole society were expected to participate in the Mysteries at some point, even slaves. Over time, as religious oppression pushed the so-called “Pagan” religions underground into secret societies, the selection of candidates to indoctrinate became more strategic. Over time, the ancient orders became more exclusive and powerful. Their focus on being male-only removed them from the need to deal with issues of primogeniture – hereditary title. A Man would be chosen based on the judgement of other men. The Society would hold the wealth and continue the man’s power after he died, because by replacing a Man’s place within the secret society, replacing his larger position in the outside world became a fait accompli.

Rites of Eleusis

Revelation 17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.


Anonymous said...

Occult means hidden. I think of Burning Man as an americanized hippy version of Wicker Man, more pagan ceremony. - Don

Bible Believer said...

It is definitely based on Wicker man ceremonies, that is the one thing that has kept consistent from the "glory day" burning mans that some of the earlier people got involved in. Yes much about the occult is hidden and that's it's definition too. I am sure the event planners, and OTO types and other high magic participants are quite aware of the rituals in the art, temples and ceremonies being planned all over the place, but the average goer ready to "party" it's just part of the "fun".

Anonymous said...

It is way worse than you suspected. It is a horrible event, there is a reason why hard-core jewish orthodox are crying their eyes out along with "pagans" in the Temple construct all during the event. They are "in-the-know", people are bundled in the rafters and dehydrating. The cabbalistic orthodox Jews run a pre-ritual where they wrap the human sacrifices up. Decompression events? Who needs to decompress from dancing around at a weird campground? There are world leaders who attend the pre-event ritual, Obama was there this year.

I started looking into this event a few days ago and here is what I found: There is an orgy dome, that operates 24/7. The Temple and many other elements resonate with Jewish human sacrificial practices. This event coincided with the G-20 meeting, it is held on Federal land. There are actually many police and citations that are handed out, yet they don't protect people - they bust the uninitiated for drugs and driving infractions and keep people away from closely inspecting the burn structures under the lame idea that they don't want anyone to burn it down prematurely. To burn something that big down would take a serious act of arson, you don't just flick a cigarette but at it and poof. There are Hasidic Jews and others who go to the Temple and cry their eyes out, why? There are reports that people are indeed bundled up in the burn structures, in the MAN itself are innocent children, they burned something on the webcast known as Transcendental, yet they were all "mispronouncing" it as "t[r]en gentile" burn. When they burn the Temple the sacrifices are adults mostly homeless people they don't care about. The Temple is where those that know what is going on, cry and have nervous breakdowns over what is happening to the children. They are entombed in the structure on the first day, wrapped in a shroud that burns slowly, they are gagged and holes are drilled so they can see out of the structure at the big puffs of fire and all the weirdo revelers dancing around. When the "man burn" is over, they finally burn their Temple as a quasi-cremation of care ceremony. Anyone disclosing the secrets to Burning Man such as this post, will very likely receive remarks such “go see a doctor”, etc.

Bible Believer said...

In the horror movies Wicker Man I believe that is part of the sickening horror presented, I realize in those pagan traditions people were "sacrificed": the historians admit it

This is beyond horror if what you say is true, :o :o but nothing shocks me in tis world anymore. Yes many who expose things are called crazy. Where did you get this information?

Even with Cremation of Care while most write it is a mock human sacrifice, some "conspiratists" have wondered if a real one is held.

With the orgies, from the websites themselves, I saw such sick events advertised at certain camps, [think the most debauched forms of group fornication] I could not discuss it here, so that part is true. I have read on other websites orgies are held there but they basically overtly advertise that.

I wouldn't consider those cabbalists "jewish" but Satanists.

this article says they put the "ashes of loved" ones in the temple. :(

"As is tradition, Burners all week have been leaving notes, letters and even the ashes of loved ones inside the Temple in preparation for the burn under a crescent moon."