Sunday, September 18, 2016

Parody of Our Modern Church Service

This is a bit old, but I think it would still apply. I visited some churches like this.


Anonymous said...

The parody captures it all so well. How I wish those who have been so misled would heed to the call of God to come out from among them.

LORD help us all!

Anonymous said...

Most attendees in these types of churches actually believe that those of us who don't attend their 501c.3's and sing their version of 'worship(?)' songs, listening to their sermons begging for more money to build a gymnasium/sports/convention/worship center, and buying their books and lattes from their 'store', are not born again Christians because we just don't get it. Then are called 'swine' when we do not brag and boast of their new and improved version of what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

Did Jesus come so we could be popular and cool?

KJVmom said...

Thanks for putting this up; it reminds me of my son's church that I visited Labor Day weekend. About tracking the money, he works for a company that helps congregations with electronic giving. It seems to all tie together. Also, pray for us-we have to go through Charlotte NC enroute to a family wedding on Sat. The riots have been much in the news.

Anonymous said...

"About tracking the money...."

Fascinating statement! Have you ever noticed that American church pastors/church leadership, really kiss up to the wealthier pew sitters within congregations? I see them asking the wealthier men to preach, to teach, to lead church boards/elder boards, to be in charge of all committee work, and to give them a voice in lording it over the rest of us.

I have yet to see a poor person asked to be "in leadership."

It makes me see western Christianity as a money making Ponzi scheme. And while churches build big gymnasiums/cultural centers (not unlike Islam by the way), the poor around us are having a difficult time paying their everyday bills, medical expenses, and applying for welfare to put food on the table.

Did not Jesus call us to "be the church" in ministering to His sheep?

It is sad how churches are more concerned about nickels and noses, instead of about human souls and their daily personal needs. 501c. 3 state religion was never born of Christ.

Bible Believer said...

I hope people wake up to what is going on too.

Yes think of the money pouring into those places, its a lot. I agree with the last poster and have seen first hand pastors giving the most attention to wealthier families. While there are churches that help the poor, the pastors know who the people are who are giving the most to the church. I agree about they are the ones chosen for "leadership" positions and as elders. Social status counts for a lot in churches. That's not the way it's supposed to be done.