Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mother Teresa Declared a Saint

The Catholic church used to take longer to name their saints. I of course do not believe she was a saint, not at all. She was a giant money-maker for them as she had beggars denied modern medical care, sleeping on mats on the floor, and a religious celebrity. She advanced a false gospel of suffering and became a false icon.

Mother Teresa


Anonymous said...

Thank you BB,

"Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus." Revelation 14:12

This lady had none of the above. But neither do all the saints announced or named by the Catholic church. But we who are born again of the spirit know this, that Jesus knows his sheep (John 10:27). Let's keep the commandments of our Lord Jesus. Amen and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Agnes (Teresa) was a huge ecumenical tool for the papacy. She had no problem admitting that all religions worship the same "god". she was no more a "Saint" than any who ever sat in the papal white marble throne of "judgement".......James

Grammy G said...

Sadly, many paid much money to pray her to sainthood! Huge money maker for the Catholic Church. She did alot of good works that the press distributed, but also displayed some of the real heart issues she had as a result of serving the Catholic Church. It was sad to see how many people spent the money to go to the Vatican to witness the event. People are so easily deceived.

Anonymous said...

The only true saints are those who have truly repented and trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. God determines who is a saint, the Roman Catholic church does not. It is a huge farce.

Mother Teresa is universally praised in all ecumenical circles when in fact she cannot not even be in heaven because she believed in a false gospel.

Bible Believer said...

I wrote an article long ago detailing that the Catholic saints are not saints.

The same goes for Mother Teresa

She was never born again and her wicked fruits with the treatment of the beggars which were even exposed by outraged atheists spoke for themselves.

Sadly she never knew Jesus Christ or His saving gospel only the false catholic one of suffering, misery, darkness and embracing of false religions. Yes she helped to advance the ecumenical cause too James.

Anonymous said...

Terrible to become a "saint" after you are dead - its too late

Anonymous said...

I recently watched the documentary of Hell's Angels by Christopher Hitchens on youtube. So disgusting. This lady made dizzying amounts of money for the church pretending it was for the unfortunate of Calcutta.

Poor people who needed basic medical care were denied the opportunity by being placed in the house of the dying. This lady was a witch!

And the sad part is that it was discovered in some of her writings that if she ever was made a saint, she would be a saint of Darkness or something of that sort.

The Catholic church rewards those who further its agenda. Canonization of saints in this church has nothing to do with following the commandments of the LORD our God. It has everything to do with breaking each and every one of them while feigning humility.

Anonymous said...

Our youth group leader stood up in the front of our church building during Praise and Blessing time, and boasted of how the youth were calling her "Mother Teresa" (the leader's name is Teresa), during the Teen Mania Conference with Ron Luce (a wolf in sheep's clothing by the way). It was difficult to sit there and listen to her bragging, knowing none of it was from our LORD, but a self aggrandizement of her own self righteousness.

Most church folks have believed the lies concerning Teresa of Calcutta for decades, with even protestant churches placing her upon the golden calf of idolatry. Whom are we worshiping these days, people or Christ?

Bible Believer said...

Yes she made multi-millions for the Catholic church and the beggars were put in the "house of the dying" where if the money had been spent on modern medical care they would have been saved. Remember here the way they present nations to Americans fools people. They think India is still back in the 800s, there were modern hospitals at the time of Mother Teresa. She flies to the West to get her heart treated and well the beggars get their heads shaved and put on a cot on the floor, they can't get off of.
I agree she was a witch and already a "saint of darkness"

Listening to someone brag about being called Mother Teresa is awful. I heard the same ting where everyone called this one lady Saint Maria in the Catholic church, well she was wealthy and did a lot of charity.

Most Protestant churches praise Mother Teresa. When I was visiting Calvary Chapel, the pastor there praised her, I remember mentioning in my discussion with him regarding Rick Warren who he defended, that Mother Teresa was no saint.

The super-duper religious celebrities is about worshipping people not Jesus Christ.