Sunday, September 4, 2016

Church Cartoon


KJVmom said...

This is funny but i it is also sad as we consider the state of the church in America. I find it interesting to see just right afte I visited my son'sj current church. He is going against better judgment and now attends a so- called "community " church. While all my family members were elsewhere, I went to see a service for myself. Big screens, loud music flasHing lights, people on a stage, very casual dress. It was entertainment, not worship. One could write down a prayer request and "nail" it to a cross, or do something with candles. Finally there was a message, and the elder did have some good points, but it could have been much better, plus his Bible on the screen left it "come, take up the cross " from Mark 10:21 and skipped several verses following that one. At my fellowship on Sun morning a visitor will be asked to come to dinner at someone's house or stay for a fellowship meal. At this fellowship I was offered a cupcake.Very telling and appropriate, all things considering. My son is being fed junk. Please pray with me that he will that place. And pray for the Church in this land.

Scott Wasinski said...

KJV mom, No surprise with the cupcake. I have been saying for years that people go to these corporations to get a cream puff message that feels good. The results are deadly.

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BB, you have been quite busy, I see.

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Anonymous said...

It is all about visual stimulation and emotions and not about the truth and the Word of God. That is the way it is except for a very few small fellowships. A sign of the times.

KJVmom said...

I can see that my fingers are too fast for my brain. I did want to mention that last night did turn into a "bless me" session and the pastor kept stressing none of our works save us, nothing we can do on and on, till I almost wanted to yell "Duh!" How often do those already saved need to have that drilled into their heads. Not one word about holiness, separation, overcoming, etc. and they did brag about how many just got baptized and within the first 5 minutes or so talking of giving your money. I bored within the 1st 15 minutes, and I'm a former Beatlemaniac. So why did I go? Not to rely on hearsay or 2ndhand information, I can better pray for my son and his roommate; they are both making one serious mistake. Oh, and this church building is in the middle of a well-to-do section of town.

Bible Believer said...

Sorry about your son going to a church like that KJV Mom, yes it is really flashy stuff. I have visited a few churches where they had the rock music, the jumbotron screens, lights and music. It is actually overwhelming even on a stimulus level isn't it? I agree about the entertainment value, more like bad low brow entertainment. Not like PBS level but World Wrestling Federation. They do invent weird rituals, like burning sins written on paper and nailing prayer requests to a cross or putting them in a giant bowl. I am glad your fellowship offers some real times to communicate. Skipped verses remind me of the Catholic church. People need more real food not cheap cupcakes, but that kind of is a metaphor for the false theology, no real meat, just weak empty calories.

I agree about the cream puff stuff Scott W.

Many false churches do keep things on a 101 basis, so I've heard that, no meat for the longer saved. Just early simpler messages. There's no growth allowed. That was one thing I endured was utter boredom in many churches. I didn't want to be a braggart having the attitude "Ive already studied that" but shallow stuff just didn't appeal.

Scott Wasinski said...

BB, one of the paradigms that the IC needs, to perpetuate their business, is immaturity among the congregation. If the flock actually grew in Christ and studied to show themselves approved unto God, workmen that need not be ashamed....Then they would rise up with reproof, rebuke and exhortation. Sadly, most of the people in the corporations willfully succumb to the notion that the leaders are in their prospective positions of authority because they have been credentialed, ordained and equipped with a superior knowledge of the Word of God. There are some pretty intimidating, hard to understand things in the Bible. Instead of worshiping the Father, seeking His Holy Spirit for guidance, most of them are content to swallow and follow the appointed and anointed. The (mis)leaders of the corporations perpetuate the notion that the Word is confusing and only those that have taken the time to become academically educated have enough knowledge in the Word to teach.

"The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?"

As it was in the days of Jeremiah (and all through time) so it is at this day.

I would like to know how one can support your work. It take money and time to maintain this blog and the content here is edifying to many people. I am sure that there are others that would like to know how they also can support your work. I would be glad to see you do a short article just on how we can help you and keep your work going.

I am sure that you are not wanting to ask for money and that is certainly not something that is seen in your writings. Anyone that has been coming to your blog for any length of time can see that your motives are far from financial. Yet, giving financially is one way that we can reciprocate (even if it's small). Some people would love to be able to lighten your burdens in ways that they are able. Thanx again for your work. The archives are a real treasure.

I'm not a robot :) (I do wonder about others, though)

Sue Botchie said...

Amen! And even this lame-brain is rather upset with the same kindergarten-level preaching in kjv Bible-preaching churches. Thank the Lord for - without them my pea brain would have atrophied down to molecule-size.

Grammy G said...

Our wayward son for whom we pray to come back into the fold has finally started going to church, mandated by his wife. Praise God! However, he quickly found himself able to be in the worship band playing the guitar and was bragging to our daughter how they all like craft beer and said who cool these "dudes" are. He isn't sure if the pastor drinks or not, but he doesn't preach those boring sermons like they did in our old church. He talks about real life stuff: stress, time management, raising kids, etc. I about choked on my dinner and went to bed weeping for our son, his wife, grandson and THE CHURCH! I realize we are all sinners, but why do we keep trying to change an unchangeable God to fit our lifestyle? Sadly, we have made "worship" to be about us and not about the Lord!