Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Praying for People to be Stuck to the Floor

Sometimes the false preacher announces what they are doing. Schnockering. What does that word mean? The urban dictionary says it means to be DRUNK. She wants to make her listeners "drunk" or well into "fools".
And as they overtly and outwardly announce what they doing, one can be sure they are laughing inside. This is a sign of someone who is basically "rubbing it in" to the audience. A person of low moral conscience having their "fun".  Praying for people to be "stuck to the floor" is evil as well. She wants demonic signs and wonders. Sometimes some good old fashioned crowd mesmerism is thrown in the mix too.

Then she preaches about the Brazilian getting a mouth full of gold and screaming. The bible says "Silver and gold I have none" but these false charismatics sure get excited about the false pots of gold and gold leaf sprinkling down from the ceiling where they bought some gold confetti from the party store.  She talks about getting bruised in church and is thankful for trousers because she had to stand on her head or some other nonsense. These types always have the effected Elmer Gantry talk where they talk in a "country accent" and slowly emphasizing certain words.

A commenter provided this video for me. It looks like Heidi Baker is one that makes the "global Christianity circuit".


Anonymous said...

I walked out, no RAN, out of a church who promoted The International House of Prayer, Bethel religious institution located in Redding, California, the Elijah List self proclaimed prophets and prophetesses, Charisma Magazine, as well as the Trinity Broadcasting Network and goD TV, and a host of books, cd's, dvd's, conferences (and other forms of religious junk), as an indicator that a person was "growing" in their faith, and these Scriptures always came to mind;

Jeremiah 23: 32-34 32 "Behold, I am against those who prophesy false dreams," says the LORD, "and tell them, and cause My people to err by their lies and by their recklessness. Yet I did not send them or command them; therefore they shall not profit this people at all," says the LORD."

33 "So when these people or the prophet or the priest ask you, saying, 'What is the oracle of the LORD?' you shall then say to them 'What oracle?' I will even forsake you," says the LORD.

34 "And as for the prophet and the priest and the people who say, "The oracle of the LORD!' I will even punish that man and his house."

I realize our LORD was speaking to the nation of Israel here under the Old Covenant and our LORD today is still against those who speak for Him, yet they are not from Him, but either of satan or a man/woman's prideful flesh.

The former church I belonged to hired a hireling from the Assembly of God denomination. He claimed to have dreams, visions, and heard audible words from a lord; his wife was a self proclaimed prophetess claiming to have the ability to interpret dreams and while receiving 'words from a lord,' ministered to people that which our LORD Jesus did not give her. She passes away at an early age from a stroke. The pastor was lusting after the pretty women in that congregation, making passes at several until he was finally 'caught in the act' so to speak. One of his last venomous speeches/sermons was chastising the congregation (with an evil and wicked look on his face)using his Jezebel sermon as a way to control and manipulate. The "Jezebel spirit" as charismatics call it, actually deals with sexual immorality with both genders, not only the female, so actually, this pastor was calling out his own sexual sins before the congregation and we didn't even know that at that time, for all was kept 'secret' by the pastor, church board, and deacon and deaconesses.

The fruits of this movement are wicked and evil, controlling and manipulating people into following these men and women who claim to speak for our LORD. God, the Holy Spirit, always witnesses to people pointing them to Jesus. While these false spirits always point people to other lost human beings who desire "name and fame."

Beware of these types of people, for most will invade your life, your homes, seeking to kill and destroy that which is of our LORD, and desire it for themselves. God's Words are still true today, and when Jesus spoke the words, "You brood of vipers," was He not speaking to the 'religious of His day," not the true born again believers to follow and worship Him.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't keep watching once her favorite saying in "tongues" was being repeated. This woman is one of the worst I've heard and seen. I noticed several tick-like spasms with a subsequent "hey". Looks like kundalini. I never know what's worse when I witness these false teachers before a crowd of people: the wicked lies and deceit of the speaker, or the gullible people soaking it up. May Jesus have mercy on His people who turn away from such idolatry, as we will continue to be ostracized by those undiscerning "Christians". May He have mercy on the gullible, and open their eyes. Yet we know if they don't love the truth, this type of ear-itching will be their desire. How disheartening this is.

Lord Jesus, give your people wisdom and discernment.
Comfort and heal the broken-hearted.
Bring your people together, to encourage one another, that we not be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.
Guide Bible Believer by your Spirit as she seeks to warn of the deceptions in the church.
You are Lord of Lords, and King of Kings.
We humbly submit to you, worshipping You in Spirit and truth.

In Jesus' name,

Eternally Home said...

Heidi Baker on healing - Revivalist, Carrie Judd Montgomery, with Jen Miskov" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1VsDUpwQmQ

Bible Believer said...

I am glad you ran away from all those deceitful churches first anon.

Wow on dream verse, I am talking about dreams and false ones on another post. I think dreams can warn, I've had several warn me of events, though on ONLY on the personal level, but yes, what of those who get into dream diviniation, we need to study the scriptural lines. Many of those Charistmatics use their dreams, and order people about, probably some of them are just made up.

I had spiritual abuse from someone who got deep into dreams, some of the dreams may have warned accurately but I think a line can be crossed. The charismatics definitely abuse this stuff. When they speak of audible words from the Lord and order you about according to their visions, something has gone wrong. That pastor sounds like the cheaters who on talk shows of note years ago, would go on about their cheating wives and girlfriends to get the heat off themselves.

I agree about people who deliver "special dreams and visions" about other people's lives, they can be scary. Watch out for those who preach deliverance too. Some of them will try to wiggle deep into your mind especially if you have ever been an abuse victim or seen violence in this world and share these vulnerabilities, and it can very very damaging. Read my betrayal articles where I talk about some of this stuff.

It is upsetting watching these wicked charlatans but just as painful watching the guillible people. Some of those sociopaths are experts in crowd and other manipulations and know exactly what they are doing to "deceive the simple".

Thank you for your prayers. I also am praying, please deliver more people from these deceivers, Lord, open their eyes....

In Jesus' name,

With dreams maybe I should do a study, I have to read on this, I can't post it off the top of my head, I need a scriptural study. I have had three dreams warning me of things, one was a continued theme about a person, [one of the Trojan Horses], the wicked person showing up at my house the very afternoon after I had the dream and being warned of another person and their ties--the person who had a son who was a Satanist and I found factual evidence online. Some scientific types may tell me your intuition was simply informing you on little things you noticed but that doesn't explain it all either. This last person was a LOCAL person, so this warning came very in handy for my own protection.

I do not preach dreams at others or direct their steps with any. Maybe that is the line. Scripturally this one needs study. Watch out for people who preach, a dream told me to tell you do this, I don't know....here is an area of knowledge I am low on.

Dreams and visions is something that needs progressed on very carefully. Many of these people abuse this stuff.

one thing too be very cautious, this goes with the deliverance stuff, of those who claim they can bring you medical healing,

If sick, You've already prayed to God right? now ask yourself "What do you need them for?" [yes there is biblical precedent in a real Christian fellowship for elders to pray over you etc...etc]

This is something that almost got me into bad spiritual trouble with major deceivers. These types prey on people's desperation and suffering. A person who has been chronically ill for 20 years seeing no end in sight, it's a giant vulnerability.

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