Tuesday, August 2, 2016

PokemonGo and Augmented Reality

I am posting this video for information, I do not agree with everything in it, but some of the points are real concerns and I haven't had time to check out the videographer. It is hard to find legitimate videos. Even this one I posted above weird symbols come on it at the start and well I avoided even posting this one, which you can "see" why....

Remember Pokemon means POCKET MONSTERS aka "Demons". Having young people running around looking for little fantasy monsters is a big time waster. Since the maps and monsters are determined by the company wouldn't it be a way to assemble people in certain areas? Couldn't that be put to use? Also they will know where people are traveling and can measure their scope of travel. It is interesting to me how now they are blurring reality and video games and this definitely will affect minds in some very negative ways. There is already many mentally ill young people out there for instance who "see things" and who have psychosis problems, and having teens trained to look for little pocket monsters like drunks used to see the pink elephants while on a bender, is NOT a GOOD THING!

I was going to do an article on anime long ago and never got to it, but I have seen and read anime before.  I don't like anime and don't read it now. Anime is so occult filled it blew my mind with constant symbols I describe here, and focus on supernatural, ghosts and spirits. Pokemon since the 1990s has been an outgrowth of that. These are not cute and cuddly teddy bears or ziggy dolls but one's with horns, dragons and "monster" looks.

Augmented reality is dangerous, think of the warnings in the bible about vain imaginations kicked up a few notches.  They don't even know the psychological and emotional effects that will come about from it. Once some friends asked me to play Sims, I'm not sure if that game even still exists or not where people mold their own persona and avatars and build an "online community" of digital human. It seemed to cross some lines to me, I did not want crossed. It is the same for these Pokemon "monsters" showing up in your local park or school parking lot.

When I left my rural community 9 years ago, I had culture shock coming here with all the smart phones, people didn't talk to each other so much. The modern technology is affecting people in very negative fashions. People don't talk to one another and are glued to their screens even after leaving the house. It is like they are all directed by these programs and programming. Young people seem to be becoming even more glued to the smart phones then ever before. I'm old enough to remember a very different world and feel more unsettled about this. Sometimes I will be taking a walk outside and notice no one even looks at each other anymore. I even have said, "Why go outside if you are going to remain glued to a screen"?

If they blur technology and reality more and more, there's going to be less reality based people.

Modern technology is taking human beings to some really bad places.

2 Corinthians 10:5 KJV
 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.


Anonymous said...

I have noticed a lot of people seem to dislike friendliness lately. As if being friendly is a bad thing.I remember when you were seen as nice and outgoing if you were friendly. Now everyone just wants you to shut up so they can be into there own thoughts or phones. It reminds me of Dog behavior.

Bible Believer said...

Yes they do dislike friendliness. I don't talk as openly now because many seem upset and are angry you are distracting them from their smart phone.

Sue Botchie said...

While i keep to myself, i do even more so, because it's like everyone has their little phone/tablet and are very busy playing stupid little games, or viewing a facebook "friend's" cat pictures - all flipping forty of em. Oh how cute, tabby just took a dump on the curb...yawn. i keep to myself because...??

Bible Believer said...

I feel like I can't talk to anyone because you are rudely interrupting them. One advantage of the really poor rural community is fewer people had the phones/tablets but that was years ago and maybe they have spread now. The games look boring and mind numbing and some seem over-obsessed with cats. I know some lonely women get into cats, and want pets, but some of that gets kind of crazy.

Anonymous said...

It's a shame but some people playing Pokemon Go are running into all sorts of trouble. Some people have crashed their cars, some get stuck in trees and a few have been killed. Here is some examples:







What has happened is that people have become so wrapped up in this "game" they are willing to risk their lives and well as others getting high on it.

https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-compass-pleasure/201110/video-games-can-activate-the-brains-pleasure-circuits-0 - Not an endorsement, just proving a point.

Grammy G said...

The Prince of the power of the air is gathering his prey together. The love of many shall wax cold (Mt. 24:12). BUT he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. (Mt. 24:13). I don't know about you, but my love nor my joy come from other people any longer. Satan has found by their own choice, people who do not put God first. Many are in the Church and would deny they have been duped. Rest assured, there is a sifting and sorting going on. Keep your eyes on Jesus Christ, not the world. It's easy to get caught up in the negativity of all the events going on, buy as a Christian aren't we suppose to be able to give an account for the HOPE that is in us? (1 Peter 3:15). What if we were to stop listening to propaganda and worshipped the Lord instead? We can (and do) worship bad news! Be careful not to fall into the trap!!!

Anonymous said...

I read of one couple who left their 2 year old son unattended to go play this ridiculous game. The child was found wandering the streets by a neighbor. The parents were contacted by police and didn't show up back at their house for over an hour to see to their child. Needless to say they were arrested and the child taken away by the authorities. In their mugshots they appeared "normal", not under the influence of drugs or alcohol or disheveled.

What it boils down to anymore is that being entertained takes over the # 1 spot in people's lives whether it be through digital devices or sports or concert venues or finding a way to "feel good". When families get together they can't even put away their smartphones and are putting them into the hands of their children at an early age to be indoctrinated. Those who see the dangers in such things are considered freaks, fuddieduddies and malcontents.

All of this fits into Bible prophecy. Even so come Lord Jesus!

Anonymous said...

the slogan for Pokemon is "gotta catch em all". This is the most blatant brainwashing slogan I have ever heard. My younger sister was into Pokemon, and I use to tease her about how my generation would not have fallen for such a cheesy slogan LOL. When I was 15 I knew something wasn't right about it. She is now 27 and plays this game with her children at the park. Yes it is evil......James

dazzled said...

A local couple left their 2 year old at home alone to go Pokemon hunting. A neighbor found him in the AZ heat, screaming and trying to get into his house. When the cops called the father, his response was "Whatever". In their mug shots they look like regular middle class people, meaning not covered with facial tattoos and piercings. What (literally) possessed them to do something like that?

Anonymous said...

To answer Dazzled's question, it is the influence of demonic spirits. Whether or not one is actually possessed is an individual matter. Of course a Christian cannot be possessed, but they can be deceived and fall under the influence of evil spirits. If one could take a poll, it might be shocking to see how many true Christians are messing around with this, not realizing how wicked it truly is. Even those who would not fool around with a Ouija board don't realize this is the same thing or worse.

It is an affront to our holy God Almighty and our Lord and Savior Who bought us with His precious blood.

Every pastor worth his salt should be condemning this from the pulpit. But sadly, there are not many pastors of that ilk left.

Bible Believer said...

All the accidents and more are scary.

I remember foggily in the 90s some preachers warning about Pokemon. Guess that is gone now in most of the churches. Some of the controlled ops are putting up "warnings". I don't like the influence of minds with the changed computer realities, it's kind of creeping me out. Dazzled too many people are having kids that shouldn't, maybe they thought the child would stay asleep and snuck out--that is still wrong. I bet some are getting addicted to this 'game". I am curious do they win prizes or money for collecting the demonic looking "creatures"?

Bible Believer said...

As for addiction to bad news, Grammy, well I can't go with the everything's okay I got mine Jack white picket fence Christian crowd who seem to live lives, where they are untouched by any hardships with churches, that weed out any of those "rough" type people who may have less money or no jobs or tattoos but yes some hope should be kept. Sometimes I worry about my view of an idealized world compared to this prince of this earth hard core reality. Some people I know talked to me about this world being hell itself. Yeah I know that is not theologically correct. I think life has gotten pretty bad for some people.

Bible Believer said...

I still believe this game will cause hallucinations, of the pink elephant variety. Just give it time.

Anonymous said...


I thought I ought to share the following interesting link with you all;


The guy is trusting that his friends and family will support him while he pursues after these fantasy monsters. Now what is the probability that a 26 year old man would have been doing such a thing over 15 years ago?

Also another link regarding the founder of the game, I was actually quite surprised to find that they have Christians in Japan.


I'm sure that some Christian parents will be lining up to purchase this game for their child - even after reading this article.

Oh by the way, I have two copies of the Sims at home. I thought they were 'cool' at the time as I got to play 'God'. This was long before I knew Jesus. I brought the first one whilst visiting the states from England and have never played it to the max. Overall I have not played any of these games for over five years now. I am wondering if I should keep them or just dispose of them. I do not know from a spiritual standpoint if they are safe to keep. They seem harmless to me. But I have reached a time in my life when I am taking my faith more seriously than before.

Bible Believer said...

That's frightening about the producer of the game, glad they got convicted and are warning. All the "creatures" are drawn in a demonic "cute" way. Gaming always seemed to flirt with the occult. Pokemon went to the same "cute" side instead of the usual elves and dungeons and dragons but went along the same way. I played Risk in college, or some nations warring game, hopefully I remember the name right, so some games are different then others. Weird I remember that game now, haven't though of that in years, a professor's son was really good at it, and I really got into it for a while. I am an old woman though and that was played with paper and a board and dice. Oh I digress, with Sims, that one bugs me, I don't know much about it, never had powerful enough computers to play it. I was interested but felt convicted NOT to PLAY, people make new creatures of themselves and don't the Sims use real money? I can see that one going unhealthy really quick. Spiritually I saw that one as a land mind for me especially being disabled and poor IRL, I thought that's too dangerous for me and stayed away.