Sunday, August 28, 2016

Obama Relinquishes Control Of The Internet To United Nations - Oct 1st 2016



Anonymous said...

This shows perfectly just who our current President is working for, Globalist NOT America. We should remember the Anitchrist Pope addressed the UN as well as the American joint Congress when he was in our country last September. - Don

Anonymous said...

I agree with the narrator. However, it may be some time before the effects trickle down to each of us as individuals. I believe we need to keep this in perspective as Christians. We know a one-world is coming, but we know our God is ultimately in control of what is happening in this world. It is no surprise to Him. We have to maintain our faith and trust in Him.

Sadly, our society has become so digitized and locked into using the internet to the point where pen and paper are almost obsolete. It is a trap.

As for Christian discernment sites such as this one, the days may be numbered. It will be hard for those who are isolated with no fellowship. But Christ has promised to never leave us or forsake us. We may differ in our views of God's plan for the end times as to eschatology, but we can all agree and bank on the promises of God. He is sovereign.

Shelly said...

This is not good.

Anonymous said...

Philippians 4:6

Bible Believer said...

Yes our president is working for the globalists, and think about this has openly sacrificed the internet now to them so we will get European "hate crime" laws and anti-free speech edicts. This blog alone would be illegal in Europe just for saying homosexuality is a sin.

Be careful of messages saying God is in control of what is happening in this world. This reminds me of the people who say that they got a sickeness from God. I am not trying to pick a nit, but we do not want to lay at the feet of God, the free will actions of luciferian men. God is in control overall, so I see what you mean, but the actions of these luciferian men are their OWN.

Agree we were better off with the pen and paper in some ways.

It's true even this blog may be in trouble. I knew the time may be short even years ago. I did take some real world hits for this place. "influencers" being sent to me. It's been a bit crazy. And just for a small blog?

I agree we can all trust in the promises of God. I know even doing a blog like this one there is risk to it, I've only been emotionally messed with so far, I know they will be passing hate laws and more to silence Christians, that is coming.

Anonymous said...

BB, I think you misunderstood my intent in saying God is in control. I don't mean it in the sense that He is the Creator of evil. God forbid! Or like the Calvinists say that man does not have free will to choose or reject Christ.

What I meant is that these things are not a surprise to God who sees the beginning from the end. He does have a Master Plan for this world and a plan for each of our lives and those who think they are thwarting it by their actions will know better in the end. No matter what they do He will not abandon His children. Too often I do not see Christians resting in that, but instead fretting and stewing. Yes, we need to be informed and thank you for so diligently working to do that. But we need to keep it all in perspective with eternity in view at all times. That is all I meant.

Anonymous said...

Oh, there may be a massive meltdown when people see that it is best to dump their precious Facebook and Twitter accounts. One can only wonder if they will be able to cope and resort to "old-fashioned" ways of communicating like picking up the phone or writing a letter?

Anonymous said...

BB. I agree. God is in control overall. A one world government and religion is prophesied in scripture. There is not anything anyone can do about it. There have been one world governments in the past, but not on a complete global scale. God will not go back on what scripture says will happen. He is not a liar, and is not capable of it. I am a happy man today. I gave my mother a bible and she agreed she would read it. That's what makes one "wise unto salvation". God bless.......James

Scott Wasinski said...

"Obama" is NOT "relinquishing control of the internet to the United Nations. Here is te official NTIA press release.

It is actually relinquishing the controls of ICANN to the multistakeholders. It is "privatization" of the domain company. So basically granting the corporation less governmental control. Not that that makes it a "Better" thing, just more accurate.

I'm not a robot

Anonymous said... - Don

William Sculley said...

The idea that anyone can control the Internet is cute. Really really cute. Speaking as a guy who worked on networks, printers, and CISCO systems for Bosch and other companies, anyone who thinks the internet can be controlled has no idea how the internet even works. 95% of the internet is completely untouchable!