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"God Gave Me Breast Cancer Because He Loves Me"--Atheists Notice False Theology

"God Gave Me Breast Cancer Because He Loves Me"

The ex-IFB pastor wrote this, and while I don't agree with his atheism, I thought,"These Christians claiming God has given them diseases, probably are making more atheists!"

Tada said:

"I’ve often said that our afflictions come from the hand of our all-wise and sovereign God, who loves us and wants what’s best for us. So, although cancer is something new, I am content to receive from God, what ever he deems fit for me. Yes, it’s alarming, but rest assured Ken and I are utterly convinced that God is going to use this to stretch our faith, brighten our hope and strengthen of our witness to others."

In other words, God gave Tada breast cancer because he loved her and deemed it best for her. God gave her cancer so that she and her husband would have more faith and be a stronger witness to others.

Tada’s God is best described as a know-it-all deity who afflicts humans with sickness, disease, suffering, and death because he loves them and wants to increase their faith in him. He then wants them to use the afflictions he gave them to tell others what a wonderful God he is.

Crazy, isn’t it? I doubt if Sigmund Freud could even figure this out.

The Christian interpretation of the Bible presents God as a father and the Christian as a child. Good fathers love, protect,  and nurture their children. They don’t beat them, abuse them, or afflict them with suffering. Every right-minded human being knows what qualities make for a good father. We also know what qualities make for a bad father.

A father who has the power to heal and doesn’t is a bad father. A father who causes suffering, sickness, and disease when he could do otherwise is a bad father. A father who afflicts his child with breast cancer is a bad father. A father who gives his child breast cancer so she can tell everyone what a wonderful father he is, is a bad father. From my seat in the pew, this God-the-father, as presented by modern Christianity, is a bad father.

Tada’s argument for a breast cancer-giving God is one of the reasons I left Christianity. I could no longer believe in a loving God that willingly afflicts and kills his children because he has determined that it is best for them. This God demands the Christian bear whatever affliction he brings upon them, and in true narcissistic fashion also demands that they love him while he is afflicting them. I want nothing to do with such a capricious, vindictive, warped God.

Disease, sickness, suffering, and death are all around us. If God could do something about these things and doesn’t, what are we to make of such a God? What are we to make of a God who is seemingly involved in the intimate details of life, yet when things really matter is absent without leave (AWOL)?

One of my health problems is so bad, I once literally smelled my own flesh rotting, it was an infection I almost died of in my thirties. I am sick now and barely staying out of the hospital writing this while in bed. Please pray for me. I had to work through the issues of suffering for faith long ago. This doesn't mean I don't ever go, "Why God why?" but atheism is not the solution either. Many do not realize the nature of this world we are in. This is one evil place, but blaming God for the evil here, is a path down confusion highway.

I have to admit, that Tada writing that bothered me as much as Bruce Gerenscer. However, Death and illness are not products from God but the result of a natural fallen earth, and sin and evil here.  More and more I see Christians in the church system saying God has sent them "beautiful trials", this bothers me. One lady called her pain and suffering "beautiful trials" directly to me and this gave me a sick feeling inside. It gave me flash-backs to Roman Catholicism where "suffering in itself was a good". Some of my long time readers will remember when I took Mother Teresa to task for advancing those beliefs. 

 I'm not so sure people like that have faced the worse poverty or a falling apart body can bring.  I understand people learning or being changed via troubles--the biblical "refining by fire", but to say God has sent them evil, is false theology. Many people do suffer hideously in this world, and maybe someone could say God is "allowing" it to happen like what happened to Job but to be the instigator of it, no way. God is not the author of evil.

When Bruce G writes: " Tada’s argument for a breast cancer-giving God is one of the reasons I left Christianity. I could no longer believe in a loving God that willingly afflicts and kills his children because he has determined that it is best for them. 

I can't believe in that God either and don't.

People have to get right in their mind Who God is. I fear that many see "God" like an abusive parent, just ready to beat us all up and send us all cancer, and laugh at our misery. Sorry the God, that is Love in the Bible isn't sending anyone cancer, nor cheering for death [remember that gift of eternal life?]this has to do with a natural world where everything falls apart. This place became a cesspit though not hell itself basically when sin and death came in. Human idealism being what it is, it denies the realities of this world.

Hey I know this world is evil. I have seen bad stuff but many people on this earth have suffered far worse.  I think even those women calling their trials "beautiful" are doing whistling by the graveyard stuff, not realizing the depths of decay and despair this world can bring. These atheists complaining about Christians saying God sent them cancer, have a point. Their outrage has a positive moral edge to it in that they hate to see other human beings suffer and their consciences are telling them suffering in this world is horrific but what does their philosophy promise but death and rotting in a grave?  It is a dead end to the suffering. A waste. No hope.  Die and rot, and you rejoin the earth and your mind becomes mush and goop within a coffin.  If they think God is so "cruel", how "cruel" is that fate? Of course we must warn them of the reality of hell, but their beliefs hold no promises either.

 Some of the more fortunate atheists who had children may see themselves living through them, but many don't have children in this world. I almost died as an atheist too, that time of asthma, and I had the edge of terror believing I would no longer exist. Their atheism is a dead end too. Sadly the "Christians" who believe God wants to torture and beat them in this world are not helping out the rest of us trying to get the gospel out there. I've had some strange thoughts about how the authoritarianism and other bad attributes of Dominionism and false fundamentalist churches has added to this problem too. These are things I'm pondering. The Armageddon lovers seem to have a "God" they can't wait to punch out the entire world.  Do MEAN CHRISTIANS have a MEAN "GOD"?

I John 4:8 He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.



Anonymous said...

. Pauls "thorn in the flesh" was clearly used by God to keep Paul from thinking he was higher than the average believer. Scripture says "do not despise the chastening of the Lord". It was an illness that led me to call on the Lord. That illness has not been cured, and I don't blame God for it. I'm not saying God caused it, but do believe it was used by God. I have never once thought of blaming him for it. I do not think I would have called on God, and started seeking him out if not for this illness. It truly has humbled me.

Bible Believer said...

I became a Christian from being sick too...but I do not believe the illness themselves are "given" by the Lord, same as you saying God did not cause it but used it. I know this is delving into deep topics of human suffering and dealing with evil....Paul yes had a life long illness.

Anonymous said...

We as born again believers, much always be very careful when the nature of our faith in Jesus is addressed. All too often, especially within abusive church systems, men and women of self righteous importance, take the authority of our LORD, and freely adopt it for themselves. Anotherwords, wicked men and women within most church systems, speak for god, or speak as if they were gods.

Case in point, from a painful personal experience from the hearts/mouths of church folks. When the doctor told me that a lump, which was eventually removed, could possibly be cancerous, I shared this with several people seeking comfort and love. One man, who preaches in my former church, said callously to my face, "Don't you know that you have that because of YOUR SIN." Direct quote.

I also tried sharing my condition with the woman prayer chain leader, seeking comfort for my fears, and her response was "Oh, we don't speak those words into the air here." Direct quote while standing inside the church building. Do these imposters of Christ speak this way to others who are sick and dying, or do they select certain individuals to abuse?

In speaking the truth here, I found peace, comfort, and love from Jesus in getting me through a very difficult times regarding health issues. Also, I sing the LORD'S praises for he sent people, who are not affiliated with the 501c. 3 church systems, to call, visit, send cards, and bring meals over following my surgery. These were individuals that I could talk about Jesus/my faith with, that I could freely weep with (with no religious verbal abuse), and that I could count on for prayers over the health of my soul and body.

My former church was an abusive spiritual environment caught up in the teachings of most of those wolves in sheep's clothing on Trinity Broadcasting Network and God T.V. And they lavish praise and gifts upon themselves and those religious networks (the self righteous) who are going to benefit their own personal leadership dreams of lording it over others.

As Christ followers, we are to exhibit the empathy, love and compassion, to those who are desperately in need, especially as a God ordained to share the Gospel of Jesus in a loving way to those who are suffering. And that requires a special human characteristic that is extinct within the church system as a whole; and that is humility.

How many humble men and women grace the church steps in this day? LORD, forgive us for our vanity.

Bible Believer said...

Yes we need to be careful. I too have seen those who have taken on the authority of the Lord too. With one rare condition I have that took years for diagnosis, I was told it was the result of a curse by one person and my own sinfulness was keeping the curse intact, so no cure was forthcoming. This condition has no cure via science just management. This amounted to ongoing spiritual and emotional abuse even as I questioned the idea of curses and cut the person in question off. They were healthy themselves with an intact family. People who are sick especially at prey for the self righteous and the poor as well. You are told implicitly that your own wickedness must have left poverty come to your household or various illnesses. This is people who live in fear and put it on others, a whistle by the graveyard theology, "it can't ever be me"

Sorry you dealt with the same thing regarding a would be cancerous lump. I have heard the same too. You are sick because of your sin. The prayer chain lady sounds like a New Ager but that's true in charismatic and other "think positive" places they will tell you things like if you discuss illness, you will bring it onto yourself. One is told they must bear their suffering with foreberance, ie be quiet and "shut up about it". I think they do select people to abuse. With the curses person, I believed her to be a friend, and even gave leeway, hoping I could steer her from false theologies or too much legalism but now I wonder if I was targeted and suspect deeper betrayals, perhaps as a result of this blog. I shared too much information too about a wicked family I came from where God was warning me about things pertaining to them.

I am glad the Lord has sent you people to help. I've had help come too. I have a husband too. Thank God for those people, and also with your peace and comfort in being ill. Its is good you came out of that church, especially if they taught the falsehoods of the TBN wolves. I visited too many churches who had books from a variety of TBN wolves or matched their theology.

Yes humility is needed especially in reaching out to the suffering, and seeing humanity in others and being able to share God's love and compassion. In this competitive crazy culture, many of the church self righteous are caught up in the modern "Hunger games" they have no interest in approaching people with humble hearts, thus condemnation comes first to their mind. They follow the world and culture in oppression of the poor and sick and others who are hurting.

When we meet the homeless or people in more dire straits, we have to examine ourselves on those things too.

How many humble men and women grace the church steps in this day? LORD, forgive us for our vanity.

Grammy G said...

Anon and BB, I am sorry for your illnesses, but also praising God you drew nearer to Him. John 10:10 speaks volumes in situations such as these. To blame God for sickness and disease is as much of a sin as is praising Him for giving it to you. He does not bring upon us sickness and disease, sin does. But that in no way gives anyone the right to declare you have breast cancer because of sin in your life. How self-righteous was that man and I apologize for such a cold and false response posed as Biblical. God allows our faith to be tested as we see many times throughout Scripture. But that is not payment for our sinfull lives. Christ was that payment! While there are at times natural consequences for our sin, this is always about our spiritual condition.

The only reason people can say such mean, false and hateful things is because they don't know the Lord. To KNOW Him means to spend time with Him, reading His Word and praying. You can't KNOW someone without being in relationship and you will then therefore make false statements. Woe unto those who self-righteously think they know Him who do not, for they shall hear Jesus say to them "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them I never knew you: depart from me ye that work iniquity." Mt. 7:22-23

We are to bring light into dark situations with the love, grace, mercy and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ. HE is the only HOPE for these dark days and yet people don't know the True Jesus because they aren't spending time with Him and rely too much on doctrines of others (demons).

Let it be well with your soul and don't be discouraged by looking around you. Look up! And pray for The Bride as she prepares for the Bride Groom's arrival that she won't be as the ones counted as wise, and yet were without oil.

I have only one sister in Christ who wants to walk in the Truth. She and I always go to Scripture when trials happen. The others give loving advice from their hearts and minds, but often it doesn't lineup with the Word, because of their time spent getting to know the Lord. Few are they that do, but their intentions are good. But those intentions are not what the Lord wants of us and most certainly will not secure Salvation.

Pray for The Bride!!! Be readying yourself and be sure you KNOW Him such that you follow not the voice of another. Blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm anon at 4:07pm. I know people have different views on this topic. Ive never had anyone say my illness was becasue of my sin, thank God. I feel for the anon who had it thrown in their face. If God cursed people who sinned with sickness, all would be ill. I am fully persuaded in my mind that God does use these tragedies so that good may come. I "got saved" by saying a prayer when I was 10, 20 years later I was diagnosed with a nerve disease caused from chemical exposure in my workplace. Although I always believed God existed, I never knew God according to scripture, and never sought him out. Now I know I'm saved, and this caused me to call on God, I would never trade my life back if it meant me never seeking God. Reading scripture has built my faith, and it was this faith that saved me.....James PS. Sometimes I forget to put my name down lol.

Anonymous said...

These former "fundies" turned atheists can't blame any one thing. There may have been a tipping point but it did not happen in a flash. Often they try to attack Christian beliefs and use them as a whipping boy.

Yes, these false teachings are dangerous and mislead many. But I do not believe that a true born-again believer would turn their back on God entirely. They may even be mad at God and hurt and not understand, but eventually the Holy Spirit will convict them and bring them back.

About infirmities and sickness - it is all in God's perfect will. It is an individual thing according to His perfect wisdom. Some are healed, some are not. Those who are not, God has a purpose and will fulfill His promise to believers in Romans 8:28. We live in a fallen world with many maladies. Some are from birth, some are from the environment, some just come out of nowhere. But for the believer, we can trust God to either heal or use for His glory. God often intervenes and protects from harm. Others are injured in accidents. God is sovereign.

Sometimes illnesses are brought on from bad habits - some from before one became a believer. I have known people who were drug users, became Christians and yet they developed Hep C but God used that to give testimony to others not to do drugs.

Again, these "Christians" turned atheists probably were not bonafide believers in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I agree that anyone who has claimed to be a Christian, then became an atheist never had saving faith. Jesus Christ said all who the Father gave him are "sealed", and he will raise them up in the last day. He also said no one can pluck us out of his hand. No one can lose their salvation, so becoming an atheist and rejecting God means they were never saved.....James

Anonymous said...

John 9 I am still figuring this out, but do know all who come to Christ in truth are spiritually healed. - Don

Bible Believer said...

Thank you Grammy, I agree about blaming God for diseases as much as praising HIm for a disease, that is messed up. Sadly the false churches are adding to this and we live in a culture too that denies the realities of human life shoving it under the carpet. People who judge sick people has having sin, too are wrong. All that curse talk from the one "friend" just hurt me. I was removing myself from wicked people I was related to and it just made it all more painful. I agree it is the spiritual condition that is important too.

I agree about spending time with God and knowing His Word and having a relationship with Him. When I was young, I became an atheist because I did not know God, and the Catholic "god" was the "god" of cruelty. That false "god" is in the churches. There is no love from the false jesus many worship. Once that atheist man wrote a diatribe against "jesus" on his blog:

I read that and thought wrong "jesus"! That's the Antichrist dude, of Dominonism and churchianity. I can't stand that false "jesus" either.


I know he would respond, "Ah don't tell me about your self defined "jesus" you made up.He does write about this blog at times, he thinks I am a tin-hatter nut for questioning the system. [He doesn't realize there's a reason Bernie sold out so fast] and I am such a "Super-Christian" the churches aren't good enough for me. Well the churches have promoted a false "jesus", he doesn't see God outside the church system. There's the problem.

With my really bad body, I have gone, "Oh God why, why why...." My household is so poor, we sometimes even at times wonder if we should struggle to pay these bills, we are always on the edge of collapse. I am sure some people in better shape, probably would go back to a boarding house or some other alternative. My life in this world become utter "dross"...trying to think of a good word for it all. LOL

He thinks "jesus" is cruel. Sure the "jesus" of too many of the churches absolutely is. Here I posted about people following after the antichrist sending them disease and death and they are supposed to be happy about it. Tada is totally in with the ecumenical movement. I don't think its too bold to say she is in with the "false jesus". She I believe has been a pawn for them in her severe illness and disability. I pray she is set free one day. The "god" of Catholicism always promoted suffering and pain.

1 John 4:19 We love him, because he first loved us.

Where is the knowing of God here? I agree.

Bible Believer said...

Hi James, I am glad no one blamed you for your illness being from sin. Some visible things can be prone to judgment but it depends too on goodness of those around you. I agree everyone sins, there are none that are good, so everyone would be extremely ill, everyone ends up ill because we all die but I am thinking of people in younger years. I will pray for you regardng your chemical exposure. I was saved too reading scripture. It was seeking after God in His Word. Praise God you were saved too.

I think the former fundies now atheists definitely had a tipping point. With this particular one, I see the problem as "inherited" religion. How do I explain this? Someone gets raised in a culture and a religion, [I was supposed to be Catholic and my chasm with my family began extremely young, I now have no earthly family] and adopt its beliefs without making it a true inward change. They follow in the parental and cultural footsteps.

He had intellectual assent to Christianity at one point. His love for Calvinism is one giant red flag of the intellectual basis of his professed "faith". Now remember I was in the intellectual UU trap, so I am not claiming I am better. When he became an atheist, the same thing happened. The false "god" of churchianity is easily disposed even on the intellectual basis. The churches oh how can I say this, present a false vision of the world and ideals about this world, funny how all the verses about how the world will hate you and other warnings are ignored in scripture, when things don't pan out, people will know something is wrong here. The man got very sick, years of chronic illness, a disabled daughter. He got crushed by years of IFB legalisms and imposed poverty in small dying churches. Add on the changes of disabling illness especially for a man, and the pressures are immense. The IFB has shrunk especially in the last 20 years, I saw it myself.

His life is hard but his life is easier then mine from what I read on his blog and his health is better too and he has a family including children and grandchildren unlike me. He is presently far more financially secure. He got to the late middle age years where he has questioned his life, and BAM, a switch was made. [I am questioning my life too and how it has turned out, but God is a constant] "Inherited" "faith" isn't going to cut it. It's either an inward change, to the core of your being with a true relationship with God or it will disposed of and walked away from.

I do not think a true born again believer would turn their back on God either. I don't want to get into OSAS debates, but I have had my times wrestling with God too. I would never condemn anyone for times of anger, questioning and doubt but I feel like the Holy Spirit always leads me right back by the hand to a better place.

Bible Believer said...

Yes illness can come from many different factors. Some are based on sin such as a drug abuser getting Hep C. Some illnesses are genetic. Some suffer from the sins of others such as medical neglect in childhood or living in a society where they are leading many to be far more ill. America is a very unhealthy society, I believe that is by plan. Churchianity ignores the realities about life here on earth. The verses in the bible that denote the real nature of this world including Satan being the prince of this earth are most ignored. The candyland dreams for this life and world that the churches present, vaporize under any real testing. We live in a culture too that denies reality and suffering and the churches follow suit.

Romans 8:18

Anonymous said...

It took me many years to finally find a little remnant of believers who are solid in the Word. The pastor doesn't play down the suffering that many believers endure and does not present the Christian life as some sort of panacea. He teaches the Bible plain and simple. It is refreshing and edifying in this current state of affairs.

I know what it is like to be in other places where the walk doesn't match the talk, where the sheep are beaten into submission or manipulated. I feel for all those who are isolated and without fellowship, especially those who are suffering from heartaches and physical ailments. The Lord has not abandoned you. Stay in His Word and in fellowship with Him. Don't get discouraged. That is easy to say as I spent many days in the pit of despair. It just doesn't help. Keep on keeping in on. Trust in the Lord. He is faithful.

Anonymous said...

Greetings everyone in the name of the Lord Jesus. I read this article with great interest and can relate having my share of physical pain and as well as a disabled child to care for. I at times feel devoured and in despair by his disorders. BUT, I think it is a devilish temptation to blame God. Below are 2 short, Scripture based articles that deal with bad things that happen to people, including to Christians. On a side note, this whole "God has allowed it" thinking seems typical of Calvinism which has permeated the Church. No one just coasts easily into heaven. But I digress. I hope these 2 articles will bless you as they have me.

Should we blame God when bad things happen to us?


Why is everything so hard?


Anonymous said...

To the anon at 4:57,

It is possible according to the Bible (and it happend frequently) that a born again person-- a righteous man can indeed die spiritually, backslide, and put himself back on the road to hell. (he can come back and be saved again Rm 11:19, James 5: 19? , and Lk 15:24 - the Prodigal son. The Once Saved always saved or perseverance of the saints is not Scriptural. There are many verses disproving it, but all you need it one. Luke 8:13[ "They believed for a while, but in time of testing, fell away" John 6:66- Some turned away and followed Him no more? If a righteous man, does evil, he will die for it. (Ezekial 18"33) By this gospel you are saved IF. you hold firmly til the end, otherwise you have believed in vain. 1 Cor 15:2 Please refer to a Sciptural examination of the "Never Saved to Begin Argument" God bless you.



Anonymous said...

Anon at 2:07 P.M.

I've been through this question many times, exploring it from every angle and every verse, looking at both sides of the question.

I have come to the conclusion that if you believe that one does not earn salvation from works, one cannot save it by works. The adoption of the convert by God is final. He accepts us as His child. When we have children, we love them regardless. They may do wrong things, but it does not change the fact that they are our children.

At what point does one cross that invisible line between keeping and losing salvation? What sin is the tipping point?

No, God is our Father and when we trust Christ we are received and our sins are forgiven past present and future. God is all-knowing. He knew full well the whole enchilada when we answer the invitation and trust Jesus as Savior. Our sins are not hidden from Him.

That does not mean that the Christian is free to sin with no consequences. God is a perfect Father - when His children sin or are disobedient, He chastens. You will find verses to support this. He doesn't throw us out.

The people who believe they have sinned and lost their salvation are tormented and instead of repenting they fall into despair and sin further. We don't get saved over and over again. The key is if one is TRULY saved. Many are not.

The test is if one is saved, one will be convicted and God will draw him/her back. I have been there and done that. God will not give up on His own. Satan would love to have us think otherwise.

Those who do not believe in eternal security of the believer do not understand the extent of God's love for His own. I have seen such dear people trapped in legalism and emphasize works.

Anonymous said...

1 John 4:19 "We love Him, because He first loved us."

I needed to read this, this morning. God Bless you Bible Believer for this beautiful reminder of God's great love for us, regardless of our circumstances. It is so easy to get caught up with the jealousy, envy, and just plain hatred from those who go to church every Sunday, many of whom posture themselves in leadership positions due to their own self righteous religious importance, then turn around and say and do wicked and evil acts upon the LORD'S lowly sheep.

Many of us have experienced more love, compassion, and empathy from those outside of the organized churches because they actually understand the Scriptures in context, showing more mercy and grace upon God's sheep. From what I have observed since coming out of an abusive church, is that those believers who are not a part of institutional churches, have MORE mercy, grace and love for our LORD, than those who make a big show of going to church every Sunday.

Are we not called to 'be the ekklesia, called out ones' to those who are suffering and need to hear a good word and experience God's amazing love? Yes!

That Scripture verse was posted at just the right time. God is Sovereign. May our LORD be with you, BB.

Anonymous said...

The fruit of the spirit is"Love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control."
Galatians 5:22-23

Anonymous said...

The followers of Christ in John 6 "turned away" becasue they thought Jesus was teaching cannibalism. It says those that "turned away" were offended by what Jesus previously preached, and that is the scriptures that Roman Catholics like to twist to justify their satanic "re sacrifice" of their "jesus", and the eating of their wafer god. John 10 tells us that all who are sealed will NEVER be plucked out of Gods hand. I believe him when he says this. John in his epistle wrote a certain portion so "we may KNOW we have eternal life". If the believer does not have eternal security, then how many times does it take to truly "get saved"? My bible tells me that the believer has eternal security.....James

Anonymous said...

Thank you James.
17 Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. 18 As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world. 19 And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.3 John 2:1 KJV

Sanctification is two-fold; positional and practical. ALL believers are sanctified (that is, set apart to God) by the one Offering of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in this sense “perfected forever” (Hebrews 10:10, 14).

There is no way we can earn our salvation and there is no way we can keep it. It is not about keeping our salvation but rather living for Christ out of love and gratitude.

Grammy G said...

I am reading AW Tozer's "THE ROOT OF THE RIGHTEOUS" It is a deep and profound book and cuts to the "heart" of the matter. I have wept as I realized even in my best attempts to be holy as He is Holy, I fall short. He says "In every Christian's heart, there is a cross and a throne, and the Christian is on the throne till he puts himself on the cross; if he refuses the cross he remains on the throne." We must all examine our hearts and motives to see where we are at.

I met a 50 something lady whom has been crippled since the age of 4. She was hit on the sidewalk by a drunk driver. Her nice elderly neighbor takes her to the Baptist Church on Sunday's and at times to the store, but criticizes her in every way. For instance while riding in the car, she asks why she wore the shoes she was wearing because they are ugly, yet the lady gave them to her and she has nearly worn them out. Criticized her purse too and yet this girl who is living in oppression by her controlling mother CHOSE to forgive this lady by drawing her a picture. Her child-like spirit is so beautiful. The lady doesn't hesitate to brag about all she does for Julie either. THIS sadly is much of the attitude of the church and is not the Church Christ is coming for. It is time we ALL ask God to examine our hearts. Perhaps we have aligned ourselves with demons of darkness in ways we cannot see because we have placed ourselves on thrones destined to lead us astray. We so often talk about the fruit, but perhaps we need to be more concerned about the root.

I pray we can all, who truly desire the things of God will be led of the Holy Spirit to such a position of humility to not compare our faith or our position to anything but the Cross of Jesus Christ and what was DONE there. We must humble ourselves and remember we are all sinners in need of a Savior and stop acting as if we are Him. I don't want to focus on all the evil in this world and the people that perform it, but rather on my own walk with the Lord and sharing His love with others, such that they turn from evil.

A good question to ask yourself: When is the last time you shared the Gospel and saw a life changed? Perhaps we are spending too much time hissing at the sins of others and not sharing the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ and not the new age, word of faith, emerging, latte toting message of today.

I want to be all that Jesus wants me to be and nothing less. I can't do that if I am on the throne, or watching the world spin out of control. Should we spend our time writing blogs about how evil the world is, or how good our God is in reconciling His Children to Himself? It is a question we all need to ask ourselves. BUT in our pursuit to address these issues, are we somehow trying to answer the mysteries of God for which no man has an answer?

Bible Believer said...

Thank you commenters above for verses and comments, and you too James, thanks. I agree about the love of those outside the organized church system.

Grammy, I know this blog deals with some evils, it has it's own role. I try to witness when I can out in life too. I don't think it is wrong to discuss what is going on. Someone needs to talk about it. I agree we need to always be mindful of the root, and focused on Jesus Christ.

Sorry that one lady is being abused by that other. Speak up for her and try and protect her if you can. I do not like seeing disabled or vulnerable people prone to abusers who will hurt them. You said neighbor so it sounds like she is independent in her living arrangement from any hurtful people. I hope so.

Anonymous said...

BB and all, thanks for your kind words. God bless you all...James

William Sculley said...

I'm going to say this as a person diagnosed with a lifelong illness, and I'm going to explain why I think this. I do not think God "gave" me Ulcerative Colitis. Sure, He may have allowed it to happen, but all illness is the result of sin. Colitis, cancer, and any other disease that plagues our world are all caused by sin.

While God didn't give me this illness, I am certain He will use it for my sanctification in His plan. As Scripture says, all things work together for the good of those who love Him. In the end, this illness will be used by God to bring me spiritual benefit, even if I am never cured in this life.