Sunday, July 17, 2016

Women Treated Like Dirt in Some Fundamentalist Churches

This issues we have discussed before. It usually comes up on the Duggar articles where women are to be oppressed, kept in line and perpetually pregnant. Many here have agreed with me there is an evil woman hating strain in many fundamentalist circles and that the patriarchy movement is of the devil. It looks like Steven Anderson is helping the patriarchy cause. It is sickening, this is one cultural element of when I was in the IFB I never could get on board with. While feminism definitely has it's problems and wickedness, this patriarchy nonsense is no solution either.

Some marriages the people actually love one another, it's not all authoritarianism. The authoritarianism of these preachers matches the whole police state march and so forth and so on. The plan is to enslave people out in the economic world, and well enslave them at home too. The elite cheer for more controlled and beaten down people. If they can get some chumps to order their wives around and vote for the latest sociopath, all for the better for them.

 I don't go to church anymore and know I could not sit there and bear a gung-ho preacher preaching to make the wives obey or else. My husband is not saved. Please pray one day he is. He respects my faith and even reads this blog and supports it. Yes I know that is weird but perhaps God knows I need the support to keep this blog going. This whole power and control games some of these types seem to be so in love with between the sexes is nauseating. The more I have read their words and seen their writings the more one can tell they do not see women as people but as chattel.

I believe Steven Anderson is a shill, but I've heard other preachers give this same message. "What do you mean you women want some rights!"? They all inversely support abuse of women with this crud. He's against women working. Is he insane? While the career world has served as a slave pen for the NWO, how many families could make it now without the women working? As for the vote? Given the men keep voting for the Illuminati chosen what does it matter now? What are the women thinking who are sitting in that man's congregation?

You never hear these types quote this verse:

Ephesians 5:25 Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.


Anonymous said...

Haven't you watched his videos? He is Mr. horn hand himself.

Anonymous said...

The problem is teaching Ephesians 5 and starting on verse 22, instead of verse 21. - Don

Anonymous said...

This preacher(?) man's sermon is deeply disturbing to me as a born again believer in Christ. Would Jesus, our LORD and Savior, address His people with such a teaching? Or is this coming from a demon, doctrines of devils? It is interesting to note that this man's teaching is similar to Sharia....can easily see how the American church system will line up with other false religions in supporting the one world beast system, and this video is a perfect example of false Christianity.

I wonder what this preacher man's reaction and behavior patterns will be if Hillary Clinton wins the next election? Will the abusive, authoritarian male dominated churches reflect the fruits of God, the Holy Spirit, or will they show their true colors?

Bible Believer said...

yes it's horn hand land...agree.

They cut out the parts of the Bible that don't serve their wicked messages Don.

His sermons always have disturbed me. Sadly there are many like him in the outer reaches of the IFB. I believe it is a doctrine of devils. The patriarchialists are the same as the Taliban. They would put women in burquas too and make sure they never leave without male escort.

Sadly if Hillary wins, they will intertwine politics to protest women and degrade them. Hillary is a wicked sociopath but they will put her to use in that way.

Anonymous said...

Hillary sure looks like actress Shirley Jones.

Bible Believer said...

LOL how would each have the time to be the other?

But you know a lot of those famous people look a lot like each other. Family blood lines? Some extreme conspiracy websites go on about cloning. I think a lot of them are related to each other.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of hand signs, here's the new Repub VP candidate, Mike Pence, the other night at the GOP Convention doing either the "Texas Longhorns" or Devil hand-sign, at the 21-seconds mark:

About a week ago I was reading an article re the story of his life (I think it was ChristianPost or one of those Christian news sites); they all grew up Catholic, very close-knit "Catholic" family, several brothers, all were altar boys for many years, they all went to Mass all the time, etc. But around college age, Mike said he had Christian friends who were always talking about their relationship with Jesus & he said he'd never heard of such a thing, but began longing for the same, so on whichever date (I forget/year, etc.), he got Biblically saved, & his Catholic family were not too happy about it.

BB you will find this interesting as a former Catholic (me, too): The article said that one of Mike's brothers explained it this way, "Mike just seemed to have MORE OF A SPIRITUAL NEED..." than I guess the rest of them, lol. That is almost sad-funny in that Catholics just don't have a clue, do they? That is obvious from his statement. "Oh, he had 'more of a spiritual need' that drove him to seek the Lord & get Biblically saved, but the rest of us are happy as we are in the RCC.' So what he is saying is their rituals, etc. are 'enough for them.' Tsk Tsk. What can you do!

I was hoping Mike Pence was a REAL Christian as he could do a lot of praying for the Trumpster & maybe even do some discipling in the Word. But after seeing the above hand-sign video today, I dunno! I've seen several photos the past few days of he & Trump shaking hands, & neither of them does a Masonic handshake (thumb on top of 2nd knuckle), so maybe they are not Masons, but worse?!

Anonymous said...

This man is a disgrace. I have known personally those of his denomination who would shudder at what he teaches and says. Yes, the Independent Baptists are legalistic in certain ways - KJV only, etc. However, the ones I know do preach the Gospel.

Why on earth does the denomination not censure this man and his cohort in Sacramento?
He is a cancer! Or the ones who hate what he is saying and represents should withdraw from the organization.

Anonymous said...

Is the author of this blogsite a female or a male ?

Anonymous said...

Last Anon:

Why would you ask such a question? What difference does it make? If you had followed this blog for any time at all you would have the answer to that question.

Anonymous said...

I have listened to a few of this man's videos and believe he has anger issues along with abusing God's blind sheep. I feel sorry for those who sit under his preaching and soon he will be having everyone living under Old Testament laws...similar to the wicked Hebrew Roots movement. Church folks sure hate those of us who desire to live under Christ instead of the OT laws combined with the Talmud.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:39,

Do you believe women are co-heirs in Christ?

Anonymous said...


Could somebody explain to me why they believe that this man is a shrill? I have been to his website and listened to his sermons and he seems kosher to me.

Also he said that he works 70 hours a week and that most men can do the same thing so that their wives don't need to work. What do you think?

Anonymous said...


Are you aware of his response to the Orlando massacre, that is was a good thing?
He is an embarrassment to true Christians and an affront to our Lord and Savior.
He may say some of the right things that we would all agree with, but actions and verbal expressions speak louder than written words.

Please engage your discernment by the Holy Spirit and take another look and listen.

Bible Believer said...

I'm a female.

Thank you last anon for warning SallySays

Anonymous said...


Yes I heard about his response to the Orlando massacre. I certainly did not agree with that. To me I just saw that as him being quite young and foolish. You are meant to win people over to Christ not put them off. He should have remembered luke 13: 1-5.

I first learnt about this man when he apparently got beaten up by the police and it was explained in detail how it happened. It did seem to me that he was quite provocative which I found to be quite insane (Not that it justifies what they did). I mean if I knew that I was going to be treated differently due to my beliefs or the group I belonged to, would I not want to walk the line unless they asked me to renounce Christ. It did not seem right to me. But I did not really delve into it.

Also the fact that he says that homosexuals can not be changed. That is not true. I have seen and heard testimonies from both men and women who became Christians and are now married to a member of the opposite sex. They no longer have affection for the same gender. It is called the power of the holy spirit.

For the record, I am not endorsing homosexuality but from personal experience, straight people can molest children, I was one of their victims.

Thanks anonymous I will have to take another look and listen and try to see for myself using the discernment of the holy spirit - and of course and prayer.