Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Listen to God's Warnings

We are entering the days where things are getting more and more spiritually darker. Every Christian here feels it. We are seeing massive changes even within the last few years. We have to learn to listen to God in prayer. More and more it is important to listen to God's warnings for protection. Some time ago, I had met a new person and on my second meeting with them where I was not in a larger group of people. I had this thought flash across my mind, "This person is wicked and an insider."  This came out of nowhere. I did listen but I proceeded with caution but still erred on the side of not taking actions sooner. My warning about this seared person are so intense, I will leave a room or other place if I ever see them in it.

I am learning to listen to warnings like that faster and more immediately. Yes as a human being, I can err but I believe we all need to be listening when God is warning us of something.  This may sound odd, but I had the thought too this person had some involvement with occultism. On the surface they are in a false church, and I met them in a community context.

I found out via public information on the internet someone closely related to this person is basically a Satanist. And I am not talking teen "Goth" or "Wicca" dabbler or a few bouts of yoga or rekki but a well into adulthood HARD CORE Satanist. Think "OTO" temple one with Silver in the name and interest in esoteric "magic", some with names I am sure no one ever heard of but I have from my younger days. And it went even further then that. Some may say it is unfair to judge a relative on what another relative is doing. And on that they would be right. Many good Christians come out of wicked families, but this specific person on a public Facebook page, drew pictures of themselves surrounded by demons. They praised their Satanic family member to me when I first met them.

I believe God is helping to protect me from future betrayals . I hope people do not think I have lost it or gone "paranoid". I didn't act on a lot of warnings that came early when dealing with two major betrayals.  I paid for not listening sooner. With one person, who was a deceiver, I had dreams about them for a long time. I "knew inside" but was afraid to act.  The dreams told me over and over they were not what they appeared to be.  Here is a place where a Christian will want to go with your gut. If all your "instincts" tell you something is wrong, the message is coming from somewhere. Listen to the small voice of the Holy Spirit! I hope with time I have grown stronger. Some will tell you everything you want to hear. Some will even pretend to be Christians. Some will pretend to even be a fellow new world order aware Christians.

One person still lauded her  involvement in an Eastern Star organization for the young, and I gave too many breaks thinking they were an "ordinary" unsaved person that I could reach with the gospel who I thought sadly had just been lured into the Rainbow girls when young. That was not to be. Even there I had warnings about her true spiritual position, and waited too long. Sometimes we have to face the disappointment or losing a would be "friend" who really isn't.

I am not saying I am better then any of these people, some I believe I dealt with are seared but others, I pray will be born again and come to Jesus Christ. One thing I am thinking about is discernment is nothing to play around with and as we walk with the Lord, we need to be paying attention. As the days grow darker, this is more important then ever.  I know I still have a lot to learn but I have had my times of being unseasoned in some ways. I have to remind myself to listen to discernment and in testing the spirits. Sometimes we will make mistakes, but God's protection is there for the asking.

Hebrews 5:14 But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.


Anonymous said...

BB, what you are expressing is exactly what God's Holy Spirit is telling me. It's time to listen more closely than ever. Every decision is a crucial one This hour is a season of greatest deception. But I praise God for revealing all to His servants. Remember many will be offended. This will be the case especially if we are not going along with the tide, as we expose the evil around us. Believers don't want their boat rocked. They like to believe their pastor is not an infiltrator, luciferian or agent of some kind. They want to continue doing what they are doing even if it keeps them spiritually blinded or in rebellion. So called Christian music artists have infiltrated as agents of satan and believers don't even know it.We must walk by faith and not by sight. I think what you feel is that God is gathering up His children to be at an appointed place physically and spiritually.
Years back I had a dream where the road was so narrow but we were able to drive on it as if we were escaping. My husband had the same dream that night where he came to this narrow road and thought how will we ever drive on this. The road is narrow but few find it.

Grammy G said...

BB-I too have struggled with discernment and finding that balance of being useful for the Lord and sharing the Gospel, when in the presence of those with whom I have a check in my spirit. The balance of not being too judgmental, or being so heavenly minded I am no earthly good. I know God does not intend for us to be alone, but to be in fellowship, but not with darkness, of which we are to flee.

Finding Christians who are still Bible Believing, Truth seeking and honor God above all else, is difficult. Many of my Christian friends have been seduced into the emerging church concepts and think I am too fundamental in my beliefs.

It would be easier to just become a recluse, but is that God's will for us? In these later days, do we seal up the scripts, or do we in bold confidence of the Spirit of God GO forth and share the Gospel with those who will hear and shake the dust from our feet with those who will not?

If I stay home in fear of persecution, am I not therefore more worried about this life? And what can man do to me? I ponder all of these things, wanting only to be about my Father's business, not my own.

No doubt, finding true Christian fellowship is difficult but can be found if we allow the Spirit of God to lead us. I life in a heavy Catholic community and it is hard to find such relationships. But, through my love and fellowship on a "child" level, I have a few ladies who have come out of the RCC. So that is such a blessing.

We must be in prayer and focused not on the worldly issues, but on our Heavenly Father and GO as the Spirit bids us to Go. It is a hard thing to do.

Bible Believer said...

I agree anon it is time to listen more closely then ever. This is a time and season of greatest deception. I praise God for warning us too. Many are indeed offended. Just look at what those who leave the churches go through in warning about them. I have told others IRL what I think of the church system, that is not always easy to do. Most trust in the pastors. Some of the pastors are sincerely deluded types but many are the agents. Most of the sincerely deluded are following men above them. Interesting dream you have had. I have had those kind of dreams where I am fleeing too. In some given directions. One I won't forget. It was for the future the way I discerned it.

Yes Grammy I struggle with the not being too judgmental--this kept me in the game far too long with some of those who would betray, you want to be "kind", "give people a chance", this latest one the warnings was too strong. I offended them just by my presence so that became an moot issue. I hope others here can find fellowship, I used to know more real deal Christians in my former community but here it is difficult. Most attend Lutheran or Catholic churches. There's a few evangelical light types. Some are nice, and consider my religious beliefs a "quirk" if they are more "tolerant" types while others have been offended telling me I have entered into "heresy" for leaving the churches and should not be isolating myself. I know from the illness I am forced into a semi-recluse state, but yes I hope here people can find some IRL fellowship, even if it is a few folks.

I know I struggle too having to pray when am I to be bold. One doesn't want to be someone acting like they are more holy and turning people off. I try to give the gospel to who I can. Some have reacted well, while others not so well. Many do complain to me how the church system is corrupt, and I have focused on the Word of Jesus Christ to them. I get into some unusual conversations see that what should I say about hell post.

I know a Catholic lady I have witnessed to and told her what I thought of the Roman Catholic church, she is a tolerant type but she is studying the Bible and I hope it is of a good affect on her. I read the Bible long enough it took me out. Sometimes she talks to me about scripture. Her interpetations are influenced but I got saved reading a Catholic Bible and came out so I have hope for her.

I ask God what do you want me to do? We have to keep doing so. Sometimes one will be told Wait. I agree don't stay home fearing persecution. Even if people think you are odd or "strange". Some will be our enemies alone just based on us being a Christian, so it will happen. In this case, with the wicked person, I did get a chance to give gospel to another person.

Anonymous said...

I'm finding that God really does give us opportunities to share the Gospel. We were at a Home Depot and I heard an employee talk to another employee about a dream he had. I turned around and said I had a dream too. They both came over and started listening. I said it was when I was 16, one year before I was saved. The Stars had fallen, it was pitch black in the sky. People were running and screaming. I knelt down in my mother's driveway and started praying. The older man then asked me what was it? I replied the wrath of God. Well the young kid left our conversation but the other man stayed. After I shared he said I made his day. I also left out the best part. I looked up in the sky and there was Jesus. I couldn't see his face but he was dressed in illuminace white, glowing all over with a band of gold around his waist and his arms stretched out towards me. I also began to tell him of a vision I had when I was 21 of the false prophet. I was babysitting and sitting on the couch when a vision came on the TV set. It was an augural stage which I had never knew what it was until years later. I saw it when another president came in office. So then I figured it out. . I'm continuing this in the next comment section so I don't run out of space.

Anonymous said...

Continued...there was this man dressed in a white robe on this stage. The crowd was roaring excitably. This man had a demeanor of peace so much so that it was illuminating from him. His arms too were stretched out. There was a man introducing him to the people who were applauding feverishly with shouts of praise. There was a bush in front of the stage. I asked the Lord who is that man introducing the man in white? He said look at that bush. His name is Bush. I thought I was not hearing correctly as I thought no one has the name of Bush. I saw this man's face of course, the one introducing. It was our previous so called President Bush after his final years in office. There was no doubt it was him.
This is what I shared with the Home Depot man. He said I believe. I also have been sharing with the youth. They have no idea about the mark of the beast. The 20's and under don't even know about it. It's like their generation have never been told. It's sad that they have gone through their whole high school years and not a believer has shared truth with them.
Also we can hear God's Holy Spirit telling us who we should spend time with and who not. Even getting invited to a BBQ with plenty of alcohol. Do you go share how God would want you to share? I think God will lead us on each occasion as to whether we are to go or not. The day time seems a bit more safe but the night people tend to get more drunk.

Anonymous said...

The man of peace was the false prophet. I forgot to add this.,I remember his face till this day.,

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have found this to be true too Bible Believer. Most of the evil and wicked souls that are disguised as angels of light, actually are working to kill and destroy those Christians they see as interfering with their dark agendas. These individuals will hate you, then destroy your reputation when you do not read the books they recommend, listen to the so called Christian music they listen too, or watch/promote/give vast amounts of money to the false preachers they watch on television. And when you voice opposition to all of the lying signs and wonders, one can almost feel that darkness lashing out at you, for the look in their eyes are evil.

Upon entering the last conservative Baptist church with an Assembly of God pastor, not one person pointed me to Jesus as LORD and Savior; the prayer chain leader lady gave me a book penned by Larry Huck, the pastor man promoted the likes of Smith Wigglesworth, Yongi Cho, and all of the Toronto blessing wolves from the pulpit, the adult Sunday school class that we were supposed to be attending was led by a woman preaching and teachings the lies from Jonathan Cahn's blood moons heresey, the leadership promoted all of the Trinity Broadcasting vipers to me, and I was scolded/disciplined by a male elder for reading and teaching out of the Bible in our Sunday School class.

Not one 'holier than thou' person pointed me to Bible reading and studying, nor did anyone speak of Jesus, the One from they Bible. They had come up with versions of their own jesus, some even claiming visiting the 'third heaven' as the Apostle Paul did. Beware of churches who seek followers after themselves instead of pointing people to Jesus, the Christ, for true born again believers are becoming fewer and fewer in these last days.

Anonymous said...

We never want to get to that lukewarm state where our discernment has gone out the window. The enemy wants to chip away at our convictions, drag us off into the wilderness. We do have to stay focused and alert, test all things. Can't let our heart or emotions take us to bitterness or justification of any sin. We need to be desperate for God, always seeking His will. I saw a video of a mother hen with her chicks seeking cover under her wings. It was amazing how her body and wings hid the chicks so you couldn't see them...until their little heads popped out. Scripture says the Lord will hide us under His wings. Our nephew once said God isn't worried about too much down here. And I thought the contrasting statement would be we are worried over every little thing.

Anonymous said...

Ironically, the most lying and betrayals come from church leadership. The man-made offices of the pastor, church board president, elders, deacons and deaconesses, the praise team leader, prayer chain leader, you name the office, the sin of pride and lord it over-man-ship is the greatest. And people in these leadership offices desire the lower laity to worship them and wait on their needs as they see themselves so much more important. Also, these prideful individuals will betray your confidence, seek to destroy the lives, the marriages, the family relationships, the friendships, the reputations, and the working of God, the Holy Spirit, within those lower laity they see as competition or as rivals against their religious agendas/regime. These people who desire to take the place of Jesus in people's lives, constantly in need of praise, adoration, worship, and mammon. Personally, not worried about all of those we label as unbelievers out there, for the most opposition to the indwelling of God, the Holy Spirit, in the born again believer's soul/life, come from those who are wicked and evil WITHIN the visible church system. Religious sociopaths work hard within the church wooing people to vote them into office; exactly like a political race complete with the lies, the smooth flattering speech, and the networking amongst the most influential within the church hierarchal system. Meanwhile the least of these are completely neglected by those who claim to do the greatest amount of works....for a lord of course.

Jesus said, "This shall not be so amongst you."

Anonymous said...

These two blog posts just made me feel so sick.


Pray for the USA. :(

Bible Believer said...

I agree about the lukewarm state messing up discernment. To atheists visiting here, we are not talking about voices in our heads but listening to God in the discernment fashion. The exIFB pastor wrote about this post saying us Christians all need Prozac or something. He keeps writing about people dying proving these is no God. I am not sure how atheism is supposed to make that better but I digress. I need to finish a post where churches are shipwrecking faith claiming life on earth will be wonderful. Life is hard is a reality in a fallen world.

Agree about being hidden under the wings. Yes there is a verse about that. With the self important clergy offices remember Jesus Christ warned about the sins of the Nicolatians. Dependent on clergy and those who lord over people. There is a lot of narcissism and sociopathy in these clergy circles where they fight people seeking to be the first among many and to be on top.

Last anon, did you see my expose on Narnia. this is from YEARS ago. I don't know how Christians get caught up in that fantasy Narnia stuff but they do. They'd shout and go crazy over their Wiccan teen getting the runes out in the bedroom but somehow runes are A-Ok in LOTR.

Anonymous said...

Maranatha, BB. Colossians 4:2-6 - Don

Anonymous said...

Well, went back to Home Depot and we run into the young man who walked away from the conversation I started about the end time dream. He was watering plants. I said you are the guy who walked away from our conversation about the dream I had. He said I'm sorry, I don't get into philosophical conversations like my other co-worker does. I said I only told you part of my dream so I began to tell him how I saw Jesus and this all led me to share the Gospel with him. He said you have changed my whole day. When we walked over to get some bark with his help he stopped and was staring at the bark way in the back. He said am I seeing things? He said there is a dove sitting way in the back of the pile just staring at us. I said the Holy Spirit came down as a dove...and he said I know! He said in all of his days working there, he has never seen a dove. Well, so glad we went and I told him it was meant to be that I spoke with him today since I didn't get to the last time we went. God is so amazing!

Anonymous said...

Regarding the corporation called a church I believe as a 501 3C the givernment requires you to have a board of Directors and other titles showing that you indeed are a corporation. I see these titles growing up like weeds amongst women pastors as well, Director of this and Director of that. Also CFO and so on. I heard Andy Stanley state that he was a CEO of a large corporation. Really? I thought the gift of pastor was suppose to be a servant of all, leading God's flock closer to Jesus without a reputation as Jesus sought no reputation. They call themselves reverend too. We are not suppose to revere anyone but God and call no one Father as God's word says. It's all very pretentious and pompous. I think because the state of the false church has so many wolves, it can't hide the ugliness of it. If we see the wolf tracks, we must as sheep not follow them. Maybe their empires would crumble if their servants fled from under their rule.

Anonymous said...

Nahum 1:7-13
The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.

8 But with an overrunning flood he will make an utter end of the place thereof, and darkness shall pursue his enemies.

9 What do ye imagine against the Lord? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time.

10 For while they be folden together as thorns, and while they are drunken as drunkards, they shall be devoured as stubble fully dry.

11 There is one come out of thee, that imagineth evil against the Lord, a wicked counsellor.

12 Thus saith the Lord; Though they be quiet, and likewise many, yet thus shall they be cut down, when he shall pass through. Though I have afflicted thee, I will afflict thee no more.

13 For now will I break his yoke from off thee, and will burst thy bonds in sunder.

I started thinking about these passages. Anytime you receive persecution whether it be from a family member, false friend or otherwise...we are not just receiving the persecution, it is Jesus as well. Verse 11 talks about imagining evil against the Lord. Now we hope that normal people are not devising evil against us...but guess what, there are some that are not so normal. They have every evil intent on inflicting us in some way through our emotions, hearts or any devious manipulation they can get away with. These people are crafty, much like witchcrafty in how they plan out evil devices against those who they wish to target. They claim being the victim and make you out to be the villain. The unfortunate part is how others can't see what they are doing. They can't wrap their heads around those who intend to destroy you in some way. These manipulators put on such an act of innocence that it becomes nauseating. They want to leave a trail of poisonous fumes for you to breathe and maul over in your mind while they choose to enjoy your suffering. Their next scheme is already at hand and ready to launch by the time you have healed and been restored. I say don't let anyone talk you into going into the lion's den. They are only trained for attack and will not change no matter how kind, generous and thoughtful you are. It's a sad state of affairs when you are their scapegoat and the golden boy is your husband. We must leave it in the Lord's hands to deal with because there is so much deception going on that only God can reveal the truth and give understanding to those who are blinded by such behavior.

Eternally Home said...

Home Depot Visit? Did you give the man at the Home Depot the gospel? All of your comments are rather cryptic, anonymous at the Home Depot! Could you speak plainly and not in rambling riddles? Are you the signs and wonders type?

Anonymous said...

I know many have been waiting on the Lord for prayers to be answered. First His word is true so we should never doubt God's faithfulness. God will withhold no good thing to those who walk uprightly.

Psalm 84:11 For the Lord God is our sun and our shield.
He gives us grace and glory.
The Lord will withhold no good thing
from those who do what is right.

Mathew 7:7-11

7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

9 Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone?

10 Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?

11 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?
When God brings about His goodness as a gift to us, we must always be grateful for He gives us only His best.

There are seasons of waiting, but when that season is over, we rejoice when God indeed has answered our prayers. The season of waiting is the toughest. It's feels like winter when our tree seems barren. The pruning doesn't help matters much but in reality it is ideal! The spring will burst forth with flowers and fruit. End of summer pruning is good too as it helps to direct how the branches are growing. This is just like the hand of our Father, to direct and guide us in the right direction.

I'm sure Jesus sees when we need a good pruning. Our faith seems to get stretched during times of waiting. Hmmm, maybe we need to learn more about faith and less about being anxious. He knows how to solve all the problems in the world, even the seasons of global hemispheres which can produce the necessary food for an entire world.

We must be children anticipating His goodness. But in the meantime, let's not forget to bask in His Fatherly love, wisdom and glory. There is no greater gift than being in His presence.

Anonymous said...

Eternally Home: I am not the signs and wonders type, not even a language or some put it tongues which I believe were languages. I only believe that God can work miracles every day if He cares to. Here is the the information you were asking for regarding if I shared the Gospel. I copied and pasted my previous sentence;

I said I only told you part of my dream so I began to tell him how I saw Jesus and this all led me to share the Gospel with him.

Yes, I did previously state that I shared the Gospel as you can read above.

Anonymous said...

I was walking awhile back to the front of our community. I happened to look up in the sky and saw a rainbow circling the sun. I showed another person who was standing there and we both have never seen a rainbow circling the sun. Before I took a walk that day I asked the Lord to show me who the believers are in our neighborhood. So I turned around and started walking back home. Out in front was a woman watering her plants. I stopped and started a conversation with her. I had not mentioned anything about what I just saw. She started telling me a story about when her kids were growing up and how they had been home schooled. She was concerned about the attention home schoolers were getting from opposing organizations. She said she went out to pray on her porch and she happened to look up in the sky. She couldn't believe her eyes because she told me she saw a rainbow circle around the sun. Well, right there I shouted I too just saw a rainbow circle around the sun! I asked if she was a believer and she of course said yes. The Lord was saying I keep my promises and they are true, they come full circle. So this is how I met my Christian neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you Eternally Home. The speech pattern of this individual indicates a highly suspicious apostate signs and wonders worker. Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural" comes to mind with all of it false beliefs, false prophecies, and reliance on dreams as visions of truth.

We, as born again believers and followers of Jesus, are not to add more to our Holy Scriptures that what is already there, please study the last book of Revelation to understand His Word. Being in His Presence, literally means being in His Word understanding in context, not from a gnostic/mystic point of view. Dreams are subjective and we must be very careful for God's Word is objective.

As Jesus, our Savior and Redeemer reminds us, we must always walk by faith in Him only, not by sight.

Anonymous said...

Talking about the apostate Andy Stanley church, Northpoint Community performs 90's music at their service. It's very disgusting. Looks more like a nightclub act, couldn't watch but less than a minute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waSQWfAIysI Another website that captures the hideousness of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nQf--N2OMY
I'm not surprised when he uses hand signs.

Here is Heidi Baker another false prophetess who prays that the Holy Spirit "schnockers" everyone to the floor and keeps them there. https://youtu.be/7QpXirfBwUY
Couldn't watch this demonic display of mystic praying.

So when believers are following these wolves, they are not listening to God or discerning what is in front of them.

Anonymous said...

I loathe the thought of the signs and wonders crowd. Lots of them are Luciferians like Sid Roth and his horn signs. No you did not judge me correctly. I am a researcher and want all that is hidden to be exposed, be brought to the light., I am only a disciple of Jesus, walking with Him for almost 47 years.

Bible Believer said...

The dream renditions are confusing me. Hope that isn't one of the atheist visitors from Bruce G's blog. I know he thinks Christians are crazy now. Atheism is a dead end, I've already been to. Maybe Bruce G can be an atheist easier with his multiple children and grandchildren but some die without a legacy on this earth besides that of Christ's but I know he doesn't believe in tha. That said, the whole you just die and rot thing didn't do anything thrilling for me.

Bible Believer said...

I noticed the atheist thinks in his dream rendition we like George Bush. He needs to read more of this blog. Some of them are caught in the right/left matrix, to the core. Oh I was there, reading the Freedom From Religion Foundation newsletter thinking the Democratic party would save us all or its third party types like Nader who never are allowed in but I guess those who claim elections are rigged are just a bunch of tin-hatters though Hitlery is doing it all in the open now.

Bible Believer said...

Not much difference between a signs and wonder false Christian and an atheist trying to pull our leg. The signs and wonders person I guess wants more excitement and the ones running that stuff are busy pulling everyone's legs with a masters degree in being a charlatan.

Bible Believer said...

Those are good verses thank you anon....I do think sometimes we have to wait our time on this earth, for eternity. It is true Jesus is receiving the persecution as well. There are wicked people out there and they do devise evil. I know there are mostly normal people but this world is full of narcissists, sociopaths and the seared who get their jollies hurting people and it's not just the types in the jail cells but those who break every other moral law. Sure they are masters of making themselves look great and their victims look evil and do this via their lying tongues--smear campaigns and more. I will pray for your situation. The Christian world mostly lives in serious serious denial about how the evil operate. After all are the evil ones in the pulpits going to tell them anything?

Bible Believer said...

I guess I am out of it music wise, don't recognize the song but everything past 1996, music wise, I am almost completely ignorant. That said if you're going to go to a rock concert [not suggesting this, but using for example] why not go to the real thing instead of a watered down version? I'm not severely legalistic about music but warn people to stay away from the MK ultra, "we sold our souls to Satan" set, which is probably most of the really famous ones.

Also listening to songs glorifying evil things is not suitable for a Christian. I'm surprised they aren't doing Black Sabbath songs yet and copying Ozzy. Oops did that happen already? I think I posted a video of that. The dancers it's odd too, are those paid people or teens talked into being up there? Why would they play songs like you really turn me on at CHURCH?

I used to visit churches with too much "hard" rock. Just couldn't stand it. Jangled my nerves. They are more entertainment centers focusing on SELLING SEATS exactly like concert halls, they have to keep the people "entertained" to get them in the door. Thats why that stuff is worsening.

I did a post somewhere on here, where there is a bible verses warning about who who fall back on the floor. Let me see if I can find it. This blog is 6 years old so lot of material here.


Ugh the music that Heidi person is using creeps me out.

:o She's praying for people to be schnockered. She's mocking people right there. That's a deceiver basically saying what she is doing. One thing I tell myself believe people when they tell you about themselves. Oh when did I write this a long time ago, I said many of these deceivers love to tell you right out what they are doing, It's there in this mess. I may post that.