Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dr. Dobson Tells Us Donald Trump is Born Again

Warning on the video, she is someone who believes Trump could be born again and a follower of Dobson.  I am posting it so you can see the lack of understanding that is out there.

The Bible says reprobates are seared. I do not think Trump has been born again and this is right wing pandering for him to get more votes from the evangelical crowd. Trivializing something as important as getting born again and becoming a Christian wearies me. If Trump was really born again, he'd be dismantling that money-changers group he just formed with all the fake evangelicals. He wouldn't be allowed to keep running for president too. The Luciferians would be forcing him down no matter what. The "Christian right" has become a joke, and a reality TV nightmare. Sadly many of the churches are brainwashed by these actions and the woman behind the video seems happy Trump is now saved. Will Trump now give away his billions of riches? I doubt it. He has not renounced his desire for power or leader of the free world.

Dobson is a wolf in sheep's clothing who has helped advance the one world religion and authoritarian teachings on keeping the vulnerable of society in line.  Sadly around here, I see the religious sheep all ready to throw in for Trump and the churches. Watching the Bush lies repeat themselves is very hard. Most "Christians" I know in real life, are doing the same thing they did back in the early 2000s.

 It would be nice to see Trump really be born again don't get me wrong but I doubt seriously he is.


Anonymous said...

Lack of understanding out there is an understatement. Trump born again per Dr. Dobson. You've got to be kidding me. Did no one see his hand signs throughout his campaigning and speeches? The constant 666, pointing up indicating Lucifer is who he serves and the pyramid hand signs. All the while, telling conservative Christians exactly what they want to hear..."make America great again." Folks, this is not our home, we are just passing through. So many professing Christians are starting to remind me of Lot's wife. So now he is a professing born again believer? Is this what his advisors (false evangelicals) told him he needed to do in order to solidify the Christian's vote? Dr. Dobson bows to the Pope...enough said. I am utterly astounded at the lack of discernment amongst professing believers. In fact, the naivety is off the charts. Trump is a "trap." And that's not even his real last name; it's Drumpf. How many of you have done some digging to find who he really is and what he really stands for? And of course he is going to support Israel. He's part of the Zionist NWO. Look who Ivanka married; look who Clinton's daughter married, look who Bush's daughter married. Wake up folks! We are past saving this country. It's time to focus on sharing the gospel with as many individuals as the Holy Spirit leads. Time is running out.

Anonymous said...

Politics is about POLICY. God uses leaders as He wills, like Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus. Talking about a seared reprobate would be the candidate in the pantsuit who never discusses God. Your NO vote will be a vote for her. - Don

Grammy G said...

Anon-you hit the nail on the head. The folly is almost embarrassing surrounding this campaign. Everyone is saying we must vote for him or Killary will get in if not. I think she will anyway and Trump is a card being played to deceive even the very elect and showing their lack of discernment. We all know O was not elected by the people, why should this election be any different? Time IS running out! We must remember he has hired 20 advisors (that means they are being paid) to help him reach Christians and to help him say and do the right things. Can't change the spots on the leopard. We must be in prayer and allow God's will to play out as our faith is not shaken, but strengthened.

Anonymous said...

How stupid are people? Dobson and his wife Shirley are wolves and ecumenists.
We can't judge Trump's heart - the only thing we can judge is his policies and his actions. Jimmy Carter professed to be a born-again Christian and many Christians voted for him based on that fact and a dislike for Ford's pardoning of Nixon.
Turns out he is an impostor, a liberal with the outside trappings of Christianity with no substance.

They are only making Christians look foolish. And many are. But bringing Trump's spiritual condition into the public eye to garner votes is prostituting the sacrifice of our Savior which is a horrible thing.

With the list of "evangelicals" on Trump's board it is clear he doesn't even know the meaning of the world. If he is saved, he is immature and has no means to be discipled in the truth.

I do hope Trump is saved as I would hope for anyone. But since I cannot make that judgment, He doesn't have any discernment how to tell false teachers from true teachers. I just know that to abstain from voting is to guarantee victory for the Democrats. That means katy bar the door with every kind of evel perpetuated against the Christian community and the furtherness of evil to levels we can't even imagine.

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah 17:5-8
5 Thus saith the Lord; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the Lord.

6 For he shall be like the heath in the desert, and shall not see when good cometh; but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land and not inhabited.

7 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is.

8 For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit.

Anonymous said...

I watched a Trump video interview from the 90's. Trump shares how he has built many low income housing for people. He said that money should have gone into Harlem back in the 90's for education rather than in politician's pockets through lobbyist. If America goes down the tubes so does Trump and he knows that. If there is no revenue for the U.S. there is no revenue for his operations. He is seeing a monster coming out of the water that is called socialistic criminal dictatorship. They want to depopulate the world with those that are the so called weak and religiously conservative. Trump may have a few masters over him as we have seen by his allegiance in hand gestures but he is not going to play the game of destroying his own empire. Without the ability to create jobs through construction and other means there will be no United States per his declaration.

On another note God appointed Saul to lead Israel and he turned his back on God. The voices of Israel wanted a King like other nations. Saul was taller than all the others among him. I Samuel 9:2 And he had a son, whose name was Saul, a choice young man, and a goodly: and there was not among the children of Israel a goodlier person than he: from his shoulders and upward he was higher than any of the people.

God used Saul who rebelled to bring about a King after God's own heart...David. But David even sinned with Bathsheba. And then came Solomon, David's son who began as a righteous humble man and ended up an wicked pagan worshipper. Do we see God's immense mercy here?

So we must ask the Lord with full whole heartedness that He appoints our nation's leader. The problem with our nation is spiritual not political. When Israel was carried away by the Babylonians it was just punishment for their idolatry. And yet He gave them over to their own hearts wanting to worship idols. Babylon was the perfect place for them as they had many idols and practiced evil paganism. God will let people have their heart's desire if they continue to pursue sinful rebellion. We have seen how even the people in our country cry out for a "new" king to lead us into change or prosperity. Then when things don't go well for people they cry out for another new king to rescue them. We all have to get to that place where Jesus is our King, He is ruler over all. The anti-Christ and false prophet will woo the people into worshipping them, why? Because they will be perfect in their eyes and give the people everything their wicked heart's desire. Just like two idols that provide a gamut of everything from prosperity to lawless living with a few miracles thrown in. We already see this type of entertainment coming from churches today. They have been conditioned to believe nothing other than the right to be happy and wealthy at all costs. You can't throw a wrench in the mix like repentance because it messes things up.

How else will God refine a rebellious bride when they won't listen? He gives them over to the dictates of their hearts until they cry for deliverance. Maybe this will be more of a refinement season for believers so they have a closer walk with the Lord?

Anonymous said...

Yes God uses leaders as he wills, and he is obviously using these "leaders" to judge the US. His policy is no better than any other politicians policies. They tell people what they want to hear, and if elected they spend their whole time in office paying back whoever got them to where they are at. Scripture says it's easier for a camel to go thru an eye of a needle, than a rich man to believe on Jesus Christ. He's too busy building treasure in this world. Knowing the fact he's chums with Dobson only to better position himself in politics shows his conscience is seared with a hot iron. It's the same old dog and pony show. He's no better than Ron Paul who was Vatican controlled via the John birch society. It is good theatre though.

Anonymous said...

Ummm.....a reprobate in a pantsuit? Seriously, I agree, however, another reprobate is wearing a suit and colorful tie complete with fluffy hair. A vote for this individual is a vote for chaos as well. Be not deceived, for one is no better than the other.

Anonymous said...

Huffington Post headline for today:
26 Countries Gather In Hawaii For Massive War Game

While the two pundits battle it out for presidency, we have 26 countries playing war in Hawaii's ocean. Why did God send a flood? It was because violence covered the land.

Genesis 6:11-13 The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth. And God said unto Noah, The end of all flesh is come before me; for the earth is filled with violence through them; and, behold, I will destroy them with the earth.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, as believers we are in a spiritual battle. Our sword and shield is the word of God, taking up our armor. Media overload is the pathway to dilution of truth. When it takes us by the reigns and leads us with bit and bridle, we have become slaves of men. The voice of God becomes an anomaly and the blaring verbiage found on your TV becomes the invited guest who spurts out lies and deception.

If we adjust our eyes to darkness, we will find ourselves adapting like two peas in a pod. Complacency brims over into lukewarmness then spills off into the lake of iniquity. This is where we find rebellion, abominable things God hates, a defiant spirit, self-will that opposes truth, a trampling over of the cross and blood of Christ.

Political battles are lost and won. We must know that Jesus conquered death for us, gave us victory over sin, grace unmerited to give us eternal life with Him. We will be tried to be made true. Let us remain on His Potter's wheel so we can reflect all that He is.

God's goodness & unmerited favor
Redeeming imperishable Love
Abundant streams of mercy
Compassion Father
Eternal salvation which cannot be bought or earned
by D.W.

Anonymous said...

Last Anon - your thinking is what gave us Obama, same-sex marriage, transgender acceptance, LGBT acceptance that affects and ruins the lives of many children. Many illegals have overrun our borders again and again and taken innocent lives. Others taken in as refugees without proper vetting have murdered innocent citizens. If you had done your homework on this you would not say what you did. We always have a choice. We are to be discerning as to what the better choice is.

But to say it does not matter is just plain wrong. It is defeatist and apathetic.
It is just like throwing up our hands and saying "whatever". Yes, the Lord has a plan and He can and will use any person in charge. But if His people do not speak out against the obvious evil and be the voice of the millions of innocents slaughtered by abortion isn't that wrong?

We know one claims to be a liberal and has proven themselves to be so in many evil ways and the other may not be the best choice, but it has always been the choice between the lesser of evils. That will never change on this earth.

At least with the one we will have a chance of getting some people on the Supreme Court who will stand for what is right but with the liberal we will see evil run rampant. One is like a wild forest fire, the other is like a campfire.

Anonymous said...

Dobson has no credibility. He thinks Roman Catholics are Christian.

Anonymous said...

James Dobson is a false teacher that works to bring catholics and "evangelicals" together. Anyway Dobson recanted the claim that Donald Trump believed in Jesus for salvation. Now Dobson says that he's not sure if Trump believes or not. After all, the person that supposedly led Trump to believe was Paula White, the money preacher NAR word/faith false teacher.

Bible Believer said...

The lack of discernment astounds me too. Trump was even admittedly exposed as a wicked man for years in the media, with talk of his many marriages, and more. He was notorious as the "tough boss" even on reality TV. It is scary how much people forget and don't discern. Yes you are right his real name is Drumpf, they changed it for appearances to sell themselves, like a Trump card? Yes he supports Zionism and Israel. Makow claims he's a "jew", I just say Luciferian.

Yes some of those marriages have been scary, blood line marriages?

I think they are both seared but I know opinions will differ.
Like the other elections this one will be a scam where they have already chosen whose going in. Agree about being in prayer. It's out of our hands. We will have to pray people are protected and they are saved and understand what is going on. Trump will show his hand too. He may be just the pasty to get Hillary elected or vice a versa.

I agree like the Duggars making Christians look foolish and wicked, these politicians serve this role too.

Interesting point about Trump not wanting to destroy his own business interests in America. I'm not voting for either one of them, but that's something interesting to think about. Hillary would just flee overseas if the USA collapses, Trump would see the collapse of his financial empire. Sadly many powerful men have collapsed their empires shooting for the top but it's an interesting premise.

I believe these leaders are being used to judge the USA too. Either one the future here is not looking good. They give out enticing words and false promises. One person does not control a whole country but they can steer policies and new intiatives. We have seen the changes Obama has brought. Agree about Ron Paul. More and more I believe those who surmise Perot ran to throw the election never intending to actually become president. The third party "options" serve their role. With Trump I see chaos as well coming, many factions are set up to protest Trump.
That is creepy about the war games in Hawaii. Preplanning for World War III? There's a reason they passed the law to draft women. They are setting something up. Agree about the world being filled with violence. Mankind loves war even with the serious consequences of today. It is true while we can examine what is going on, we can't put much stock in these elections, really it is more of the same, the same controlled puppet doing the bidding of their real masters. People will vote according to their conscience or not vote whatever the case may be. We are going down the same road of being two non-choices in my opinion but it's been set up that way for a long time.

So Dobson is now backtracking already? Guess it doesn't surprise me. Dobson has pushed the ecumenical movement for years!

Anonymous said...

Dobson is backtracking? Wouldn't that make him a "liar?" Guess Focus on the Family isn't so Biblical after all.

Grammy G said...

So much ado has been made about O's birth certificate and others not born in the US running, I am curious how Trump can legally be on the ticket if his real last name is Dumpf. Unless he did a legal name change.

Anonymous said...

Ezekiel 22:30
30 And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.

31 Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them; I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath: their own way have I recompensed upon their heads, saith the Lord God.

Donald Trump Serta sheep commercial. Two sheep have numbers on them - 9 and 11 at the 17 sec. mark September 11

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6PM. No it was Rome that gave us same sex marriage, as the Supreme Court is packed with papists. 6 Catholics 3 Jews. It is also Rome who is keeping our borders wide open for the thousands of illegal Roman Catholic Latins to cross the border. They want to make these illegals American citizens so even more papists can be voted into office. Our Supreme Court is ran by Rome. Our government is full of papists as well. You have John Kerry, Joe Biden, and Nancy pelosi to name just a few. Even ole slick Willie (Clinton) graduated from the Jesuit Georgetown university.

Anonymous said...

My research shows Donald Trump's grandfather did the name change, so Donald J. Trump has had that name ALL his life. Many immigrants changed their sir names to appeal to the american public. Also, just because Donald is of German descent does not make him a Nazi. BTW, Trump was born is NYC and you should check Ted Cruz's birthplace. - Don

Bible Believer said...

It's true many immigrants changed their names. There are websites that do expose some of the connections, I haven't researched Trump enough yet in that area.

The Serta commerical is creepy, also notice the 9-11 sheep are on two towers. What year is this commercial from? 2010? Some of the commenters are claiming he is trying to warn us. LOL

Bible Believer said...

The spiritually smart poster who for some reason didn't like my comments is right about our Rome run government, he has tons of pictures. Georgetown is in the thick of it.

Anonymous said...

The Dirlector Zemeckis of back to the future with all of 9/11 hints. In an article states: ROME – Robert Zemeckis’ “The Walk” – which opens the New York Film Festival Saturday – will launch into Italy from the Rome Film Festival which has secured several other Italo bows of pics with Oscar buzz and will honor hot Chilean auteur Pablo Larrain (“No,” “The Club”) with a complete retro.

“The Walk,” which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as famous high-wire artist Philippe Petit who performed on a tightrope connecting the Twin Towers of New York’s World Trade Center, will screen at the Rome fest in 3D, ahead of its October 22 Italian release via Warner Bros. Ben Kingsley, James Badge Dale, Ben Schwartz, and Charlotte Le Bon also star.Back to the future movie with all of 9/11 hints has the director named

Bible Believer said...

Interesting, yes they hint of it all over. Remember that Simpson's picture of Bart Simpson holding up a picture of the twin towers with 9-11 written on it?

Anonymous said...

Read where the Director of Back to the Future wanted to make a movie Going Back To Rome. In 1968 the 911 emergency number was implemented in the U.S. Another clock in Back to the Future said November 5th. In Trump's sheep commercial where the number 9 sheep was standing on a tower Trump are doing what you were always meant to do. Which to me implies you are suppose to be dumb sheep, believing everything you see and hear.

Anonymous said...

This interesting comment explains the as above/so below, occult ritual performed in the following video.

"oh my...the black mirror,the red star and white sun and the heavenly host,as above - so below and my oh my,..America and Israel have turned to the Egyptians and their idols and gods and from The Only True Living God and from knowing and doing Righteousness”


Anonymous said...

Right now there is a blur line between what is real and what is not. It is smudged for the intention of deceiving and creating scenarios to conform people's thinking. This will lead us like horses to the trough in which we should drink from. Blinders are put on horses so they only see what is ahead of them. It is time we as believers stop walking by sight and start walking by faith. We have spiritual eyes to see unless we have already been deceived. When everyone is feasting, frolicking and having fun...time is revealing that birth pains are getting stronger and stronger. When the players get tired of playing on the world's field because there is too much lying, cheating and betrayal; all eyes will be turned on Israel. Israel will become a heavy burden to them and eyes of jealousy will abound.

Anonymous said...

I always agree with 99% of your posts. I was talking to Anon at 6 pm. Sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

The world is a stage where they are creating civil wars within people groups and nationalities. This contention they hope will bring chaos as they continue to perform in script with actors playing their parts. Once this escalation continues to occur they can take away our right to bear arms due to their propagation of violence. Blasphemy laws against righteous speech will take effect as believers speak the truth in God's word. They are allowed to kill babies and boast about it but we do not have a right to speak up about all the mass murders taking place in those clinics. They have a right to cuss the Name of God but we do not have a right to stand up against their blasphemy. Their depravity is becoming darker and darker. We must continue to pray in earnest for salvation of souls and to stand firm in the midst of all this deception.

Bible Believer said...

9-11 is all over the place. A marker as one could say. Even with one of those Mandela videos, one commenter pointed out how her video was 9 minutes and 11 seconds exactly. That's not a positive sign to me. Sure Trump is mocking the sheep. Trump is Illuminati as they come. Google Trump kissing Guiliani when Guilani was dressed as a woman. He's been part of the "rituals" too. That's just one I know about. I'm sure there's more if I have time to look more up. The Apollo living room is just one aspect too.

They desire civil wars and are using multiple facets to divide people and create war and chaos. The country definitely is on the edge of more violence and it's worsening. They have focused more on gun control with the endless "shootings". I agree the depravity is worsening.

Anonymous said...

--"Remember Remember the 5th of November" > Guy Fawkes Day: The Gunpowder Treason plot to blow up the King and the Parliament. Guy Fawkes - Wikiquote:

--The current SCOTUS has four Jews: Sotomayer (Marrano, per Makow & Kapner); Breyer; Ginsberg; Kagan.

--Pretty sloppy of Dobson to open his fat mouth re Trump being saved when he really, obviously, didn't know what he was talking about since now he backtracks. Good to know. Ditto that it was Paula White who supposedly led Trump to the Lord. She's married to some worldly rock star now.

--All that aside, Trump "thinks" he is a "believer." I heard him say so last year. But he's thinking along the lines of his mother giving him a Bible when he was a kid (& maybe they went to church as a family when they were younger), but (I get the feeling from things he has said that) Trump also thinks "going to church" in his adult life as being all of what it means to be a "believer." In other words, he equates being a "pew sitter" as being a Christian & a "believer."
--He attended Norman Vincent Peale's church in NY when NVP was alive, & I bet that's where Trump gets a lot of his "I can do anything I set my mind to" attitude since that was basically the Peale/Schuller message. And I've heard Trump say he loved hearing NVP preach.
--A week or two ago there was a photo in the news of Trump & his wife coming out of a church they attended while in California, a Presbyterian church I think it said.
--However, it is obvious Trump has never been Biblically discipled as a steady diet. But salvation is not dependent on discipling. Lack of discipling means you just stay a dumb baby Christian. It's faith in the shed blood of Christ that is the basis of salvation.
--Trump possibly could have been "tapped" into Masonry under Peale since Peale was a Mason, but only the Lord knows.
--Ben Carson said fairly recently that he thinks Trump is finally recognizing that there is a "higher power" working things out. (Yes, Ben said "higher power" vs. the Lord Jesus Christ or even God.) Even more recently than that, Carson said something else but I can't remember, maybe something about Trump & praying.
--Trump has a lot of pastors as friends (though maybe not locally anymore?), such as that black pastor from Detroit I think is where he lives, Darrell something (Darrell Scott?), has been a friend of his for many years; & pastor Jeffries, the Baptist preacher from Texas; & probably others. So you would think they would be talking/teaching Trump at least a little here & there at every opportunity; AND finding out if he is really saved or not & leading him in proper prayer for salvation (I would trust those 2 pastors to do it more correctly than Paula White, & maybe they already have).

--The main "dangerous" thing about Trump, imo, is his many "blind spots" since he still believes all the "news propaganda" so he follows the "standard thinking" of all those who also believe it (false flags as real, boogie men Muslims as the bad guys when it is Jews controlling the country & who are behind everything, from immigration/refugees to gun confiscation; the LGBT radical agenda to defile every boy & man in the country, young girls, too; & on & on it goes). So I can see Trump in his "blindness" working to get Congress to implement more stringent things that would not be good, unless he wakes up to all the lies in a hurry.

Continued next...

Anonymous said...


--I don't know that Trump's paternal side of the family were Jewish. The Drumpf name is from way back in Germany, 1600's if I remember one of the official bios correctly (the NYT lady who did the bio). Somewhere along their family line somebody changed it. His grandfather was the first to come over to USA in the late 1800's. He started out as a saloon hustler out West but later switched to construction (after going back to Germany to marry his sweetheart & they came back to NY area) but he died when Trump's father was only about 12-13 years old, & that only son had to take over the family construction business with his mother. Back then they were building houses, & it was Trump's father who got the idea, still as a teenager, to begin adding "carports" to those houses. He made an extra $50 for adding a carport.

--Trump's mother was from Scotland (her last name was McLeod). She had a relative who came here first, a sister or a female cousin, & she came & lived with her in NY. So, somewhere along the line she met Trump's father & they got married & had what, 4-5 kids? That aangirfan (sp??) site has some info, trying to make Trump's mother out to have been a prostitute due to where her sister/cousin was living in a part of NYC known for that, when Trump's mother first came over from Scotland. So that's quite a leap, & does it really matter now, even if it was true then?

--*If* Trump is Jewish (& has any "occult" part to play in the future as the fake-version of the Antichrist, or whatever "act" they may have written for him), I expect someday that it will be "revealed" that his mother was Jewish, though that is definitely not the "public" story now. (There's a book, The Jews of Scotland or similar title; & the socalled Merovingians had settled in Scotland way back when, etc. etc.) According to modern Zionism, you're not even Jewish unless your mother was. So Trump's father's lineage wouldn't matter either way, though I suppose the deciding-rabbis prefer if both parents were Jewish.

--Trump's too old to be the Antichrist, so maybe they want to use him as the pre-runner fake-antichrist. But I hope not. All we can do is watch & pray.

--But if &/or when Trump has (already?) been saved or will be, then all his prior sins no longer matter. Even if he's not saved now, I still don't care about his ancient past (& yes I've read it all). I'm keeping an eye on the "current" older Trump, not his past younger self & all whatever horrible things he did then.

--However, those inverted pyramid hand signs are extremely annoying for sure, whenever he is being interviewed, or is sitting down before cameras. I'd sure like to know who talked him into doing that, whether "green room" people before going on TV, or photographers, or Secret Societies. That's my biggest hang-up (as it could mean occult societies), more than him having several wives in his past (which just means he's a sinner like everybody else).

--Then again, I can't see Trump running off to secretive Masonic meetings late at night. He just doesn't seem the type. Leader type personalities are not usually "groupie followers." So unless he's the Leader of the whole coven, I can't see him running after that crowd to just be "one of the boys."

Anonymous said...

Speaking of endless shootings, besides the 2 recent cop shootings, I saw an AP news report last evening that a 3-year-old girl in California "found a gun" & shot herself in the head with it, I believe it said it killed her. If true, that would be terrible, but knowing their agenda it's hard to believe anything anymore.

The black lady & guy who he was killed by the cops in the car, that one is already being questioned by some alt news bloggers due to her calmness in the car, the little child in the back not screaming its head off if 4 shots were really fired (must be very LOUD to be shot inside a car 4 times) & the cops letting her keep her phone recording going the entire time, plus letting her put it on FB, etc.

In opposite news online last night, same AP site I think I saw it, a couple on the W. Coast of FLA were sleeping & woke up to a man in their bedroom. He went bezerk & began throwing stuff all over the place, so the couple ran out to get their rifle, but it jammed, so the husband grabbed a machete. Then the crazy guy came outside & went after the wife & then the husband began hacking the intruder with the machete. Then the cops showed up & tazed the crazy guy & he died on the spot. It said he was there to burglarize the place, so maybe he got mad when he saw a couple in the bedroom knowing his plans would be thwarted, maybe a druggie needing a fix or whatever. People are in bad sad shape all over the place.

Anonymous said...

I just left your site & visited another & this at the top of their page updated again as of 12:30am:

"11 Police Officers Shot, 4 Dead, 3 Critical, In Dallas Texas During Protest March" -- seems there were snipers shooting from high above at police either in or from a parking garage. The "protest march" evidently was related to a "Black Lives Matter" rally. They included a suspect photo, black guy with black beard on his chin area & tan camouflage fatigues. Is Obama desperate or what!

Bible Believer said...

Have you seen my posts about the Jesuit masks of the anonymous, based on Guy Fawkes, that should tell us everything we need to know. I wrote those years ago.

Wow that's a lot of Jews, but I consider the whole Jew thing a misdirection. luciferians feign a lot of religions. Of course Talmudic Judiasm is merely a branch of Mystery Babylon, with the court rabbis under papal control.

Dobson thinks the Pope and Catholics are saved, so what does he know....wonder if money changed hands, a giant donation to give Trump the Christian seal of approval. It's good I'm not sitting in an IFB right now, I may need a vomit bucket to be told to vote for Trump.

Trump knows what he is, too many rituals, hands signs etc. I don't even put him among the sincerely deceived. Some think even just owning a bible or walking in a church makes someone a Christian. I didn't know he went to NVP's church. Interesting. Did he go to St. John the Divine too? A lot of ultra rich love that new age prosperity nonsense. Some have claimed Trump is not a Freemason, I do not know. His connections to the elite are too strong though not to be involved with something.

Sad to hear Ben Carson too was celebrating Trump. I know Carson is seen as sincere in some settings.

Trump definitely is using right wing deceptions, and well, he has a small taint of inforwars too. They love him over there. Of course he goes along with the NWO formula going on about the "muslims" which will support the endless global NWO wars and the Pope's desired crusades for the Plan for the New American Century.

I do not believe in Jews controlling everything, that is another this article to read my stand on the Jews.

Be careful of Texe Marss and Makow, the focus on the Jews [think Luciferians with cover religions and some may claim to be jewish as well as Christian] is a diversion, and one from Rome too.

I don't know if Trump is Jewish either, it probably doesn't matter. I do think there is something to all the bloodline stuff, so Trump probably has some connections of sorts. It would take more research. it sounds like you have read far more about his background. I do think Trump is in with the NWO, and he is a knowing deceiver, not a simply misled rich man who hopes to change the country for the better.

Trump is too known to be wicked to be an antichrist, I believe the antichrist will be a Pope, and the papal office is antichrist. Some guy who has been married three times and has been known as a reality TV star isn't going to be the shining example of compassion and love the world will be fooled by.

If Trump was truly saved, he would be renounce the quest for power. Also the powers that be would never let a truly born again Christian become president.

He has too many hand signs. He could quit, but remember the wealth came from selling out most likely somewhere along the way. Remember my theory about celebrities selling out for fame and fortune, and Trump has both, its not just the entertainment realm but the political and sports realm too. More and more I believe people sell out even for lower ranks in the echelon too.

I think even a man who has been married several times, is obscenely wealthy etc, could be born again, but we got a different problem with the likes of Trump as an "insider". It is doubtful he is going to hang out at the Lodge with the rest of the 33rd degrees or even higher ranks, but he definitely is "inside" somehow.

Bible Believer said...

They really want gun control and now with the Dallas shootings, people will be even more afraid. Divisions all over the place, and instituting racial violence. I was horrified to watch the video of cops shooting one black man who had both arms pinned down. It makes you wonder how much is PLANNED. What kind of cops are these to kill a guy who is pinned down? The Dallas shootings are horrific too, some guy was a sniper picking them off one by one? Sometimes I am surprised anyone is willing to do police work in today's environment but surely they must know the populace is afraid too, many are dying at the hands of brutal cops who want control at all costs.

I am law abiding but I am afraid of cops, because if I got an Officer Gung-Ho, who decided to throw me down on the ground it could kill me. I know horror stories about jails and things done to all races. I saw too much in a ghetto where I lived where they threw people on the back of police cars. While I see NWO involvement in Black Lives Matter and racial discord, black people are not making up what is going on. I think other races better be on notice too and not follow the false right wing in thinking "Oh it's only those ghetto people who are all "criminals" anyway [racism] getting what they deserve" Sure there is crime in our inner cities, but individuality is thrown out the window and if they will shoot any human being as quick as they do now, it will be applied to ALL.

It is hard to know what to believe regarding the 3 year old. That happens in normal course of life too when people don't practice gun safety. I wondered at the calmness of the woman in the car too. The man appears to be dying, most women would be screaming. I have heard about the man in the bedroom thing too. I think there's more craziness and wickedness in general. I noticed some people were putting up news videos of possessed people, {I didn't watch them] Definitely things are changing for the worse.