Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Donald Trump's Executive Evangelical Board

Why I Joined Donald Trump's Evangelical Executive Advisory Board--Richard Land

The whole thing about not officially endorsing him seems to be the way they are working around the outrage. Basically the evangelicals will join with anyone who is Republican.

Bachmann and Dobson to Advise Trump on Faith

Trump is Surrounding Himself with Evangelical Pastors

It is a who's who list of false pastors.

Here is the full list [From Free Republic]

 The full list of board members, as shared by the campaign:

· Michele Bachmann - Former Congresswoman

· A.R. Bernard - Senior Pastor and CEO, Christian Cultural Center

· Mark Burns - Pastor, Harvest Praise and Worship Center

· Tim Clinton - President, American Association of Christian Counselors

· Kenneth and Gloria Copeland - Founders, Kenneth Copeland Ministries

· James Dobson - Author, Psychologist and Host, My Family Talk

· Jerry Falwell, Jr. - President, Liberty University

· Ronnie Floyd - Senior Pastor, Cross Church

· Jentezen Franklin - Senior Pastor, Free Chapel

· Jack Graham - Senior Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

· Harry Jackson - Senior Pastor, Hope Christian Church

· Robert Jeffress - Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Dallas

· David Jeremiah - Senior Pastor, Shadow Mountain Community Church

· Richard Land – President, Southern Evangelical Seminary

· James MacDonald – Founder and Senior Pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel

· Johnnie Moore - Author, President of The KAIROS Company

· Robert Morris - Senior Pastor, Gateway Church

· Tom Mullins – Senior Pastor, Christ Fellowship­

· Ralph Reed - Founder, Faith and Freedom Coalition

· James Robison - Founder, Life OUTREACH International

· Tony Suarez - Executive Vice President, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference

· Jay Strack - President, Student Leadership University

· Paula White - Senior Pastor, New Destiny Christian Center

· Tom Winters - Attorney, Winters and King, Inc.
· Sealy Yates – Attorney, Yates and Yates


Grammy G said...

This list is not at all surprising. To see that 900 attended is very sad as well. To have an open mind about this process is indeed dangerous. He seems to be able to rally the troops in whatever he does. The mere fact that these pastors and leaders accepted his invite is an indication of their willingness to fall for anything. Would love to see the whole list of attendees.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, but the fact that trump asked these luciferians on his "board" says a lot about him.

Bible Believer said...

Yes that many attendees is sad too. He is charismatic and so can rally the troops. He has a lot more charisma then Hillary. Hillary is borrowing off Bills but she is a dead weight in ugly pant suits. These pastors will unite with anyone or anything to advance their names and money. I wish I could see the whole list of attendees too. I had some woman tell me her pastor went. {ugh} It is like a whos who list of Luciferians showing up and yes it does say a lot about Trump. Trump is surely smart enough to know about all the phony corrupt TV preachers and others so there he is shaking hands with the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Dr James Dobson is a very revered man. Focus on the Family has been around for so long and has done so much. He even has an internship on the property and young adults go there every year and are fed so much of the non truths. His influence is huge. "Christians" love him and his work. And Liberty University is a "go-to" school for "christians" as well. Surprised to not see Oral Roberts listed up there!

Bible Believer said...

I think Oral Roberts is dead, only reason he wasn't invited. Dobson is all over the place and popular with Catholics too. He invited the worse of the worse.

Anonymous said... - Don

Anonymous said...

What a mixed bag - a real mess.
But what can we expect in this day and age?
Trump has no discernment when it comes to biblical matters.
There is no evidence that he is even a true born-again Christian.
This should not surprise us.
But I am surprised to see some names not on the list - T.D. Jakes, Franklin Graham, Joyce Meyer and why not Joel Osteen?
But good to be in the know. Thank you BB for posting this.

Grammy G said...

I love that Paula White (who remarried a rock star but still goes by her ex's name) is one of his biggest supporters, yet she let 2 churches fall to the ground and filed bankruptcy. Also, Michelle Bachman and 19 others are PAID as he appointed them to his newly formed evangelical committee. Guessing solely for the purpose of raising money through their churches. Many of those listed are TBN evangelists. Paul Crouch would have no doubt been on the list, if he and Jan were still around. I too am surprised to not see Joel Osteen and the others mentioned above, but for some reason, you can't find a full list. We live in interesting times!

Anonymous said...

Trump is seeking the votes of who he calls "evangelicals". He doesn't even know the meaning of the word. He is just taking them at their word with no vetting or discernment.

He is a better choice than his opponent there is no doubt to make life better for those who honestly are believers. We will never have an honest-to-goodness verified Christian for a choice. I wish some Christians would wake up and smell the coffee on this. This is a false expectation.

Those who say they are not going to vote because they are not happy with the choices gave us our current cultural decline. They say they are following their conscience that says not to vote at all and they don't realize that by not voting they are handing the office on a silver platter to the greater evil. We have a responsibility to our children and families to vote for the one, though imperfect, who will defend the values and provide a better life so as to follow the Lord and obey Him and to protect our children. There is a choice here.

That is not to laud Trump and all that he does. It simply means to discern which is the better choice. We are not in heaven yet.