Friday, June 24, 2016

Brexit Means Break It? Engineered Collapse?

Many of the alternative news websites are crowing about this as a victory over the NWO, but given the Bildenbergers just met, and we know they cook elections planet wide, the idea that this is a spontaneous and not an engineered event does not make sense to me. Alex Jones calls it a blow to globalism. I agree very likely as some commenters have written the fuse is lit for a EU melt-down and there is a greater agenda when it comes to Brexit. It makes sense why the British people would vote to the leave the EU, as the economic pressures have worsened and their country is overtaken by immigration. I doubt the people during World War II, would even have fathomed the UK taking orders from Brussels however while we would like to imagine this is a true and free election, it seems to me, this is going with the plan to destabilize Europe on behalf of the elites.


Anonymous said...

Per Wikipedia:
David Cameron is the first Conservative Party leader to set out the case for same-sex marriage in the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013. From the age of seven, Cameron was educated at two independent schools: at Heatherdown School in Winkfield (near Ascot) in Berkshire, which counts Prince Andrew and Prince Edward among its old boys.Earlier in his term he had managed to secure a huge majority for UK participation in UN-backed military action in Libya.[128] However, Cameron became the first prime minister in over 100 years to lose a foreign policy vote in the House of Commons over proposed military action against Assad's regime in Syria. In the referendum of 23 June 2016, the British electorate voted in favour of leaving the European Union.[135][136][137] On 24 June 2016, a few hours after the results became known, Cameron announced that he would step down as Prime Minister by the start of the Conservative Party Conference in October 2016 to make way for someone else to guide the UK in the new direction for the country.He says he considers the Bible "a sort of handy guide" on morality.[343] He views Britain as a "Christian country" and aims to put faith back into politics.

We need to pray for this man who doesn't understand what the Bible says. It's more than a hand guide, it is the written word of God which we should obey because we love Him.

Anonymous said...

I was following this a few days ago and read that the word Brexit came from Grexit, when Greece exited. I then began to think of all the financial problems and string pulling Greece has been going through and started to wonder if it would be the same for the UK. I am glad they are leaving as this is another example of people waking up to the IMF and the Globalism game. - Don

Anonymous said...

Armeggedon News has a short video with a different take all together. They believe the 10 kings will come from the Middle East surrounding Jerusalem. Thus the European Union will continue to break apart for further proof it was not the 10 Kings. They believe that the ant-Christ will come from Turkey and false prophet Jerusalem. The Land of Shinar where Satan has his throne is in Turkey. I don't like their reference to Joel Richatdson as a suggested link as he also likes the horn hand. You can see his picture with hand signs on Olivet If people do their research they can view on their own as well.

Anonymous said...

I thought shinar was Babylon. The antichrist will not come from turkey. Scripture says the antichrist will rise amongst the "Christian" establishment. It says he will fool many people of this establishment. I don't see a Turkish Muslim antichrist fooling anyone. It seems like it's all made up to take people eyes off the papacy. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

There has been Bible prophecy concerning the EU and the process it would go through. Is anyone familiar with this?

Bible Believer said...

I wonder if the elite are going to force a revot.

I remember the EU or then European Market being called a fulfillment of bible prophecy what more is said last anon?

I think the look over there stuff at the Muslims, is to take the eye off the papacy too. All the pretribbers look to the Madhi, while Mr. Pope gets more cozy with them.

Bible Believer said...

I can't make up my mind whether they want to push more nationalism through for a while or will crack down on the anti-globalist trends.

Nationalism always have served them greatly for the giant wars they have lusted for. Don't forget the theory that some think Trump will get the presidency for unity with Putin for the war of civilizations 3.0.

Trying to figure out what next chess move Satan's disciples will make is not always easy. Nationalism or globalism, they will make it all stink, just like communism vs. capitalism or republican vs democrat.

AW said...

John MacArthur is the only person I've heard preaching that the Islamic Mahdi will be the anti-christ, and yet some of the descriptions he gave of their supposed beliefs are only true of Shiite Muslims... which would make Iran the big-bad (and that's just waaaay too much of an alignment with the neocons agenda to be accidental, IMO).

The British exit strikes me as though it was allowed to happen so the British establishment can say to the EU that there was nothing they could do. The US has been the single biggest supporter and organizer of a unified Europe (as a 'defense' against Communism). And yet, since the economic collapse in 2008 and Wall Street's looting of this country, the EU has increasingly been on the hook to keep them afloat. Perhaps Britain is getting out before the music stops.

In fact, merely 3 months ago, the European Central Bank upped their 'stimulus' which directly propped up the US stock market -- -- In other words, the EU is buying up mainly American corporate debt to help out Wall Street! Won't they all be in for a shock when, in response to the next financial crisis, America (the world's biggest debtor) and the crazy dominionists declare a Jubilee (oh, I'm sorry, a 'super shemitah' according to Jonathan Cahn).

Those 10 kings? They are her creditors, & even though they are on the same beast, they are not in charge... the Harlot is, until the very end when she's destroyed (this is mostly from Habakkuk 2 regarding 'the proud,' specifically verses 5-7, remembering that Hab 1 is talking about Babylon/Chaldea, who makes all the earth drunk - Rev 14:8, 18:3; Jer 51:7).

I'm aware not everyone agrees with this understanding, but I'll make a wager... if America goes down and becomes/stays completely, globally irrelevant for the next 6 years, then throw out the theory. BUT, if there's any kind of 'Christian' claiming/reclaiming or 'revival' or 'restoration' of America which follows the coming economic shock, then LOOK OUT, because it's going to get ugly very quickly for all real believers.

AW said...

Bible believer, if you will permit another link, there's a very good historical research series that Visupview just did on Le Cercle and Clerical Facism (i.e. hard right Catholicism and Fascism in Europe). These are very, very evil people. They are not on the same page as the 'globalists' and they also wield a lot of power.

They have been involved in and in control of all kinds of evil, including high level child abuse networks, pedophile entrapment/blackmail, arms and drug trafficking, managing of international terrorism, and of course, military coups and overthrows of democratic and socialist governments. In fact, the blogger offers a quite convincing argument that Le Cercle ran an entrapment scheme on Bilderberg from its inception (several long-time Le Cercle members were also Bilderberg attendees). And they learned all of this evil from the US.

Part 4 of this series on Le Cercle is outstanding in connecting all sorts of truly disturbing associations and cross-pollination between several incredibly influential and powerful groups, including the Family (Fellowship Foundation).

Without making any excuse for the brutality of Communism, I can truly say that it seems that during the past 70 years, every unclean thing seems to have coalesced under the banner of anti-communism (i.e. fascism). Visupview has done some serious research & I absolutely recommend his series on the American Security Council as well as the World Anti-Communist Leaque. There's no way to have a complete picture of the past century without understanding these 'other sides of the coin' to the intentially one-sided accounts of the CFR/Bilderberg/Trilateral Commission/Globalist powers.

I have found this info timely and informative, given how fast things are progressing. The implications are immediate and sobering. If anyone is deceived into supporting this 'Christian' (re)claiming, 'restoration,' or 'revival,' THIS is the EVIL they will be providing cover for and advancing. No wonder God warns us not to be a part of her, or we will partake in her sins, whether we realize it or not. Being deceived is no excuse when Jesus warns us, His followers, that the deception will ultimately look so close to the real thing, that even the elect could be deceived if that were possible. May we be found faithful.

Bible Believer said...

Intersting stuff anon, It sounds like the NWO has battling factions, it does not surprise me. I wrote about THE FAMILY years ago on this blog.. so know about them, they are a scary bunch and there are endless connections to the evangelical, Catholic world and knights of malta. The two sided coin of fascism vs communism, is a huge way they have deceived. Right and left, two wings of the same tyrannical bird. Some on the partisans blog, believe that they plan to bring Trump in, unify Catholic and Othie church and bring the evangelicals in for a "Christian restoration". These things are just as evil as what the lefists all lust for. Nationalism vs "globalism" is a recipe they were using as early as World War 1. I am not sure of the direction they plan to take America, destroy it and break it up, or what the partisan blog says. They are up to something per usual though.

Therese said...

I pretty much agree with all comments thank you as you put they are up to something big and the fast pace will tell us pretty soon I should think. Re Rome and Islam as I have been following a blog run by shoebats they it appears have used there evangelical confections and are now pushing the catholic church big time encouraging Christian militancy particularly against Muslim he has been pushing turkey for years as seat of satan and now coming strong with " noone can get saved unless you a catholic " theme so yes I agree with above posts were they probably taking the "heat" off rome. Just Google walid shoebats. It's all there. Also did anyone notice the "light show "in Vatican earlier this year. One comment which could go with was reference the light show to revelation 18v2. I just typed in light show St Peter's or at Vatican one guy felt it could be what John apostle saw all those years ago. Very interesting times. And not going to get better. Have felt like Jeremiah for a long time and like him not many listening. Regards T

Therese said...

Just a scriptural addition to my other comment Psalm 2, Why do the nation's rage And the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against The Lord and against His Anointed saying....the while ps us so applicable now more than ever. Verse 4 says it for me He who sits in the heavens shall laugh: The Lord shall hold them in derision .... very consoling No matter what our Lord has it all in hand. Thanks again excellent article's Bless you all