Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Seen Online

Share International is still advertising...

Looks like the usual "sun worship: in the ad too.


Lucis Trust and New Group of World Servers: Ultimate World Unity


Anonymous said...

These unifying people forgot one thing...the flesh is still alive in them and becoming increasingly more wicked. They will all be like white washed tombs parading unity with filthy robes to cover their defiance and evil ways. They are declaring peace and a love of all man-kind, to serve each other in selfless ways. Not going to happen, there will be more violence on the earth because they have rejected the truth and God has given them over to depraved minds. I had a dream about the end days and there will be a cup of lawlessness such as a cup of remembrance at the Lord's supper. It will be a sign of unification, a religious ceremony of ungodliness and blasphemy. The human soul had entered into no absolutes or morality for each had the right to do as they pleased without guilt, shame or punishment. We see thousands of people seeking after a "divine" leader who will rule us but fail to realize we have the King of Kings who is ruler over all.

Bible Believer said...

I agree, they will be as white washed tombs, preaching love and unity and other lies. I've seen the New Age forgiveness types even defending psychopaths online. They always preach the humanity of reprobates and defend evil. Their pretty words and little hand hearts make me puke. The world is growing more lawless, one sees that in the growing wars and other evil, even between people. People all want a strong man leader. Look at people lining up for Trump. They want to be ruled and yes it opens the door to the Antichrist.