Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Job 38

Good to read during a "Why God moment?"  The reader does put some passion into it.


Grammy G said...

Great voice!!! Loved the sirens in the background which came at a perfect point to remind us that help is on the way. God reminds Job and this is a reminder to us, that even in the depths of a sea which tosses us to and fro, He is there. Many great reminders that God is in charge and not finite man. We are in uncertain times and have perverted kingdoms, but the King of Kings IS in control of it all. Good read!

Bible Believer said...

I thought he could do voice-overs for a profession his voice was so good. Agree this reminds us that help is on the way and even if this world has gone nuts, God is still there and will make things right in the end.

Anonymous said...

That calls for faith and for many of the sheep that faith has been eroded. I believe that is why the Lord allowed Job to endure what he did, as an example and encouragement to the discouraged. God's Word has all the answers if we will but seek them. The world has nothing to offer but negatives and secular foolishness.

I think of the people in Canada who are fleeing the flames that are raging unchecked, destroying their towns and homes. One reporter described it as "Hell on earth". That is just a taste of the eternal hell that awaits unbelievers. I pray for any Christians caught in this inferno and that God will give them strength and forbearance through this trial and tragedy to be a witness.

Anonymous said...

I got tickled at his voice, but it is a good reading! He sounded like he was trying to read like the guy on the bible reading tapes. Don't know if any of you know what I am talking about.
The world is nuts, but its always been. We have just been transferred from the kingdom of darkness to light, so we no longer walk in their ways.

Bible Believer said...

I should post on Canada, it is crazy....why is it so dry up there this early in the year?

I agree faith has been eroded. The book of Job serves as a warning to us. Life in this world is anything but easy. Of course the churches will teach more best life now garbage allowing people to fall away.