Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Glenn Beck Wants People to Leave the Republican Party

He's pretty upset over Ted Cruz losing. There's no rich and lying Republicans? Glenn Beck made his money off the right wing for years. Glenn Beck grows sillier and sillier. Is his career finally over yet?


Anonymous said...

Feel the love; - Don

Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is a mason as he wore his masonic pin, had the skull and bones belt on too. Cruz stuck his hand in his lapel while on stage making the pledge like so many other masonic leaders. So Beck is saying what is the difference, well I say what is the difference between the masons who worship Lucifer and those who he is proclaiming as evil.

Grammy G said...

He's scary and yet I know plenty of Christians who watch/listen to him every day. Some have gone to his rally's and they can't discern the spirit behind him. We must remember, God IS in charge of who gets in the WH and I do believe, He will give the.people the cries of their hearts-though it may lead into great darkness.

Bible Believer said...

He is scary...I wonder if he is an MK ultra as the mental illness seems to be going up a few notches. Yes he has displayed open and overt masonic symbols on his show and worn them. I have old posts showing some of these things. Cruz has shown masonic symbols too. They all work for the same team. Mormonism is essential freemasonary, if you take the time to study the secret temple rituals of Mormonism exposed on many websites, it overlaps so much. Yes so many Christians follow him and it is scary.

Anonymous said...

BB You are absolutely correct.
Cruz thumps the Bible but he is no better than Trump who doesn't play the "God card". Cruz gave out yoga mats and said his wife does yoga. He is no better than Trump, whatever your opinion of him is. When he aligned himself with a Mormon he showed that he is a fake Christian.

We don't need a Christian in the WH - Christians are supposed to be salt and light in the grass roots and making a difference by sharing the Gospel. POTUS is a secular position, where one is a leader of everyone regardless of their religion or non.

Beck is delusional. There IS a difference between Clinton and Trump.

Christians who follow Beck are deluded and ignorant of what the Bible teaches.

Beck really went into outer space when he mocked Trump by smashing his face into a bowl of Cheetos.

Anonymous said...

Many on TV are information agents that relay what they are told - whether to discredit or give credit to those they wish, which makes them sound credible. They may act like they are on opposing sides but in reality are one of the same except with different controllers. One may be more liberal but they are all working for the NWO. The fights distinguish they may be under another command but they are still working towards deceiving the public. Many believers are not listening to the Lord, instead they are listening to these agents who will lead them into a pit. When you see them using horn, masonic and NWO signs don't swallow what they have to say. A house divided will not stand.

Nahum 1:9-10
What do ye imagine against the Lord? he will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time.
For while they be folden together as thorns, and while they are drunken as drunkards, they shall be devoured as stubble fully dry.

Anonymous said...

As Christians we DO need to be informed about what is going on in our government. However, we also need to exercise DISCERNMENT and use the Bible as our guide. We need to have God's wisdom to navigate the waters of this world, to be in it but not of it. Too many Christians have been brainwashed by the dominionists and the belief that the country's founders were all Christians. Some were, some were not. What matters is that they had a respect for the Bible even though people like Jefferson literally cut out the verses he didn't like. God used these people but that does not mean they are models of Christianity. We live in a fallen world and a pluralistic society. We can't and should not expect to elect a POTUS who is an evangelical Christian.

Too many Christians listen to the talking heads without using discernment.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ted Cruz is having any regrets about aligning himself with Mormon/Mason Beck. His antics just get farther down the rabbit hole.

Cruz liked to wear his Christianity on his sleeve and yet approved of the occultic practice of yoga and even encouraged it and was apparently blind to the cult of Mormonism that has so many earmarks of the occult, a secret society with secret rituals.

By his foolishness, many naïve Christians may become blind to the tactics of the enemy and evils of the world. Trump certainly has his warts, but he is squeaky clean compared to Cruz and Beck.