Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Brooke Shields Would Like To Chip Her Child

Here's more indoctrination for people to accept a "mark of the beast" RFID chip. Never trust
celebrities when it comes to religion or life matters, many of them sold out for fame long ago.

RFID chips by 2017


Anonymous said...

Agree, straight out of Hollyweird. Her programming has taken over. Isaiah 5:20 - Don

Anonymous said...

Many of the "celebrities" are Catholic also.

Grammy G said...

Haven't you noticed the conditioning? Every piece of communication devices we have are chipped. Now credit cards, some leadership agencies already have chipped employees. Biometrics can be seen all over to sign into computer systems or to get into Disney, yet we buy it! If they just came out and said they were chilling us, antennas would go uo, but they slowly condition us as they have with all other things.

Anonymous said...

BB, do these celebrities know that they are programmed or are they programmed to also not know? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Another 'herd mentality' scheme. I believe the Bible says that those who follow the antichrist beast system will receive the mark 'on' the right hand, not 'in' the right hand, forehead, or in other places of the human body. Thus, the chipping of people may only be a short lived piece of technology as tattoos have become so widely accepted within the church as well as outside of the religious system. Permanent tattoos will be able to 'house' all of the pertinent information, the same as the chip, and can easily be 'imprinted' on the right hand or forehead, as in the days of marking the Christians, Jews, and other undesirables during the Holocaust.

And as stated, with the acceptance of marking the body, there will be few who consider this an abomination to the human body, the creation made in the image of our LORD, by our LORD. And those who do not take this image on the body will not be able to buy or sell, so those who are in Christ Jesus, will NEED to rely on our LORD for sustenance for their faith will be greatly tested.

And frankly, I am tired of hearing Christians say, "Oh, god spoke audibly to me and told me the 'verse' I should have tattooed on my arm....." these words spoken by church elders, youth group leaders, revival(?) preachers, and the church folks, including teenagers, who follow these blind leaders.

Bible Believer said...

Agree her programming has taken over too.

I think she is Catholic too and yes many celebrities are Catholic. It's a front religion like Mormonism for many. Georgetown and other ties to total evil.

I don't know if they know they are programmed. I've read some of those weirdo MK Ultra websites, that seem to hint towards them being broken down into pieces like alters, where one of their personalities doesn't know what the other one is doing. I do believe some have a decision point where the soul is given over to Satan for fame.

I wouldn't quibble about where the mark is, I think any place is wrong. The technology will definitely change. Maybe they will have replacement chips too for those given over to Satan becoming chattel for the money-masters. It could be a tattoo one day too. There are born again people who had tattoos from their past but I believe tattoos are wrong and yes the churches pushing tattoos lost the plot long ago.

Anonymous said...

Think about how sensors are placed at most store's entrances. They beep if an item was not scanned properly. Well we can be that item. If in the hand-they most likely will use hand identification with or without chip-who knows. With the forehead it coukd be some kind of sensor or mark where you don't need a hand swipe. The problem is chips can go bad so how would they know if you are a follower of the beast if your chip has faulted. There could be massive recalls too. So right now tattoos are popular and some will think how cool to have a mark of our new planetary system. So the Bible says it is a mark. The word says don't trust in a neighbor or friend...well our society has done the opposite. We think trusting an ungodly system is going to play out well. Until Jesus sits in the New Jerusalem and rules nations there is going to be chaos. And yet in the midst of it all we know the victory is ours.

Bible Believer said...

Remember all the store items are marked with UPC codes and yes they have 666 built in by design. I have an old post here proving that point, maybe I should dig it back up and rerun it after I find it. I can see it being a tattoo in the future and not embedded chip. They will basically make human beings products, they are working on that now having people "brand" themselves and "sell themselves", that is one way the wicked job market has been used to brainwash people. Sell your soul for a living is that basic message.