Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blame the Poor Brainwashing Fest Worked!

Angry Woman in Walmart Throws a Fit Over Man Using Food Stamps

This could be a political set up as the Fox News set battles the victims of the failing economy in America but anyhow it's disgusting. This is more blaming the poor. Didn't she get the 1996 memo, that you have to work [for the abled bodied with children] or be disabled to even get food stamps? I'm sure she's not complaining about the trillions handed over for war in the Middle East or banker bail-outs. Doing this in a Wal-Mart is even more ironic as most of it's lower tiered workers especially with children qualify for assistance.

 There's plenty of people working 40-60 hours a week wages have sunk so low and prices have gone up so high that need help. Sometimes it feels embarrassing to be American, this country has gone down into so much stupidity and overt meanness. One thing I noticed reading the comments regarding this article is many people wrote, "Yeah I bet she is a Christian too!" That is what the right wing has wrought for us. By the way sitting in the last IFB, hearing rants and raves against poor people and "those who won't work won't eat" was not a good time either. So those attitudes, I have seen and heard exactly where they have come from. That is the sign of false Christians who do not want to help the poor. Of course the elite have no problem oppressing and impoverishing the majority for their own desired outcomes.


Anonymous said...

This lady should have kept her mouth shut for sure even if the man was milking the system.(Not to imply that he was or wasn't) The man's language is an indication of his lifestyle, using the f-bomb and calling her a b____. My concern is for the children who witnessed this exchange.

I don't think the average person resents helping the poor, those who are in genuine need. There is much abuse of the welfare system that sadly reflects on those who are in the system legitimately. There are those who work the system for all they can get and this generates anger in those who work hard for their wages and resent paying taxes. Take for example the women who keep having babies out of wedlock and are on welfare. Yes, the children are the victims of this lifestyle but it needs to stop. There needs to be some sort of way to cut off support in those type of situations - that is, more support for more children.

There are many charities, some secular and some religious that feed the hungry and provide services and shelter for them and those that give a "hand up", not a hand-out. Those who desire to get out of their circumstances should be helped and encouraged to do so.

Those who are legitimately disabled or unable to work or out of work through no fault of their own should be helped by taxpayers and our society. I don't think the general population is against that and it is unfair to portray them that way.

Yes, there are so-called Christians who have a wrong attitude and should be the very ones to have compassion. That is a sad fact, but we shouldn't paint all Christians that way.

I know personally some who have become experts at abusing the system, getting food stamps and still on drugs. That is who is to blame for the bad attitude by some who feel ripped off for paying for these types of people. There are illegal aliens who get health benefits while many of our own citizens go wanting. This is not right and it generates discord.

Just sayin......................

Anonymous said...

We know what kind of spirit possesses her! And she wasn't thrown out of the store? She proved herself to be a fool. In the comment section for the video, they are ripping her apart. Pray for all who were present.

Obviously some people are genuinely poor and also there have been many poor people who have abused the system that was set up for good. GOD knows the true number of the poor.

GOD always looks upon the poor and gives mercy unto them. Above all, the poor also had better have obeyed GOD and repented of their sins and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. - Roy

Grammy G said...

Warning on the language. That woman has issues. Wisdom is not so much knowing what to say, but whether or not you should say it. I see no fruit from her that she is a Christian, nor did either of them exhibit a concern for the children witnessing their exchange. He did apologize to the cashier, but it still doesn't excuse his language. There is most certainly a moral eclipse in America.

Bible Believer said...

Sorry for no language warning this is where my lack of hearing [I am very hearing impaired can cause troubles, I had to depend on a transcript where they left that out. I definitely agree about the moral eclipse.

Bible Believer said...

I think average people are okay with helping the poor too, sadly there are many wicked getting meaner attitudes. I think the man should have ignored her too. Or defended himself without the foul language. We see the right/left divide causing more chaos. It looks like Trump is going to be the Republican candidate and just as much wickedness in Hillary on the other side. There is some abuses in the welfare system, agree about that. People do question the lifestyles of those who have babies out of wedlock that they put on the state dole, so that makes sense, sadly though all poor people are being lumped together. Its true many are seeing Christians in a negative fashion, the false ones at least it's not fair. I am surprised she was not thrown out of the store either. I have seen exchanges like this. Once I was at art center and heard this lady loudly insulting people on welfare. Some people in the room could have been on it and kept their mouths shut. She had no way to know who was or wasn't in that scenario. Agree the poor need born again.

Anonymous said...


I am sorry but this woman is very doughnut brained. The guy has already said that he is working 50 - 60 hours a week - what more does she want? more to the fact since he is probably paying some sort of tax, he is entitled to that back (via food stamps). She needs to realise that one of these days, it may be her turn to be on government subsistence if her husband walks out or she loses her job. Somebody pointed out online that many of walmarts employees are likely to be on some sort of government assistance. I think proverbs 9:13 would match her very well because in spite of her 'college education', she is not as educated as she likes to believe.

This is are the insults that those on benefits (as we call them over here) have to endure in spite of the fact that myself and most people I know of have worked in the past and are not popping out of wedlock babies and smoking and doing drugs as well as insults from family members who 'just don't get it' to others like pastors who believe that we get the life that we deserve because we do not try hard enough.