Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Are Evangelical Churches Abandoning the Working Class?

Are Evangelical Churches Abandoning the Working Class?

The answer is YES and every class beneath that one because the pastors want money. This guy at least admits poor whites in America actually exist. Church is expensive now. I was talking to someone today how many poor people have dropped out of churches with the extreme Republican politics that decry the poor as at fault, and how community has lessened between the impoverished. I do truly believe there is an agenda to silence and isolate the poor, definitely of all races.

Are Poor People Leaving the Churches?


Anonymous said...

The charities that get the most attention are those run by Roman Catholics as they have more money and support. I don't think this can be put into a political Republican/Democrat mode. Democrats largely believe that the solution is to take away from the "rich" and give handouts to the poor. This is socialism. This doesn't get reported, but many of the corporations and "rich" people give to charities and set up foundations, etc. This may be a strategy to avoid taxes, but it does benefit those in need.

The Bible says that the poor will always be with us and the Church should look after widows and orphans. That was before there was a government structure to provide for needs. It would be much better if evangelical churches did more outreach to the poor and shared the Gospel as well. Sadly the prosperity gospel folks focus on the material and giving to get. The poor don't have anything to give to get even if that was the truth.

There are evangelical churches that minister to the homeless with food and clothes.

It is important to point out that in some families it is a cycle of poverty that can be broken out of. One generation to the next is on the dole and it becomes a way of life, destroying initiative. When the American Indians were taken off their lands and stripped of their culture and replaced it with a handout many turned to alcoholism and became aimless.

Free enterprise is not to blame. It has given people who are willing to work hard and pay a price to get ahead and use their talents.

Those who are not able to work should receive what they need and not made to feel like they are second-class. The Church above all should help people realize that those with disabilities are valued and have a contribution to make to the Lord's work. It may not be financial, but in other ways.

The ills of this world have so permeated out culture and even the Church that there are so many injustices. But this is a fallen world and each of us must be personally accountable to our Lord for our actions. But far too many pastors/leaders fail to exhort their flocks to do so. It is not a mandate, but should come from a heart tuned into the heart of God that causes us to consider others.

Anonymous said...

The Poor, Don't Worry, Spiritual Battles -

I agree anonymous! Each is responsible for his own sin and the poor are not exempt. GOD is no respecter of persons. Those numbered among the poor who fear GOD and want to do right, GOD sees them and will look upon them for their good. But the others, and we know that there are many others who do not fear God and won't do right, GOD will judge them also. If one has genuine disabilities, GOD is for them and others who are moved of GOD may help them.

Poverty permeated my family. I grew up with it and saw it all around me and in the small town I grew up in. The people relishing in it and gladly criticizing anyone who had more knowledge than them and was seeking something better for themselves. The churches even then were no help. They had much of the same ignorance and corruption. We have more than enough scriptures to keep us balanced and not in conflict regarding the plight of the poor.

What about contentment? 1 Timothy 6:6 - But godliness with contentment is great gain. Yes, we must remember that this is a fallen world. Sadly, many of the poor are not saved. Just as from after the fall in the Garden of Eden it has always been this way.

For my situation, it is a blessing that I am alone, and yet I am not alone for the Lord is with me. My health issues are because of my own wicked living but GOD is healing that in his due time. I had a lot more pressing spiritual issues that took precedent along with my health issues. GOD kept them both in balance when many times I thought that I couldn't get out of bed but I knew if I didn't get out of bed that I would be bankrupt and moving back in with relatives which I was not resolved to do.

GOD has given me peace regarding work also. I could see that my co-workers were driven by every little whim as I once was. Also the fake brethren that turned on a dime attempting to lord their little knowledge over me. GOD let me see that it was spiritual and I truly had to hold my tongue which was hard being that recently unsaved. He showed me a few of the spiritual dimensions behind it all. Not too much but just enough to not fear what I was experiencing. Much, but not all, of the spiritual madness at work has quieted down.

Just as in your articles and elsewhere BB, I also came to understand that many people are practicing witchcraft or under the influence of it and being moved by Satan and his kingdom at his whim. Many are masons, Jesuits, Catholic agents at all levels of society even down to the poor. There is no genuine love amongst the lost. They all seek to undermine each other and especially those who are saved.

Many are poor because of loss of jobs and others are born into it and no one is showing them a better way or because of the economy they cannot make a better way. We are to just give the gospel when we can and pray that someone will receive it. The poor are being bombarded on every side with wickedness and are being drawn into it. Continue to pray for them and remain in the will of GOD and he will continue to use us in the body of Christ as we trust and obey him.

We have not left the battle field of this world yet. Be strong and encouraged and wait upon the Lord for he will fight for us by His Spirit.

I pray that everyone be encouraged, content and drawing ever closer to GOD and the Lord Jesus Christ and praying always. Praise GOD and the Lord Jesus Christ that they have blessed us to understand the times we are living in! - Roy

Anonymous said...

Great testimony Roy! Thank-you for sharing your heart and Praise God, your true rewards are awaiting you in the Presence of our King, Jesus. God be with you.