Saturday, April 23, 2016

Suicide Rate Goes Up by 24 Percent Since 1999

Sadly many are succumbing to despair. This toxic, crazy society is driving many to give up. Evil is increasing and this is an statistic that proves it. The scariest statistic to me, is the suicide rate of young girls between 10-14 tripling. Young girls in this over-sexed culture are being judged more on looks and are being given evil messages. I've noticed people seem more depressed then they were ten years ago. The economy, oppression and other evils are driving people to worse places.

Depression and the Christian


Anonymous said...

In the past, I thought depression was for the lost. But since I moved to a midwestern state, I battle it myself.
Whst is different here? The constant gloom. The gray skies, the weather. I probably get 10% of the sunshine that I used to get due to the constant spraying. I watch it happen. The day will start with clear skies, then I will start to see a few streaks...a few hours later, there are many more, and the sky is getting hazy. Still no clouds, but somehow this the afternoon, it is overcast and downright gray. Then it will stay that way for days. Finally, the sun will burn it all off days later we may see a peak of sun again. Then it all repeats.
Places that are highly sprayed are likely the ones with higher suicide rates.

Anonymous said...

It is good you are bringing this to our attention.

May all of us who call Jesus as our LORD and Savior, clothe ourselves in humility and pray for these people who are suffering a pain they believe is unbearable. So, so sorry this is happening, and for the families concerning their loss, Jesus, fill our hearts and minds with your compassion and empathy.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:34AM, I completely agree with what you are experiencing in the Midwest. I lived in Illinois for 9 years due to job transfer. It was AWFUL! I too experienced depression because of not only the weather and lack of sunlight, but also they were spraying back then too but not as much as they are now. I had not connected the dots at that point. If you can leave, then leave and move to a sunnier area. I realize that every place is now being sprayed, but because of the lack of bright blue sky and sun the further north you go, it is much more difficult to get the sunlight that your body needs. I never had depression until I moved to this area of the U.S. Once I left, by the grace of God, my old upbeat, happy self returned. I call those 9 years of my life, being in the desert. Unfortunately, you can move to Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, California, etc. and you will see a lot of spraying in these areas as well. It is everywhere now. I will be lifting you in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, Anonymous at 3:28 PM! Your prayers are greatly appreciated, and it is helpful to hear from others who have experienced what I am going through.

Grammy G said...

Living in Michigan, having moved from Iowa has been quite a transition. I have had to allow the Lord to be my Light-seriously! If we allow Him to be our source of Light and Joy, then it is impossible for dark times to overtake us.

As far as teens are concerned, we have knowingly turned them over to technology offered through schools, to wolves. Sexting and Sextortion are high in teens and suicides are rising in this sect because many parents are not even engaged with their kids. Look around at a restaurant at the physically present, emotionally absent family circle. If we don't love on our kids and make them feel more important than a cold, hard wired device we romance, then we should not be astonished when our kids exit our presence. Wake up people! They need us to care!!!

Bible Believer said...

I wonder about the spraying and chemtrails affecting people psychologically. Sorry your move has been so difficult. Some parts of the Midwest can get hot summers but yes the winters can be very long. I tend to hate heat myself so warm climates would not work for everyone.

Make sure to watch your Vit D levels at this time, I wonder if lack of it can cause depression. Teens are being influenced by lack of love and conditional expectations for parental love, a cold and growing more competitive society and many evil influences. Families are often not a source of love, comfort and support but of hatred and abuse for too many. Emotional separation for many is a given. I think many people who are committing suicide feel like no one cares and loves them. Many who do not know God may reject the idea of God or even that God cares about or loves them. Sadly lack of love in this society take many away from God ad to despair.

Anonymous said...

The breakdown of the family unit and the decline in the culture, the demonic music and many other factors contribute to self-destruction. Some are in so much pain they don't see any other way out, to stop it. They say suicide is the ultimate selfish act. That may be, but I doubt if that is the true motive of those who take their own lives. They have no hope and want to stop the pain. We live in a world that breeds confusion and fosters pain with false religious systems and fake Christians.

Yes, BB is right - they have no faith in God and no comfort for their pain and no one to show them answers, true answers. It is a dark deluded world.

Bible Believer said...

I agree. Many are in pain and see no way out. This life is getting very hard on many. Despair may have seized me and carried me away without God's help. I think most who commit suicide, want the pain to stop, they are not thinking of the hurt to others. It is having no hope. The fake religious systems and other problems have worked against them.