Friday, April 22, 2016

Celebrity Often Means a Short Life

Another famous musician has died. It seems they are dropping like flies lately with David Bowie on the roster too recently. Prince died on the Queen's 90th birthday. It's always odd when they allow the celebrities to talk about few things but it's meant to emphasize realities like geo-engineering being conspiracy theory.  Prince talks about Chemtrails which is kind of like Roseanne talking about the Mk Ultra program. There's been the usual conflicting news, some have written Prince died of Aids, a drug overdose is being discussed as a possibility and some believe he didn't really die a la Elvis and will now profit off his huge back catalog in a hidden retirement. The "stars" die so young don't they? Especially the ones in rock. You don't see the corrupt politicians die this young or the bankers do you? I find it interesting even 5 years ago, Prince spoke of being a Jehovah Witnesses. Prince definitely made the Illuminati handsigns and other signs of being "sold out".  [not an endorsement of this site but for pictures and information]


Anonymous said...

When celebrities are not good puppets for their money masters they become expendable. - Don

Anonymous said...

Prince was an originator of the transgender movement, he claimed to be possessed by many "entities", and he was a purveyor of filth, also while being in the jehovah's witness cult.

He might have been able to talk about chemtrails or conspiracy, but he was a tool of the conspiracy the whole time.