Friday, April 15, 2016

Pope Meets Patriarch Kirill

This happened a short time ago. The timing is interesting with Graham's working with Russian Orthodox leaders as well.  Supposedly this is the first meeting of a Pope and Russian patriarch since the 11th century. Those angels look very masonic on his vestments.

Joint Declaration of Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill

So guess who else met Patriarch Kirill only some months before?

Interesting hand shake, the one with the thumb on top is probably the higher ranking...


Anonymous said...

Hi BB,

Thanks for your posting. Those who profess to know God should know this:

Psalm 2:2 "The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord..."

Acts 4:26 "The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against his Christ."

I believe that anyone in this world who is identified/recognized as a leader of any sort (religious, political, etc...) fits into the above category.

Those who believe in Jesus Christ have him as their Lord and Shepherd and none other. These do not seek earthly leaders nor do they set themselves up as leaders for they know who God is....

God bless!

Anonymous said...

Franklin Graham is a false teacher. Like his father, and really all the Graham family.

Anonymous said...

We all have to remember that we already have our victory in Jesus. These worldly leaders are trying to gain victory over everything Godly by destroying any remnant of God's holiness. So they can do all the handshaking, arm waving, hand positioning, arm crossing and gymnastics to achieve their goals but in the end it all will be destroyed. They will cry out for the rocks to fall on them. I wonder if their "mother earth" will come to their rescue...I think not. We must pray for these souls to be saved as they are blinded by evil and darkness.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:39,

So true, what you described, "all the handshaking, arm waving, hand positioning, arm crossing and gymnastics to achieve their goals but in the end it all will be destroyed."

What you have described takes place even on a much lower scale, within the church walls of our local 501c. 3's. I have watched church members network (kiss up) to those who have more power and influence within these man made structures, to gain authoritarian positions of their own. These networking individuals work hard to attain their church board positions, their deacon and deaconess lordships, their elder rule positions, their sunday school superintendent presidency, their prayer chain leadership rule, their men and women's club presidency; name any "leadership" position, and you will see those individuals who neglect the mundane things a believer is commanded to do, for a position of glory and fame for themselves and an opportunity to as Jesus says, "lord it over."

The first person to tell you that they are the 'church board president' is that man himself! The first person to boast of their deaconess position, is that woman herself! What ever happened to boasting and bragging in what Christ has done for us as the Apostle Paul once did? Humility is NO WHERE to be found in the church these day for they have modeled themselves after the corporate business world in all things, even right down to the money factor. We are told to submit ourselves unto leadership that cares not for the human soul, let alone the material needs of the people, but rather we attend churches to praise, glory, and applaud the leadership and pat them on the back in feeding their already inflated egos.

How can this be? To love and serve Jesus, and loving and serving thy neighbor has become a thing of the past, for now, in my former church, the leadership drives the newcomers who are poor, down to the local governmental courthouse and assists them in applying for all of the welfare they can possibly qualify for. Churches here in this country are YOKED with the government and 'turn over' souls to believe in government rather than Jesus Christ. But oh, the churches here need to save their money for bigger buildings, new gymnasiums (attached to the new church building), fancy landscapes, lawn mowing services, tarred parking lots, fancy digital signs installed by the roadside, etc., for all appearances sake, then turn around and send the poor amongst us to the government here in America, which is clearly hedonistic and pagan to its core.

How can this be? And the Grahams....would their immense wealth gained from using the Name of our LORD in vain be any different than the pope, the Vatican, and its minions twisting the Scriptures for financial gain? Did not Jesus go into the synagogues and turn over the tables in anger for something very similar that we see here in modern Christianity?

Maybe it is time we hear a good sermon on the 'priesthood' of every believer....for those who are imbibed in the false religious system of patriarchy......the priesthood of every believer IS both male and female. Praise be to our LORD Jesus, the Christ.

Bible Believer said...

Good verses regarding the kings of the earth...

Yes the bible makes it clear the kings of the earth go against God and here are these false religious figures schmoozing with them every minute.

Kirill meets with Putin all the time just like the Grahams do with our politicians.

As I wrote elsewhere, the commenter who said there is planned unity with the Orthodox and Catholic church for the "war of civilizations" is spot on especially seeing the Grahams uniting with them.

Even on those right wing boards that like to blame other races for the problems in the USA while ignoring how the NWO uses immigration, they all go on about how Russia is the great hope for the white man. It gets pretty gross.


Bible Believer said...

Yes too many put their hope in false leaders and "kings". Be wary of those with their false interpretations of Romans 13.

The Grahams are all false, I consider them out and out Luciferians. There's websites that speak of Grahams freemasonic ties.

I agree all this will be destroyed. Look how the celebrities die so young paying their prices, well even the longer lived politicians and others, will see it all fall one day and even ones who die while still on top, will face judgment if they never repent. Yes the church systems have those who scramble to the top, with power seeking personalities, and who believe they are better then others. It is scary how some churches have become like corporations with high paid professionals in them, and they operate no different then the corporations with the rank, rules and social climbing. Yes they are just like the corporations. Religion is even worse then the corporations because the corporate executive at least has to come up with the bottom line for the shareholders--they have grown more wicked too and letting greed run the show, but in the religions they claim to be "perfect" and even if they are shown to be evil, they are welcomed with open arms based on their celebrity alone. Look how Jim Bakker had his comeback. There's a few churches in my local area who feed and help the poor, but the poor are not people in their own congregation, most are OUTSIDE. Most of the churches do not help the poor anymore, in fact the majority of churches that do any outside help for the poor are the liturgicals. The evangelicals are busy with the overseas outreaches and entertainment. The poor are leaving churches. I felt enough shame in pews having no money to give a church. It is true most are taking the newcomers down to the welfare office or the church itself is applying for government grants.

Yes we have the fancy churches here, they have great buildings, and do these programs that cost tons of money, and yes they do send the poor away. Most of the fancy churches have absolutely nothing to do with the poor. A few of the nicer ones may run a food pantry, or do a few soup kitchens, but even that is rare among the evangelical churches in my area, that's mostly the Lutherans or Catholics. All I know is I hear about the local homeless shelter being full and people being turned away. In fact in a church about 50 miles from me I heard about two members becoming homeless. Why didn't that church help? Should a church even allow a fellow member to become homeless? MY country IFB helped a few homeless but I think that is rare. Being poor myself, and I've gone to soup kitchens and the like before, in most churches being poor enough alone means you are forever an outsider. One of those monied pastors isn't going to waste the time with people who can't "deliver". I was sad yesterday seeing the kind widow from my last church speaking of all the church wedding showers and how she can't afford all the gifts. I remember feeling left out in that church social network, because of my lack of money and ability to buy new gifts.

The Grahams have their immense wealth yes from misusing the name of "jesus" and selling out. That's one thing in this world, people sell out to get money, and they have to the extreme. They are enjoying their reward now while the fires of hell await.

With the priesthood of every believer, the clergy has usurped it, and I realized it's not just not the Orthodox and Catholic priests, it's the ones in the evangelical and even IFB pulpits too. Why are the churches all one man shows with one guy at the top. Why are the poor ignored or considered OTHERS outside the place. Oh one thing a lot of the churches "go out of business" today too, that's one thing they never talk about.