Saturday, April 30, 2016

New Bill Would Require Women to Register for the Draft

 They plan to put women in full combat too.

  Navy Secretary takes women-in-combat message to the troops. 

This is horrifying to me. A society that denies women as being the nurturers and expects men to shut down natural inclinations to protect women is one going more evil and sociopathic.

 It seems they want to double the amount of potential young people in debt from student loan who can be drafted for foreign globalist wars. Funny how the Christian right is more busy now protesting the bathroom wars instead of realizing their young daughters could one day be drafted. Which issue will affect the greatest number of people?

The liberals who think women can operate the same in infantry and who see "men and women" as the exact same have gone insane. This is more then about women being placed in service positions like the WACS in WWII, but being put in full combat and infantry. So how would Americans react to seeing young women returning maimed and bloodied? The politically correct set, even ignore the physical differences between women and men and the realities of rape and other dangers women are prone to above men. Women are not the same as men emotionally or even in handling PTSD.  I wonder if there are any strong fathers left who would say, "My daughter, no way!"  

I don't like drafts in general even for men given that most of our wars have not been for actual defense of the United States but for profit for the bankers and for globalist agendas. This is social engineering and political correctness at it's worse.


Anonymous said...

There is NO good reason to have a draft at all. We have the president able to call our country into war without any vote of our house and senate. Also,the USA is the police force for the United Nations (Elite) and has nothing to do with protecting our country. A draft now is a requirement to go to other countries and steal their resources. I say send the bought out politicians, we can call it their retirement. - Don

Bible Believer said...

I agree. It's concerning they are still pushing a draft when one has not been needed in 40 years. Agree this country has been used as the police man of the globe with our money and soldiers being exploited. What wars were about any defense anymore?

Anonymous said...

There is a war going on and it is not about troops on the ground. There is a battle between good and evil. It is a spiritual battle played out by wicked people who are possessed or governed by the devil. Good is God's holiness given to those who are born again believers. There is a battle unseen but manifested throughout this earth.

Ephesians 6:12-13 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Anonymous said...

Amen Don, you are correct. The U.S. is literally the police force being used by the global elites to enforce their rule of law. I have sons and daughters, true and precious gifts created by our LORD and freely given to our family; I mourn when my sons are required by government law to register for the draft for our country seems to love war. Evangelicals in my area love war as well and I hear this all the time from church folks' mouths, "We need another war to stimulate the economy." Money is far more important to evangelicals who claim to be believers as well as those we point a finger at and label unbelievers.

And now, our daughters will be required to sign up for the draft. I will mourn this as well. I hear these words coming out of evangelicals mouths, men who claim to be 'born again' of the spirit of our LORD, "Well, if women can be elected into Congress and even elected as President of the U.S., they can just as well be drafted into the military as well, because the women want to rule over the men." These words sicken me to the depths of my soul for this is foolish reasoning from foolish men.

Our country has had all male presidents and we see through the ages where this has taken our country, all eventually leading to the one world, anti-Christ, beast system. And if I understand our Scriptures correctly, God says "that man of perdition" which means a man will rule over the evil one world system. And I believe all of our LORD's prophetic Words are true.

Then, in our churches, we have men and women strongly indoctrinating the congregations into the Hebrew Roots movement where we are to live our lives according to Jewish precepts. We are to focus our studies on the Torah, celebrate the Feasts, live how the Jews live right down to not eating shellfish and pork (and yet you will have a hard time finding clothes made of only one fiber as God commanded His people to where in the Old Testament.) And the geopolitical nation of Israel is placed on the alter as if it were a god in and of itself. We listen to the current events pertaining to Israel, we discuss the politics involved, and we pray, pray, pray for Israel constantly. In our church bulletins, we have printed under prayer requests "Pray for Israel and their people." We have speakers come in and give presentations on Israel and when many of us choose not to attend their meetings, we are made to feel guilty and 'not as spiritual' for not going. The mouths of the religious elite in our churches can be quite insulting, criticizing and condemning, all tools used by satan to manipulate and control the rest of us who choose not to bow down to Hebrew Roots teachers.

So we focus much of our attention on Israel, when we should be humbly submitting to Jesus Christ. Israel, requires both men and women to serve in their military, and the church worships Israel. We have both men and women killing their enemies 'by the sword' and we are required to worship Israel. We have preachers and teachers literally excited that a Jewish temple will be built in Jerusalem, and yet our Scriptures say there will be a wicked abomination performed in this temple before Jesus Comes again, we are told to give more money to the Jewish people overseas and yet we cannot take care of the divorced woman with children whose husband refuses to pay child support, that is in our church. Oh no, she made her bed, now she must suffer. Shame on us, for shame.

I agree, women should not be drafted. However, I also will state that I do not believe men should be drafted either, by any government. I see the mothers of dead soldiers from the Bush's war in my community, their sons pictures are on billboards in our community....tears are shed and prayers offered up to our LORD in these situations, and I have to ask myself, "Why?"

Anonymous said...

Equal rights? Good or bad. I don't agree anyone should be drafted, but the ones screaming equal rights shouldn't be able to pick and choose which rights they can be equal in.

Anonymous said...

This begs the question, "How does a society define "equal rights?" And also, exactly who does the defining of equal rights?

Sue Botchie said...

Dear BB and Friends, the War Against Femininity has won a major battle. Never mind, the USA is becoming more of a global laughingstock.

Bible Believer said...

The evangelicals who love war have lost the plot. Now many will vote for that sociopath Trump. I mourn young women being forced to sign up for a draft as well. SO far, there's been no protest from the church world they are more worried about the transsexuals [what .02%?] of the population invading the bathrooms.

Have you considered leaving your church? Hebrews Roots is some seriously false doctrine. Or is this something just with some church members. It is Judasizing of course since Christian Zionism has invaded just about every evangelical circle, it is everywhere.

I am tired of Israel being presented as this perfect nation. Israel following mostly Talmudic Judaism rejects Jesus Christ, and is a nation that has its own worldly agendas like all other world nations. It is run by the same wicked running the world. It is no more holy then any other nation on earth.

What happens to women who are forced to be "warriors". NO one talks about that effect on a society? I worked with teen gangmembers and the violent and it changed me and not in all positive fashions. In some ways when I was young I became more masculine, some of this from other circumstances too and was not allowed to be feminine. What happens to a culture where women can't be women?

I don't agree with men being drafted for false globalist wars that have nothing to do with an actual defense of a nation.

Yes they will all cheer for the false Antichrist temple and we see that now. Look at the index of articles on the left, I posted against this years ago.

Bible Believer said...

Equal rights is often abused. Someone else determining the "rights"

Bible Believer said...

Sue, this nation is a laughingstock now. It is not respected. I wish people in the world knew that many Americans are fed up and sick by what we are watching happen. We do not desire the maniac Trump for president or the corporate corrupt sell-out Hitlery Clinton. The Christian Zionism and pro-Israel junk will sell the idea of women in combat. Already I have heard, the Israelis do it! Why not America?

Actually who knows how many of their women go into combat?

Anonymous said...

This is so ridiculous. I have a son in the military and I would have a fit if my daughter was drafted. She would too!! I have another son who was in the Marines & a friend of his, female, was also in the Marine Reserves and was raped. I can tell you that the military is NO place for females. I feel like this drafting stems a lot too from the feminist movement, which is such a lie and abuse of women.

Bible Believer said...

I am glad anon, you would stand against your daughter being drafted. I hope people do stand for the young women. Yes rape is a problem now in the military just with Americans, imagine the rapes that will occur with women in combat, it is insane. Women even now in the military are indoctrinated to become more like men or used and abused. Oh sure, this is the fruits of the feminist movement.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your calling Trump a sociopath. 1) He has been a socialite all his life, not antisocial. 2) He has stated that when he makes a mistake he attempts to do better the next time, this would be showing a conscience. Check the definition as you are misconstrued. I also would like to ask you a question. What if God is using Donald Trump like Nebuchadnezzar? - Don

Anonymous said...

Have to say I am completely against a draft whether for men or women. However I am appalled to hear people say or insinuate that it's one thing for a man to be drafted but the end of a world for a women to be drafted. As in: it's ok to sacrifice men but no, not the women. Men are fiercely hated in this society. Everything is stacked against men and in the woman's favor thanks to feminism. This is true about almost all life now. Can't even turn on the tv without having this message shoved down our throats: men are perverse, evil and dumb and Women are victims.
With that said I do see there being different roles and men being more adept at defense. Let's just not insinuate that they have less worth. I understand this can be concerning to people. But to be up in arms over this and not over the thought of ones son being drafted?
It's interesting to me that people still haven't caught on to the fact that many men are saying goodbye to not only marriage but to women. Mgtow is becoming a very popular movement where even Christian men are refusing to be shackled to a governmental institution of "marriage". I say government because in most cases God is not involved. And in all cases the couple is licensed. For the Christian men it's not about free sex but simply because of this attitude that they aren't worth as much and can be falsely accused without recourse. Or they are beaten by their women and then accused of attacking them.
There was a couple that I was a best man for at their wedding. They seemed so happy at the time. Less than a year later an all to familiar story happened. He wasn't losing his weight fast enough and she beat him for that one afternoon. Such a sad state of morals and yet we hear a sob story when the feminist finally get what they want and daughters start being drafted. I don't want men or women to be taken advantage of. Let's call it for how it really is though: men and women have equal worth before God and deserve the same rights and freedoms. Will people finally wake up now? Nope.

Bible Believer said...

You are correct and have no argument from me. It is appalling that men are sacrificed too on the bankers fields of war as well. I do not support the sacrifice of men who are sent off to wars they want nothing to do with and where their women and children are left alone to fend for themselves. It is true men are hated in this society. I notice that too on TV, all the women are smart and in control and handy and the men are bumbling fools on the commercials.

You are right about the decline of marriage and men refusing it. With real love being diminished since the sexual revolution and all the cheating and unfaithfulness, the family courts and feminism, many men are refusing marriage. Men are seeing marriage as a trap where they are seen as a "wallet" first and disposable to be replaced by another such as in a "starter marriage". It is true men who experience domestic violence are abandoned in our society too. They can't fight back without going to jail and there is no recourse. Some men become victims of very wicked women, [of course vice versa happens too] and the women lie and cry and the men are always disbelieved. That woman beating her husband for not being thin and perfect is an example of the wickedness of this society denying people real loving relationships.

" men and women have equal worth before God and deserve the same rights and freedoms."

I agree.