Thursday, April 7, 2016

More Confusion for the Youth

The bully is wrong no matter who it is against, but remember now they have confused the young people so much they can claim to be both genders or "none of the above" instead of homosexual or transsexual. How are the young people supposed to make sense of it all? How many girls who flirt with a tom-boy period will believe they are not "really girls"? There's plenty of people who use rigid sex roles and legalism who push this stuff from the other side too.

This is where the confusing sexual identities have led. The battle over bathrooms also seems to be another distraction too. I was on a message board too where they wanted to have non-"cis-gendered" day--aka normal straight people were supposed to set back and allow others to post. So some of this stuff does go into open and active discrimination and "divisions". As for bathrooms, let the chromosomes determine that, otherwise it's confusion city. Chances are, we will all just end up sharing one bathroom, perhaps the bathroom wars are meant to save money and have everyone share one in the future.

 1 Corinthians 6:11King James Version (KJV) 11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.


Anonymous said...

A high school student that was a transvite killed themselves. This happened at a friend's kid's school. So every opportunity a high schooler can witness or evangelize to their classmates can be crucial. It may save a person's life and lead them to salvation.

Anonymous said...

Oh, there will be one bathroom for everybody. There will be one everything for everybody.
Have you started to notice how everything looks like it's been manufactured at the same place,even if the label is different. One government, one world order. That's most likely the endgame plan..They want everyone the same gender, meaning , no gender.Why else would they be pushing this. When I was young, I don't remember it being unacceptable to be a tomboy..Although I guess boys probably had it a little harder if they were wanting to play with dolls.They are creating total confusion. I feel sorry for kids today.

Bible Believer said...

I wonder how much sex abuse is making for all the gender bending. I believe it affects the level of homosexuality. As society grows more evil, more children will be abused and grow up "confused". Since they have made the categories go beyond just gay and straight, definitely things are getting worse. Many are suicidal and don't like what they have become inside. They are abused at home and at school too. I agree about people being witnessed to. We can save people from suicide too in telling them the truth.

Bible Believer said...

Yes one thing for everyone. Clothing has gotten a lot more boring, I read that all the manufacturing has been streamlined, so this is why everyone is dressing the same and actual differences in style are getting more blotted out. Already in government buildings and museums that are newer, I have seen one bathrooms for everyone. I was in this big city about 6 months ago, and they had ONE bathroom and yes it was marked for transgenders. Androgyny is the way of the New Age and yes they want everyone one big blur. Some of the kids are claiming no gender. The world has turned so evil, even the definitions of what a woman and man is has been turned on the head. The focus on vain beauty adds to all this. Yes one could be a tomboy and be left alone. I grew up being told to be a feminist and more like a man. I fought against this, they were even angry I wanted to wear dresses. I remember when I told one wicked relative, I wanted to be an art teacher and they told me "That's a woman's job!" I am a woman.

Anonymous said...

So true Bible Believer, so true. And to confuse the issue more, we have young ladies on our all boy wrestling and football teams in our schools. The parents think this is 'neat and funny' all the while most in our communities support this oddity. Our churches are silent in addressing gender roles for it causes great divisions with the lord it over male patriarchy types reviling against the feminists. God's Word is ignored and not taught properly allowing for all sorts of abuses within every social institution.

Most churches that I have attended focus on male dominance/rule, male authority/leadership, male praise and applause, and submission to all males.....and as a result, most families are a mess at home exhibiting very little of God's fruits of the Holy Spirit. And most lacking of all is 'Love for Jesus and love for neighbor.'

So we condemn all of those unbelievers/sinners out there, all the while the behavior we see modeled in churches is worse than those we condemn because the male authority has replaced submission to our LORD, to male tyranny, dominance, and violence (physical, mental, and emotional.)

I love and respect art teachers, both genders, for creative folks inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have felt a hatred of women or just a hatred of things womanly, has gotten worse. I was at the post office and this little girl had this pink feminine outfit on, and her mother openly voiced her disapproval. It was so apparent she was not allowed to like anything feminine.
I had a sister in law who didn't want her daughter to be into more feminine things, she had to play sports, like basketball. It's like saying you can't be who you are.
Sorry that you were not allowed to be yourself. I wasn't either. I was very athletic and strong; but my father wanted that for my brother not me. So we were both disproved of for being who we were. We were both verbally abused over it. You can't win with some people.

Anonymous said...

These people are attention-seeking and do not know how to get it, so they have tried to create a niche for themselves that allows them to "fit in" while getting attention. Do not ever fall for their pretending they do not want to stir up trouble. That is exactly what they are trying to do. And they do it in a passive-aggressive way. They want a boy who snapped a photo of a girl in the bathroom to get in trouble??? That girl should be in trouble for setting foot in a boys bathroom. The boy has every right to take a photo of a violation of rights in a public place. Boys should have the right to use the bathroom not in front of the opposite sex. If it were a boy in the girl's bathroom, I somehow think it would cause more controversy, but it is no different.
"I'm kinda both, but I'm just neither." Satan is the author of confusion.

Bible Believer said...

Yes now they have girls entering football, to get concussions too. It's crazy but it goes with the agenda to put them into combat and make men out of them!

Yes we have the two ends against the middle thing again with the uber patriarchalists who want a Christian Taliban vs. the gender bending feminists. So wonder America is losing it.

I tired of the male dominance themes with the demands for stepford wives in the churches too. These churches hide a lot of abuses too, behind the scenes, domestic, abuse of children, sex abuse, etc. Just look at the Duggars to see how uber-male authority at all costs looks. JimBob wants slaves and people especially women without free wills. Thanks regarding art teachers :)

There is an undercurrent of hatred of women in many of these churches, women being seen as property. I've seen the hatred for feminine things too. Of course even in stepford wife land there seems to be a dress code of pencil skirts and muted colors.

Yes its hard when you can't be who you are. With the gender benders, the bible allows for the hermaphrodites and extreme endocrine cases [congenital adrenal hyperplasia etc] in its mention of eunuchs who are made, however these are normal healthy people being told "you really aren't female or male" of course even then the rigid appearances of gender are used in America to add to the confusion--all women are petite with large bosoms and like cheerleaders and all men are manly brutes so now every tom-boyish girl and every smaller slight boy thinks they are the wrong "sex" and have to change it to "fit in".