Saturday, April 23, 2016

Kirk Cameron's Glorified South

Kirk Cameron records audio for a new kids audio program based on a pro-Confederate book with a company called Heirloom Productions. I lived in Virginia for a short time, there were even schools named after Confederate heros, but this one takes the cake, I'm shaking my head on this one. Why would you choose a novel for kids that says slavery is okay? Why is the Confederacy now so popular in some circles? So being on the SOUTH's SIDE is being a "good conservative"? The right has played especially the South for fools, using the division of races program for economic oppression for decades.  Maybe they took the slavery part out but it's an odd novel to choose for your Christian literature program. What next movie projects with Jared Taylor of American Renaissance?


From wikipedia:
"With Lee in Virginia, A Story of the American Civil War (1890) is a book by British author G.A. Henty. It was published by Blackie and Son Ltd, London. Henty's character, Vincent Wingfield, fights for the Confederate States of America, even though he is against slavery. As suggested by the title, he is primarily with the Army of Northern Virginia. Henty's novel has been cited by some literary historians as an example of British right-wingers' sympathy for the Confederate cause; discussing With Lee in Virginia, Jeffrey Richards cites the book as "significantly pro-Southern".[1][2] Henty defends slavery throughout the novel, stating although slavery was capable of "abominable" cruelty under brutal masters, "..taken all in all, the negroes on a well-ordered estate, under kind masters, were probably a happier class of people than the laborers upon any estate in Europe." [3] At the novel's end, Henty has the Wingfield family's former slaves return and continue working for their former owners:
The negroes, however, for the most part remained steadily working on the estate. A few wandered away, but their places were easily filled; for the majority of the freed slaves very soon discovered that their lot was a far harder one than it had been before, and that freedom so suddenly given was a curse rather than a blessing to them. [4]
Richards cites the novel as an example of Henty's belief in the "incapacity" of blacks and notes that With Lee In Virginiaargues that "a system of slavery is acceptable so long as the slave owners treat their slaves decently and humanely". [1]Nathaniel Cadle claims With Lee in Virginia's plot works to "romanticize and oversimplify the relationship between white Confederate slave owners and their black chattel."[5]"

What a horrible book. One can understand the changing mores in literature from the old days but one that celebrates slavery being used for today is disturbing. The Confederate side of the "right" is part of the whole NWO formula. South vs. North. Black vs White. Seeing a book that honors the "decent" plantations ignores the fact the elite want everyone to be their slaves. 

They have one called "Under Drake's Flag" too. {under the manDRAKE?}

The Dominionists and Reconstructionists love to rewrite history too, just like the left, never forget it. They will play out the nationalist vs. globalist formula. 

The NWO's use of Race


Anonymous said...

Cameron gave a convocation at Liberty University with so many blatant horned hand signs. His sister did the same.,

Scott Wasinski said...

The civil war was not at all what we have been taught in the textbooks. It had little to do with the slavery of a certain race, but everything to do with the centralization of power to the federal government and the deterioration of individual states rights. The "new world order" is actually the old world order. Remember in Revelation 17, when John was given the obscure description of the beast (global government) that was and is not and yet is? This is the final beast that Daniel saw and there has always been a group of royal loyal families that have served Satan and have kept "on top" of things throughout the centuries. The only thing that the civil war had to do with slavery was to enslave ALL of the people in this land and to acquire the vast resources of the United States of America.

As far as slavery, in and of itself, goes...Slavery has always been and the Lord God never promoted stealing men for servitude, however, IF you actually READ THE BIBLE, you will see that slavery is not only allowed, but encouraged for multiple reasons. One awesome thing that only the people of God have done is to show tremendous grace unto slaves, in that we have been the only people in history that have ever set slaves free after six years of service.

Imagine that you were stolen and sold into slavery. A man of God makes the purchase and after six years, he gives you your freedom.

It is a type and allegory of what Jesus has done for us in that we were slaves to sin and He made the purchase and offers us the choice to serve Him or to be free from His headship.

Slavery was also a just punishment for a criminal that did not have resources to pay restitution for any materially damaging crimes that such an one committed.

I just want to encourage you to allow the Word of the Lord to guide you in your worldview and shake off the mindset that we have been trained to believe. Slavery is a good thing when it is properly and righteously handled. Of course there have always been wicked men that abused their servants, but the man of God has mandates in the old and new testaments as to how one should treat and care for those that belong to him.

Just sayin' we have been lied to.

Anonymous said...

Why do people idolize and worship Kirk Cameron so much here in this country? Is it because he was famous via Hollywood and now claims some identity with a jesus of his own making?

Kirk Cameron has supported, taught and preached some very strange philosophies over the course of his religious influence to the blind sheep here in America. And even worse than this, many so called self proclaimed pastors have boarded Kirk's ship of heresy, promoting Kirk's brand of a false god.

Time to 'fireproof' our faith against Kirk's heresies.

Anonymous said...

I would say this. Robert E Lee was most likely a saved christian. He said “I can only say that I am nothing but a poor sinner, trusting in Christ alone for salvation.” I also don't think you needed a war to end slavery. Not all southerners had slaves. Other countries ended slavery peacefully. I also think that Sherman was a sociopath. And Lincoln never saw blacks as equals.

I believe that Kirk Cameron teaches lordship salvation which would be wrong. One does not stop sinning or turn from sin in order to be saved. One changes their mind, realizes that they are a sinner deserving of God's judgement, asking for God's grace and mercy, accepting Jesus's finished work on the cross. Behavior changes after salvation.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame people try and justify slavery by saying the bible says it's alright. a "servant" that is mentioned in scripture is nothing more than a wage earner, or a worker, not a slave. The "master" is a way of saying boss.

Anonymous said...

We are servants of God, not slaves. Servants have the willingness to serve in the freedom to do so. Slaves have no choice and are shackled into being enslaved without the choice to leave.

Anonymous said...

The civil war would not have been at all, if it wasn't for the jesuits. The jesuits are evil.

At least slavery is gone.

Kirk Cameron is a lordship salvation false gospel teacher, leading people to hell.

KJVmom said...

As with the previous comment, to the best of my knowledge Robert E. Lee was a Christian, and he hated slavery;he fought for the South because he felt he could not raise his sword against his home state of Virginia. The matter of his fighting at all can be left for another time, but we can acknowledge the evils of slavery, whether it was the South's brand or the Northern version of wage slavery. Anyhow, I was warned early in my Christian walk about G.A. Henty's books; it is sad that any true Christian would want to read them. And as for Kirk Cameron, it is the same old, same old deal of following celebrities and clinging to their every word. When are American Christians going to wake up to the truth? And yes, BB, we are seeing the right side of the NWO with all its deception.

Anonymous said...

John MacArthur has a book called "Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity In Christ."
I believe Cameron is good buddies with MacArthur who states you can take the mark of the beast and stil be saved. MacArthur also has Druid type youth events.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone name any "denomination" of so called Christianity in organized religion that's sincere, and doesn't have any sort of agenda? Is there any that seek after Jesus Christ? I can't think of any. If anyone finds themselves being drawn to false teachers like Cameron, they should have their cable service discontinued. Internet, and cable. That's what I would do.

Anonymous said...

Every facet of modern Christianity is about money. This is not Biblical Christianity but man-made con-artist religion. Behind their false personas, Luciferians are impersonating pastors and elders. They have achieved power and control over sheep because the sheep are asleep.

Bible Believer said...

Anon, I agree about the handsigns.

yes there were economic and other issues with the Civil War, some trade-war stuff too. Did you know the Pope behind the scenes was giving support to the Confederacy at the time? I do not believe that God supports slavery. I think in the bible it is dealt with as a human reality. Some verses would translate better as servants. God does not support chaining men up in chains and lashing them with a whip and treating them like animals. This is a human institution, and there's been far more slavery then just whites enslaving people from Africa. There is slavery in the world now in other countries. What about those verses about just wages in the Bible?


Kirk Cameron was in a small sitcom so I agree he has gotten a lot of attention out of one child star show. His strange beliefs have been popping up all over the place. Agree about "Fireproofing" against this guy. LOL

Most Southerners did not own slaves, it really was an elite segment of the population, so I am with you on that. I don't know enough about Robert E. Lee to know if he was a saved Christian. Obviously men became soldiers as a profession back then which some could debate the spiritual ramifications of that. Definitely some felt more loyalty to their home area, so maybe he choose to fight for that reason. I agree behavior changes after salvation. Kirk Cameron of course got his start with Roy Comfort who teaches the repent and stop sinning [FIRST] false gospel.

I agree anon, it translates as "servant". Most people today unless independently wealthy or owning their own business work for someone. Slavery even mention in scripture would not be a positive. What about those verses that speak of coming out of BONDAGE?

The Jesuits definitely helped orchestrate the Civil War. They also had a hand in founding certain societies.

I am glad Anon you were warned against these Henty books, good points in your post. Yes Cameron is linked to MacArthur. There is definitely a Luciferian overtaking in Christianity with many wolves in the pulpit.