Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bernie Sanders Visits the Vatican

Someone close to me really wants me to vote for Bernie Sanders, and well as I found out more, I told them, he is not a real independent. He only appears an alternative like Trump does to the system. They have these two seemingly "independent" candidates to steer people into a certain direction.

They know now since Bernie Sanders showed up to the Vatican there is no way they are going to talk me into voting for him on the final election as president of the United States. I wonder if Hillary will make Bernie Sanders her vice president, anyhow the meeting with the Pope does not bode well for the future. The talk of a "moral economy" is scary given the Vatican's agenda with the world economy. Many poor people in America want to vote for Bernie Sanders. The dying economy has been hard on many. Some do see Bernie as bringing some relief to them. Some want to do so out of desperation seeing the Republican candidates literally ready to throw them in the gutter erasing all programs that help the poor and some have seen this guy as almost a new Roosevelt.

However deception can lie there. These politicians are all sold out to the system. Just as Trump goes on and on about the "globalist war on terror" Islam ignoring the facts about who really formed Isis, and whipping up war fever for the elites, here's Bernie, wanting to join with the Vatican in the economy. It's all very disturbing. Globalization has been an ill force as well as the evil speculation of the elite, but the Vatican is part of this behind the scenes, they have no "solutions" but more centralization of power and control. 

Vatican Calls for A Central World Bank

The Vatican Wants World Government #2


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting on this. You can really see who are servants of the vatican when they head over to meet with the pope. This election is the biggest farce ever. I feel like I'm watching WWF wrestling it's so fake and contrived . Oh and Bernie Sanders' campaign headquarters is in a Masonic Temple in Burlington VT. How convenient... Check out these links. First one shows the address of his headquarters. The second shows that it is a Masonic Temple

Bible Believer said...

Yes you can see who the servants of the Vatican are. Kind of makes me worried he will win, but the way things are setting up he may just be a VP. All the talk about helping poor Americans out is a flat lie when pushing the globalism and Vatican economic one world agendas. Sad to say many see him as the "populist" and nothing could be further from the truth. Same for Trump who is appearing as a right wing "populist". It is a farce, I agree. Wow regarding the property being a masonic temple.

Anonymous said...

Did not Barak Obama promise 'hope and change' for the poor in this country? These words that poured out of his mouth, emanating from his heart, and yet, when will people wake up to the fact that our presidents are not really the 'head' of this country.

I try to tell people that our LORD Jesus Christ was neither a republican or a democrat, He was neither a 'conservative' nor a 'liberal', so we as born again believers better get ready with the true Gospel (most attendees don't even know what the Gospel entails let alone share it with an unbeliever), because in desperate times as we draw nearer day by day to Jesus' Second Coming, we will have the glorious opportunity to share Christ's Gospel of everlasting life!

And personally, I used to sit in a 'conservative' Baptist church with an Assembly of God pastor man, celebrating our military during the patriotic times of the year, watching him hold up Mark Levin's book "Liberty and Tyranny" during the sermon portion, being indoctrinated by the church board on the virtues of both president Bush's, being told over and over again that if Jesus were walking amongst us, He would be more Republican than Democrat, and constantly being barraged with Republican literature with the slogan "Republicans are more honest than Democrats", and the endless letters begging for donations to "fund" the political party.

One deaconess was boasting and bragging to me how the Southern Baptists are 'so much more spiritual' than the Baptists in the northern part of the country. She said they had "such a heart for the lord, were on 'fire' for the lord, and their worship was so much more 'heartfelt' (code words I hear all of the time in Assembly of God talk). So after the brag fest, I asked her this question, "If they are so on fire for the lord in the southern states, how come during Barak Obamas election, the news crews had cameras set up in a couple of "Southern Baptist" churches and when Obama received more electoral votes as each state reported their results, the TV station showed these churches full of people dancing in the aisles and between the pews. Did I mention these churches were packed full of people?

These Baptists who were on a higher spiritual plain than the rest of us, met at their churches, with the media cameras on them, literally shouting and partying and dancing in their churches as they watched their favorite political candidate win.

And what was this deaconesses response? Utter silence. Guess she missed that one on election night and never again heard how the Southern Baptists know jesus better than the rest of us.

Guess church and state, state and church seem to be getting along pretty good these days....walking in the same footprints.

Anonymous said...

Obama's community organizing was financed by a Roman Catholic organization grant.

Anonymous said...

... the biggest farce ever. I feel like I'm watching WWF wrestling it's so fake and contrived ... (first comment)

The Holy Spirit is also called The Spirit Of Truth in the bible.

He resides in every beliver and shows them the world.

That is what you feel. I feel it daily and it is supernatural.

Anonymous said...

Thanks anon. This is the first commenter. I appreciate you reminding me of that. I definitely realize that, but it helps to be reminded that at one time I was also blinded when I was lost and the only way I can see through the deceptions of the this world is through God's gift of the Holy Spirit. I'm glad he works in the same fashion for you! Have a blessed day

Bible Believer said...

Yes Obama played the help the poor game and if anything everything is worse, he helped to cover up the dying economy basically lying about it and made things harder with as much war and more as any of his "conservative" politicians. The presidents are all Puppets. We get different flavors but they are all the same stuff inside. Yes "Conservative" and "Liberal" means less and less.

Your Assembly of God experiences sound just like my IFB experiences. Fully decked out and flags, patriotic songs, praising of wars. I was told to vote for Bush indirectly at one in a sermon, by then I was NWO-aware. I was given the God is a Republican speeches too. It got very hard for me, I tried to warn about the NWO in my first IFB but only a few listened. The oastor got a few libertarian ideas [not from me] and admitted a few evils of the Republican party later on but still saw them as the party to then relunctantly cling to. I'm sure he probably was supporting Cruz.

There's many Democratic Southern Baptist churches that I have known of. Not all of course. State and church are more married together then before. I felt like I was hearing the same stuff from the pulpit, like Fox News was directing a lot of sermons more then the Bible.